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The Copperbelt MMD endorse Muhabi Lungu for party national secretary

Headlines The Copperbelt MMD endorse Muhabi Lungu for party national secretary

Muhabi Lungu
Muhabi Lungu

THE MMD on the Copperbelt has resolved to back the candidature of Muhabi Lungu for party national secretary.

The MMD secretariat has set this month for holding of party elections of national secretary and chairpersons of committees.

A circular issued by MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu dated March 17, 2014, the party was this month scheduled to hold elections for the vacant positions of National Secretary, Health, Labour and Social Development, and Lands and Natural Resources.

The other vacant elective position on the party National Executive Committee (NEC) includes Local Government, Housing and Environment Protection, Mining and Natural Resources, and Transport and Communication.

But with the MMD top brass that includes the two vice presidents Michael Kaingu for political and counterpart Brian Chituwo for administration including party spokesperson Dora Siliya favouring Senga Hills Member of Parliament (MP) Kapembwa Simbao for national secretary, the Copperbelt party leadership opted for Mr Lungu’s candidature.

Copperbelt party information publicity secretary Peter Phiri told the Times in Kitwe yesterday that the leadership in the province had resolved to rally behind Mr Lungu because they felt he was the right candidate for the position.

“The MMD on the Copperbelt has endorsed Mr Muhabi Lungu for national secretary because he has all the time and passion for the party,” Mr Phiri said.

He said for an opposition party like the MMD to give effective checks and balance to Government, they needed a person for national secretary who was full time.

“We don’t want a national secretary who has other commitments like duties for an MP because we believe the position of national secretary is full time,” he said.

Mr Lungu and Ms Siliya have recently crossed path, an incident believed to have stirred leadership wrangles.

According to a circular obtained in Kitwe, the elections were earmarked to take place after 21 working days commencing March 17, 2014.

Mr Nyangu said MMD members were free to nominate preferred members with consent of the nominees concerned.


  1. He deserves it and better- even vice president. He is principled and intelligent, although he has been making the mistake of joining parties that are left overs on their way to extinction. He should however work with Nevers to rejuvinate MMd and form a pact with UPND just before elections.

    • When people show loyalty in tough times as Muhabi Lungu has, their actions speak volumes, and their ratings can only go higher. precisely the people MMD needs around president Nevers Mumba go forward.They are not going anywhere until the party is cleansed for 2016, that why Muhabi Lungu should be the candidate for MMD CEO. Its the message every province must now embrace and act upon. Lets go guys, this party is too important for our democracy to let turn coats and selfish MPs ruin it.

    • For you Katele Kalumba, Derrick Chitala, Kachingwe and other wolves in sheeps’ skin, you’ve had your time in government. You tried to jump on PF bandwagon and undermine the party you claim to have helped found but failed miserably. Leave Nevers Mumba and his team alone to steer this ship without interference. MMD has evolved and doesn’t need you anymore. Its power bases in all provinces are waking up to render full support to the new MMD full throttle.

  2. Sure MMD needs new blood.These so-called senior members on paper don’t mean well.That’s why the Bible says:”You can not put new wine in old skin”.These are the same characters who made MMD to lose in 2011.The sewer mouth of Dora is regretably bad.Remember what she said about her ex husband Folotiya,that he puts on bombasa at nite when sleeping.Surely even her women folk should have have counselled her.

  3. UPND will not be happy with this news.All the want is MMD to go into oblivision.Nevers or Mr lungu can not be swallowed by UPND.This is a fact.PF equally want never to remain MMD president but with a much weaker party.Politics at play.Work up under5.

  4. Does MMD need to go back to its old corrupt ways (Kaingu, Chituwo, Siliya,Chitala etc) or rejuvenate itself (Nevers, Muhabi, Bauze (yes me!!) etc)

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