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Chingola police charge 42 pupils for taking part in sex party



POLICE in Chingola have slapped a charge of disorderly conduct on 42 pupils of Naboonga Trust School who allegedly took part in a sex party on Friday.

Copperbelt commissioner of police Joyce Kasosa said in an interview yesterday that the alleged sex party took place on Friday at a house in Chingola’s Riverside area and it involved 26 boys and 16 girls.

The pupils have been released.

Ms Kasosa described the incident as sad and urged parents to take more responsibility over their children’s lives.

“Responsibility is not all about providing food and clothes but parents should be involved in shaping their children’s behaviour so that they grow into decent adults that can take charge of their lives,” Ms Kasosa said.

Last month, Sathya Sai School in Ndola’s Pamodzi township excluded six pupils and suspended six others for being involved in sex parties.

The school board of directors and disciplinary committee excluded the six pupils and suspended six others for contravening the laws of Zambia and breaking the school’s code of conduct.

In August last year, 12 pupils were suspended from Chikankata Secondary School for indulging in sexual activities.

It was also alleged that the pupils were made to repeat the sexual acts while their teachers photographed them but that turned out to be false after the Human Rights Commission investigated the matter.


  1. Its not new. The bad boys and girls in our time called it akasato. No need for police but important to bring elders in to educate about the dangers now. Never been a part of it though. Ask Nostradamus my brother in kind he knows me.

  2. Now i can look at this and laugh because i have grown up.I lost my virginity in similar circumstance in 1998 when i was just in grade 9.We had a sex party.In my case the highlight of the party was a moment when 6 of us boys took turns to sleep with a senior pupil(she was in grade 12).She vowed under the influence of alcohol and Marijuana to take us all.Lucky me i was the first in line to take her on despite me being the smallest in the group(I was the most notorious though).

  3. How come I never know where these parties are taking place? I would really like to be part of them. How nice! I will research so that I can join in. Please let me know if you have any idea when the next party is.

    • If you kill yourself, it will definitely come to an end for you! Orgies have been with us since the beginning of time.

  4. I first had sex with girls way older than me at the flats we used to live,…

    We would be me and my two young friends (we were all 9 at the time), and these 4 girls (i would estimate they were 14-16) would ask us to have sex with them at one of the girls aunties place who was rarely around.. I wont lie, it felt good….!
    I met two of them recently and they were looking fine and i did them both some years ago for old times sake. This normal and is part of growing up. Others in experimenting even end up sleeping with relatives. and im not talking yapa dress.

    Not surprised at this at all,.. and i wont even lie ati, “our Generation was better”. Thats nonsense. We just never got caught as we did things very secretly and well hidden.

    • You are mentally sick.

      No real man talks of that, a woman I can understand.
      You filthy sicko

      Get a life and get lost. You have upset me so much, you sorry excuse of a man, keep that to yourself silly.WHo cares and who wanted to know.

      A paedophile in the making you are.


    • Am deeply sorry @ mushota for the ill feelings this man has erupted. Some things are better kept buried and don’t need to be talked about. unfortunately the define our character in years to come. Sorry precious. He has been unfair for some like of people. Keep blogging,

    • Black thought you are right, we where just never caught and Mushota from your reaction, you sound like some hypocritical slut, who probably started Anal and all such pervasive stuff at an early age…who said men cant express what happened to them, you think sex is for you only…bloody cunt…what the kids are doing these days, has been happening even before we was all born,ask your husbands or wives about how many gang bangs they have had, you will be all ya pretenders stop pretending here…after sucking 1000 dicks yo become a fake born again and you want to deprive of the kids some fun…komanyoko!!

    • Lol thats true ..we all tried a lot of things wen we were young….en wen thy geow up it ll be a loughing matter parents cant protect kids from sex…thy were trying big brother…lol

  5. This shows the promiscuious minds of young people. They are not God fearing. Even from the comments having sex from 9 to 10 years old?? No wonder there are very high levels of HIV infections pa Zed

    • The boys at 9 and 10 were just being abused by the older girls. Their organs were not yet biologically mature…….. lol!

  6. Chingola big brother house reloaded . Impact of watching Africa big brother has eluded our children morals. Becarefull with what you watch.

  7. I dont know why the police have to be involved, it was a free for all consensual activity, we used to do Kasato in secondary school and i never saw any police officer..besides, the police are being hypocritical, them they screw the prostitutes they arrest at night LIVE, and we don’t ask them if what they are doing is ok..let the kids have fun…lekeni bale itombela fye abene….besides group sex is should try it!! imwe baka pokola

  8. I am not a lawyer but, i think i can fully represent the boys and girls, 1. what crime did they commit.
    2. They have done what everybody else does on a larger scale
    3. They just need to be counseld on the sacredness of sex.
    4. I want to organise an orgy myself….

  9. orgies r a way of life for some, but its a life they choose. i was invited to one in shanghai after a heavy drink up by some germany girls and a couple of untempered zambian guys. i offerred to be excused. they went, i refused because i felt one must attach honor to sex, appreciate it with someone special.

  10. The system of you hiding stuff from young ones is why they are doing thing that stop minds for seconds. Hiding won’t solve any thing talk about it with them, tell them the danger that at least is something. Any way next time there is one let me know seriously.

  11. Nubian Princes, are you sure chingola people are backwards when they are doing
    for big people. actually they are very advanced.
    It happened in Ndola also so what do you say about Ndola?

  12. Nubian Princes, are you sure chingola people are backwards when they are doing something which is for big people. actually they are very advanced, so they’re forwards, It happened in Ndola also, so what do you say about Ndola?

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