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Edith Nawakwi Challenges PF Ministers to prove their usefulness as she tours Copperbelt


Ms Nawakwi drawing  water from a shallow well that Main Masala residents in Ndola which is a stone throw away from Ndola Town center use for drinking water
Ms Nawakwi drawing water from a shallow well that Main Masala residents in Ndola which is a stone throw away from Ndola Town center use for drinking water

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi has challenged the PF Ministers to prove their usefulness as she came face to face with the deplorable state of the sewer system and impassable roads in Ndola’s Main Masala’s township.

A visibly moved Nawakwi challenged the PF Ministers to show cause why they should continue drawing hefty allowances from the national treasury when they have lamentably failed to address the pressing issues of hunger, poverty and disease and service delivery which the people have continued to endure.

“Surely, how can we let our people live in such pathetic conditions fifty years after independence. How can people be living in such homes where feacal matter is spewing all over their yards? One wonders whether we have a government or not. These PF Ministers and MPs only care about their stomachs. This should come to an end.”

President Nawakwi is in the Copperbelt to mobilise her Party in readiness for the 2016 elections. Ms Nawakwi who last weekend officiated at the FDD sponsored Edith Nawakwi Youth Soccer Tournament in Kabushi Constituency has been touring the Copperbelt meeting Party officials and the local people.

Nawakwi addressing marketeers at Main Masala market in Ndola
Nawakwi addressing marketeers at Main Masala market in Ndola
eacal matter spews over from a blocked sewer system in Main Masala residential area in Ndola
eacal matter spews over from a blocked sewer system in Main Masala residential area in Ndola
Nawakwi inspects a toilet  in Main Masala township in Ndola that  has been blocked for the last six months without being attended to by the authorities
Nawakwi inspects a toilet in Main Masala township in Ndola that has been blocked for the last six months without being attended to by the authorities


  1. Mahtani thief is swearing on bible and resorting to harassing Zambians. Wat.chdo.g has gone to dogs. It has never blocked comments on any news item other than Mahtani’s news items. It is financed by Mahtani. Ka Mahtani knows that Hakainde Hichilema is going to be next President and has started financing UPND via Wat.chdo.g.

    • Could not believe either that ZWD could do that. Stories are ranked; no comments at all, limited comments and infinite comments! Some news items appear and disappear without trace while others still seem to last forever …

    • Yes. It is TRUE. Stories that have to do with Mahtani don’t carry comments. Lucky Mulusa exposed them and they started barking at him like rabid dogs.

    • ZWD is still having challenges with their hackers. So comments on their web are not seen except on their face book, imwe ba mambala

    • @ Kilometres Sampa

      How can you lie through your teeth like that straight to other people! ZWD obviously has some relationship with Mahtani. It doesn’t need one to be intelligent to see how the ZWD has systematically attacked very viciously anybody who owes Mahtani money or has attacked Mahtani before. I don’t even think it is an issue, because despite everything, nobody mature and intelligent I know ever takes ZWD serious. The level of their stories and the way they have allowed themselves to be paid by independent writers who submit stories that peddle hatred as truth with revealing their names…the lowest standards of journalism in the world. ZWD will never reach the standards of the daily newspapers sold in our streets. ZWD is a gossip blog-site.

    • @1.6 Mwembeshi
      One would have taken your comments as “a gullible soul” for failing to see that the ZWD is by far the most “exposing” publication on Zambian politics today. But as soon as you said “ZWD will never reach the standards of the daily newspapers sold in our streets”, one knew that you are”operating under cover” paid by the PF cartel. How can anyone put the Past Newspaper, Zambia daily mail and the Times on the same level as the ZWD? Yes, their reporting is heavily against Govt and with hatred for some people. But they dont lie or pretend to be anything but that! Unlike the named printed papers who cooned the nation for PF. In fact ZWD works to expose Govt and the evil cartel. Who in their right mind would condemn that looking at what we have in the cartel running the…

  2. All Edith does is show case her various chitenge outfits. She was useless in MMD and she is useless now.

    • I don’t see why the govt has to come and fix the drainage when the community can do something about it for their own health and safety. We have lots of pvt cleaning companies and garbage collectors. This only goes to show the thinking caliber of some of my bros and sisters. What is wrong with the community mobilizing funds and cleaning the mess? Someone make me understand.

    • @nakabalika, if communities start mobilising funds to clean up the area, tell me why we pay for water and sewerage, on top of that tubikepo na personal levy and many more other charges. so where do you want this money to go? in your relatives’ pockets?

    • one of the reasons why we have stalled in development is because everything about development of the country is centered, planned financed and executed in Lusaka.

      Local councils currently have no capacity to do almost anything.

      The only way this will change is through the devolution of power and letting part of the revenue generated by councils and a portion of VAT remain in the districts.

      all govt needs is improve and strengthen oversight institutions to ensure accountability

  3. Nawakwi as usual, blame the ministers and mps but never sata, the man who made them ministers despite him realising they are “useless”. Nawakwi, we know your game. we know why you dont condemn sata, we know why you went with him to brazil and what you discussed. But am sorry to say, that when the time to honor that deal, arrangement you made with sata, he will disappoint you!!!! the same way he was used by FTJ, so shall he use you madam nawakwi.

  4. nawakwi those are your mistakes mama you had a chance to make a difference to those people when you were finance minister,what the hail are you doing?looking at faecal spills? just go back and rest your time is gone sorry mama

  5. Nawakwi, stop being a hypocrite, those deplorable compounds and their filthy and that indrai had been there before and after you were Minister in the MMD Government. You cannot start blaming a Govt that is 21/2 years in power for the mess you created 30 yrs ago. The PF Government is trying to redress your mess and at least we are seeing tangible developments coming up in their short stay in power. Muletasha and stop politics of madness.

  6. Things in Zambia get worse and not better, a testament to the low calibre of leadership the country is cursed with. If an educated MMD leadership failed to develop the nation, it’s unfair to expect the evidently lunatic PF to achieve that. I just feel terrible about the people who have to endure the deplorable and filthy conditions decade in and out without a hope that things would get better. “A visibly moved Nawakwi…..”! hypocrisy at it’s height. Zambians should really learn to be assertive and tell these pretenders to go to hell.

  7. The government is putting up infrastructure which includes sewer systems, roads, and drainages but these same politicians are condemning them and saying people will not eat roads. You see now the results of just eating is that you don’t even know what to do with the stuff that comes out from the other end.

  8. Nawakwi is right, she needs to point out the short coming of PF MPs and Ministers its the responsibility of opposition so that the Govt sits up and attends to such well done madam I salute you. PF has no plan and its fire fighting every where. tell us what you are doing and when you will attend to these priority and urgent matters period. The man in state house is suffering from old age syndrome have you noticed these days.
    PF you are reminded to look for successor as 2016 is around the corner. SATA is senile, wake up ,before time overrun you. do not say you were not warned.

  9. Has this politicain read the local goverment act of zambia-chapter 281? part 2 (Establishment of Councils and Management Boards)
    there are some similarites in the way local goverment functions here in the uk and commonweath africa, infact zambian local goverment is based on the british system.
    how is that it fails to deliver such simple services to the public when here in the uk the system works effectively.
    last year goverment approved decentralisation Policy which will empower provinces and districts manage their own affairs for effective social economic development. how is this working?


  10. @Matipa you are 100% correct, we pay all these levies and fees to councils for what? For service delivery and yet these corrupt officials in councils and government abuse the funds, an example of poor service even at ministerial level is what I exeperienced last year when I tried to pay my property tax on time but the long que and delays at the ministrty of lands led many of us being forced to pay double the tax because of the implementation of the increment of property tax by ZRA so as a result we all had to pay double tax despite starting the process a month before. At times you wonder, we need a complete overhaul of the civil service. These useless people should all be retired without benefits for poor service whilst in government.

  11. The proper functioning or a sewarage system is reliant on water (90%) and gravity. The infrastructure in many towns is decrepit. There needs to be a deliberate investiment from the various sewarage companies to upgrade the sewage pipes, treatment plant capacity, water supply and maintaince. Of late the practice of using septic tanks as a solution must be reduced. Until there is a wholistic approach to this problem involving planners, public health engineers and financers, piece meal solutions will only do for a short term. To the PF government, such may not be high visibility projects worth borrowing money for. Roads and Universities are a better bet. For a very long time, successive governments have never felt it worth their while to attend to sanitation issues in compunds and shanties.

  12. Thank you Nawakwi for showing us tht. Mind u, u’ll never,never be a president of Zambia. A comment, Corruption at Choma RATSA and Police. Both make road broke at Maccrons between Choma and Kalomo after Mukwela near Kalomo town. What they are doing is good but the way they do it is bad.

  13. One wonders what work the councils do and think when they see residents live surrounded day and night by floating faeces from blocked sewers. If it is not pit-latrines then it must be faeces everywhere.

  14. Over the years I’ve come to realize that it is in the politicians’ best interest to make sure that the poor remain poor. This is how they can insure that the poor keep voting for them – just look at all political rallies – JAM PACKED with people seeking help, seeking hope, wishing for a better brighter day. You don’t see the working class there – you don’t see cars parked the side.
    You see a hopeless people, hopeful of a brighter future.


    • You have observed correctly and right on target. That’s why Jesus Christ could predict accurately, two thousand years ago that the poor will always be there. It’s so plain to see that with govts like PF, (Afrika is saturated with rubbish like this) Zambia is doomed.

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