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Confusion continues in MMD as Muhabi is elected National Secretary despite court injuction against meeting


MMD youths show support to Dr Mumba
MMD youths show support to Dr Mumba

The crucial MMD National Executive Committee meeting held Sunday afternoon elected Muhabi Lungu as its National Secretary.

Mr Lungu went through unopposed for the position during a meeting held at Kapingila House.
Before his election, Mr Lungu was a member of the NEC and doubled as Director of Communications and Spokesperson for party President Nevers Mumba.

The meeting was attended by over 37 NEC members out the 62 that make up the NEC.

Meanwhile, the MMD faction against Dr Mumba’s leadership is claiming to have obtained a court injunction restraining the party from going ahead with the NEC meeting.

The injunction which is said to have been issued Sunday morning by Judge E.N Sikazwe was served on acting National Secretary Chembe Nyangu.

In an interview, Mr Nyangu confirmed that he received the court papers and advised Dr Mumba and his group not to go ahead with the meeting as they risk being cited for contempt.

“I am not attending the meeting myself because I don’t want to be cited for contempt. I told the other group to respect the court but they have gone ahead,” he said.

On Thursday the anti Nevers Mumba faction of the MMD officially submitted petition from six provinces calling for the National Executive Committee (NEC) to go for a convention to elect new leaders to propel the party in the 2016 general elections.

THE faction also rejected suggestions to endorse Muhabi Lungu as the new national secretary emphasising that there was no need to do so, as the party would be going for a convention in about 30 to 40 days’ time.

Party vice president for administration Brian Chituwo said at a press briefing held at the Party secretariat that six petitions had been handed to the acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu Dr Chituwo was flanked by other senior party members calling for a convention Michael Kaingu, Dora Siliya, Kapembwa Simbao, Lucky Mulusa, Situmbeko Musokotwane and Kenneth Chipungu.

“We have officially handed over six petitions to the national secretary, what is now remaining is to hand over these petitions to the party chairman who is currently out of the country for him in collaboration with the secretariat to set the date for a convention,’ Dr Chituwo said.

He named the six provinces that had petitioned the NEC to hold a convention as North Western, Western, Muchinga, Eastern, Central and Luapula.

The MMD constitution states that the party could go for a convention upon one third of the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) petitioning NEC to call for such meeting.

Dr Chituwo confirmed that the faction would attend the NEC meeting which had been rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday.

He said the NEC meeting whose agenda had not been confirmed was rescheduled for Sunday from Saturday following the declaration of national mourning in honour of the late Dennis Liwewe.

“We have not been given the agenda but am told one of them is to endorse Muhabi Lungu for the position of national secretary, however, this is not necessary because will be going for a convention in 30 to 40 days time, and this position would be filled in at the convention, he said.

He also said the members were of the view that Mr Nyangu should act as national secretary until the convection.

Meanwhile Dr Chituwo and Ms Siliya threatened to drag MMD Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima to court for singling them out as having been given K50 000 by the Patriotic Front (PF) to distablise the party.

“We want him to prove these claims in the court of law, our actions are for the love of the party and our desire to save this it from collapsing,” he said.

Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima leds MMD choir members in song and dance
Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima leds MMD choir members in song and dance
MMD youths tell off Dora Siliya and company
MMD youths tell off Dora Siliya and company
MMD youths display a message aganist holding the convention
MMD youths display a message aganist holding the convention
MMD choir led by former Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima give solidarity before the NEC meeting
MMD choir led by former Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima give solidarity before the NEC meeting


    • court injuction on sunday??,,,,, how is that possible??,,,, Judge Sikazwe was off duty,,, where did he issue out that injuction from,, his bedroom or church??? i strongly smell kabimba`s fingers in the injuction

    • A house divided will never stand! Zambia is such a house.

      All the opposition parties are sick and pathetic! Full of greedy men, hungry for power that they will never have.

      UNIP should be in the leagues of ANC, it was build on genuineness, unfortunately nothing good lasts in Zambia because everyone is greedy, fickle minded and puny.

    • Congratulations Muhabi on being elected unopposed .Majority of NEC members were in attendance. Its not surprising when you look at names of absentees, its a mixture of those beaten clean by Dr Nevers Mumba in last leadership elections but failed to come to terms with defeat and the known MMD traitor in receipt of PF inducements to cause confusion. Remember the party leader decides the direction the political party takes- left, right or centre, also whether to rebrand it with a fresh coat of paint to change the outlook as Dr Mumba is doing or to leave with a tainted image of corruption. Make no mistake Nevers is as solid as ever, if it means taking it to the wire, he will and prevail in the end with support of majority of voters. There is nobody better or ready than him. Just bring it on.

    • We’ve heard about those unorthodox ways to remove the party leader.This move smells as such. It raises a lot of unanswered questions, either way it won’t work. Dr Mumba is the cleanest and most complete politician around. He remains the biggest threat as no amount corruption money from PF will buy or silence him. His, is a cause of sound governance, civil liberties and the rule of law. The bitter minority will tinkle the edges, the MMD train is already in motion, the storm will be weathered and nothing derails it.

    • ACC need to probe that case for abuse of office… Court papers date-stamped on Sunday? Not even Sata works on Sunday (only day he is in shorts).
      There should be a tribunal for Judge Sikazwe.

    • The meeting was a continuation of the previously adjourned one .How does a court injunction become valid when the purpose of the meeting that was held on Sunday was merely to conclude business that could not be done previously.In any case there is no clause in MMD constitution which prohibits NEC or any organ of the party from holding a meeting prior to an Extra Ordinary Convention.

      The meeting could have been held on Saturday if it was not for the State Funeral of Denis Liwewe.Why did the Kaingus not get their injunction on Saturday?How did they drag a Magistrate on a Sunday if it was not for Sata’s and M’membe’s influence and connivance?

    • God is fighting your battles Dr Mumba and MMD Team 2016!

      This fire has to make you stronger but, it will not burn you at all sir!

      It’s high time this country was governed by a King David! Only then does the Lord God command a blessing over the land! And the people shall rejoice over the anguish they are going through now! Praise the Lord!!!

    • Judge EN Sikazwe did not issue that Injunction. It was the work of a DEVIL, but like always the Devil has lost.

      I implore Muhabi Lungu to starting today cracking that weep and cleanse the MMD of corrupt elements, including that whose got 6 wives.


  2. Are courts open on Sundays for the General Public, or do Judges work 7 days a week 24 hours to serve the general public.

    • @Ndobo; courts do open anytime if you want an injunction just approach a judge whether he is at home or wherever he will give you the injunction. This is not the first Sunday injunction in Zed.

    • @Umwina Zed
      thanks for your wise advice,,,,,, that “courts do open anytime“,, next time i have relative sentenced to prison on friday, i will go and apply for bail on sunday pending an appeal on monday

    • UPND applied for an injunction against the police to hold a meeting sometime back but it was disregarded by the Police, it will be interesting to see what rules will be applied on this taking into consideration that the Meeting was already on.

  3. Praying for Dr Mumba, Family ,MMD supporters and all his supporters. Declaring Psalm 91, the blood of Jesus upon them. God will fight your battles both known and known as you praise your way out of the storms. God is far much greater than anything being planned against you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, you shall condemn every tongue that rises against. Your battle is not against Flesh and blood but against the defeated Principalities and Powers. Rejoice in everything, your Morning is coming.

  4. For now its only upnd without pf we have three{1}headed by wynter{2}gbm\kambwili{3}to be headed by junior sata.however,upnd may be feasted after mmd is finished.the roaring lion knows that mmd is dotted world wide hence to start with it.upnd can eaten easily hence coming hh be careful.

  5. Bwafya, a house that is divided is destined to ruin. In Africa Political Parties die as such. MMD served its purpose in Zambia, bye MMD

  6. Jesus never accepted any political office. bambi ati balila in preaching outside Zambia. Jesus was surviving on offerings awe. Satan wanted to give him all the kingdoms if worshiped but he worshiped Satan but he refused. Have you read where Jesus said Jerusalem shall be saved. He said for God loved the world so much that whoever believes in him might have everlasting life. apostle peter wanted to do it a Bowmans Lusambos way . Jesus showed him that we don’t even need kadobi. the ear was replaced. God is not a God of disorder but of order . Manje men of gold.

    • Iwe ka Zambian Christian, there were no Christians in Jesus’ time; even Jesus himself was not a Christian. When you fail at a solution, stay still and silent and you will meditate at a good way forward. Don’t flail about.

    • They were Believers and followers of God who were Godly just like the Christian . Christians l enjoy more blessings because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  7. Time will embrace Dr Mumba and MMD will heal! Such is life, all that the faction is doing is maiking MMD grow and ready for bigger obstacles as well as challeges. DR Mumba and company, see this as a blessing and embrace all of its unpleasantness, you will over come. Dora and company are not only catalysts that MMD need at this particular Juncture, in order for something to grow some particles must die or go through friction, this is what we are seeing with MMD. I therefore urge the good members of the party to forge ahead for it is dark just before dawn! Those of you celebrating now over MMDs wrangles are very much in the dark, If I were you I would even be more worried, for this is even making them more stronger and closer than before!

  8. How come the Leaders that claim that they have failed are busy advocating for
    ” We shall use every unorthodox method”
    “Asking for Police to block NEC Meeting”
    “”MMD should be deregistered”
    “Obtaining Court injunctions when the courts are closed and Judges not working”
    Only time will tell if the petitions obtained are not under duress and exchange of Money.If they have genuinely failed why not resign out of principle, there is a big conflict of interest here and it will all come to light in a big way.

  9. @Zambia Christian was King Herod a Christian ?. who elects such leaders is it not you who campaigns for them ?. definite politics. one wise man said politics and church cannot mix. pompwe iwe is it not Mumba who said there is more money in politics than church? y did he abandon his church in Kitwe and left for Lusaka . was huge preaching in Canada ? . leave me alone too smoke my international herb .

    • Dobo Man,Dr Mumba is the President of Victory Ministries.He’s actually a Presiding Bishop over 40 Victory Bible Churches (VBCs).Most of the Churches now are run by relatively young Pastors.This is what Dr Mumba wants to expose them to challenges and responsinbilities.So he never left any Church in Kitwe.He can preach any where in VBCs.In Lusaka,there 4 Churches.

    • People are free to elect whoever they want Godly or wicked leaders, but there is a blessing on Godly leaders and God still holds Godly and wicked Leaders accountable.Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any Proverbs 14:34 . When the [uncompromisingly] righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh. Provers 29:2

    • Politics (from Greek: ????????? politikos, meaning “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance — organized control over a human community, particularly a state. Those people you are quoting who said Politics and church can’t mix are the same ones advocating for abominable laws worldwide for countries to follow without regard of cultural or religious practices and beliefs. How come Islam and Politics can mix but Church and politics can’t mix, double standards.

  10. Jesus said ” You first remove a log from you own eye then can you remove a speck in your You have got a lot of unsettled durst within yourselves.

  11. Jesus said, “You first remove a log from your own eye then can you remove a speck in your brothers’ eye” You have got a lot of unsettled durst within yourselves.

  12. I totaly agree that MMD is the only party which is a threat to pf ,thats why even court injuctions could be obtained on akward days like sunday. Go forward the only democratic party in zambia.We ar actually behide you Dr its a right thing u ar doing those who hate you let them go to hell, we have nothinood moneyg to do with them they ar doomed, with that blood money.Surely the all entire Dr chituwo nd Dr kaingu can think so low, im shocked to this behavior by educated people like the two Dr,s its shame.gkc

  13. Kwena ka Judge Sikazwe, how did he even go to his office while drunk on a weekend? Sikazwe needs to be looked at by the Judicial Services commission for conducting ipoptu duties while inebriated.

  14. Ba Pastor please why don`t you just give it up? that is not your calling for sure !!! don`t false yourself into this !!!

  15. Kaingu is definately against Nevers Mumba. Those who have been close to MMD will know that the people who were not happy on Mumba’s trouncing of Mutati, Musokotwane and them were Kachingwe, Namulambe, Namugala, etc. Nyangu must now feel free to join his confidant Kachingwe who is happy that President Sata has kept his children in the diplomatic service and sends his wife for treatment in SA.

    These traitors must now feel free to join Namugala and Kachingwe’s party. God is helping Nevers to have a really NEW MMD.

  16. Why refuse attenging a mere neck meeting? Why refuse to have a substantive Secretary even if you await another 30 or 40 days? You should have all gone to the meeting. That was your chance to discuss the convention you thinking of. Is you refusal mean deep thinking or shallow thinking? If you have managed to divide the party like this do you think another leader of your choice will mend the divide? Don’t you think those opposite your views can also behave just the way you carrying yourselves. You are surely in a bubble and it will burst sooner rather than later.

  17. Those guys have no wisdom, worse commonsense, Dr Mumba was elected, please let work, u guys live money to much, Dora please if u close your legs it wil better for you, Kaingu, chituwo very useless adults , no brains,

  18. Pharaoh and the Israelites. God will deliver Dr Mumba,family, MMD supporters and all his supporters with a strong hand.

  19. It is characteristic of leaders who want to remain in power to want to circumvent any effort directed at ejecting them. KK could not accept that the MMD hour had come. He cast his vote and went to play golf, believing it was the dawn of yet another long term for him. He was wrong. He got trounced instead, by diminutive Frederick Chiluba.

    Muammar Gaddafi could well be still alive to this day, had he accepted the reality that he had already over-stayed his usefulness. The same can be said of Saddam Hussein. For Dr. Mumba to be dragged to the MMD Extra-ordinary National Conversion is unfortunate. His reluctance to embrace the idea, makes him all the more vulnerable. It tells all, that he is scared of something, and that something, could finish him off!

  20. Dr Mumba,family, MMD supporters and all his supporters Fear not, for I have redeemed you [ransomed you by paying a price instead of leaving you captives]; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you.

  21. Dr Mumba,family, MMD supporters and all his supporters, for He [God] [b]Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor [c]give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [d][I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor [e]let [you] down ([f]relax My hold on you)! [[g]Assuredly not!] Hebrews 13:5

  22. This is end game for the MMD. One would have thought all Zambians learnt one hell of a lesson from voting for an erratic and lumpenizing Ukwa Chumbu Munshololwa CNP but alas, some still hacve a guts to vote for a character wholly bereft of ability like Mumba. Further, given Sata’s polarizing tribal bigotry that has wrecked major damage to the fabric of this country’s unitary fabric, it will take generations for Zambians outside of the Northern caucuses to vote for a Bemba president. If the injunction does not work, the impending exodus will leave the MMD in a paralysis of the Ariel Sharon proportion. And with their debt burden coupled with the consequent loss of funding from departing MPs, the MMD will surely liquidate whether Mumba likes it or not. This is the end game as we know it.

  23. Order 10 rule 9 of the High Court Act CAP 27 of the Laws of Zambia

    ”Service in a civil cause shall not be made on Sunday, Good Friday or Christmas Day”.
    Dies non

  24. We want to the Academic qualifications of those who attended, I bet only Muhabi has a grade 12 certificate. the rest in Bangwele. Nevers should also produce his Form five results from Roan Antelope Sec School.

    • Dr Mumba holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Regent University in the USA, check your MMD website and also verify with the School, it is an accredited University .

  25. It’s so amazing to see the extent to which people can go to try to cover up illegalities. Mumba and his team stand direct in contempt of court. It’s no need arguing that because the civil service operates from Monday to Friday, a judge is restricted to issuing a court injunction only during those hours! Injunctions have been issued by judges at home and sometimes in the dead of the night before in Zambia and many other parts of the world before. It is Mumba who stands to lose and this is a character who was once nearly jailed for contempt of court.

  26. @Zambia Christian mention any of Jesus’s disciplines who was preaching and @ the same time holding a political office. Upon learning about the truth even That lawyer Paul decided to be doing only peace works as a tent maker to support his ministry. No one can serve two master’s at the same time. Learn from Jesus they wanted to make him a king readily by he refused.(do you remember people spreading outer garments in Jerusalem?). nomba nganibambi ngabatilefye hallelujia amen !!!!. Jerusalem shall be saved now.

    • Your arguments do not have any logic, were any of Jesus’s disciples Police Men, Engineers, Scientists etc Christians today are part of these professions does that make them worldly, no. We cannot limit Christians to what the disciples were but use the whole Bible as the standard. A Christian can be a Politician and whatever profession , Jesus said Christians are the light of this world and the salt of this earth. Christians pay taxes too so they have every legal right to be politicians.

    • Please stop your discrimination against Christians. Christians can join Politics if they want without fear or intimidation.

    • do you know that jesus had more than 12 disciples? read scriptures properly, i know you only know of the 12 in the inner circle.

  27. It is too early to predict but as things stand today, MMD with support of Fr. Bwalya and Rupiah Banda can win next elections. PF is finished and its topbrass might end up in gaol once out of power.

    • Please do not bring RB in the MMD wrangles you all left him when he lost the elections, will you be there if he is humiliated again, let his family decide whether they are ready for humiliation of another loss.

    • In other words stop using RB to fight your personal battles by misleading him like you all misled him prior to 2011 elections and then deserted him. Let his family decide.

  28. Those that are questioning the Sunday Injunction should bear in mind that Judges are on duty 24/7 and can be approached for their signature at any time or day, as long as your argument/reason to obtaiin his signature is within the ambit of the law. So, yes, the judge was in order and the injunction was duky served. Therefore, that meeting IS null and void and the participants should be cited for contempt of court, especially if what Nyangu says is true. MMD malabishi.

    • This is a comment from a well informed Zambian, those who do not how Judges and Courts operate can save themselves embarrassment by keeping their mouths and brains shut. What probe against the Judge are they calling? That is gnorance at its best.

  29. Congratulation Muhabi- you are my man.How i wish you would contest an election under UPND .No devil shall take away your SERVANT LEADERSHIP.I will be the last man standing defending your SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

  30. These clowns are amazing! Even when they stand the best chance to unseat this rotten government, they are wasting time ripping at each other when they have a grande opportunity to re – brand, consolidate the party and strategise to come back in 2016. They are petty and behaving like kindergatten kids. Real nincompoops! They continue to let down the Zambian people by failing to rally together to take on and defeat a common “enemy”.

  31. I know Muhabi Lungu as a very intelligent and brilliant politician, with a very promising future.
    But I’m particularly concerned about the party he is operating under, i don’t think it has any good future… I can only wish him the best.
    Anyway, that’s just my personal opinion.

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