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Sensitising Zambians on the constitution not meant to create uprise against Government-Grillo

General News Sensitising Zambians on the constitution not meant to create uprise...
NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo talking during the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution
NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo talking during the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution

OASIS Forum Convener Beatrice Grillo says the move to sensitize Zambians on the importance of enactment of the new constitution was not aimed at inciting the public to rise against the government but merely to ask them to demand for was promised by the government.

Mrs Grillo who is also Non-Government Organization Coordinating Committee (NGOCC) board chairperson said that the forum means well and maintained that there would take the message to every corner of the country to provide them with information over the stalled constitution.

Speaking in Kabwe over the weekend during an outreach meeting held at Presbytery church with theme” The constitution and you, time to connect”, Ms Grillo said the forum has taken it upon themselves to sensitize the public on their mandate to demand for a constitution that would stand a text of time.

“We aware that some people think that we want to incite the public to rise against our government which is not true because all we are doing is to remind them to demand what was promised to them, “she said.

She further said the government would be doing the Zambians a disservice and injustice if it decides to throw away the draft constitution which was done at a great expense and appealed to government to listen to concerns of Zambians.

She said the adoption of the constitution should be done through a national referendum and that the question of cost should not arise adding that government should allow the will of the people to prevail.

She accused that government of having lied to the Zambians people during its campaign promise when it promised a good constitution and challenged them to state clearly what had gone wrong the draft.

And earlier Critas Zambia member Maximillian Ngwira warned that people playing and refusing to listen to the church were playing with fire and that the people of Kabwe like other Zambians in the country were interested in seeing to it that process of enactment of a constitution is completed and given to the people.

He said it was wrong for government to attempt to deny Zambians a constitution considering the deliberations which was held in nearly all corners of the country and involved traditional leaders, youths, the church and other stakeholders and wondered how such magnitude of people can make a mistake over a draft.

And those who attended the meeting asked Zambians to take the discussions in home, schools, universities and any other gathering because failure to enact the constitution would not only after an individual but all.


  1. I believe we need to step back from the brink for a bit and examine what our CURRENT constitution says about matters to do with ushering in a NEW constitution. The LAZ exercise on the CJ should teach us a lesson on the difference between emotive matters and legal statutes. Don’t push the executive to break the law in a bid to uphold a new constitution…

  2. Ba LT naimwe. Be serious. Your typos are getting worse by the day. Just take your time and always proof read. Your articles are usually small.

    A constitution that would stand the TEST of time not TEXT.

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