VJ aplauds KK on peace and calls for serious dialogue on controversial Barotseland Agreement

Former President Kenneth Kaunda,President Sata and Vernon Mwanga share a light moment during  the requiem Mass of George Kunda at the Cathedral of the Chld Jesus In Lusaka.Courtesy State House press unit
Former President Kenneth Kaunda,President Sata and Vernon Mwanga share a light moment during the requiem Mass of George Kunda at the Cathedral of the Chld Jesus In Lusaka.Courtesy State House press unit

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has called on Zambians to build on the good track record first republican president Kenneth Kaunda has established for the nation by continuing to promote and nurture the existing peace and unity.

And Mr Mwaanga said there was need to seriously dialogue over the controversial Barotseland Agreement in order to bring the matter to a conclusive end once and for all.

Mr Mwaanga said Dr Kaunda established a good track record for the country in terms of nation unity based on his ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ philosophy’.

He said Dr Kaunda throughout his reign never lost sight of the balance in appointment for leadership position whether it in Cabinet or parastatal companies.

“Dr Kaunda insisted on adopting a non-racialism because he wanted to build a non-racial society based on One Zambia, One Nation concept hence the motto on our national emblem,” he said.

Mr Mwaanga said this on Friday night in Kitwe when he featured as guest speaker on the ‘KK at 90 Seminar on peace building’ held Hotel Edinburgh.

The seminar held under the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’ was organized by the Copperbelt University (CBU) in conjunction with the Kitwe district administration.

Mr Mwaanga described Dr Kaunda as a true icon of peace and unity not only in the country but the world over as evidenced by his all time message of ‘love thy neighbour as you love yourself’.

He said Dr Kaunda was deeply concerned about issues of peace and conflicts taking place in the world and spent a great deal of his time attending to these issues.

And Mr Mwaanga said there was need to engage in dialogue over the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 so that the various groups could raise their concerns on the matter.

He said this was because not all interest groups in Western province were for secession of the region.

“It is not too late to engage in dialogue because if left unresolved, the issue will continue to resurface time and again,” he said.


  1. Mr. VJ, all interest groups had there chance to speak during the 27th March 2012 Barotse National Council, BNC, which in Barotse governance is similar to referendum. Additionally the Sata constituted Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry, COI, also gathered views from all interest groups of Barotseland and both the BNC and COI were unanimously in favor of Barotseland SELF – DETERMINATION.
    So what is the problem is you are now hoping their voice will be different if further ‘dialogue’ was held, but Barotse people are determined to proceed with their own governance.

    • Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.
      Barotseland is a nation whether KK and Northern Rhodesia likes it or not. Barotseland is free to determine her own destiny due to failures of Zambian successive regimes neglecting their birth certificate, BA 1964.
      It’s too late VJ, Barotseland is gone.
      Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.
      Kozo shangwe, kozo!

  2. Since 1965 when the repudiation of the BA64 started, the people of Barotseland have been committed to a peaceful dialogue and eventually disengagement with the Zambian government. However, their efforts to raise international awareness on their situation and to protest for their rights have always been met with excessive and repressive heavy handedness from the Zambian government.

  3. On March 27, 2012, however, the Barotse National Council, which is the highest and most representative decision making organ in Barotse governance structures, unanimously resolved that Barotseland should be a sovereign state. Consequently, on 15th August 2013 a new civil government led by His Excellency Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa was constituted, which is now in the process of seeking international diplomatic recognition.
    So far the civil government has attained recognition of international organizations such as Federation of Free States of Africa (FFSA), Union of Free States (UNFS) and the Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organizations (UNPO) who have since publicly recognized the statehood of Barotseland.

    • Kozo shangwe, Kozo.
      We shall never stop our freedom, Barotseland is a nation whether they like it or not. Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.
      Barotseland is free to determine her destiny without the interference of Northern Rhodesia. Kinako! Remain resolute mwana mulena.

    • Wondering why the dictator of 27 years still needs praise? MMD kicked KK out of power, this Munyasaland dictator mascarading as zedian. Abash to all dictators, KK is a lucky dictator still lingering in the conundrum country he denied freedom and rights.

  4. Bo [email protected]; which interest groups were ageeable? You read the mbunda and nkoya submissions and you choose to ignore them? Note that wp is basically divided into 2 categories: the Lozis and the non Lozis, the total population of Lozis most likely less than the Lozis, so dont create another south sudan. Learn from there. Vj is right

    • @Wisemanp. You believe like many Zambians that Lozi is a tribe when actually not because Lozi is simply a Lingua Franca. So Nkoyas and Mbundas and any other can not be generalized as for or against Self Determination. In consensus building you look at the majority. Those individuals who are opposed to Barotseland sovereignty will choose to stay in Barotseland as non citizens or chose to relocated to Zambia where they are already citizens. Barotseland is about the ‘territory’ of Barotseland and not ‘tribes’, because in all 38 PLUS tribes of Barotseland that form LOZI individuals are free to chose SELF DETERMINATION or NOT. That Does not STOP Barotseland statehood as that is the wish of Many Barotseland nationals. Sata today is president and yet not all voted for him??

    • Unsubstantiated unanimous assumptions. Go to Barotseland.info and check the submissions for your own self dear. Stop yapping from without.

  5. At Foolishmanp
    How many times are you going to be told that Lozi is not a tribe? Those ethnic groups that you have mentioned constitute Lozi. Some people are dull but others are just too dull.

  6. This mind blackmail of citing South Sudan, Rwanda, etc and civil WAR is what most Zambians want to PULL on Lozis who stand for SELF DETERMINATION. However, this wont work because BAROTZIS desire a peaceful dis engagement and it is just a matter of time, as Zambians blew their chance for RESTORATION of The BA64. Where was VJ when Barotzis begged for dialogue and instead they were tortured and arrested, and many of bloggers here were screaming ‘Fipayeni fye’? Now the Freedom Train of Barotseland is on unstoppable motion. Watch the space as serious updates will begin to flow from Barotseland. Zambia has lost all visionaries, you could not plan for Barotseland leaving because you considered them WEAK and HELPLESS. We PRAY for PEACE as we want a PEACEFUL Zambia for a neighbour.

  7. If KK is an icon of peace how come he has been silent for 50 years on the BA 1964 ? The Zambian governments haven’t been keen on resolving the issue & when people talk about the issue they are intimidated and arrested. Agree with VJ but how do u resolve the issue amidst threats ? The BA 1964 is null & void since it was abrogated by KK hence Barotseland wants to revert to its previous status of being an independent state.

    • It reverted to her original status on 27th March, 2012 via BNC, Barotseland National Council. Barotseland accepted the repudiation of the now defunct BA 64 by KK the dictator of 27 years in 69.
      Kozo! Sepa Sa hao.
      Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.

  8. Provincialism and regionalism must be put in context. The country is a unitary state. That means that the national boundary is indivisible. Any attempt to manipulate existing boundary is high treason. Crime does not pay.

    • @Dr. Makasa. Iam sure that you also appreciate that the territory of Barotseland joined your so called Unitary State under the specific terms and conditions of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, which terms were repudiated and abrogated in 1965 and 1969 respectively. Under the Law of Contracts and Treaties no party is obligated to honor any terms of an agreement no longer in force and that a material breach in an agreement gives the other party the option to free themselves from the terms that brought them into union. In any case the agreement was never intended for Barotseland to lose her Identity but rather to safeguard her autonomy with in the new independent state of Zambia, that is why that word ‘Unitary’ was not there before as it was added only under FTJ to try to bind Barotseland

    • Which unitary and with who? If not Barotseland you have continuously rebuked!
      There is time for everything, Reference, Book of Ecclesiastice.
      Tanganyika united with Zanzibar to form Tanzania and they respect their mutual respect of unionship. Alas, Zambians refute their birthday day and certificate. Zambia a child of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia in accordance to the Barotseland Agreement 1964.
      Wondering why and how long you will still be living in absolute denial?
      As a “Christian” nation, do you think its unreasonable not to live life like God wants;love, caring, honest, respect, faith, belief and sharing among many other free Godly commands?
      Face reality dear, kinako ya Barotseland!
      Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu.

  9. @Seba Yeta
    The notion that everyone is Lozi and that Lozi is a Lingua Franca is an old and tired lie that that should be burried. Ask the Chiefs of Nkoyas, Mbundas, Nyengos, Makomas, Subiyas etc i f they are Lozis and see what response they give, a big NO!

    • Lozi is not a tribe, but nation. All those tribes of Barotseland form the lingua franca of Silozi. Therefore, there is no tribe in Barotseland which is more Lozi than the other, they are all equal.
      And likewise, there’s no tribe in Barotseland which is more Royal than the other, they stand even.
      Dear, you can take a Lozi away from Barotseland but you CAN NOT take Barotseland away from a Lozi and that’s the whole truth.
      How long will you live in denial?
      Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu!

  10. Majority of Western province inhabitants are not lozi fanatics, they have their own identity and would love to stay in Zambia minus dictatorial impositions. The Litunga, king and chiefs mindsets are outdated and a drain on ordinary people. Everybody shall work for glory. Glory and privileges shall not come with ‘5 minutes sex act’ and a sperm accident that decides where one will be born.
    If Zambia has to determine self-rule let it be for all provinces and let Southern and Northern provinces also determine as will be by Lozi. For the information of Lozi zealots, most probably majority of western residents will vote against Barotseland but majority of Southern and Northern provinces will vote for independent countries.

  11. @Shona,

    You are right, this false sense self importance by the Lozis will take them no where. The problem is they fail to understand that this is 21 centuary where people are enlightened so much that no tribe would want to be a subject to the other. I have always argued that the day that Zambia will decide to give WP autonomy, thats when the people will know where each person from WP belongs, fake government will be made, mostly dominated the so called owners and the others will form alliances based on tribe and sense of discrimination, it will not be long before we have another Sudan. Once you reach that state, there is no going back because revenge becomes the motivation. You wan your children to be sleeping with one eye closed or always looking over their shoulders till Jesus…

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