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President Sata is a courageous leader-Malama

Economy President Sata is a courageous leader-Malama

President Michael Sata (left) addresses workers as First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda looks on at Labour Day celebrations in Lusaka
President Michael Sata (left) addresses workers as First Republican
President Dr Kenneth Kaunda looks on at Labour Day celebrations in

WORKS and Supply Deputy Minister Mwimba Malama has said that President Michael Sata was a courageous leader for embarking on a countrywide vigorous infrastructure development programme, which the MMD had failed to do during its 20 years in power.

“We have had leaders and it’s not politicking, for the past 20 years this nation was stuck in terms of infrastructure. 20 years we were stuck. Most of these things we are seeing were done under UNIP. MMD took over, 20 years, we never saw a new building coming up in Mpika,” he said.

“The people of Southern Province have been crying for Bottom Road, thank God that the President, who is very courageous has given them that Bottom Road, thank God that the President, who is very courageous, has given them the road from Monze to Niko, thank God that what is going on in Western Province will also help to create employment,” he said.

He was also happy to note that works on the roads leading to Nabwalya, Malashi to Mukungule and Lufila areas would start soon.

Mr Malama was equally elated that all the chiefdoms in his constituency which had no mobile phone network would be connected by the Zambia Information Communication and Telecommunications Authority (ZICTA) in phases one and two this year and next year.

And Mr Malama has urged AVIC International, the contractor working on the L 400 road project, not to wait for utility companies to completely remove their structures on road reserves before it proceeds with its work.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka at the weekend, Mr Malama said he instructed AVIC International during a meeting, which was also attended by officials from utility companies like ZESCO, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) and Zamtel in Lusaka last week on Tuesday.

Mr Malama called for the meeting after a realization that the progress on the L 400 project, among others, was somewhat being slowed down by the presence of infrastructure belonging to utility companies in selected parts where roads like Chilimbulu and Burma were being expanded.

“We advised the contractor to concentrate on those areas where they can do the works without first waiting for the utility companies to move on. We agreed and we told them to speed up things,” Mr Malama said.

Mr Malama said the contractor and utility companies knew and were doing what they were supposed to do to enable the project progress but attributed the hurdles that had befallen the L 400 programme to the miscommunication between the contractor and the utility companies.

He said the contractor and utility companies had different periods in which to do certain activities.

“It’s just a matter of reconciling the periods of doing whatever they are supposed to do, that is the contractor and the utility companies,” Mr Malama said.

Mr Malama, however, said the utility companies had assured him that they were on course in relocating their structures found on road reserves.


  1. Fully agree.
    It must take enormous amount of courage to lead party full of incompetent laying and deceiving individuals whose only reason to be in the party is to enrich themselves at the expense of 99.9% of Zambians.

  2. How many Deputy Ministers are there kanshi?
    And please stop fooling yourself, Let Sata concentrate on repairing yet another broken marriage.
    MMD build: All shopping malls, Manda Hill, Acardes, how many Protea Hotels, Mwanawasa Stadium, Heroes (Disaster) Stadium, even Mwanawasa’s grave (what do you call that place?)

  3. A building coming up in Mpika? He is developing his home town you full. I have seen the MMD do the road to my village between Livingstone and Sesheke plus the Katima Mulilo bridge in 2004. Please stop the bloody lies we are not kids.

    • @Nostradamus, why the No Wonder? We all come from somewhere within the 752 400 square kilometres of the land we call Zambia. And each one of us has freedoms!

  4. Mr Malama you have a point. Personally I am happy with the road network improvement. the only problem is that PF has not created the wealth base to support the development we are seeing. This implies we are developing through borrowing. The truth of the matter you can never get ride of poverty through borrowing, as borrowing on its own is an express entry point into poverty and slavery. PF need to rethink on this strategy of borrowing in order to develop.

  5. because of this unprecedented development PF is running away wt more than 65% of votes in 2016. watch the space som of you bloggers incessantly insulting the party & the president thinkg they v grossly underperfomd v nt moved & are political novices. any1 wo hs studied political landscap 4long & is in touch with reality wl tel u PF wl v no oppostn 2tok abt in 2016.

  6. You cannot be beating people by cadres, fire nurses, no drugs in hospital, tell lies on constitution, cost of mealie meal has gone up to minimum k75, transport fares are up, dirty streets, fighting chiefs, corruption at its highest no freedom of expression, pangas, forest of one tribe in government and foreign missions , dull and illiterate president and you expect to win 2016. PF wake up, choose another lead SATAN is sick and need replacement. I do not know were you gain confidence for this PF govt. Zambians wake up you deserve much more.

  7. Mr Malama, please note, there is a difference between ‘courageous’ and arrogant. Need I say more?

  8. This Madala is really delivering. Jealousy out!
    Most politicians fear to take bold steps to protect their political careers. This President must be commended for taking bold steps like Chiluba did with ZCCM. How many lives & homes of our comrades were destroyed as a result of privatization of ZCCM? If Chiluba had sought consensus from HH before privatizing ZCCM, some GUYS could not be millionaires today.
    Sata knew that removal of subsidies & simultaneously embark on massive development & upgrade of our rapidly dilapidating infrastructure would hurt the common man, the economy & his reputation. The President simply had no choice otherwise Zambia was going to continue to lag behind even countries like Ruanda and Kenya who have no mineral resources. These countries had…

    • R U trying to make comparison with Mzee Jomo?
      If so, can you please explain how you can compare REAL freedom fighter with colonial constable? Statesman with somebody who is afraid of press-conference?

  9. Courage!! Is Zambia in such a state that one needs courage to build a road? We do not need courageous leaders. What we need are intelligent and visionary leaders. You do not need courage to do what you were employed to do. ou need brains to plan and develop the country in line with international norms. Stop appointing courageous people, but rather appoint visionary leaders. The likes of Shamenda, Panji, Kabimba, Kambwili and others are very courageous individuals who will puke the most stupid things imaginable.

  10. @Jameson Kaliza

    You are talking n o n s e n s e.
    You can be excused because you are not connected to DSTV.
    But just visit our neighboring South Africa or go anywhere in the world, from Asia to USA. Come back and tell us which country is not experiencing an upsurge in the cost of living?

    Even OIL RICH IRAN has just removed subsidies.
    CHINA too is taking drastic measures…similar to ours.
    Last year, Obama was forced to pass a law on minimum wage which myopic HH is oppose to etc

    • What are you watching? ZNBZ on DSTV? Why not try to read? It may improve your understanding of the WORLD and stop blabbing on issues which are way above your capability of understanding why, how and because of other Government decisions.
      For your information, Japan for the first time in more than 5 years has recorded increase of the cost of living. Do you know why? No? Then stick to your world of mental servitude!!!

  11. @142HH

    How long has it taken Japan to be where they are?
    Japan went through an industrial revolution which was accompanied by massive infrastructure development and upgrade similar to ours.

    1. The Zambia Railway line has been revitalized and its up and running.
    2. Chipata Railway line is up and running.
    3. North West Railways line will be commissioned in our life time.
    4. Work on a new International airport is about to commence.
    5. New Chingola and Kitwe dual carriage way is under way.
    6. Work on a new Choma is underway.
    7. New Universities are being built.
    8. New clinics are being built.
    9. Major Hospitals are being upgraded to UTH’s.
    10. Not to mention the Pave Zambia Sata initiative

    Where did MMD do in 20years?

    Why are you cheating our masses?

    We are…

    • Kaseba nabamuchita sana lelo,am sure she’s ready go back to the impotent man,useless man.


    No jobs for 5 million people?

    Cape Town – The unemployment rate rose to 25.2% of the labour force in the first quarter of 2014 from 24.1% in the fourth quarter, Statistician General Pali Lehohla said on Monday.

    The decrease in employment meant that unemployment figures rose by 1.1% from quarter-to-quarter, according to the quarterly labour force survey.

    This amounted to 5.067 million people without work in the first quarter, up from 4.83 million in the previous three months.

    So who says this government is not working?

  13. Nostradamus, just what the hell is wrong with coming from between Livingstone and Sesheke? That’s where I partly hail from too and am very proud of that fact, I would never change it with coming from between Chitulika and Katanga wa Kasai!

  14. Lovely above, please stop nzelu zo pusa za UNIP ati “If Malawi did it why can’t we did it?” Botswana and Namibia are good examples with growing economies and low unemployment, why can’t you take a leaf from them as opposed to South Africa? And by the way, you hail from kwa Nabwalya, where you nearest example to an economy is Katanga. where there is none. So please just shut the f**k up because you’re clueless.

  15. Mpundu Trust, Please stop behaving like a silly monkey that is clueless. Do you even have the slightest idea of the implications of the mounting debt Sata is creating on the future of our economy? It was such dangerous erratic borrowing that lend us into the first debt trap and one would have thought we would learn to develop from within our own resources and not via debt which is not sustainable at all. Such myopic and simplistic analysis is tantamount to plain stupidity.

  16. why is the guy holding the mic putting on gloves? What is he afraid of? What is he protecting himself from?

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