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Solwezi seven-month-old baby stoned to death by aunt

Rural News Solwezi seven-month-old baby stoned to death by aunt

A young woman is on the run in Solwezi district after causing the death of a seven-month-old baby.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police, Eugene Sibote, said today that police have launched a man-hunt for the young woman identified as Shiyanda Chilombo.

Mr Sibote said Shiyanda allegedly stoned the seven-month-old baby to death after picking up a quarrel with her sister-in-law, Purity Kaluba, who is the mother of the boy.

He said the alleged murder happened as Kaluba was trying to run away from her in law (Shiyanda) after the two had picked up a fight.

The police chief said Shiyanda picked a stone and wanted to hit Kaluba who had her baby on the back but the stone landed on the baby leaving it with severe head injuries.

Mr Sibote said the baby was admitted to Solwezi General Hospital where it later died.

The police chief said a docket of murder has been opened and a manhunt has been launched for Shiyanda who is currently on the run.


  1. Atleast the baby is not a grown up person.

    But inspite of all that, this is so wrong I think.


    • Mushota I understand your approach of being controversial on articles and you do that very well looking at the responses from other bloggers on your posts. I know your comments are deliberate generally but on this issue you have to be sensitive and sensible. A life has been lost regardless of age. Family torn apart. It’s not always about being controversial.

    • The tame stoning in this case is misguided. The rural people are lacking in grey matter, how do you throw things on someone carrying a baby?

    • Ba Mushota! Muli shilu imwe mayo. Nga twali mitwele ku Chainama Hospital ilelo, kuti twa tukwe cine cine pa kusunga umulwele (Mushota) ku nse ya nkambi pa myake iingi. Nakuba cali wama apo ta mwaipeye abantu ilyo mwali mu ndeke ya mitwele ku bulaya

    • Mushota, you don’t think properly. Are you normal to say that. Where do you think you would have been if someone killed you at 7 months. Think before commenting on serious matters.

  2. That’s man slaughter not murder ,, the intention or target of the object(stone) was the mother not the baby.

    • …its a bit tricky…the accused was fully aware that the in-law had a baby on her back. Who knows, the stone could have done the same damage to the in-law as it did to the baby. Using any tool or object to attack the other is conceived as meditated murder. She may gate away with man slaughter but for now its murder case…..if she wont take her own life as well….

    • My brother, our Zambian CPC does not have a charge for Manslaughter but in our case only the judge can reduce Murder to maslaughter.

  3. Moshota or what ever they call U, why do you behave I like if you are cherah or kabimba even Pa-fwaka patriarch? Every time you write something it has to be no other than Nonsense. Weather Baby or Adult they both have the right to live and not to b cut short by a person like U. Why fight in the first place like Pa-fwaka cardres? To Bad MHSRIP

  4. Fighting and violence always bring untold consiquences .This woman who smashed
    a rock into uninnocent child will be in jail for very long time without bail coz of luck of finances associated with this typical crime. My heart goes to this little kid whom has been killed. MHSRIP.

    • You meat to say “an innocent” child.

      “UNINNOCENT” means totally the opposite of what you wanted to say.

  5. This is sad. What’s happening in Zambia, kanshi? Others are making love to their daughters for multiplying their heads of cattle etc.

  6. Mufyoto awe sure, mwati ulimutuntulu? You must be a goon, lazy punk, looser, where do you find time to comment on almost all the news items 24/7. Ubusushi bweka bweka. I think you sleep with your fingers on the key board. Find something to do Shaaa!!!

  7. It is no longer free speech when one expresses repugnant and senseless comments that are abhorred by right thinking members of humanity – such as Mushota’s above. I rarely comment on the meaningless mind boggling rumblings, but now and again they go beyond normal banter. LT, its time to rein Mushota in.

  8. “The police chief said Shiyanda picked a stone and wanted to hit Kaluba who had her baby on the back but the stone landed on the baby…”
    …and then you call that murder. LT please reconcile your headline to the statement quoted. Sensational headline trying to grab attention! Ever heard of manslaughter? Stop this nonsense!!

  9. These are some of the challenges in marriages where sisters to husbands want to fight their sisters in-law just because they want to gain control of their brothers home. Ukufumya ubukakashi uko abanomulume nokutwala kuli mulamu wakwe, very sad indeed! This is just common among women because they are fond of snooping in their brothers homes, especially targeting their sisters in-law. Apprehend that chap and let her face the law.

  10. Thank goodness for open Internet that we can see how LT distorts reports with careless use of words and sentence construction. Instead of reporting the entire incident, they make it look as if some barbaric, savage act was directed primarily at the baby. That said, it is unconscionable for a woman who herself is potentially a mother, to be engaged in an act that endangers a baby so fatally. I hope she gets the maximum punishment for a crime of this category.

  11. @ Scrutinizerer: It is NOT medidated murder but, PRE-MEDITATED murder. I think you will do well to proof-read your comment before posting; free advice. But thanks for your comments.

    • ….Thanx bro for the correction…it was just a ‘slip of a pen’…what equivalent phrase do u refer to the PC key board…??..’slip of keyboard button’..??…LOL

      In addition to my earlier comment…..the mother must be charged as well for using the baby as her shield…she had to avoid the stone but exposed the baby to it….

  12. Stone age life and living, When will people come to realize that in this century and era fighting is a primitive way of resolving issues? Ifipuba fyeka fyeka and dirty minded animals like Boko Haram?

  13. Mushota! you are as bad as the woman who killed the innocent soul.You wanna be a celeb at LT fefyo? waluba, coz you probably have nothing to do and nothing wise to say but write useless comments often.I really feel sad for the woman for having no big time to spend with her baby,gone too soon. Its such a big lose.

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