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Kitwe Town Clark calls on vendors to return to markets

Economy Kitwe Town Clark calls on vendors to return to markets

Kitwe City Centre
Kitwe City Centre

Kitwe Town Clerk Boniwell Lwanga has called on street vendors to make use of the space at Chisokone, Nakadoli and Chamboli markets.

Mr. Lwanga said the city’s central business district can only de-congest if vendor returned to markets which the vendor left for the streets in town.

Mr. Lwanga said the local authority is concerned that the major markets in the district are been turned into white elephants.

He added that the council is also encouraged by the keep Kitwe clean campaign which was launched three weeks ago by the Kitwe mayor Kelvin Sinyangwe.

Mr. Lwanga said the city has enough market space which can be used as opposed to trading in the streets.

He further said the continued trading in the streets defeats the whole purpose of the Keep Kitwe clean campaign because just after cleaning people are back in the streets.

Mr. Lwanga also expressed concern about the sanitary conditions of the vendor.

And Shop-rite Kitwe Town center store Branch Manager Alfred Mahachi complained that the chain store had lost business due to street vending.

Mr. Mahachi says it is sad that the venders outside Shoprite are now selling the same products that the chain store is also selling inside.

He cited vegetables as one area where Shop-rite has lost business adding that some people are no longer interested to shop in shop-rite because of the increase in vending.

Mr. Mahachi added vendors are also scaring away its customer because of alleged hand picking at the entrance of the chain store.

Mr. Mahachi however encouraged the local authority to continue with the exercise of keeping the central business district clean.

Meanwhile Kitwe Mayor Kelvin Sinyangwe has vowed that the campaign will continue to bring back the cleanliness of the city of Kitwe.

Earlier some vendors almost protested after word went round that the vendors will not be trading for six days to keep the city clean as a result of the Mopani Copper Mines 2014 Zambia Open Golf Tournament.

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  1. Good move the town looks clean now and you need support .Rubbish and wrong will always be wrong I which we could do the same in Chingola why have shops and markets if people can trade like animals without control God help Zambia and people who mean bad will oppose this clean move and its this which government fails to see levy did this and everyone liked this who want dirty ka

  2. Any normal thinking person knows that if all the vendors were in the market and not in the streets, customers will have no option but to follow them into the market and buy from them. I really get surprised to hear vendors complain that there is no business in the markets. I support the idea of removing all street vendors from the streets, secondly KCC must look for a place where buses and taxis that are currently operating from the streets must operate from.

  3. Take charge Mr Mayor and Town Clerk. Ignore all the rubbish that may be coming your way from the Hospice called State House.

  4. Sata will fire him. It is Sata who instructed the then local government minister to leave vendors alone. The took advantage of H.E. Sata’s words.

  5. KABWE has become the dirtiest town in zambia, if only the local authority had courage to do the right thing .

  6. Vendors are on the street because politicians have always wanted them to be there. Chiluba – and the Cobra of those days (and once a cobra, always a cobra) – even went as far as creating a vendor’s desk for them with Josias Chishala as their minister. So although the clerk might mean well, his project will come to nothing for lack of political will. Worse still, the clerk is sure to be beaten by cadres for “inciting vendors against the govt.” Wait.

  7. Good move. We need sanity in the City. I hope you will not be fired by the Chief Vendor. He is just interested in their votes and not their health. There are no toilets in the streets but vendors spend the whole day there, how?

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