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Nevers Mumba tours Chisokone in Kitwe, gets audience with taxi drivers and marketeers

Economy Nevers Mumba tours Chisokone in Kitwe, gets audience with taxi drivers and...

Nevers Mumba Listening to Tax Drivers at Chisokone Market in Kitwe
Nevers Mumba Listening to Tax Drivers at Chisokone Market in Kitwe

Marketeers at Kitwe’s Chisokone market this afternoon mobbed MMD President Nevers Mumba when he toured the market.

And some taxi drivers in Kitwe have expressed regret for having voted for the Patriotic Front in the 2016 general elections.

The drivers complained to Dr Mumba of been treated like slaves under the PF government.

They said the PF is demanding a lot from them amid the high cost of fuel prices and cost of living.

“We don’t know whether we voted for dictatorship or a democratic government that cares for the people. As things stand the PF government has subjected us to slavery conditions and we regret voting for them.”

“This is the last time we are voting for the PF here in Kitwe, they will not get any of our votes in 2016.”

And Dr Mumba said the concerns of the marketers and the tax drivers are lessons to Zambians not to vote for people who do not know how to govern a country.

He said the PF was voted into office based on fake promises and lies which the people of Zambia are able to see for themselves now.

“The MMD should be voted back into office because you know how the MMD is concerned about the plight of the Marketeers and the tax drivers, Dr. Mumba told the group that mobbed him”.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba said he is in Kitwe to listen to the concerns of the people as he mobilizes the party for the 2016 general elections.

“The mood is very depressing when people explain what they are going through, the problem we have in Zambia is that we have a government that raised the hopes of Zambians when promises were made that Zambians will have money in their pockets which is not in reality now and the opposite is true” people are now losing Jobs,” Dr Mumba said.

He added, “When you access the three years that PF has been in Government, people are depressed because their hopes are deflected  and that is why they are looking around for people to raise their hopes and MMD is the new hope for Zambia, “Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba is also in Kitwe to get the views of the people so that they can be included in the party’s working manifesto for the 2016 general elections.

Nevers  Mumba buying commodities at Chisokone market
Nevers Mumba buying commodities at Chisokone market


  1. Ba LT please leave such kind of sensation and nonsense to the Watchdog, you will just destroy your hard earned credibility. You know what you stand for and risk losing out on your credibility. Leave such sensation to the Watchdog, who have nothing to lose as bitterness, envy and jealous has engulfed them that they even fail to see their Underfive leader for who he really is. I am also happy that you have allowed the publication of my article criticizing you, it shows your professionalism. It ould not have seen the light of day on Watchdog as it would be withheld from publication or say something like ‘comment awaiting moderation’, which would be deleted altogether after a few minutes. Ask anyone who has tried to write a critical article on HH or against them and they will testify

    • People’s fault indeed no wonder the economy of this country is going down. How can we have people like you surely, what wrong has HH done for people like you to condemn him up to a point of death? ALA ALEISA- ALEISA 2016 ICHO ICHO ICHO

    • Everybody has flaws and in a democracy people should be free say their views – that’s not hatred. Yesterday I was listening to Nevers Mumba on Radio Icengelo Online and someone phoned the radio station and said to Mumba’s face “Imwe Ba Mumba muleibepafye tamwakatale mukatekepo”. That is democracy but Watchdog would not allow you to say a thing like that about HH.

  2. Keep on going Dr Mumba.Show them that you can still do civil politics.Ifwe ba New Hope MMD,tatufwaya chongo iyo.And I like that you’re listening to the people other than it’s only politicians talking to people all the time.It’s a high time also people talked to the politicians.

  3. Dr Mumba show these violent politicians that you can do politics or campaign without violence.This is bringing freshness to the zambian Politics.This type of politics can bring peace and unity in the country.To others,politics is making noise and violence.Doing politics quitely to some is not politics and to them is a sign that one is not popular-wrong.Those are William ‘TEKERE’ Banda Politics.Dr Mumba,I pray by God’s Grace that you bring order and sanity to zambian Politics.

  4. Zambians should now start scrutinizing the character of these politicians we have as Dr Mumba said.Morality and integrity should now come to our Zambian Politics.

  5. This is excellent Dr Mumba.Listen more to what people have to say in trying moments of bad economy and bad almost everything.These politics are very good,where as a politician you listen to starving people orhter than only politicians talk to them all the time.Continue listening where ever you go around Zambia.Am sure you will come up with a very good WORKING PEOPLES’ MANIFESTO

  6. People prayed for May 12th and May 16th, people are now praying for May 30th it shall be well with the righteous.

  7. This is good,because the intended audience of the Marketeers and Taxi Drivers was met and talked to.Many times such appearances are interrupted by cadres,and the intended purpose is never achieved.VIVA MMD, V IVA NEVERS-Listen to the pipo rather than just talking as the case for most politicians.

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