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Government denies evacuating President Sata


President Michael Sata shakes hands with former Republican president Rupiah Banda at the commemoration of Africa Freedom Day at the freedom statue in Lusaka
President Michael Sata shakes hands with former Republican president
Rupiah Banda at the commemoration of Africa Freedom Day at the freedom
statue in Lusaka

The PF Government has denied reports that President Sata was Sunday afternoon evacuated to South Africa after he collapsed at Statehouse.

President Sata is said to have collapsed after a hectic Africa Freedom Day schedule and was rushed to South Africa by Air ambulance hired from Zimbabwe after his condition worsened. First Lady Christine Kaseba is said to have managed to travel with President Sata after returning from her over seas trip.

President Sata was early Sunday morning at the Freedom Statue for the wreath laying ceremony. The sharp contrast in the Presidents appearance to what he looked a few weeks ago shocked many Zambians.

Immediately after leaving Freedom Statue the president was scheduled for the Investiture programme at State House. He was due to officially open the National Heroes Stadium thereafter but he did not show up . No official explanation was given for why the President did not show up for the much anticipated opening of the National Heroes Stadium on Sunday.

State House has however dismissed all the rumors that President Michael Sata collapsed and was evacuated to South Africa for medical attention.Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah denied rumors circulating that President Sata has been flown to South Africa.

“All I can tell you is that your reports are not true. Just go and tell whoever has told you such rumors that it is not true. I have told you that it is not true so why are you asking me such questions? What confirmation do you need, go and ask your source further questions because what I have told you is that it is not true,” Mr Chellah said.

Information Minister and Chief Government Spokesman Joseph Katema expressed ignorance about the reports of the evacuation and asked to know the source of the information before he cut the line.

“Who told you that? As for me I don’t know anything. Go and ask the one who has told you,” Dr Katema said before he hung up.

When reached for confirmation, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu asked to be called back later.


  1. I am breathlessly waiting for confirmation from Edgar Lungu after he chats with LT. So what’s wrong with medical evacuation or prayers when the pictures show you are melting away?!!

    • This scandalous, anyone thinking the president is ill is themselves mentally ill

      There is no need to even pray for him because he is fine.

      The mentality of a Blackman is absurd delusional and dysfunctional
      Even in the least likelihood that the president stepped down we have a
      Readymade replacement in Winter anyway
      SO stop it please, just stop

    • I am reliably informed that our dear leader is preparing to climb mount Kilimanjaro after which he will do a bungee on musi-oa-tunya to boost our tourism industry in order to stop the devaluation of our now extremely worthless Kwacha.

    • Crap ! Whats with these false rumours ? The problem with us Zambians is that we are too preoccupied with politics and all the nonsense that comes with them such that even rumours of sickness excites us.Reason why we will remain poor.Yes he looks like he has lost weight which is typical of ageing men they lose some bone mass and body fat.

    • @Mushota, you are the one behaving like an uneducated person who thinks illness and death are taboo subject not to be discussed. You are burying your head in the sand and sorry you are exposing your thinking parts behind. You and your kind are being unfair to the man. Forcing him to work or give an impression that he is working and all along that is stressing and and causing irreprable damage to his health. Have a heart! And stop this stereo-typing.

    • Very soon the PF will say Sata well and fit. He is jogging in South Africa.

      Believe it or not, this time its worse guys joke aside.

    • @Saulosi, KK never lost weight. How old is Ruphia Banda (RB), same age as Sata, did you know that? Look at the picture above, whom can you pray for?
      Ati we are poor, because Sata is sick, but kwena Saulosi ulatumfya abalwele.

    • Let’s not argue senselessly but be realistic. The man is ill and needs our prayers. In the meantime, we must also be getting ready for any eventuality – it’s natural for the inevitable to happen, but it’s not up to any of us nor is it a pleasant thing. But failing to prepare for it when it is seems so likely would be unwise too, God help mother Zambia!

    • some cadres, ati which is typical of old men to lose some weight. what about kaunda and RB, they seem to be fit and healthy. whats so different with them? Just admit sometimes at the man is sick, the effects of the office are wearing him down. He should just rest. the reason zambia is poor is because you keep marrying white people when you can alleviate the poverty levels in some communities/families by just marrying one of their daughters. atleast that is one less sister married to a low income or impoverished man. Nomba imwe, you even take your white women ku zambia, thinking ati mulewamya, ati ta shaina, ati i was with my ka white girl friend. Poor african, wake up. Marry your own and build your own communities. Who else do you think will take care of your zambian sisters??

    • LT says my comments is awaiting moderation. Okey in the meantime, let’s start lining up the Candidates to stand in the bye election:
      1. Henry Chanda Sosala
      2. Chanda Chimba the 9th
      3. Fr. Walya
      4. Ala Bi

    • ba sata, kwanja white kwati sibanazole mafuta. Look at RBs hand in comparison kuli ba president. imishishi nasho awe sure. Dont stress the old man anymore. My advice to Sata is that he has achieved a lot, from ward councillor to president. Not so many people can do that. You are a great ambitious man, but for now. leave with whatever dignity is left of you intact. You will gain more respect and admiration from people. why mulechulila bashikulu kanshi? i dont understand.

    • Aging comes with health challenges, any intelligent person knows that. But since Zambians have zero insight , they opted to choose an old man for a President. You made your bed!

  2. How many lies have been told that Sata is this, Sata is that? Last time HH said that Sata is in India while in actual fact he was in London. Even if he is sick we will keep on praying for him. Who doesn’t get sick?

    • @ME, we all get sick and that is why the whole nation is surprised that any mention of the president being sick is vehmently denied by the president’s handlers. Since MCS came to power, no one will admit that the president is under the weather. Not even a common cold. Now is that normal? When the inevitable happens, dont expect the same people you feel are not worthy of the truth to mourn someone who we keep being made to understand is very normal. It would be more dignifying for MCS to step down and have some rest and spend some quality time with family in these his last year/s.

  3. Mubisa matenda nanga zikachitika, muzazibisa bwanji? The man sure is unwell. The pale hand and sinewy neck in photograph are not of a healthy man. The power that be should just own up and tell the truth, than unsuccessfully attempt to hide behind a finger.

  4. Sata should just resign and allow a bye election. We don’t need another President to doesn the office. All these denials are not bringing good health to the President. We have not forgotten how what was happening around Mwanawasa

  5. Sata should just resign and allow a bye election. We don’t need another President to die in the office. All these denials are not bringing good health to the President. We have not forgotten what was happening around Mwanawasa

  6. Edgar lungu is very diplomatic in his dealings with pf affairs,unfortunately he is not one of the cartels.would love see him Republican president.why can’t sata appoint Edgar lungu as his vise then take sick leave and come after recovery,although the recovery looks impossible,but for the love of the nation mcs should put his house in order.

  7. Iwe George, no need to argue over this…..Let the president appear in public and we will know that he is around.

  8. The people hiding the president’s state of health are definitely evil and malicious with a dark agenda.

  9. This not very good reporting. Did the President also miss the investure ceremony? Or was it just the stadium appointment he missed? Please calrify. Otherwise let us all offer our sincere prayers for his recovery. Wether or not we like it he is our state President.

    • This is truly incomplete reporting…. Did the president miss the two events or just one of them? Someone please clarify!

  10. Let them keep denying that he is not sick because it is all there in the photos for all to see the man is looking very thin.

    • Ba Zambiano, tells if that pictures was that of your father weather you would be rejoicing or alarmed? Simple question.

  11. He will only get sick and die if God says so.For now you can continue hoping for his sickness and death.

    • hahahahahahaha……………….even your mouth will end up filling with sand as long as you continue burying your head in quick sand. are you seeing upside down these pictures flushing around the internet?

  12. Never in Zambian history was there such a leader who was hated by so many in such a short time. This should be a cause for reflection by all aspiring for high office that arrogance as has been exhibited by Sata does not pay!

    • Iwe ka Fwenkula, do you live in Zambia? Have you been on the ground to listen to marketeers and taxi drivers and unemployed youth when they talk about this sick president? If you have not, let us who actually live in Zambia comment on such issues, OK?

    • And when you locate the man, ask him why it is that he couldn’t go and be attended to in a Zambian hospital run by Zambian nurses and doctors. Yes the very nurses he could attend to their pay inequalities.

  13. The above picture really tells a story. Just look at the contrast in the colour of the clasping hands, it’s all there.

  14. Was Mr Chella arguing with his concious or trying to answwer the question you asked him?

    Please just reread his response and make your own judgement readers: “All I can tell you is that your reports are not true. Just go and tell whoever has told you such rumors that it is not true. I have told you that it is not true so why are you asking me such questions? What confirmation do you need, go and ask your source further questions because what I have told you is that it is not true,” Mr Chellah said.

  15. “All I can tell you is that your reports are not true. Just go and tell whoever has told you such rumors that it is not true. I have told you that it is not true so why are you asking me such questions? What confirmation do you need, go and ask your source further questions because what I have told you is that it is not true,” Mr Chellah said.

    OK, George – I think we got it! You say it’s “not true”. Great.

    But do you think maybe (….just maybe?) you might tell the nation what IS true? Else, these denials only make it sound like you are panicking (…..which I am sure you will also deny!) so what’s up with the Prez and why did he miss his big appearance without any notice or explanation? Hmmmmm, George can you tell us that????

  16. In Zambia, it really takes me aback, if someone is President does it mean he or she can never get sick. I believe any human being at some point is bound to get sick despite the status of that individual in society. All we need to do is to pray for the people that are sick rather than laughing at them. Indeed, if the President is sick as some people are claiming, lets just put him in prayers thanks.

    • Typical panga fighter trying to twist simple facts! Nobody is saying a president cant be sick but you know full well what we are discussing here. We are not talking about ukupolomya because Kasebana prepared some dodgy dry fish and ifisashi, or somebody getting some sniffles we are discussing a president who clearly has a terminal illness. The man is simply not up to the job of governing the country (for which he has given himself THREE SALARY INCREMENTS since he took over from RB). In addition to his obvious physical limitations, we have ample evidence of the fact that the man is suffering from mental illness – was his behaviour as a witness the kind of behaviour you expect from a president? Does Zambia not deserve better than to be governed by a decrepit lu.natic?

    • My dear, people are not saying the President should not get sick, what is bothering us as Zambians is his appearance. Can you imagine if the President was was father and looking the way the President is looking, would you allow him to appear in public or you would ask him to take a rest. The President badly needs a rest. I also just used to hear that the President is not looking very well, but I did not know the extent to which the frailness has deteriorated. Let’s call a spade a spade, the President needs a rest or best of all, let him step down so that his days on earth are increased.

    • Iwe PF cadre, people are not saying he cannot be sick! People want to be told whether he is sick or not because they have a right to know. What’s wrong with you PF cadres? Is there a rule against thinking in your party? Ninshi kumi tamfya??

  17. The people hiding the president’s illness will be embarrassed one day.There is no shame for being sick.He should just resign and let other people run the affairs of the country.

  18. The combination of George Chellah and Joseph Katema is amateurish and a total disgrace. You can tell from their answers that they are concealing the obvious. The reality will come back to haunt them sooner rather than later.

  19. Today I ve confirmed that mushota is not norma….ati “ooops thanks” iyo kwena ili hule lya li pena

  20. All he has to do is have a press conference to dispel all these rumors and then the country can move onto more serious issues like the mounting debt.

  21. Its things Speak for themselves dear country men.The best is for the Government to accept and come to terms with what has befallen the nation.The Presdo also ought to be brave enough and appoint a sustantive VEEP and not a ceremonial one.THE WRITING IS ON WALL FOR ALL TO SEE.All the Best nonetheless to King Cobra.

  22. Muli ndonshi? All u want is a president to die. What type of humans are u. Dnt u get sick yoselves ad izt the president human ad bound to falling ill?

  23. In the nation’s interest the old man should step down…no one would be at all surprised if he were sick the man used to smoke 8 packs of cigs in a day.
    Save the taxpayer the trouble and step down!!

  24. The PF have adopted the communist model of the years gone – (and currently in the form of North Korea) Not letting the people know the truth about their leaders health. Some deaths were even announced way after the leader had died – apparently for security reasons ( but more truthfully to allow for background maneuvers of tightening the grip on the state machinery and clandestinely selecting a successor )
    Its better to come clean and then follow the process provided for in the Constitution. A cabinet majority can actually resolve that the President’s physical and mental capacity to run the affairs of the state should be investigated. Its better to let him concentrate on his well-being than pretend all is well and consequently contribute to his health worsening.

  25. At Wnzelu, dudehate, matipa, Engineer (Australia), jay gay, etc are sadists who are very happy to hear that Sata is sick. They insult the president with impunity. Immediately they hear something has been posted, they post comments on impulse and later discovers that the story is not actually what it is. Very soon we will hear that the story is false, then they will look for other comments yo make. Chi economic refugee Engineer (Australia) show us your photo. The more you insult Sata, the more God protects him. One little piece of advice, even if God decided to take Sata away, you candidate will never come close to winning. Yourselves and preferred candidate are perpetual opposition. Take heed from Kaingu. It is your time yo get excited over your imaginary thoughts of Sata.

    • hahahaha…….kekekekeke…….kikikiki….. lost cause. economic liberation is blinking with twilight. keep on hallucinating with your preferred fossils and debt accumulators

    • So @ Amatipa (mud), you think you have spoken. We will see who will have the last laugh. Borrowing is not a sin as long as you pay back and the money is put to good use. How many Zambians have gotten loans from the banks? Your kikikikiki or kekekeke will turn into iye mayo. Your clueless preferred candidate including yourselves as anti Sata bloggers will be perpetual opposition. Leadership comes from God my bitter friend. You researchlesss and clueless citizen will always be a step behind. Keep on dreaming. Your comments have actually campaigned for Sata. The more you insult him the more we like and the more people like him. So keep on campaigning for PF Mr. Mud.

  26. let us all be mature in dealing and talking about such matters affecting the nation. Our president requires a complete rest and prayer to all God fearing people.

    • @ The Zambian,
      It’s because he is confined within the inside walls of the state house for 99.9999999% of the time like a prisoner and only goes outside for less than 0.00000001% of the time.

    • MCS may be very unwell, but most of you are mentally worse off! Iwe The London Eye, who has told you that collapsing has probability caculations? No wonder some of you are being rubbished despite you may have points.
      May Jehovah our God who is infinitely merciful heal, protect and prolong the life of his servant MCS!

  27. I recently came home and life looked like it was going along un- affected by what we read in the Zambian online newspapers. Today however, I had someone from home volunteer their concern about the rumours flying around Lusaka on the state of the President’s health and I must admit it was a bit unnerving. I wonder if someone like Mr Wynter Kabimba, Mr Alexander Chikwanda and other PF leaders can take responsibility and act in a dignified and humane manner rather than subject the nation to the pathetic and childish denials from the statehouse spokes person. Does anyone in PF actually take their responsibilities to the nation seriously? I seriously doubt it but hope to be proved wrong.

  28. Because he spends 99% of the time at statehouse,I wouldn’t be surprised he collapses at statehouse, he is a five minutes man he can’t even give a ten minutes address to the people.

  29. It’s a shame to celebrate one’s illness. Imagine if the countries that help in the fight against HIV and AIDS had hard hearts like us…..what would have happend to us in Africa and Zambia in particular…? Just a thought

  30. @ mushota please stop being childish the old man is not looking too well but there is nothing wrong to get sick any one can become sick including you but it is just a lesson that in future let us not vote for people who should retire by now there is a reason why there is a retirement age people need to rest not to be given jobs which are so stressful the will die before their time lets spare our old people we need them for wisdom which i believe some of them it is questionable.

    • Who told he is sick> He is denied it, I would rather trust what he says than you with due respect


    • I wonder how people fail to understand Mushota’s indirectly sensible contributions.I have realised he/she is ironic and maybe one of best bloggers at LT.

  31. Sickness and character is like pregnancy. You may hide it for some time but you can not hide it for ever, At one time it will be fully grown,a child will be born out of it every one will come to know about it. So people let us stop this talk of the presidential sickness because if indeed the president is under the weather, like it or not and believe it or not the sickness will mature and every one will know though my only fear is that it may bring embarrassment and shame to some quarters. God bless

  32. its shameful how pf cadres refute the truth whether you like it charlie katongo is sick whether he has been flown to south africa he is still very sick advise him to rest we know that his leaving state house either on loosing elections or for whatever reseason the cadres will cry bitterly but will be to blame truth hurts the president is sick accept it everyone has come to know it we dont wish him bad health but want him to rest for his benefit and not those wolfves surrounding him

  33. Mr. Mushota I agree with you. Why do people want to false sickness on someone who
    has denied it. If you ve to pray for your leader just do it without politics
    In your mind. People mind your own bussiness,

  34. You are looking at the fire and you ask “is this fire?” and then you expect to get a polite response. It is common knowledge that bakateka paliba issue nga kukonka health yabo. What is wrong is to make it into a song like a broken record – as if you are actually celebrating that HEMCS is unwell….mano yabuloshi. Lekeni PF iteke until 2057. Some of you are so lazy you do nothing all day just loitering on Lusaka Times and heavy gossip kwati fyanakashi. Muleichindika bamambala.

  35. mwe baleseka ndemu ponona. ndemitula ama ntwenukane. this is not a laughing matter. how would you feel if it was your father not feeling well. mwabe ntwenu.

  36. Kolwe, people age at defferent rates may be because of past life style.Havent you seen your agemates looking like very old chaps? My dad looks very old than his own young brother.Dont remember RB complaining about his knee? Kolwe, just like your name, you dont think like normal grown up human being but like arangatans if my spelling is correct.Leave our president alone and vote for your own in 2016.After all you will be gone ku manda by then.

  37. We have always told you that PF is full of people with no brains. Sata`s illness is so visible and yet they keep denying.

  38. True or not, the Presidents’ public relations office puts Zambia to shame with its lack of professionalism. A prepared statement explaining the Presidents absence is how professionals would have handled this, as opposed to retorting “Go ask the people who told you!”

    But then again, what do expect when you have kaponyas in the countries highest office!

  39. Mulenga Sata must take charge of his Father`s well-being. That is your father and you want him to live longer, happier and better. He means a lot to us all.

  40. There is no smoke without fire. Please tell the nation for prayers. Illness happens to everyone and can be helped through the hand of God. Why are we hiding? You continued the same when late Sakeni was critically ill and you said he was well but what followed later? Please He is not PF president but our Zambian president. Please twebeni ukuli abafyashi besu and let him speak to the nation if he is within the country.

  41. The ignorance, foolishness and stupidity of most PF supporters…Shame on you! You seeing yet you can’t see, hear yet you can’t hear… Shame again! Our President is an well accept it and pray. Those you call leaders are quietly stealing taking advantage of the situation, I guess you cadres are pa takers of the plundering going on!

  42. Koku tushuka musi kaufela kunani mulilo, meaning “there aren’t smoke without fire”. When Sata kicks the bucket, the same people claiming he is fine will now accuse realists of having wishing him ill whence his demise. Mark my word.

  43. Read between the lines , Wynter has already started talking about the gallant fighter who started the PF and that the button is now handed over to the next generation who will maintain his memory by erecting a stature for him in Luwingu.

  44. It’s very clear that the President is not well the people denying and forcing him to continue working are the ones who don’t love him. but my biggest question is Where are the relatives of the man? does this man have a wife, children, brothers and sisters or uncles and anties etc? cant they prevail on him and save his life pls? or are they just enjoying the money or what? Truly this is unAfrican and unZambian

  45. I pray for President Sata because God does not wish that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. As for the current cabinet they must be held to account for bringing the country to the brink and abdicating their responsibility and allowing this debacle. No one should be permitted to benefit from or be allowed to campaign and take office as in the extreme their conduct is tantamount to treason.

  46. Pleas I need clarification……

    Is the government sending him for treatment or is the Government trying to send the body for special embalming????

  47. That is not a health look of a President. I think he is very ill and should consider stepping down to allow someone else to be appointed in an acting capacity soon rather than later. Rupiah was appointed hurriedly and no wonder he turned out to be a joke of a President. A repeat of that can be avoided and it will be wise for SATA to put Zambia first by doing the right thing rather than leaving behind a power vacuum to some of those notorious PF cabinet Ministers.

  48. I can’t wait to hear that he is grave dead, it is long overdue , why keep a moving in state house instead of mwalule. He is a serious liability.

  49. My president needs rest, but the appointed guns who have their bellies to feed are keeping pushing HE.

  50. I don’t think one needs to trouble themselves with whether the man is sick or not. Fit to run the country or not. If he is not fit all you need to do is give it time and even the squealers will swallow humble pie and admit the obvious! Like pregnancy if its there you can denial as much you want but in time it will show and you have to deal with it. I just feel let down that even at 50 yrs after independence our leaders can raise above personal interests and make decisions for the good of the country! The truth is the rest of world have all the intelligence on this issue and are just laughing at us and our attempts to hide the truth!

  51. this lunatic calling itself Mushota suffers from inferiority complex. and thinks by ‘living in europe’ she/he has become a white person. these are the sort of characters Mugabe calls ‘teaboys of the white man’. by the way continue with your illusions about what is happening back home, if you are indeed abroad.

  52. They are not taking him to hospital because they don’t want him to get well, they believe their best chance is to let him go and take over the machinery. This is what the Russians did to Stalin , poison him and then not ask for medical attention. Shallow minds without understanding human nature. All they want is for him to sign the powers to them and appoint them Vice President. Like a bad wife trying to be named as beneficiary in a will. Once he does that , he will speedily deteriorate (of course assisted deterioration)

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