Yaluma advises Nawakwi to study KCM report

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma has advised Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi to study the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) report prepared after investigations conducted into the mine’s operations instead of making blank statements.

The FDD leader has accused the PF government of not carrying out thorough audits at mining companies in the country, the reason why Vedanta Chairman Anil Argawal boasted of how he has been making huge profits at KCM.

But Mr. Yaluma has accused Ms Nawakwi of not understanding the real issues that surround the operations of KCM.

Mr. Yaluma says it is not a matter of opposing what other people say, but rather a matter of understanding real issues that surround the mining sector.

Mr. Yaluma says if Ms Nawakwi has read the report, she would not have been making such inattentive statements.

He has since advised and encouraged the FDD leader to get the report and study it thoroughly so that she understands the issues surrounding the operations of KCM.


    • I sincerely hope Yaluma himself understands what’s in the report and have not just read it.

      Chris – Vendanta have been avoiding paying Tax buy buying almost all Consumables from India at inflated prices. That’s how come Aggrawal can make $500million and pays nothing to us.

      Does it make sense that KCM can continue operating for 10 years without making profits. There not a charitable organisation you know, but a bunch of crooks.

  1. It is not just Nawakwi, we all would like to read the report: we are stakeholders. Who even did the investigation and what are the key recommendations. Avail the damn thing to the public. Do not use cheap politics, Mr Yaluma. Thannks.

  2. Is it all that sacred to be hidden. Zambia we have a priblem banadya obviously just from the tone of this statement u can tell there is nothing good for a zambian coming iut of the report

  3. Iam beginning to think this Yaluma guy is now a PR for KCM. Why is he so defensive for KCM despite the remarks by the KCM boss Anil and the obvious fact that KCM has failed to run the company efficiently?

  4. Hon. Yalama, sometime its vise to keep mum. Where is report, what are the terms of reference, who did report?

  5. Nawakwi was a Finance minister at the time these mines were being privatised she knows that Zambians have short memories and not critical thinkers. As for the empty tin Yaluma instead of advising Nawakwi to get a copy just make them available to the public they are the real shareholders and tell us what you propose to do about it.

  6. The National Airline project needs to be successfully completed. That is more urgent than talking about the same mine.

    • Of course you are right. Airline is a top priority. My I suggest Appointed Kabimba as Chief Pilot, Hon. Kambwili as Chief Mechanic, Hon. Masebo as Chief Hostes and you as Chief 1diot?

    • Iyo batata ni nsofu iya buta (white elephant). Elyo indalama yakwamba iyo project ika fuma kwi?

  7. YALUMA received a HEFTY BRIBE from Argawal to defend him – that is a FACT!! And this is the real problem. Zambians should NOT even listen to the Monkey Yaluma (is it Yalumba) who SOLD the country for a few pieces of SILVER!! The fella is Rotten to the core and Outrightly Corrupt – IGNORE HIM!!

    Yaluma is not even ashamed that he is the ONLY Minister that is DEFENDING KCM even after its Owner Argawal has flown a st.upidity flag in his face! At least Guy Scott, his the Vice President, has spoken sense on this SCANDAL but Yaluma is always quick to defending Argawal because of the heavy BRIBE he received!

    This case is going nowhere as long as YALUMA remains the minister of Mines! This chap is the real enemy of the Zambian people – SILLY OLD AR.SE.WHORE!

  8. ” Mr. Yaluma says it is not a matter of opposing what other people say, but rather a matter of understanding real issues that surround the mining sector. ”

    Here are the real issues surrounding the mining industry, Minister Yaluma: massive corruption, leading to tax evasion, and the externalisation of billions of dollars from the economy every year. If you don’t believe ms. Nawakwi or myself, ask Anil Agarwal, I am sure he can fill in all the details, while he hands you your envelope with cash.

    You can’t tolerate an industry based on secrecy and corruption, and then turn around and say ‘you don’t understand’.

  9. Where is the report, don’t condemn Nawakwi when you yourself has sat on the report instead of making it public. Release the report and then condemn her, besides before even releasing the little you have, you decided to first have a meeting with Kcm mwenyes so don’t take us for fools.

  10. We now understand why the PF Govt especially Yalumbwa and SataN have not been upright about this issue since Argawal went beserk at that conference in India.

    SataN’s daughter who works for KCM has been running rounds between Govt Offices and Argawal. She has avoided going directly to state house but has been meeting DISCREETLY with the Mines Minister Yalumbwa (who is also related to SataN in marriage) and the REAL GO between Argawal and SataN. Huge and abominable sums of US Dollars from Argawal have been involved inevitably!! That’s why the Minister Yalumbwa has been pouring SCORN on every statement on KCM especially those made by Guy Scott and Opposition politicians like Nawakwi!
    In reality, this is a DEAD case going nowhere and Yalumbwa, SataN and his daughter have sold out…

  11. This whole mining sector needs to be revisited. In my opinin, I think Zambia needs a carbon copy of the way the Botswana Govt keeps 50% shareholding in all investments & are actively participating in the day to day running of Debswana. The way KCM, Mopani & Glencore are ripping us from our wealth is criminal. When fat ministers stand up to defend criminality against the pipo who put into power to protect their interests, then u know you are screwd.

  12. Life is short let us learn to correct mistakes ,PF you are destroying houses in these mining towns Ok ba bwana minister Yaluma what contribution are these mines making when the complain about land you direct bulldozers to go and destroy houses and now you want to expect President in waiting Nawakwi to keep quiet how? it is not only her pay day someday Bwana mine minister………………………….

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