HRC demands arrest of perpetrators ill-treating adulterous woman


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has demanded the arrest of people who indecently assaulted an alleged adulterous woman in a video circulating on social media.

The commission said there was no justification for people to take the law into their own hands and subject the woman to inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment.

Commission Director Florence Chibwesha said in a media statement issued to ZANIS yesterday that her organisation is deeply concerned about the inhuman acts perpetrated on the woman.

Ms Chibwesha urged the Zambia Police to institute investigations and arrest the perpetrators for violating her rights.

She said the commission has on many occasions condemned all forms of mob justice as it is an affront on the law and infringes on the human rights of the accused.

Chibwesha advised the concerned woman to report the matter to the Police and the Human Rights Commission to seek redress for her rights that were violated.

She noted that instant mob justice breeds cycles of violence and impunity and ultimately undermine the rule of law.

Ms Chibwesha said the commission will continue to undertake broad sensitisation and educational campaigns to improve public understanding of the criminal justice system and discourage mob justice.


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    FLORENCE CHIBWESHA – where have you been for ALL THIS TIME that has passed since the incident or the video went public? Or did it have to take your donor agencies to put pressure on your to issue a statement. Your surname tells it all…. FLORENCE CHIBWESHA PANUMA. Knockheads like you should not be serving in public offices such as the one you are serving in right now. Ba Chibwesha you are worse than the mob that tortured that little girl…and I know you will read what I have written and just laugh about it because you are actually worse than the mob in your heart. Kantu kenu.

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    And where has the HRC been on the Public Order act, including on violent cadres because that is mob justice too.

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    I wonder whether Zambia Police are at all interested in this case,they have not said a word.I suppose they are waiting for the victim to report, then they open the famous”docket” and promise to investigate even if I believe the perpetrators are easily identifiable from the video clip.Such is the level of their “professionalism”.

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    I watched the video and wept, how can a woman have a fellow woman stripped and exposed like that, terrible; yes the girl should report the matter to the police, that was disgraceful to treat a fellow human being in that manner: true hell has no fury like a woman scorned but she should have vented her anger on her husband not that little girl: so sad;

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      Both acts should be treated with impunity. Adultery is caused by two people so right the adulterous husband and the adulterous partner need to be held accountable too. The girl was not raped by the adulterous partner , the problem is with the laws, there is no protection for victims of adultery so they end up taking the laws in their own hands by responding negatively.

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    Sometimes we African the we treat each other is very inhuman I have’nt seen the video but I can guess . Its sad .

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