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MMD advised not to field candidate for vacant Mangango seat but support UPND

General News MMD advised not to field candidate for vacant Mangango seat but support...


The opposition MMD youth leadership in Kaoma district of Western Province has urged the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC ) not to field a parliamentary candidate in the forthcoming Mangango Constituency by-elections slated for August 19, 2014.

MMD district youth Chairman Kenny Ndumba says this is because the wrangles that have rocked the former ruling party at national level have made the MMD unpopular in the area.

Mr Ndumba said the MMD should instead opt to support the UPND for the Mangango parliamentary seat which fell vacant following the nullification of Taundi Chiseke’s election as area Member of Parliament.

ZANIS reports that the MMD district youth Chairman said this in an interview in Kaoma District , today.

He said, at constituency level, most MMD officials have defected to the PF while at district level the officials have gone to the UPND -a clear indication that the former ruling party is losing ground in the locality.

Mr Ndumba said that a district situational analysis indicates that only the PF and UPND stand a chance of scooping the Mangango seat depending on the candidates the two parties will adopt.

He said the PF might currently be seen to be weak in the area but the ruling party may capitalise on the popularity of the candidate it is most likely to field for the Mangango parliamentary seat.

Mr Ndumba acknowledged that both the PF and UPND have made inroads in the area but said it would be prudent for the MMD to support their counterparts in the UPND if the opposition is to grab the seat.

The Supreme Court of Zambia recently nullified the election of MMD’s Robert Taundi Chiseke as Mangango MP on account of that he was not dully elected because of electoral mal-practices.


    • Zambia needs a strong MMD and strong UPND. As for party migration the same people will migrate later if the parties do not win they are in it for convenience and not out of principle. Old wine cannot be put into new wineskins. Our laws need to be revised to discourage such practices.

  1. The intelligence info.circulating in Western Province is that UPND indeed has been trying hard to cox some MMD leaders to cross over,so am not surprised with this statement.Infact it just confirms it.The Provincial MMD Chairman Kameya knows about it.Infact,he is also a suspect.He works v ery closely with Kaingu.Some Senior MMD Members have been promised to stand on UPND if they manage to convert MMD structures into UPND-Let MP Situmbeko deny this.Let these characters be watched closely.Others are Liato,Mupo.Only Hon.Prof.Lungwangwa is genuine.

    • That is what democracy is all about. You lure non members to your party so that they can vote for your party. It is everyperson’s constitutional right to belong to a party that he wants to belong. Parties also should not view this as a crime but just part ways with a leader or member who wishes to join another party without a problem unless they keep on hanging on to the party like Monde, Siamunene and others are doing..

    • Sir Nyambe ,I agree with you.MP Situmbeko should be watched closely.Am very disappointed with this Docter.That’s why I say being educated is not being WISE.Wisdom is lacking here.Even the way Situmbeko was coming on the Kaingu issue,he was suspect.This man taught me Internanal Economics together with Dr Fundandanga-Economic Development(period from 1979/80-1982) at UNZA,that time both had just Masters degrees.

    • CHOZE,this is demo-crazy.This UPND demo-crazy literally just goes to destroy what others have laboured for.Usually the weaker souls go for it.Anyway,thank God,Zambia is bigger than the weaker souls,who’re always seeing issues in the now,and fail to project of what is likely to happen in the near future soon,That’s why wisdom and discernment is needed.Let’s see how the political landscape unflods as we approach 2016.Those who’re not sure-Don’t jump ship,stay put and observe-and maybe thereafter make wise dicision,don’t be too quick,NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD.

    • There is nothing wrong to switch camps its nomal in politics,So bo Nyambe western province should be ashamed of Voting for PFin 2011 ,It has caused all these problems in Barosteland.UPND should be saported its the only hope for Zambia and Barosteland.

  2. MMD and UPND are separate entities, the question of not fielding a candidate in its own backyard shouldn’t arise. If it’s true that some MMD members in the province are conniving with UPND to unseat the former ruling party’s stronghold, then that should be looked at as gross indiscipline.MMD chairperson for elections must seriously look at it, also task MPs from the area to pull their weight in campaigns to win back the Kaoma seat. Dr Nevers Mumba needs moments to recharge his batteries and refresh after a countrywide tour.Other senior party members need to lead on this. Good politicians stay the course whether in govt. or opposition. Musokotwane cannot continue perching on the fence, his position must be known.This seat must be retained.

    • Wu,you’re right.Let MP Musokotwane prove his worth.Dr Mumba needs a team that can complement him as he tours the whole country.Look what happened in Mpulungu and Katuba by-elections.Shikapwasha never went there to complement Dr Mumba’s efforts,inMpulungu Local govt by-election,the MPs from that region never went there-Simbao,Mutati.Simfuikwe,but they put the blame on Dr Mumba-please let’s be real and relevant to the MMD Party.I trust at least Hon.Prof.Lungwangwa will be of support to the New MMD.

    • my brother this is wishful thinking. only blind followers can not see it written on the wall that MMD is now in the dustbin. only scavengers are scavenging for remnants of what used to be. come 2016 even the quiet mps will come out as they are now just waiting for gratuity. pf can not woo support from the very people it is arresting and tormenting.

    • Matipa,MMD will not die because it’s Origin and Foundation was not based on bitternes,frustration and tribal inclination like some of the other parties.The likes of UPND-tribal and frustration,PF through bitterness,frustration and an element of tribe,FDD/Heritage parties-through bitterness and frustration.MMD is national with the Akas-Lozi,Chitala-Northerner.At one time Sejani said UPND shall never be led by a non-Tonga.This kind of a Party is destined to dustbin and NOT MMD bwana.

    • Matipa.you’re very wrong MMD will not die.Death comes to a Party which has a wrong beginning or Foundation.UNIP is not dead,it’s only not as effective ‘cos KK messed it up when he came back and kicked out Musokotwane and boycotted elections in1996-that gesture was not right,hence UNIP is paying for that sin.UPND started out of bitterness and frustration with tribal inclination,PF-out of frustration,bitterness and tribal inclination,FDD/Heritage-out of frustration and bitterness.At one time Sejani said UPND shall never be led by a non-Tonga.MMD is national with AkA-Lozi and Chitala-Northener as initiators.PF is not going anywhere,destined to dustbin.UPND kaya-only media town politics.A bad Foundation does not make structure made there upon strong.

  3. For strategic reasons,MMD should field candidates wherever by-elections occur funds permitting.This will enable the leadership to plan and mobilize for the big one in 2016.
    By-elections are like practicing matches as they high light the party’s weaknesses and strengths.MMD should go for it.

    • They have to look for funds that is a non compromise. They need to add donation capabilities on their website.

  4. MMD members resigning first in chinsali now in north western shows the inability for Nevers to inspire the party at the grassroots which the supposed traitors brought up,am afraid he is taking our party into oblivion

  5. Dr mumba is so busy with trying to impose his dictatorial leadership on original old MMD members that he is forgeting about the grassroots. Even his personal assistant now feels like he is the president of mmd.

    • Wabwino,I don’t know if you know the meaning of imposing.Dr Mumba was overwhelmingly voted by a 50+1 majority.Most of the so-called Senior members could not even come out to stand.The weaker souls of some MMD members have failed to do opposition politics.The New MMD is born with genuine trustworthy membership.You lose some you win some,that’s life.

  6. Mubita I wrote the word so I know what it means,or maybe ur so clever u want to explain?u hv clearly ignored everything else I said,why are people at the grassroot crossing over? How can people cross over even from where he is from? U must remember Dr mumba did not rise up and stand by himself. I don’t see MMD winning with him

    • Wabwino,people are always entitled to their own opinions whether right or wrong.So you’re free to make that opinion.You see Wabwino,those who voted for Dr Mumba at the Convention are more than those weak souls who might leave.Regarding Chinsali,these are politics,if you’re going to believe whatever you’re told or these media news,you will be shocked when the reality comes.If you’re serious with your opinions,get good intelligence info.The Chinsali MP Mulenga is a relative of Dr Mumba(I think nephew if am not mistaken).2016 is coming.Wina azalila.For if Dr Mumba leaves,it will be celebration for some political parties and disaster to MMD-Dora and Co.are hired guns..They know what lays ahead of the 2016 election.Wait and see.Your opinion is just wind-it blows,thereafter,it’s no more

  7. Trustworthy leadership? This is the same guy that wanted to undercut his boss due to his hunger fr power,hence mwanawasa fired him. I would like to hear his plan and policies.just opposing is easy

    • Wabwino,please don’t talk from without.What happened with the late Mwanawasa is not what you think or you might have been told.It was purely politics at play as Mwanawasa wanted a 2nd Term.Maureen the wife played a major role.Infact it’s exactly what is happening to Sata.He’s not well,but the pipo benefiting can even set-up some one they think he can take over from him other than themselves.Immoral pipo do dirty politics.MMD needs Dr Mumba at this point in time.Why didn’t Kaingu,Dora,Chituwo bring the man they wanted then at the Convention.If you’re wise,everything smells a rat. Blind followers may follow suit.

    • You talked about his plans and policies.Please you should know that Dr Mumba works as a Team,he doesn’t believe in monopoly of wisdom.The Plans and Policies are products of team work of competent individuals.He has ideas and suggestions to make but all shall be compiled with other ideas.Good Leadership is being able to see the potential of/in others.

  8. well @ mubita if he has good ideas i haven’t heard them, i hope those good ideas will feed poor people in the villages, as far as am concerned he is just criticising like the way the president used to. @ mulikita its common knowledge that the same people u are castigating are the ones that supported nevers to get where he is, and now they are opposing his leadership which is normal in a democracy, there is a rat on that side too. give me your honest opinion, do you feel MMD is getting stronger with Dr Mumba? becos if you ask me i feel he is creating a vacuum and as an mmd supporter i am concerned. i do not see mmd winning a by election at this moment

  9. since dr mumba took over it seems our members r joining other parties and no prominent people are thinking of joining mmd at this moment, he is not inspiring anyone. he has created confusion at the secretariat by side lining people that do not agree with him, in a democracy that should be expected and he should have reconciled with the mps he is not agreeing with because in those constituencies its the mps that the people believe in not dr mumba hence there is a leadership vacuum. you may single out the mps that publicly challenged him but am sure there r others that do not agree with him, 5 people cannot just push an agenda

  10. Timely warning not heeded by MMD. PF will rule for another 20 years, not because they are smart but because the opposition dont know how to win elections.
    Congratulations PF.

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