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Police pick baby’s body afloat in Zambezi river

Rural News Police pick baby's body afloat in Zambezi river

Gift Chingimbu balances a baby of one of his passengers on his back as he paddles away his canoe across the Zambezi River for the Likumbi Lyamize traditional ceremony.
File:Gift Chingimbu balances a baby of one of his passengers on his back
as he paddles away his canoe across the Zambezi River for the Likumbi
Lyamize traditional ceremony.

Police in Zambezi district picked a body of a newly-born baby found floating in the Zambezi River.

Zambezi acting District Commissioner, Sombo Chiteta, confirmed the picking up of the dead baby that is believed to be a victim of infanticide.

Ms Chiteta said the body of the baby, who is believed to be only two days old, was discovered floating in the river around 09: 39 hours by fishermen.

The DC cautioned women in the area to desist from unprotected sex if they are to avoid unwanted pregnancies instead of ending up killing and dumping innocent babies.

Zambezi District Police Officer Commanding, Dennis Mwiinga, has called on the community in the area to assist the service in finding the woman who dumped the baby.

Mr Mwiinga said police in the area would not sit idle but would investigate the matter and bring the culprit to book.

He has noted that it is unfortunate that women in the district have resolved to dumping babies even when there are precautions they could use to avoid getting pregnant.

The body of the infant is lying in Zambezi District Hospital mortuary waiting to be buried by the local authority in the area.


  1. This why DNA Diagnostic services are necessary in Zambia. Do a DNA test on the corpse and women in the area. Technolgy makes it easy to catch criminals who should be serving life in jail.

  2. Basics- authorities should generate a call free line , publicize the issue and let people/public call in if they know of any lady who has been pregnant and now things look suspicious. The caller with right information will be given $100 0r more.
    May not need DNA test. Once culprit or suspect is found, interrogate her till she confesses and story adds up . Also compare all with medical exam to confirm she is in puerperium.

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