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Economy can improve very fast if Zambia invests heavily in Education-Outgoing Chinese Ambassador

Economy Economy can improve very fast if Zambia invests heavily in Education-Outgoing...

Minister of Transport and Communications Hon. Chinese Ambassador H.E. Zhou Yuxiao
Minister of Transport and Communications Hon. Chinese Ambassador H.E. Zhou Yuxiao

Outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxio has called on the Zambian Government not to rely on the mining sector alone but to invest in science and technology if the country is to develop.

Ambassador Yuxio said in modern society when you want to develop minerals are necessary but they are not the only capital you need as countries such as china among others have developed without minerals.

Speaking in Kabwe when he handed over 40 computers and related equipment to Mulungushi University laboratory worth over USD 40,000 through Huawei Technology Ambassador Yuxio said it is important for the Government to expand and invest in education.

Ambassador Yuxio said illiterate people cannot contribute to the development of the country hence the call for the Government to invest in the education sector.

Ambassador Yuxio said the economy can improve very fast if the country invests heavily in the education sector especially in the natural sciences.

‘When China closed itself in the first 30 years and education was not emphasised the country’s development was slow and in 1978 when the country reformed itself the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) per capital was only USD2000 but after it opened itself and emphasised education the GDP has increased to USD7000’, Ambassador Yuxio said.

Ambassador Yuxio said illiterate people cannot contribute to the development of the country hence the call for the Government to invest in the education sector.

Ambassador Yuxio also challenged Zambians to work for the development of the country through patriotism, devotion and contribution even as the country celebrates its golden jubilee.

Ambassador Yuxio said if people don’t have patriotism for their country after education they may leave for a better life without contributing to the country and that will be a problem as no one can develop Zambia more than the citizens themselves.

‘It is unfortunate that the Zambian people leave the mines to be mined by foreigners while they go to do mining in a further country, which is difficult for me to understand’, Ambassador Yuxio said.

He said China has been sending doctors to Zambia since 1978 and they have been working well serving the Zambian people while many Zambian doctors leave the country for greener pastures instead of contributing to their country.

Ambassador Yuxio said no other country can satisfy the needs of Zambia but the people themselves.

Ambassador Yuxio said it is sad that a number of mining engineers leave the country for greener pastures leaving foreigners to run the mines which has not show much progress as some foreign investors want to enrich themselves at the expense of the residents.

‘It is unfortunate that the Zambian people leave the mines to be mined by foreigners while they go to do mining in a further country, which is difficult for me to understand’, Ambassador Yuxio said.

Ambassador Yuxio urged the Government to come up with policies that foster development adding that correct policies are the most important keys to the development of any country.

He has since pledged to act as unpaid goodwill ambassador for Zambia wherever he would be as his term of office ends next month.

‘My Ambassadorship will end on July 10 this year, but my commitment to Zambia will not end as I will continue to speak positively about this country’, Ambassador Yuxio said.

He added that he enjoyed working in Africa for the past 15 years participating fully and contributing to the development of the continent at large.

‘I enjoyed working in Africa for the past 15 years many diplomats want to work in developed countries but I loved working in Africa where I was part of the many projects through my small donations’, Ambassador Yuxio said.

Meanwhile Minister of Education Doctor John Phiri thanked Ambassador Yuxio for the good counsel and commended the Chinese Government for the goodwill it has continued to offer to the country.

Dr Phiri said ambassador Yuxio is a blood brother because of the sacrifices the Chinese people have endured to develop Zambia from those dark days when Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia declared unilateral declaration of independence.

He said up to now the Chinese Government is executing projects all over Zambia which are changing the face of the country.


    • He is right about what? That Chinese are more educated than everybody else, and that’s why economy is booming?
      Zimbabweans are very educated!!

    • By the way how many Chinese are educated? They can’t even follow safety rules…Most of them acquire skills through Job-on-Training & are ex-convicts.yes they r intelligent + creative+ karatekers but not all that educated…

  1. well said Ambassador Yuxio. You lead an exemplary leadership. I admired your hard work as you were almost everywhere, roads, health, forestry, name them. for some of us who have had time to interact with Chinese people. Those guys can work and work. They have no word failure in their mouth. They can only be delayed but eventually find there way out. Despite them not having good enumeration for its workers, the guys can work. I personally will miss your energy of doing things. Go well.

  2. Zambia is not bad in education. what kind of education is he talking about? do not point at shadows we have to chase so that by the time we realize we are gone. tell us what kind of education and how government should direct that education because clearly, we all have one use for it. to look for a job. it is not working!

    • Big Muzo – the kind of education that is required or needed is one that does not train you look for a job but employee yourself. Today, many African countries are complaining of unemployment because of this outdated education system that trains to be a recepient and beggar rather than a driver of your own development. It is not the role of government to employee everyone – and reality is that it can never happen. Africa and Zambia has abundant natural resources – we need to equip people with knowledge that will help them process mango to mango juice and jam right at the source. Go into packaging, storage and export of food and other commodities. Africa today spends more in importing food and yet has more land than any other continent on earth. We need to emancipate ourselves – Bob Marley

    • The kind of education that will help us Interpreneurs ,producers and not job seekers for white colar jobs only.yu get it.our curriculum is too rational and less practicle.

  3. Relevant education is key to economic development – i have always wondered why the review of the education system remains a closed door conversation. Time has come for us to host district, provincial and national forums that question our education system and seek for ways that bring positive change. The moment some of you come across the phrase forums or debates – your mind drifts to workshop and allowances. Let us learn to talk after lunch or in bars and outside without demanding an allowance. Good and great ideas have been neglected because there was no money to hold a workshop. The constitution which has been agreed by Zambians cannot be passed – ati there is no money. Such leadership is backward, this is the time to be different and act 4 Zambia. You are paid but still need nichekeleko

  4. What of fat chipuba mukanga…..did he not say anything at the occasion? I think he is the one in the photo

  5. Lack of education among zambians can also be seen by bloggers here. They argue even answers to 1 + 1. Get educated and look , move and talk smart.

    • Entropy 1 + 1 is not always equal to 2. It can be 10 taken in base two. lesson not all things are obvious even if they seem so. Zambia needs technical education like the program the ministry of education has started with trades schools. it was a marvel to watch grade four pupils (Kasama) learning brick laying and constructing houses. Teaching the young ones life skills while they are young. I have been working for 16 years but still looking for a job even with my master’s degree.

  6. But how can Zambia develop when the head of state is a semi-illiterate? And who’s that fat guy with a large neck standing to the Chinese ambassador? Looks like one of Sata’s sidekicks.

  7. It is education that helps the country to develop yes related kind of education natural sciences type of education is so esential to zambias jump into development for you don’t need to import other nationalities to develop your nation you need your own when RB sold zamtel it pained a lot why didn’t he upgrade to a university to do with such developmental education

  8. Ambassador Zhou Yuxio,
    You’re an asset not only to the Chinese people, but to the world at large. You’re extremely gifted with intelligence and wisdom. I have personally benefited from your words. Hence, the news of your impending departure has been received with great sorrow: you have done your job so well.
    But it’s also comforting to hear you will continue to market Zambia wherever you will be. Your advice is what I will miss the most. You always speak straight to the heart of Zambia.
    Do you have a face book page—in English?

    You are a mammoth blessing to our nation; I wish you would stay in Zambia a little bit longer.

    May the Lord richly bless you as you continue serving humankind selflessly.

  9. …trouble with Zambians is that once they learn how to “twist” and speak the Queen’s language even better than the English themselves, ninshi balisambilila sana…

    • what is balisambilila sana,Mwape yu are the pipo who were watering down the issue of Education in the 2011 elections.You were saying wisdom is greater than Knowledge.Tell us now is Sata perfoming.Stop dreaming Education is power.Try by not sending yo child to school,and see how he will grow.

  10. Wise words from the ambassador, but what he is talking about is very obvious. When he talks about education, we know he is saying we should not vote for illiterate PF again. Mines being run by foreigners? It is just because Zambians cannot allow to pay each other well enough. If a foreigner comes to mine, he is well paid: if a Zambian mine engineer mines and he is well paid, the fellow Zambian out of jealousy will consider him a thief. Is that not what we did to Clive? Even in the USA, talented executives are paid more than Obama or any government official: pa Zed no one thinks that way. Yes, ambassador it is unbelievable that Educated Zambians run away to work somewhere else because of our mentality and the jealousy culture we live with.

  11. This Ambassador thinks just like me. He is very right in everything he said.What’s Zambians need is education, not just education of going to school but education that every Zambian is able to contribute to the development of the nation.Many Zambian’s when they have an opportunity to go overseas to learn they also vow never to go back to Zambia or contribute to the development of their country of origin.Many Zambian’s are not patriotic- Even when a Zambian has an opportunity to do business with a foreigner or a fellow Zambian overseas the Zambian in Zambian wants to swindle the person who is trying to work something out with that person on partnership.What the Zambian in Zambia thinks is only one’s pocket at that particular time and not think of the future or possibilities of the…

  12. Ironically but not coincidentally, Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate on the African continent, courtesy of the ZANU-PF.

    Google: zimbabwe highest literacy rate

    This is what happens when the state puts it’s resources behind getting all children in school, and a hospital or clinic within walking distance of every citizen.

  13. There are many economic indicators, and even more private reports that can be used to evaluate the fundamentals of forex. It’s important to take the time to not only look at the numbers, but also understand what they mean and how they affect a nation’s economy. Employment indicators reflect the overall health of an economy or business cycle. In order to understand how an economy is functioning, it is important to know how many jobs are being created or destructed, what percentage of the work force is actively working, and how many new people are claiming unemployment. For inflation measurement, it is also important to monitor the speed at which wages are growing. The Chinese are investing heavily in education and sending their students abroad to study.

  14. I think what it comes down to is not chasing the big money for ourselves, but building capacity and value in what we and our neighbours can do together. Small is beautiful. The same idea works everywhere.

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