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HH urges Sata to leave State house once in a while and see how Zambians are suffering

Economy HH urges Sata to leave State house once in a while and...

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema waves at his supporters when he arrived for the Kabwata rally.
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema waves at his supporters

I will continue touring the country and spreading the message of love, unity and development among all Zambians despite the PF repressive and dictatorial Public Order Act which has limited people’s freedoms, says opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he toured Kaoma, Luampa, Mangango, and Nkeyema Districts of Western province where he continued receiving defectors from PF, MMD, ULP, and ADD to the UPND, Mr. Hichilema maintained that PF was a one-term mistake government that Zambians cannot allow continue.

“I am going round the country to see for myself the people’s suffering under the brutal PF regime. I am going to Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Copperbelt, Eastern, North-western, Central, Eastern to see for myself how people are suffering under the PF regime,” Mr. Hichilema said.

Mr. Hichilema said PF ministers are busy cheating President Michael Sata that there is massive development everywhere and that people still love him, yet there is misery everywhere I go.

Mr Hichilema said it was shameful that farmers were now exchanging their maize with fritters (tumbuwa) in some areas as if there was no government in place.

“I wished my ‘uncle’ Mr. Sata can ride with me in my countrywide tours so that I show him how his government has brought misery to the people of Zambia. His ministers are just getting fat as observed by Mr Sata himself, from travel allowances but giving him fake reports.

Let him come out of State House once in a while and see for himself how his people are suffering. Some of the so called roads being worked on have already started developing potholes because of shoddy works due to corruption,” he said.

A Family in Nantanga area in the remotest part of Itezhi-Tezhi district  - Copy - Copy

Mr. Hichilema said he could not imagine that 50 years after independence, people were still trading under trees and dangerous markets in some urban centers.

“If Mr. Sata does not want to see his people around the country, he should at least allow some of us to mingle and give our people some hope of survival. But sometimes I appreciate why he does not want to travel and see his people. He fears Zambians can start jeering him for the failed leadership. But Zambians are peaceful, loving and very friendly and forgiving people despite the hardships they are going through under PF,” he said.

He bragged that he could take Mr. Sata around the country and apologise on his behalf for the failed and brutal leadership he has subjected Zambians.

“Let Mr. Sata come with me even when I tour his village in Mpika, Muchinga province. I will apologise to the people on his behalf. Zambians are forgiving people and they will not jeer him, especially in my presence. But now I am directing him to announce the maize floor price for the farmers within one week,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He said it was shameful that farmers were now exchanging their maize with fritters (tumbuwa) in some areas as if there was no government in place.

Mr. Hichilema said a situation where briefcase businessmen have evaded the farmers and buying maize cheaply was just adding misery to the rural communities that depended on farming.

UPND Information (PI Dept)


    • This is a silly stupid comment by HH

      I hope Zambians never vote for him.

      You don’t tell the president what to do. He does as he pleases you parasite.

      Sorry I don’t often swear but I hope people condemn him here.


    • If the President and his govt were not committed to alleviating poverty, disease ignorance and improving the lives of the Zambian people generally, they would not have embarked on the massive infrastructure and other development projects across our country.

      The pedestrian politician needs to know that the PF govt is opening up the rural areas, where the most vulnerable and deprived people live by taking equitable development there.
      This is being done on unequaled and unparalleled scale.

      Other than making disillusioned noises and being cynical, your decaying UPND has not offered any alternatives to what the govt is doing

    • @Gen

      Your infrastructure argument is long expired and people are not buying it any more.Its a shame that most of you PF zealots have traded your intelligence for an AUTISTIC view that only infrastructure can address the suffering of the majority poor. PF and Sata have got their priorities wrong. Running an economy requires striking a balance amongst all competing but connected sectors of the economy.

      The best approach which most industrialised countries use are stabilising the financial sector and manufacturing sector so that spin offs from these sectors can then benefit all the other crucial sectors of the economy.

      If your were intelligent enough you would have responded to HH ‘s concerns by directing your comments to the issues raised in his statements.

      Trying reading…

    • The Chines contractors will talk one day and tell the nation how much they pay Sata for each road contract they get. As China gets civilised every day and show the world that they do not encourage corruption, the next government will simply strike a deal with the Chinese to punish those contractors if they do not tell the truth about their dealings with Sata in exchange for contracts.

    • @ wanzelu

      Its a shame that your misguide and derisive loyalty to oblivion has painfully blinded you to reality.

      Development is not a one off event but on going multifaceted programs with infinite expiry dates. If you have attached expiry dates to development in UPND, thats why you dont have fresh ideas but just oppose anything and everything.

      The projects are on going and others are yet to take off.

      Even if you can choose to bury your head in the sand while still exposing your poop chute, development projects will continue.

      The financial stability can only be attained and sustained with increased productivity of various goods and services and the massive infrastructure embarked will facilitate the smooth movement of means of production and finished products and services.

    • yaaaabaaaaa…………………. some 1diots comment for the sole purpose of rousing stupid arguments. people are suffering in deed. I used to go out looking for piece workers two/three years ago to do some one off jobs but now they come looking for piece works every hour and some confess not to have had a meal for two or so days and then some 1diot says there is no proof of people suffering! very stupid indeed

    • @Gen
      You are so proud of infrastructural projects undertaken by PF as if no other parties have done the same during their era. UNIP did them , MMD did them but not at expense of the people ‘s suffering like what is happening under PF.

      You mentioned sale by dates development projects. I think this the view that is embraced by you PF minions who think now it is time for infrastructure, then later you will deal with cost of living crisis after the roads have been constructed.

      In UPND we believe that Stabilising the financial sector ,propping up manufacturing and strengthening agriculture sectors are key to real terms sustainable development which in turn will bring in much needed income to support other projects like road and house construction .
      Majority Zambians feel PF has…

    • If only you did not loot the privatisation money, zambians would not be in this predicament. F.o.o.l visit the barber shop.


  1. But it is you HH and your friends likeValentine Chitalu who caused these problems by selling companies on undervalued prices to only enrich your selves , after having stollen all that today you point your crooked finger at an innocent man just give back what you stole and zambian will develop don’t hide in politicks you are thief who should’t be in prison by now

    • If HH stole, why hasn’t he been arrested and charged? Mwanawasa didn’t arrest HH, RB didnt arrest HH, doesnt that ring something in you sick head?

    • Shilimubemba sorry to say yu are an ***** , i am a cultured person but you resoaning is corupt .when did HH work for government and where was sata when the mines were privatised.was he not the minster without port -folio .Is it not MMD and Sata who made a policy to say lets sale the mines.HH was not a policy maker.Arrest him if he stole and you have proof.Stop this no sense of an productive criticism typical of Kolwestans.

    • @ nshilimubemba

      You are a f00l. Where was Sata when the companies were being sold? Was he not number 3 in Chilubas’ government when privatisation took place?. HH was not a politician but Valentine was. HH was pure businessman doing as Sata and Chiluba directed him.

      Do you think if HH is to blame Sata would have let him off the hook just like that. Sata is afraid to dwell much on the privatisation issue because he is an accomplice in misappropriating the money raised from the sell of companies.

      If you have nothing to say about HH just do your self a favour and shut it.

    • @nshilimubemba such dullness is uncalled for,HH was given a consultancy contract to value the companies and have them sold he was not there where and when the dicision to sell companies was made.Let me tell you that even if that contract was not given to HH’s firm another firm would have gotten it and the companies would still have been sold.Stop misleading people and bear in mind that this decision was made by Chiluba,Sata and team.

  2. Mr HH don’t just say people are suffering, give us statistical data to compare the levels of suffering among the people from different presidents who have ruled this country. What was the level of suffering during Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB and Sata. If the levels of suffering statistically has reduced in Sata than was in RB, the HH is just merely politicking and making unreasonable rhetorics. I have move a lot across the country and I can say that the country is opening up and there is increased trade among villagers in areas where roads are being made. Besides the president has his subjects who briefs him on any issue. I am not PF and my observation are independent.

    • @Me

      You are also another f00l. You think Sata can let HH conduct a census to find out how desperate people are.Your are the worst PF zealot because you even deny the obvious. What do you think is happening to the 600 families whose home were demolished in CB? To you those poor soul who were cheated by PF minions are not suffering?
      It seems to you guys the word suffering does not exist in you myopic world at all.
      You are also suffering for earning money out of supporting PF stupidity when know in you heart full well that PF is inflicting a lot suffering to people not in your position.
      Any way you should know that your job is not permanent. Once sacked you will know and understand what we mean that under PF people are suffering. Ask those who have been ejected from the PF like Mangani.

    • Iwe Sata is in the driving sit so let us not talk about history we are in the now baba.Sata said and said in 90 days things will change so sata should be held responsible for the now

    • @wnzelu I will never call you a f00l because by virtue of you calling me a f00l, you are actually decampaign info your HH. Who can vote for your candidate when we know that you as his supporters have foul language . The question is who gave those plots to those residents? Is it in Sata or RB or Mwanawasa? Where the plots illegal or not? Are the rightful (Mopani) owners want the land or not? So you answer me those questions. Who demolished them, is it the council or Sata? Is the government sitting idle or not? Is HH going to allow illegality in land allocation? In as much as it is painful for the council to do that, it is high time order began in Zambia like in Chibolya compound in Lusaka. So baba think before you utter Vernom on something you have absolutely no clue about.

    • @Me

      It was Sata ‘s councilors who were running those councils when those plots were allocated. Sata even made one Kitwe mayor apologise for threatening to demolish illegal houses and told the crowd that under his government no house will be demolished. What has happened to those illegal houses in Kitwe now?

      UPND would never allow councillors to allocate plots in the first place like PF councillors did as a vote buying exercise.

      A f00lish person is one who supports a liar even when it has been proved that he has been lied to in the past by the same person.

      How many things has said and promised and then gone ahead to swallow his vomit? Even villagers in switched on parts of Zambia know that Sata is liar and only a f00lish person would believe his words.

    • Iwe ME, what is the difference between buying mealie-meal at K90 and buying it at K38? Do you need a census to reach a conclusion that most Zambians are finding things more expensive under your Sata than under RB? If you heard gunshots outside your home, would you not believe they are coming from a gun unless you run outside to witness the actual shooting? Are you being real in your statement friend? Do you live in Zambia? At month ends, the number of people lining up for their tuma salaries at ATMs can be likened to UNIP days when people were lining up for basic commodities. Why were these lines not there under MMD? Do you have the intelligence to reach basic conclusions without them being drawn for you? Think!!

  3. Being in opposition is very stressful, you really need to be very strong bwana. The presdo suffered for 10 years so even you continue until 2050.

  4. @ME and Nshilimubemba you are both useful pf bemba cadres who are not ashamed of the poor leadership being exhibited by your demi god Sata. Let Sata leave state house and see for himself how people are living also see the development that is taking place across the country lest he be duped by reports from his useless and inactive fat ministers. Is it not worthy to die whilst on a tour of duty now that its common knowledge that the presido is sick?

  5. kikikiki. ati Im directing him. really? pedestrian politician indeed. By the way, the erection of that house in the picture is Tonga style, so why hasn’t improved it since its his region???

  6. I have seen how PF is now loosing popularity every day by 10% and by the end of 2014, PF will be like the way UNIP finished. I challenge Mushota to go at Soweto, Masala, Chisokone markets. Listen as people travel in the buses and minibuses you shall bust with HBP.

    HH is the next president who is seen to be the only one. Hate the Tonga Bull, you make him popular.

  7. HH has been handed an opportunity by the inept PF to win the next elections, however he seems to lack the winning strategies.
    1. He should learn not mention the name Sata in his campaigns. It is like the more he mentions his name, the more he reminds people that Sata is still in existence. Ignore Sata and people are beginning to learn that they have been abandoned and will respond at the polling stations in the next election.
    2. Do not remind people that they are poor, especially when you visit them driving big SUVs. They know they are poor, you need to approach them with empathy, focusing on how you can alleviate their sufferings. HH should drop that ‘rich boy’ image and be with the people. Zambians do not take lightly to people to whom they perceive (even wrongly) to be boastful.

  8. HH, please bear with Sata, how do you expect a sick and incapacitated man like him to undertake strenuous trips around the country when he recently failed to make it from state house to the freedom statue, a distance of less than 5 km away?

  9. Being in state house is governing. Sata was boasting to be man of people. Let him come out. Is he conserving his energy the 2016 general election. Well, it will be too late. The ground is shifting very fast and rude awakening is waiting for him and Kabimba in 2016. The coalition that brought him to power has already crumbled as they have realised his governance style and the he is controlled by un elective officials.

  10. it is with great concern to know that, people are suggesting that there is no suffering among Zambian. for example a 25kg bag of Mellie meal is at k75.00. how many people can afford this.remember 60% of our r population doesn’t work. it is unacceptable in a country of Prent like Zambia . Again we are lost no briefing on national such the free falling of kwacha, demolition kitwe houses by the pf president . we have been pushed against hall. enough is enough.

  11. HH wants HEMCS to leave State House so that he can now finally succeed burying his failed juju at State House grounds through his kamucekas. Wanya! Sata won’t leave that house because he still has the mandate to govern us. You big witch, HH!!!

    • JUJU IN 2014 surely. Who ever you are am disappointed that you can sink so low, I hope this is not the general perception of all the pf cadres because its very primitive and a set back to human development world wide.

    MMD = 3 SEATS
    UPND = 5 SEATS
    PF = 9 SEATS.
    Where is your popularity bwana ?

    • Some people are boasting of costly by-elections that have been engineered and which have been plagued by violence including murder in order for the ruling party to win?

    • @Grand

      So which party is on the rise here according to your poor simplistic analysis?

      PF was scared to let the bye elections in the East go ahead because they were scared MMD might win them but now they are even more scared that UPND will establish it foot in the East and decimate any chances of PF winning a seat in the East.

    • And pray do tell what was not factual about my comment? Have by-elections not been engineered and have they not been plagued by violence and are they not costly? If the by-elections were for the most part genuine and violence free then you may at least have a point. That is the problem of using intimidation and violence – you end up denying yourself the opportunity of knowing what is really happening on the ground and more importantly you lose legitimacy without which you are merely a dictatorship. But of course being panga fighter supporter, primitive politics are not an anathema to you at the beginning of the 21st century.

  13. How! I mean suntwe alachiswa lipenzi lankwe lakapatihisha pe! The next you will hear is that situkumba Katongo Mwango wa kazimina. That is when the real party shall begin.

  14. I never used to vote, but 2016 I surely will coz iv really been subjected to the effects of other people’s wrong choice of leadership.Imisebo balepanga pankongole shindwalike BP, and in the end I will still have to face a blik future of debts accumulated by irresponsible borrowing. HH keep it up ndekuvotela nangu nshili mutonga coz you are a man for all Zambians.

    • HH will never win as long as he is not popular in Eastern, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Copperbelt, Lusaka and Central provinces. Democracy is about numbers. So you can not win with one province. Southern Province taught other provinces how to vote.

  15. Hey Mushota, did HH refuse to drill your mum’s rotten cunt and that is why you hate his guts so much? Ah, maybe you sucked his long John and when he refused to lick your prat, you suddenly revile him. A woman rejected in love can be very angry and dangerous, HH is learning it the hard way that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The Tongu buru should keep his weapon stored away next time.

  16. HH will never win as long as he is not popular in Eastern, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Copperbelt, Lusaka and Central provinces. Democracy is about numbers. So you can not win with one province. Southern Province taught other provinces how to vote.

  17. The wisdom of humankind is foolishness, if a person does something good or bad the other person will see no sense only foolishness, also the wise men are regarded as fools by others may be it just reminds us to know how imperfect humankind is in this world. as long as the imperfect men are at the helm then everything is senseless or rather foolish but time will come when the perfect man ll rule the world that is when things ll be restored. epompelele via my on foolishness

  18. If you read between the lines you’ll see that HH is asking Sata to show himself to the public so that we can have something to talk about; his health.

    Gossip president. So cheap!

  19. Someone do HH a favor and ask the 1diot to shut up for once, would he have made that trip to there had the roads not have been fixed? He has copied Sata’s style of campaigning going around the country vomiting nonsensical speeches, what a bum!!

    • So in your endless wisdom, as a person vying for presidency, you want him to sit at home and write us letters? You’re the bum actually, a dull one at that.

  20. reading through these comments by pf supporters shows that they have nothing to offer roads which are corruptly awarded are poorly made eg kafue lusaka raod what other infrustructures do pf wants to talk about pipo need food shelter good health education etc with affordability lusaka is still rated the dirtiest town not only in the country but in the world and you say you are working surely you have nothing to boast about for 3years gone and you still want to fool yourselves kwacha against doller or pound disgusting

  21. HH be patient.If you are a believer in TIME and BIBLE.Your time mighty come.No one amongst us will predict if we shall be there by 2016.
    Please the people of Zambia stay clam.Have a nice weekend and be blessed.


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