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Speaker reprimands an MP for using an IPAD to film chaotic scenes in parliament and take pictures

Headlines Speaker reprimands an MP for using an IPAD to film chaotic scenes...

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini

Parliament heard today that Chipangali MMD Member of Parliament (MP) Vincent Mwale was out of order to film parliamentary proceeding using an Ipad when the house was in a disorderly state arising from the gross disorderly conduct by the opposition members of parliament who wanted the executive to expedite the process of enactment of the new constitution.

This came to light when the speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini was passing ruling on the point of order raised by Chipili PF MP Davies Mwale who wanted to know whether Mr Mwale was in order to come into the house with an Ipad and film what was happening in the house.

Dr Matibini explained to the house that Mr Mwale behaved in a dishonourable manner when he used an Ipad to film the proceedings of the house.

He further stated that the rules of the house do not permit members of parliament to take pictures or film the proceedings of the house.

The Speaker said there is no established practice that permits members to take pictures or film the proceedings of the house without the authority of the speaker.

He hinted that only accredited journalists with the National Assembly are authorised to film the proceedings of the house and take pictures in line with the guidelines of the National Assembly.

Mr Matibini said Mr Mwale was bound to observe the rules of the house.

The Speaker advised and warned Mr Mwale to strictly abide by the rules of the house.

Dr Matibini said a repeat of the similar offence in future will attract stiffer penalty.

Mr Mwale has since been pardoned as he was the first offender.


    • Did you see how democracy operates in South Africa? You should have watched Malema debate and present his inaugural speech in the presence of Zuma, the president. The South African got independence way after us but their democracy is thriving. We can’t keep saying ours is a young democracy…..we are older than SA.

    • @OBATALA you are right! In fact if that was in Zambia Malema would have been heavily sanctioned and probably been made to visit court trial incessantly by now. It is high time we did away with archaic laws, practices and perceptions. Our MPs should begin to make their own parliament friendly for once. Then after that move on the repeal archaic laws like that distasteful reflector law that messes up our cars …

    • @Obatala
      I saw the Malema and his overalls in parliament act.That guy is in a world of his own.Anyway our parliament is conservative.I remember years ago when Amusa mwanamwambwa had to chase Nawakwi from parliament because her attire wasn`t appropriate.Dora Siliya has also been told to cover up on at least two occasions.

    • Obatala ulichipuba sana, if your neighbour’s wayward son insults his father, then it is democracy even me i will insult my father because this is development. What we need to copy from our neighbours are good manners not bad ones like Juju wishing ‘Umsholozi’ long suffering and pain then you are saying they are democratic because he can do that and not be sanctioned.

    • Leave Mwale alone imwe ba Kapoli. What is there to hide about that Parliament? Very backward!! In the developed world, we see on TV scenes of MPs exchange blows in parliament and no one censors that. So what’s the deal about your parliament? Let the citizens know about what is happening in the Zambian Parliament so they can see who is useful and who is useless, though the President has already told us how useless some MPs are. (and ministers, sorry I almost forgot)

    • The Parliament is in disgrace under Matibini, from Nalumino Mundia to Mwanamwamba to Matibini…. next it will Mulenga Sata.

    • Speaker, just get your own IPAD!

      It’s miracle you can see anything past that hideous and itchy wig clouding your brain

  1. Speaker Matibini should leave the MP who took the video/pictures alone.Under ailing dictator Michael Charles Katongo Mwango Chilufya Sata,what we have is a rubber-stamp parliament so the MP was right to take pictures so that he can let us know the truth.Matibini should distance himself from Sata’s misrule.If educated people like Matibini don’t side with the people then what will follow will be a disaster.

    • Chivunda Samusungwa, I thought 2011 is a long time for you to accept that HEMCS is your president. Whether you like it or not he is your president. You can call him any names, he is still your president. So tone down, everything has time. Just wait for your time, if it will ever come!!!

  2. matibili with his kangaroo judgements. his pronouncement should have been supported by a reference to an article in the parliamentary code of conduct to support his statement but as usual, he decided to use his opinion to spell out a judgement of that importance. just because it did not favor pf. nonsense

  3. the correct spelling of “judgment” not “judgement” most Zambians even learned ones make this mistake even well known newspapers commit same mistake

    • Both “judgement” and “judgment” are correct, the former is British, while the latter is an American word. But it seems the British have also adopted the American word

  4. @Hoodwinked
    It is the same session that was opened last year in September. The cycle has changed, Parliament now opens in September as opposed to the time we were growing up when it used to be opened January.

  5. Where is the video? Abena Mwale share kabili. We would like to see how these chaps misbehave at the expense of their constituents.

  6. Joseph Mwewa,

    JUDGEMENT and JUDGMENT are both correct. One is British while the other is American

  7. Technology meets Zambian parliament!The people in parliament are there to represent the people of Zambia why should it be a crime for the people to see if they are being represented well. No wonder we just hear from watchdog that suspicious persons have been ratified.Parliament proceedings must be televised.Democracy after all is a government for the people by the people.

  8. Mwale is a part time ZWD correspondent just like many senior State House officials who leak info to ZWD. He was just doing his job. Viva online media!



  10. Agony in zambian leadership,whats there to hide in parliament.its about time the zambian people had the feel real freedom.Stop being backward its time the zambian government show transparency in the their leadership.

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