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Man sentenced to 15 years in jail with hard labour for having sex with a chicken

Rural News Man sentenced to 15 years in jail with hard labour for having...

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KABWE High Court judge in charge Miaiinde Siavwapa has sentenced a 27 year old man of Chisamba District to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for having canal knowledge of a chicken contrary to Section 155(1) Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia under un natural offence.

Particulars of the offence are that Goliath Nyirenda a general worker of Chisamba District on November 18, 2012 had carnal knowledge of his neighbour’s chicken which shortly died after the act.

In Sentencing Nyirenda Judge Siavwapa said it was inhuman to have sex with a chicken and that the act was boarding on abnormality.

‘I find your conduct disgusting and inhuman it is unacceptable for a person in their right mind to have sex with a chicken, so I therefore sentence you to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour’, Judge Siavwapa said.

In another matter Judge Siavwapa has sentenced Anthony Musoka a prophet of Kabwe District 25 year’s imprisonment for rape contrary to section 132CAP87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Musoka on March 14, 2014 in Kabwe whilst praying and deceiving a housewife that he would help her through prayer and deliverance raped her instead.

Judge Siavwapa said it was unfortunate that Musoka posed as a prophet doped an innocent woman who was vulnerable and violated her.

He said it was unlawful to have sex with a woman in Zambia without her consent and that the courts would not take the offence lightly hence sentencing Musoka to 25 years imprisonment.

Earlier during trial, the woman told the magistrate that on March 14 she traveled to Kasavasa are to see Musoka for personal prayers as she was experiencing prolonged menstrual cycles.

She said when she got there Musoka made her to kneel down while holding a chicken and later Musoka poured blood water on her and started praying for her and pinned her to the ground and raped her.


  1. Ubucende bwa Mwaume tabutoba n’ganda lelo Ubuchende bwa Nkoko bulatwalisha ku Jail! There goes the Bemba saying.

    • Hahahha ha wandepula naba sungu kunchito badabwa why i am laughing. Ok but 15 years is harsh, i know for fact that even 6months or 1 year would deter people doing such acts. some acts are demonic, watch emmanuel tv and see for yourself about this kind. question”who are you?” Answer”I made him fuxk chicken.”

  2. They should have sent him to Chainama hospital for mentally unbalanced. Prison won’t prevent him from fantasizing erotic pleasures with birds.

  3. Another Chipata chap failing to hook prostitutes that are all over end up having canal knowledge with a chicken. Imwe mwebena Chipata problem you like using charms. Was it just lust or rust!

  4. But how about his human rights. Where is Human Rights Commission? Where isd the EU and USA who are championing gay rights? If they can protect people who involve themselves sexually with people of the same sex and call it human rights even if it is against our laws and unnatural, they must surely rise up and protect this man. From there this man should form an organisation championing bestiality rights, get donors and earn himself dollars. What is good for the goose……….

    • This is different from Homosexuality. Gays engage in consensual sex. You can not have consensual sex with an animal. My concern is the sentence. 15 years is inhumane.

  5. But the sentence is very harsh kumu Tumbuka!! They surely should have sent him to Chainama and asked him to pay for the chicken. But for the “prophet” it is an appropriate sentence.

  6. Perverts! We are not safe anymore. So now we should look out for our son Bob, our girl, Lassie, our pet dog Fido and Ginger the cat! I see my surveillance costs shooting through the roof! Goliath and his kind need the game park, not prison.

  7. Pa nkoko sure ,naimwe sure, naku jail bakaseka sana,ati mwaishila kuno over sex na chicken, ifwe twaliiba ama million. Murder charge,the chicken died.

  8. But seriously,15yrs to life over a chiken is to much ba judge.That sentence was supposed to be slaped to the ka kabulonga whore trashed the baby and not that ka 12months for killing a would be president!Thats why,judicial system yesu yaya kumbwa.That guy just needs spiritual councelling chapwa.

  9. Mr Nyerenda is yet to be handed a second sentence , this time by the inmates jury. They will teach him a lesson he will live to remember for the rest of his life if at all he will come out alive.
    The best sentence would have been to send him to hard core female prison so that he can be shown what belongs to him. There he could have learnt morals before he dies. Any way i’m beginning to have confidence in that judge for ridding the chicken world of that filthy and wicked beast, but may a little too late we dont know how many other chickens he raped before.
    Disgusting ! I drop every form of meat .

  10. hefty sentence… i’ve heard of rapists getting lighter sentences than this. was this a special chicken?

  11. If the act is boarding on abnormality,then send him to ”Chainama”,not jail.Don’t you think so my, Lord?

  12. Jail sentence cancelled, Nyirenda you are hereby commanded to report to a mental rehab for 15 days and also do 15 days communal work.

  13. To start with how can this circus end up in a courtroom…having sex with a chicken? What sort of people run the courts and how in their right frame of mind can they even contemplate of sitting and hearing this madness. That person needs help not a jail sentence. He obviously has serious mental health problems. Someone really needs to sort this mess at the courts. And where are the human rights groups or maybe the accused is just too small a fish in a big pan.

  14. Grazy world.This man needed your help ba Judge not jail time. How do you send a person who is clearly sick in the head to jail? Even from the comments of the judge it shows that the guy is not okay in the mind.

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