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Kambwili disappointed with Shamenda for cancelling his ultimatum

General News Kambwili disappointed with Shamenda for cancelling his ultimatum

MINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Chishimba Kambwili
MINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Chishimba Kambwili

Youth and Sport Minister Chishimba Kambwili says only the President has the power to quash his 14-days ultimatum he gave to Times of Zambia management to pay workers outstanding salary arrears.

Mr. Kambwili says he is disappointed with his Labour counterpart Fackson Shamenda for dismissing the 14-days ultimatum without consulting him.

He says Mr. Shamenda should respect his decision as a Cabinet Minister.

Mr. Kambwili has told QFM News in an interview that the Patriotic Front government has a mandate to ensure that workers are well treated without making their lives difficult.

Mr. Kambwili says it is unfortunate that Mr. Shamenda rushed to the media in dismissing his ultimatum instead of asking him why he gave the management such an ultimatum.

And Mr. Kambwili says he will not relent in speaking on behalf of the workers.

He says the Patriotic Front will not allow the ill-treatment of workers by employers.

He says workers deserve to get what is due to them.

Last week, Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda directed the Times of Zambia management to ignore the directive by Mr. Kambwili to pay workers their salary arrears stating that he did not understand the operations of the management.


  1. There we go again, its circus day in day out and only God knows where these foolish people we call our leaders will take us. God save us from these people who have failed lamentably.

  2. A country should not be run on basis of jungle law. Yes, the workers at the Times of Zambia must be paid their outstanding salaries but in the same vain Kambwili ought to know that TOZ is not directly under the Ministry of Labour. He should have consulted with the line ministry, who would have guided him appropriately. The problem is that week Kambwili was busy issuing threats wherever he went. That is being childish.


  3. Please Zambian leaders learn to talk and consult one another. You mean Fackson could not consult his fellow cabinet minister and so as Chishimba. This is the natural tendence of most of Zambians i.e. the uneducated and the so called degree holders like to talk in public even where it is not necessary.

    • I have not known PF leaders to be good at consulting anyone within or outside the party. Each one does things his or her own way. Its crazy.

  4. Reminiscent of the Kingdom of the absurd!! Kambwili and Shamenda need to sit down like men and iron out their bitter differences! This is gross indiscipline!!

  5. The cabinet ministers led by an experienced man are notorious for pulling in different directions

  6. Since when did a bunch of retards know the spirit of togetherness? In the first, Kambwili failed to consult, and yet he is asking Shamenda to learn consult.

  7. Reminds me of the Mwanawasa regime. As soon as the president had left Zambia for official engagement abroad, the acting president, one Nevers Mumba, mounted a PRESIDENTIAL Press Conference to make certain pronouncements. Needless to say Nevers was unceremoniously dropped for being too ambitious. And so Kambwili, uletekanya owe!

  8. case of when the cat is ‘away’ …, wow. Let the games begin, i am afraid all little minister wiill step on each while sata is ‘away’. Their sata did not teach them any manners, preferring to keep all the power to himself -just like most selfish ‘leaders’, no succession plan. let us wait for red lip Kabimba’s take on this one. Like other issues, soon these will start coming out of the blocks – chitimukulu issue, judges issue, mmembe and the cartel issue, etc

  9. A government of F.OO.Ls trying to out play each other to see who is more a F.OOL soon when the chief F.OO.L is dead you are all going bakolwe. We want our country to go back to normality. Mwatusebanya

    • All Zambians behave the same way. Even those in oppositions like HH behave the same. And all the degree holders and non-ones all behave the same. I do not know why Zambians are like this.

  10. Let us mourn peacifully. This not right time to fight. Lets also recocile by recalling all the fired nurses that went abroad so that they attend body viewing.

  11. This is a symptom of absence of a plan. So even if they communicated, which they don’t, there would be no detailed plan to refer to, hence they would still quarrel.

  12. “… workers deserve to get what is due to them…” does Sata deserve what he is doing at RDA with Zulu Barrow Ltd owner Levy Zulu’s wife Brenda Musonda Zulu and China Jiangxi? LT readers get to Zambia Reports now and check out plunder with impunity!! That man is dying for so many reasons. God knows how best to save his people!!

  13. None of them followed how far late Sakeni (MHRIP) went with the case, and neither did they consult past Minister of Information, Hon Kapeya, how far “arrangements had reached” over the same issue which Hon Shamenda acknowledges is outstanding

  14. Well, what do you expect from the People’s Failure?. Saulosi where are you when Pa Fwaka in on fire? We need ash trays for the Pa Fwaka. They are polluting the Political environment. Wapya Munzi!

  15. “Mr. Kambwili says he is disappointed with his Labour counterpart Fackson Shamenda for dismissing the 14-days ultimatum without consulting him.”

    In fairness, I imagine Mr. Shamenda is also “disappointed” with Kambwili for failing to consult the actual minister (!) before making policy announcement.

    I guess they don’t teach very much about chain of command at Copperstone U…….

    It also seems Kambwili didn’t learn his lesson the first time the after he announced a 100% pay rise for nurses without consulting the President…….. or the time he had a tantrum and ordered someone deported without consulting Home Affairs……. or that other time that….. eish, the list goes on!


  17. How does a minister of sport poke his nose into labour issues? leave labour to Shamende, that is his field;

  18. Times of Zambia is state run and runs at a loss. The government knows that. Where then are they supposed to get money from? Clearly it was unhelpful to give an ultimatum. One needs to analyse things before making foolish moves, just to court populism.

  19. Kambwili stop poking your nose into other portfolios. Shamenda is right. Get Mopani to sponsor Mighty.

  20. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
    What a circus………………………..
    only happens in Zambia!!!!

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