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Leaving Kabimba to act as President shows PF doesn’t care about rule of law-UPND

General News Leaving Kabimba to act as President shows PF doesn't care about rule...

CHIPATA District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, briefs Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba, when he paid a courtesy call at his office in Chipato
CHIPATA District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, briefs Justice Minister,
Wynter Kabimba, when he paid a courtesy call at his office in Chipato

The opposition has charged that living PF General Secretary Wynter Kabimba who is at the centre of controversy regarding his confession that he smuggled Kenyans to participate in the 2016 election to act as republican president is an indication that PF doesn’t care about the rule of law.

UPND Deputy General Secretary Kuchunga Simusamba said the PF has time and again shown their lack of respect for the law as can be seen from their appointments of former convicts to senior government positions.

He said Mr. Kabimba should not even be the country’s Justice Minister as he has confessed that he broke the law but that with the PF in office it seems breaking the law is normal.

“This has been the trend since the PF took over office and we know that former convicts have been appointed as chief of security at state house.

“We don’t know whether to advise them know that former convicts have been appointed to senior government positions after they have been pardoned by the president some of them are DCs and some are chief of staff at state house so evidently this how Mr. Sata appoints people.

“Clearly Mr. Wynter Kabimba does not even deserve to be a Justice Minister because he is a self confessed criminal who actually broke immigration laws and electoral laws and now this self confessed criminal is the one who has been entrusted with the instruments of power,” Mr. Simusamba said.

And MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu said it is not a surprise that a self confessed criminal has been left to run the country as with PF the rule of law does not mean anything to them.

Mr. Lungu said living Mr. Kabimba to act as president shows that the PF does not care about integrity and have no regard for the law.

He said what Mr. Kabimba confessed to is a serious matter which the law enforcement agencies should be investigating even if he is acting president because he is not immune to being investigated.


  1. Zambia’s opposition are so s.tupid and petty! Kwati fyaiche! Get real jobs and take care of your families as it is you are passengers!

    • I have always resisted the temptation to respond to air-head. @ Nubian Princess is so shallow and expresses Ape- like intellect. For starters, does it not concern you that a person that has no constituency, never won an election in his life can be President in a democracy?

    • i have always respected Simusamba as a promising leader who is relatively level headed but what he has been saying lately has caused me to pause & have a re-look at him.

      Kabimba is not a criminal & if Simusamba has issues with Kabimba & strongly feels he cant be cabinet minister or even hold the instruments of republican president in an acting capacity then he must tell his UPND boss to relinquish his position as Zambians cant entrust their resources to an economic saboteur, a plunderer, an economic rapist who condemned many Zambian to unemployment and consequently premature death.

      He must check for skeletons in his selfish boss’ closet and must remember that when he points an accusatory finger at Kabimba his four others are pointed at HH.

      Simusamba, take a chill…

    • @ Nubian Princess

      You are bang on my money. Fi opposition kufilabako fye, fiwelewele. I have never heard any opposition party state clearly its alternative policies for the country’s development. They think the job of the opposition is LITERALLY just to oppose everything. Whose business is it to them how PF decides who is acting and who is not? Elyo fyena ama problems muma party yabo nimbwee.
      TO WHOM DOES THE MMD WANT TO PREACH ABOUT THE RULE OF LAW????? Isn’t it only 3 years ago when they went round the country shooting un-armed citizens to death? Honestly, can UPND preach to PF about rule of law today when they can’t even follow their own party constitution? If the opposition have nothing to offer they should just go to their villages and start farming, so that we have less…

    • @ Gen

      HH is not a issue. Issue is that a bunch of noncoms have LIED and acted contrary to the law to size power. Where HH comes in to it?

  2. Yes, the opposition are acting like children. They ask questions and will keep asking if those in the position of parents continuously do strange things. Why have a Vice-President who cannot Act? How do you think he feels being so discriminated against in a country he calls his won? No one in their senses will celebrate being sidelined by the boss in preference to their juniors. Of course Guy cannot state his personal feelings on this issue for fear of being torn apart and thrown out of PF, if not the country. And our govt says the current constitution is ok.

  3. Why have a Vice-President who cannot Act? How do you think he feels being so discriminated against in a country he calls his own?

    The humiliation of having to report to your juniors whenever your boss is out of office should be tearing at this man’s heart unless it has been replaced with steel.

  4. If Zambia’ s opposition are so s.tupid the way you have classified them, then you yourself, you are the most absolute f.o.o.l Zambia has ever produced. What goodness can be classified with your Pama Fi (PF) ruling party apart from abrogating the constitution day in and day out, is that what you can term democracy ? I doubt your reasoning base.

    • I am not too good with bemba language!so i asked a friend conversant with the lauguage what Tiko means by saying pama fi.i think certain people lack self respect and were cursed from when their mother gave birth to them.Why cant you just put your point across,without losing objectivity.

  5. Kabimba can act but his stay as possible takeover from PF will bring down fall of PF. We shall whether he is popular as he claims to be.

    • Good thinking there, let Wynter ascend to power then a PF civil after. Kambwili, GBM….faction are not happy with the situation.

  6. I am reliably informed that Kabimba as Acting President called a cabinet meeting. But the meeting was boycotted by the majority of ministers on the ground that that they had not been informed officially in writing that Kabimba had been appointed Acting Presdent! Cry my beloved country1

    • Who do you think PF would choose to succeed Sata? Chikwanda, GBM, KAPATA, Kambwili, Given, all want to be successors. so Kabimba is the right man. wapya munzi

  7. Red lips Kabimba must not be entertained.Let all the opposition join forces and remove this disciple of witchcraft from government.Red lips kabimba you are dog and we know you are just a chola boy of Fred Mmembe (the homo who pokes his mother as well)

  8. Imiti iikula empanga so the saying(bemba)says. But alas :what your guys write here completely shows how irrelevant you are in society . Reckoning you chaps becoming the next governors of this country;Ooh my oh my what a waste. I think Uyo ati Monze efilyako.

  9. Are we a true democracy or faux democracy where appointed losers with zero public votes can rise to be acting president?

  10. Let’s assume what happened to Levy happens to ba Sata, do you think PF will allow Kabimba to President? Lets face it guys. Kabimba is not popular but arrogant & people within PF r scared of him because of the office he holds. He has no heart for the people. He is so selfish, self-centered & the list goes on. I personally don’t like him.

  11. Now that Sata is not well the PF are withdrawing large sums of money from the treasury as this could be the last chance to rape the country. The 1.7 billion under pretext of development expenditure is money stollen at best for the upcoming Presidential bi election and at worst looting of Government coffers by opportunists

  12. Baba under PF it is law of the jungle that prevails. Wait and see when “H.E.” Wynter Kabimba takes the instruments of power permanently very soon. He wants the power by all means and no one will stop him unless Zambians unite.

  13. Who the cap fits let them wear it.u r busy claiming that kabimba is a criminal but if u r called to testify against him in court u will grow cold feet.we don’t nid pipo harboring grudges against one another all we nid is peace and love.

  14. ‘”living” PF General Secretary to act…..’ ‘Mr Lungu said “living” Kabimba to act…’ E 110 “leaving”.

  15. kabimba is not a presidential material n i agree with upnd wen they say he has neva won any election, he is too arogant an he is not compentent.but again upnd when did HH became a councilor or an mp? so he also cant lead our country unlesp we want to experiment and thats so dangerous

  16. Testing the man already? Relax hes just acting for now but he can still crack the whip if you push him too hard.

  17. fi upnd are you normal you chaps .everything is to condem.mwanya mukafwa na jealous mwefipuba mwe.
    minimum wage mwalikodema
    salary increment for civil servant mwalikondema
    constructing of roads mwalikondema
    hon kabimba to act mwakondema leave my man. ba simusamba mulesambako natwishiba ni mu june. so you wanted HE to leave ka hh to act.




    • you 1diot, the only thing you talk about is bemba this bemba that, be reminded that there are no bemba shops or markets where bembas buy affordable food. we are all zambians affected by poor leadership of sata. so sata out whether bemba or bisa, let us have someone with the right knowledge to fix our economy not your fellow kaponya 1diots

  19. @Matipa

    The voter will decide in 2016.
    So what is KUCHUNGA worried about?

    The High cost of living in South Africa, China, USA OR anywhere else has risen 10 fold in 5 years.
    Why do you think South African miners have been on strike for 6 months?


    • 2016??? Not that you are 5tupid jerk but also dreaming mongoloid. 2016? More likely 2014 or first 1/4 of 2015

  20. @142

    Whatever, whoever, whenever etc

    If you expect us to make another mistake of putting another teen boy like Chiluba in plot 1, whose pre-occupation will be only outfits and girlfriends, then you are hallucinating.


  21. @142

    I don’t take pleasure in insult trading…

    Zambia as a Christian nation should embrace God’s teaching which says thus, “All earthly leadership is ordained by God”.

    If Kabimba is predestined to lead us one day, who is Kuchunga to change God’s will?


  22. @general,who instructed hh to sell the companies why should you point a finger at him,point the finger at the person who came up with privatisation,you hate hh so much why the chap has made enough and you are jealous

  23. Gen, I am also surprised that you have failed to take a grip what the UPND is saying. If you are in Zambia you would have relaised how dangerous it is to smuggle foreigners and manipulate election results.

    • Noooo iwe – why don’t you ask yourself why the VP is not acting? There are four people playing the role of either president or vice president of Zambia right now. Does this not bother you????

  24. @1.2 Gen

    Correction on who sold or privatized Zambian companies is MMD government. Valentine Chitalu another monkey was leading all negotiations and was also MMD with Mr Sata as secretary general and Guy Sott was agriculture minister and head of state was Fredrick Titus J. Chiluba. There is no literature in Zambia that HH was part of MMD government. HH was working as consultant for KPMG. These are reputable accountants world over who had nothing to do with the running of MMD government. Which books or literature is misdirecting you about information on Zambian governments in the last 50 years?. Telling lies on blog is self dellusion, Zambians have their true facts at their finger tips.

  25. It should be understood that the party charged with governance of this country is PF,as such it is at liberty to appoint individuals within its ranks to perform any duties at a any given time . UPND is acting out of ignorance to reject or oppose any PF appointed to discharge particular duties . The people voted for PF to that they can govern them as the best party among those which contested ,UPND is by no means in this equation and thus they should understand their position and observe bounderies

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