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Women avoiding politics because they don’t want to fail

General News Women avoiding politics because they don't want to fail

Rupiah Banda shakes hands with Mwansabombwe MMD candidate Chriticles and his counterpart for Kawambwa central Elizabeth Chitika Mwansa on arrival at Kazembe grounds
FILE: Rupiah Banda shakes hands with Mwansabombwe MMD candidate Chriticles and his counterpart for Kawambwa central Elizabeth Chitika Mwansa on arrival at Kazembe grounds

MMD chairperson for Arts and Culture Elizabeth Chitika Mulobeka has noted that women are avoiding politics because they are scared of failure.

Ms. Mulobeka who is also former Kawambwa Member of Parliament said women do not want to be associated with failure and the current political atmosphere is not appealing to women as it sets them up for failure.

She said the country’s current political atmosphere were there is a lot character assassination is not good for women as they are few women who can go head to head against men hence making it difficult for a woman to win an election.

“If you look at the participation of women in politics for the last 50 years of it hasn’t been encouraging because of various reasons. It very difficult to attract women to participate in the country’s politics because most women fear failure and then the verbal abuse associated with these political parties, women fear to be verbally abused in terms of insults as you know politics sometimes can be very ruff,” said Ms. Mulobeka

Ms. Mulobeka also said most women willing join politics lack the financial muscle to back their ambitions.

She noted that politics is a very expensive venture hence most women avoid it because they don’t have enough money to venture in to politics.

“Women are financially very, very week. This is one of the main reason why women fear to participate in politics,” Ms. Mulobeka added.


  1. A utter lies! Women in Zambia fail to excel in political because they are denied that right by the zambian goverment who fail to take action whenever there is abuse from fellow politicians and in this case men!
    You also disrespect them and allow unrully male cadres en street boys to take full charge when it comes to abuse. In short that country has no equal rights btwn man and woman. Mrs Chitika….. stop shielding those greedy men and fight for your kind as there is a huge gap in terms of power in every area, work, home, organisations etc!
    Zambia is a hundred years behind!

  2. We fear politics pa Zed because of the insults. Some of us are decent women who do not need to be insulted at every turn. Men in Zambia are disrespectful and they will use an opportunity to disparage a woman. We are not a mature democracy. We are still in the cradle.

  3. All in all, as far as beer-drinking is concerned, the drinking are today able to out-drink, to out-enjoy the man, what a crying shame, the drunkenwomanhood!

  4. Whatever happend to Gender Equality?????
    Women do not fear politics;they fear all the harrassements from male folks!!!!!

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