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US Second Lady Jill Biden to visit Zambia

Economy US Second Lady Jill Biden to visit Zambia

US Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden
US Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden

Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, will make a three-country trip to Africa this summer to promote girls’ education and women’s participation in government, the economy and civil society.

The White House says she will visit Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.

She departs on the week long trip Monday.

She will travel with USAID administrator Rajiv Shah and Catherine Russell, the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for global women’s issues.

The White House says the trip will highlight how increasing women’s involvement in government can accelerate economic development, strengthen democracies and foster peace and security.


    • I think you certainly must be a PF cadre opposed to the running mate clause in the draft constitution. There is nothing wrong with what LT has written. You are the one who needs to research. Yes she is the second lady and should anything, like what is happening to Ba Sata happpen to happen to Obama, she will become the first lady. Obviously it does not work that way in PF because today it is Mrs Chikanda, Tomorrow Mrs GBM, and next Mr Lungu and now Mrs Kabimba..what a confused party PF is

  1. hehehhheeh! I said it we only get second…….
    second hand clothes
    second hand cars
    Chinese Veep (second in command)
    Japanese prince (Second in command)
    and now
    Second lady

    • Ikali ifi fine, so you think at your level of development you deserve first class? Ubepele fye boi. Infact, what you are getting is even elevating you. Be thankful.

  2. Mrs. Biden we warmly welcome you to Zambia. But please no talk of homosexuality while you are here.

  3. The minute the zambian Government Will realise the importance of empowering women and exercise gender equality, the half of the country will see swift great achievement. The Western men are not s%%pid to have conqured learn something please!

    • to see more equality,we must first flush out that religious nonsense called christianity.it is the number one promoter of male chauvinism.God is a man, his child is a man.Infact he only wanted men to be in the garden of eden.It is only the love he had for man that he felt sorry,imagine this is an omniscient God,that he created a helper,a female companion.You mean when he created adam, he didnt realise that adam would be lonely?i thought he was all powerful,all knowing? Anyway,this book called the bible is behind mens bad treatment of women.From God himself,he showed that women are only there to serve men he didnt have it in mind to create them.If it wasnt for adam being lonely,he wouldnt have created a woman.And you know how religious africans are.they follow the bible to the dot

  4. Good to have a high-profile female figure visit on Country on a noble cause about women, after that sad and negative case about Boko-something in Nigeria. Good for the continent as a whole.

  5. Welcome to Zambia! Please enjoy your visit. Remember to visit some of tourist attractions, like the Victoria Falls.

    • better they call it mukuni falls if you want it to be name after royalty or better yet leave it with the original name the natives gave it. MOSI-OA-TUNYA. why call it after some blue bloods who dont even give a damn about you. Ati victoria falls, ukokwine, let them name their own falls somewhere on that little island of theirs. Wikabwekeshap ukulanda ati victoria falls in relation to mosi oa tunya. infact they should even remove those statues of that slave merchant you call david livingstone. the whole city should be renamed to something zambian. which city in london is named after a zambian? let us totally cleanse ourselves of everything that is white. let us identify ourselves with being zambian ie language, culture, music, history etc.

    • Very well spoken Zagaze. Which white man have you ever heard named Chilufya? Yet in state house we have Michael.

  6. Welcome madam.We are blessed to have you in Zambia and may God almighty bless your stay in our beautiful country.

    • wherein lies the blessing of mrs. biden coming to zambia? Am not blessed, you are not the spokesperson of zambians. ukokwine na ma biden yenu. God bless you, which God are you referring to?

    • Damn @zagaze, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Or did you have a bad day at work? Get a cold one out of your fridge, it may do the trick of calming your nerves buddy?

  7. Madam,

    You are most welcome pa Zed. Take a good word out to the rest of Americans when you go back.

  8. She wanted to go to Kenya for holidays BUT the security situation has forced her to Zambia….It is actuallt her third and not second choice

    • You said sata and pf have no high profile visitors and now that they have of late been coming you have run out of words apart from exhibiting your hatred and envy. Find a life mate.

  9. @ Judy……….read between the line.

    They ve known tht Sata has become “powerless and Mentally Dead” the Reasons Dignitaries ve Started coming to Zed.

  10. Now its all clear they are coming to inaugurate the next president of zambia before throwing him to the public.
    After mwanawasa died they sent hillary clinton and George Bush.
    Now with all this secrecy we can only assume…kaya?
    But something fishy is obviously happening cos americans don’t just visit anyhow with a rogue excuse.

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