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Government does not need permission from chiefs to get land-Wynter Kabimba

Headlines Government does not need permission from chiefs to get land-Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

ACTING President Wynter Kabimba has directed Shibuyunji District Commissioner Fanwell Mweemba to find land on which Government is to build district offices.

Addressing district PF officials and Shibuyunji and Mumbwa district commissioners in Shibuyunji on Saturday, Mr Kabimba, who is Minister of Justice, said Government does not need permission from chiefs to get land to build its offices.

He told Mr Mweemba that it is unacceptable that up to now, there are no district offices in Shibuyunji.

Mr Kabimba’s directive came after Mr Mweemba said the newly created district is still awaiting the chief’s authority on where to build district offices.

“You don’t need a letter from the chief or anybody to construct a government building. There is no law like that in this country. The law says all land is vested in the President on behalf of the people,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said the State is an agent of the President and that is why a government building does not have a title deed because Government cannot give itself one.

“These districts are supposed to create jobs for our people. If the district administrations are not functional, how are we going to create jobs for our people?” Mr Kabimba asked

He said the PF government is about service to the people because that is what the people voted it for.

Mr Kabimba said minister of Local Government and Housing Emmanuel Chenda is an experienced local government administrator who can advise newly created districts on any challenges.

“We need to render service to our people. President Sata did not set up districts to remain on paper,” he said

Mr Kabimba also said there is need for district commissioners to coordinate with PF district chairpersons on development projects.
He said the Government will not allow politics to hinder development.


  1. Wielding authority. Enjoy while it lasts. But you will not ACT for two years. We are told ONE month and thereafter BYELECTIONS. Opposition wake up.

    • I don’t think this lawyer who never won a court case is correct on this one. This Boma Ni Boma mentality is very very dangerous. I don’t think the Government can just come to my house and grab my plot in the name of Boma ni Boma. They need permission from me, they need to compansate me.

      This sounds to me like Kabimba is saying that Government can just grab any piece of lands it wants in the country without getting any permission. I think this is wrong and I stand to be corrected by students of our law on this one. It just sounds wrong to me. What id the chief gave that land to somebody else and our law allows for this. I think Kabimba is wrong here and drunk with presidential powers

    • Educated UPND…. HE Acting President, Mr. Justice Kabimba..kapoto na kapoto – Acting Commander of the Very Armed Forces is right. It’s the manner in which he said it that sounds so wrong. The land belongs to the state and if your house was found to have been built on an area rich in some mineral resources then the government can take that land for the benefit of all others. Of course the government will have to compensate you.

    • @One Hit WOnder, you are mixing up two things. We know that the law states that all land and all under it is vested in the President. The argument is the acquistion. If that plot has already been allocated to someone else by the chief, then the government has to compensate the owner of that land if it has been developed. Of course the manner it was said is typical in Kabimba style – arrogant and abbrassive

    • Awe sure kusamwa bakabimba… So now he is minister of lands? Insulting chiefs like that? Ba Kabimba so your ka small ego kulakafyononwena fye apali ponse?

  2. Wakondwa Mwanacaambwa! Sena mulala ujoka buzuba nzi? Uyoolumwa aakujoka kana! This is real excitement but for how long before it turns into sadness? Let us wait and see

  3. Let him harass his tribesmen.For us in NWP and Barotseland.the land is ours the presido has no land.Challenge me.

    • And you think you’re civilized by hiding someone’s illness? And you think you’re civilzed with a tribal government? And you think you’re civilized by using the country’s resources in your region to the detriment of other provinces? And you think you’re civilized with your tribal appointments?

    • Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu. In Barotseland the King (Litunga) reigns supreme and in Northern Rhodesia, acting president Kabimba holds all the powers to land.
      Barotseland =King is the head of state, whilst our neighbors, PF cadres’, are the landlords’ and their chiefs are servants.
      Thanks Kabimba for letting us know how you treat your chiefs, the way Sosala is being intimidated by the pain fleas’ (PF).
      Barotseland is no go area for PF, they failed appear at The Banju, Gambia, AU human rights and PCA in the Hague.
      Watching PF failures from afar.
      Barotseland viva la Barotseland viva la Barotseland viva la la la land la la la Barotseland.
      Tukongote Wa Ndate Songolo.

    • The chief did not refuse. He simply needed to look for space WHERE to build these offices. That does not mean authority. This moron has an overrated opinion of himself!

    • @suntwe – we all know that you want this government to fail at all cost but what you keep forgetting is that the rural people also want development at all cost. in short winter is simply telling the people of sibuyunji that their chief doesnt want to see the area developed.who knows the chief may even be on Hakaivo Heka’s pay roll.

  4. Thats good. This so called Chiefs give away our land to chinese and other nationals but they can give to their people.

  5. Red lips Kabimba(juju man) could have been more diplomatic but the ka aids infected chap wants to show off his powers.Red lips you and mmembe(bum bandit) days are numbered.

  6. Don’t do it Kabimba you should know that grabbing land by force and intimidation is not right and you will be trumping on people’s rights. People will stop funding you or borrowing you money when you come up with dictatorial actions like this one, let the chiefs give you before you decide to grab their land, let everything be done right

  7. Like his boss no respect for traditional leaders. A medical team should be constituted immediately to go to Israel and declare Sata unfit to rule so we can appoint a sober mind to take charge. Zambia deserves better than the garbage now in govt.

  8. This man is making an immediately. way to go acting president, hammer everybody and continue touring till every dust settle.

  9. Yes there is logic. Well said Wynter! This hatred toward you speaks volumes. HH is having sleepless night nowander is attacking you each and every time he open his mouth.Bravo Wynter Kabimba you are so brave among the cabinet ministers.Be strong man.

  10. I am made to understand that Chiefdoms were there long before this oppressive laws came to Zambia. Even if all the land belongs to the president as highlighted by the acting president, chiefs are the owners of land and deserve to be respected when it comes to issues of land in their chiefdom. No one can be a chief without land. let me also tell you that governments/presidents will come and go but chiefdoms will always be there. I think the DC was in a right truck by requesting land from the chief. people need to co-exit regardless of status in society. some of these statuses are artificial and meant to intimidate everyone who seems not to agree with their philosophy.

    Be careful bane. I now understand why the Lozi always say “Mubu Waluna,” meaning our land.

  11. It is stinking logic, especially for a lawyer admitted to the bar and calling himself a State Counsel to claim, and quote: “Government building does not have a title deed because Government cannot give itself one”. Anybody who has read the Zambian Conversion of Title Act and all it’s subsequent amendments will tell you this assertion by Kabimba is dead wrong! Any valuation surveyor will tell you that if a building has no title deed, it has zero value. You cam go to Mulungushi House today and you will find all government buildings have title deeds and appear on the Lusaka Valuation Roll. If they had no title deed, how would this have been possible? Kabimba’s claim also means the grants in lieu od rates the govt pays to councils for govt buildings in council areas is thus illegal.

    • @Ngombala,
      Pliz don’t cheat the readers, the govt does not pay any land rates to any council, secondly minst of lands does not have a valuation roll, but those are held by respective councils. Why are you cheating, or may you simply dont understand this?

  12. Kabimba NOT fit to be president …the red lips means alot . We will have another funeral after this one if kabimba becomes president . He is a sick man .

  13. These empty tins never ever learn picking fights with tribal leaders…. look where it got the oldman. Where are his presidential directives now?

  14. I have always said it a mistake to give too much power to chiefs because they are inherently corrupt and selfish. Remember how they sold their own people into slavery in exchange for trivial things like mirrors instead of protecting them ? Only SHAKA stood up to the invaders. No wonder he is still revered today.

  15. I want to remind all the people aspiring to be leaders of this nation. learn from King Solomon of the bible. When asked by God as to what he would like to have in his life, he chose wisdom and NOT power to dictate. As we quote the verse and challenge the community we lead to pray for their leaders lets not also take them for a ride. A God fearing leader will definitely gain respect from the people he leads. If you lead by force and threats even your living will always be under fear and panic.

  16. Notwithstanding subsection (3), the President shall not alienate any
    land situated in a district or an area where land is held under customary
    (a) without taking into consideration the local customary law on
    land tenure which is not in conflict with this Act;
    (b) without consulting the Chief and the local authority in the area in
    which the land to be alienated is situated, and in the case of a
    game management area, and the Director of National Parks and
    Wildlife Service, who shall identify the piece of land to be
    (c) without consulting any other person or body whose interest
    might be affected by the grant; and
    (d) if an applicant for a leasehold title has not obtained the prior
    approval of the chief and the local authority within whose area

  17. If anyone thought there is dictatorship under Sata just wait and see what it will be like under Kabimba. Already he is threateningly throwing his weight around even before he is sworn in. This is the man that must be stopped and rejected by any means, Zambia has had enough already under these riff-ruffs.

  18. PF cadres are drinking their medication of Donchi Kubeba sickness. Winter Kabimba was made acting president by Michael Chilufya Mwango Sata who is the master minder of Donchi Kubeba.
    PF are doomed because of the Bemba pomposity fighting (PF) who are interested only and the to see that another tribal Bemba ascends to top PF leadership. If PF cadres like Kambwili, GBM, Jean Kapata, Miles Sampa, Nkandu Luo, Chibesakunda, Willie Nsanda and that violent Judge Ngoma to mention a few, refuse Kabimba, then they have also rebuked Sata who “put” Kabimba Munachambwa to act.
    With this division, PF are nothing but “leftovers” of corruption, deception and lies, hypocrites who have failed to deliver their own 90 days promises of Bufi, Buhata, Boza, Kubenja.
    Photos of “Working Holiday” PF?

  19. This Lizard called Kabimba is too drank with the stolen power. Apparently, this time around, we note that all PF Members of Parliament are a bunch of cowards. They could have used their Parliamentary privileges to sort out this evil in their system. Where is Kambwili?

  20. LT, is your reporting factual? Is it true we have “ACTING President Wynter Kabimba” now in charge of the Nation of Zambia??????

    Maybe he is “ACTING” but is he the ACTUAL “Acting” ??? Or is this just another PF LIE! ??

    Looks like it is more FAKE Acting President appointed by himself. Please find out the FACTS!

  21. Ubupuba!
    That is not correct. Partnership in governance means you consult on critical matters such as access to land.

  22. Zambian politics [email protected] at the moment! The nauseating “tit for tat” way of practising national politics has gotten way out of control—no maturity being shown by anybody whatsoever!

    It is like they all want to OUTDO one another in being CH1LD1SH and UNCULTURED. God have mercy!!!!

  23. Grand,
    To begin with, I did not say Valuation rolls are kept at Mulungushi House, no! What I said is title deeds issued by the Deeds Registry of the lands dept (99 years) are kept at Mulungushi House. Of course govt does not pay land rates, they do so “in lieu of rates” you *****. If you’re challenged Englishwise, we can converse in your Katangese lingua.

  24. Wapya munzi!

    … If I were acting president – I would humble myself and be the best that I can be — especially for just a month. This period would be a time for everyone to see what I was capable of.

    This would be the best way for me to campaign; work like no one is watching, unify the nation, woo investors, give the people what they want, deliver results.

    But alas! I’m but acting Zambian, pretending to be peace-loving friendly and welcoming. In actual fact I’m scared, a coward and passively aggressive. Quietly hiding in the dark and popping out occasionally to condemns this or that.


  25. Mr Sata our dear loving president….. may gof keep you alive so that those who think you are gone should get ashamed! The god who hears the prayers of peace loving zambians hear us today. A man who has brought so much change should be given chance to see his vision come to pass mwelesa…. Amen

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