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Kabimba will never rule Zambia-HH

Headlines Kabimba will never rule Zambia-HH

Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media
Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that Acting Republican President Wynter Kabimba will never be President of Zambia because he has no ability to mobilize voters.

Mr. Kabimba who is also Justice Minister last week labeled the UPND as a party that is in fantasy island and that Mr Hichilema is a resident in fools paradise.

Mr. Hichilema has charged that Mr. Kabimba is championing hate speech in the country.

“Kabimba is aware of his inadequacies, he is aware of his inability to command popular support on the ground. He is completely mesmerized with the position of Acting President he has been given and he wants to flex his small muscles, he thinks he has large muscles but I want to remind that he has such a small set of muscles politically,” Mr Kabimba said.

People know that he is a destructive diminutive little fellow with such a weird mind

He added, “Kabimba politically is absolutely nothing and he knows that. If there was a by election in his village and he picks an electoral college of 20 people and there was a contest between the UPND and Kabimba, he would lose and he knows that.”

Mr Hichilema has accused Mr Kabimba of thinking that being conferred with the Acting President position gives him grassroot support.

“Kabimba has no constituency, he has no political constituency, he really must be ashamed of talking the way he talks and he likes pushing hate language together with his cartel which the Zambians know that is destroying Zambia.

Mr Hichilema said, “Even within the PF rank, Kabimba will not be allowed to ascend to the presidential candidature, he knows that. People know that he is a destructive diminutive little fellow with such a weird mind and he thinks he can take out his anger on Hakainde, everybody knows that.”

The UPND leader said Mr Kabimba and the PF cannot break him saying his party has become the party of choice for Zambia.

“Kabimba must not weep for me, he must weep for himself. Hakainde and the UPND are just fine, we know what we are doing. UPND is a party of choice today and he is now confused in that acting position. He has too much pressure from people that dislike him, the church, the civil society and within the PF. Hakainde has stamina, he wanted to lock me up in the police cells with his boss but they have failed.”


  1. Ba kabimba must be having a wet dream or has not taken his ARV’s. Government is not changing in 2016. Its changing soon

    • Interesting emotional response from the pedestrian politician waking up in f00ls paradise.

      Between the two, Kabimba has a track record in govt while the other has a tract record in economic plundering.

      All ka HH has done is drive UPND into the ground but has the audacity to laugh and ridicule Kabimba who helped organise PF to electoral victory….HH is definitely crazy….ubushilu

      Definitely Kabimba is a better and more assertive and more organized leader and he is currently acting republican president…. and ka HH just sees everything through tribal and selfish lenses

      HH will never walk the corridors of power as he is eternally destined to be a political failure

      Nevers is even far better than ka HH, except he is with the wrong party

    • W.Kabimba is a LIAR, where is our draft constitution???……Kabimba and PF are law breakers with impunity.

      Kabimba lied to the Zambian people, PF Manifesto under page 42. That; “the PF government shall: review all previous Constitutional Review Commissions submissions thru a Committee of Experts for submission to a referendum and enactment only, by the National Assembly.(22 LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS.PF Manifesto 2011 – 2016,page 42),broken promises, Absolute liars!!! Look at the issue of Lombe chibesakunda and the argument against former CJ SAKALA-Indeed PF and Kabimba are liars!!

      PF has no heart for the Zambian people, Look at Petauke, solwezi central, mulobezi ETC-NO MPS, no representatives,it’s against the LAW 90 DAYS, bunch of LIARS and demagogues with no shame or…

    • For first time Kabimba to sleep in 3 moths with treasonable Acting-presidency, he is experiencing a wet-dream indeed alechita all in Paradise of Fools (PF) at Fantasy Island.
      Sorry Kabimba, you were mistaken, don’t call HH in your dreams.

    • “Kabimba destructive diminutive little fellow with such a weird mind”. Wow I like what the president in-waiting (HH) said.
      This little guy Kabimba overrates himself too much. Well spoken HH.

    • What President HH said summarises everything about this demon-possessed little big wizard called Kabimba. Disgusting little dog, Kabimba.

    • Kabimba is already in the driver’s seat,strategically positioned.How about you ? still in your kraal?

  2. HH is right,red lips kabimba(juju man) is not presidential material his just a uncouth chap.Red lips kabimba can never be the president of Zambia because he will not serve the Zambian people instead he will be serving the interest of his real boss mmembe(bum bandit).

    • Why talk about squint eyes in the first place. Presidency can’t sink that low to a level of Squint eyes…. Pleeeeeeesssseee.

      En don’t tell me his acting, even a goat can do that if intruments of Power were left with it. That now leads me to whether the instruments of Power were really left with squint eyes or not.

  3. Lol- and I quote; “Diminutive little fellow with such a weird mind” (unquote)- I rest my case!

  4. Even a a baby born today knows the Mwembeshi reject in the name of Kabimba will never be president of Zambia.

    • Without sounding tribal. Squint eyes really thinks he can be president in a Bemba party….. Joke of the year.

  5. But kabimba is your president of today, he is the one in the chair atleast he is on the thrown even if he climbs down he has felt it and records are there to tell

    • Nshilimubemba, Kabimba is merely acting…in the original meaning of the word, he’d considered a ‘hypocrite’. Hypocrites were ‘actors’ or jesters in the Kings court, employed to entertain the King and his subjects, much like Kabimba is doing today. Of what use is this acting stint, if, God forbid, we were forced into an early presidential vote and lost…which is the most reasonable expectation given his lack of support even among his own kith and kin. The truth is there can be/will be no PF without Sata. Kabimba and the rest niba fuzi cabe…And he knows it, hence all these panic-inspired rages at the opposition.

    • Why don’t you tell Kabimba to start his own party and get his own kingsmen first to vote for him? Do you honesty think he can mess with the Bemba’s.

      Achepa sana

  6. UPND party of choice, WHERE ??? In 2011 before elections, HH told us that the political land scape has changed towards UPND, without knowing that their party was shirking .

    • That was 2011 and PF was still trusted by people. No one, apart from a few of you who do not even live here, trusts PF now. Do not delude yourself that there is any chance for you in the next elections. That will not happen, elo with sata dead, it won;t be things. Kabimba as president hahahahahahahahaha! It’s that funny.

    • Dudelove – Point of correction.

      We didn’t trust the PF as a party, we trusted Sata, and all the distaste is not that the PF hasn’t performed by that the Man of Action hasn’t.

      The PF goes into oblivion at the same time as Sata.

  7. LT, you are not doing enough to avoid silly errors. Proof-readers should edit and make the necessary corrections. In your report you have ‘grass route’ instead of grassroots. It is laughable.




  9. Is Kabimba now “Acting” President?

    Or is he the first ever SELF APPOINTED “President” of Zambia.

    Fellow Zambians, we cannot just ignore this! We have to demand proof of the legality of this! No more LIES and DECEIT from these chaps.

    IF this is not LEGAL, what we have is TREASON. A COUP D’ETAT! The death of Democracy in Zambia.

  10. You are all playing politics of hatred.. We don’t see any political maturity, all playing the same… We are tired, HH just start working on your manifesto if you have to win my support…period!!!

  11. Small men are serious dribblers. Remember Fredrick and his mingalato. Winter has dribbled them all. Too late for the Tonga bull ( will now remain Tonga goat) until 2022.
    As for Pastor Mumbwe??……..time to get back to the pulpit.

    • There is no way in hell the bembas mu PF would allow themselves to be led by Kabimba. Bene Kambwili and Nsanda saying ‘yes boss’ kuli Wynter? Can you even picture it yourself? Wynter has survived this far because he was under sata’s wing. sata is practically no more. Whose gonna protect Wynter now?

    • @Vee Jay, if you want to see the first ever successful military coup in Zambia, let Winter take over the presidency. I rest my case.

  12. Kabimba has no constituency and is acting presido by default. He is not popular and his mouth thinks more than his brain. He is a potential prisoner soon with change of govt. Just pray for no civil war otherwise he will be the first scampering like a rat.

  13. HH is a CLEVER boy!!!!

    Why shud WK stand against UPND and NOT HH in an election?

    1. WK managed to steer / captain the PF ship to victory-so he is an effective leader.
    2. WK is now President of Zambia, howbeit in an acting capacity.

    Should SATA be incapacitated WK will continue until the next genegeral election!

    • So what’s your point? He steered PF to victory through lies. So you think the Zambians are dumb enough to trust PF and Kabimba again? What promises are you going to tout around now, that is what I am desperate to know. PF is gone. Try and accept that coz you just might kill yourself when HH is being sworn in very soon dude. Face your demons and accept them. Your party is a dunderhead led party that has brought misery that has never been felt before by the majority in this country. That issue in Mindolo has a domino effect. You mess with Kitwe people, you’re messing with the copperbelt, your alleged stronghold.

  14. The truth of the matter is that WK is now ruling and my brother HH is not. Both are my Brothers. WK is well placed to manipulate the system as things stand now.

  15. Not just winning an election (erection) even winning a case in the courts of law, he has NEVER won a case!!!!

  16. THERE IS TRUELLY SOMETHING WIERED ABOUT WINTER..he always says ‘even if hh uses juju’ he will not win..NOW LOOK AT HOW HIS JUJU has done to SATA..God will punish this little dimunitive evil fellow.

  17. UPND is a party of choice in Southern Province. It is not popular in Northern, Luapula, Eastern, Muchinga, Central, Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces. Remember Southern Province taught Zambians how to vote. UPND was declared a tribal party after the death of Might Mazoka.

    • Not anymore bwana, things have changed. stop living in past glory. central province is now UPND pure. so stop misleading yourself and others. itezhitezhi, upnd, mumbwa, nangoma,mwembeshi, chisamba,kembe, kabwe central is gone bwana. so what are you talking about. copperbelt rural, ndola central, chifubu is all UPND. come to lusak, chilanga were i coe from, chongwe, kanyama, rufunsa,feira, luangwa, kafue, oh my God, what he hell are you insinuating about. rewrite your history books or you remain in fools paradise mwaice.

  18. Someone very soon will be charged for treason masquerading as HOS using a power handover credentials from Kulima Tower Taxi rank . Wina azalila.

  19. @ dudelove
    I am very sure you are one of those who nearly took his life after learning that pf has won 2011,so you are thinking that SATA is oredy dead by 2016. This time around you will take your life.

  20. …as a potential voter I’m watching and listening. As the saying goes…’Never argue with a f***, people may find it difficult to notice the difference..’
    Just a little advice to both parties.
    For HH
    People are salvaging ‘gold’ from the black mountain once thought to be useless. Do not literally declare all what WK is uttering as rubbish…try to salvage one or two positives from it.

    For WK
    The analysis of 38%..18% in the previous posting not reliable. In 1991, MMD won with a land slide from a 0%. Even if Aka, or Wina or Kavindele stood for presidency, we would have had the same results. People did not go out to vote for MMD, they went out to vote UNIP out…the same in 2011, they wanted RB and group out….. I’m sure you know what point I’m trying to bring out……

    • Both HH and WK have one thing in common – They have never been elected by the people, that’s why they argue so much.

    • Scrutinizerer, iwe uli wamano. You are intelligent, yo analysis is based on facts. I am PF but I cannot ignore yo observations. How I pray people can be unbiased in their analysis like you.

  21. BUT HE IS RULING NOW. To follow is a series of reshuffles, purging those not aligned to him from Govt structures. MASEBO back are stories that will wrangle on for time on end. What a waste of time being part of the dispicable story of ZAMBIA. Am out!!!! (actually, I’ll be back for a holiday). Looking at the hindsight of the whole picture; we should have just let Kaunda (inshimbi ni nshimbi) rule. Mwanawasa, Chiluba and now don’t know if the MCS story of true or work of fiction, the three would have just been mere statistics and not the waste of resources witnessed so far. A STAR IS BORN in Kabimba and he is in th red corner, in the blue corner is HH, Nevers Mumba in another corner and others in however many corners there are. ‘Blood boiling’ is an understatement.

    1. He has no one to appoint him as acting president ( Winter is already eating the acting allowance while hichilema is just sitting on his testacles.
    2. Kabimba has no tribal inclination while the word “TONGA ” is written on hakainde’s face

  23. ba hh you will die with jeolous .kabimba right now is the head of state and respect him he is your president .at least kabimba has tested the powers of the president and not you has never tested the ward chairman ship.so keep quiet

  24. Let’s take some lessons from Malawi. The lady was pulled to the throne by the ruling party by then, same with WK who can think by being there everything will work for him. It is the people’s votes that will determine the next leader. So I don’t buy it when we start to say WK is already at the helm and HH is in the corridors of **********To rap it all let’s set the ball at the centre and we start to play the game of numbers and wait for the winner period.

  25. U say, Kabimba will never rule Zambia, but the man is ruling now. please rephrase your statement. may be say ” Kabimba will never be elected president of zambia”

    • chizungu chimivuta anzatu imwe. to act is simply to act. it does not make him president. just swallow your saliva, soon we shall have presidential bye elections. sata can not have a kidney transplant cox he’s too sick and old according to doctor’s report. even if they take him to india or uk the result will be the same. read ZWD

  26. Zambia has the President. This fight of who will be the next president of Zambia is irrelevant at the moment. It will be not until 2016 When Zambians will be lookig for a president again. This time let us all concentrate on building mother Zambia. Come with convincing reasons then as to why we should entrust you with the running of the affairs of this country. There only two determing factors in any election. I f the electorates are satisfied with the status quo , there is no change, but if not satified then they go for a change. As followers of Christ let us all learn to LOVE one another, pray for the sick and the suffering.

  27. Another aspect normally over-looked is how this power comes and goes so quickly.
    KK: 1964-1990/1
    FTJ: 1991-2001
    LM: 2002-2008
    RB: 2008-2011
    MCS: 2011- not known, believed to be on working holiday amid intense specculations)
    WK: 2014 (still scheming) –


  28. WHILE THESE CHANGES WHERE HAPPENING SOME HAVE BEEN BRUISED POLITICALLY. By the way where is Patrick Mwanawasa a young man who come on the political scene with a bang!! Am out!!

  29. @ supporters of WK.
    Presidency is not just a position of occupation. It must not be ones main objective like this Sata of yours, whose agenda was just …just …just to test presidency!!! It is a position for service of excellency, unlike the scrape which we are experiencing from this so called PF plus their president! Zambians must understand that as a country, we are competing on the world scene with other countries, if we continue thinking in the manner these PF fanatics do(I hope you PFs are just joking in your comments) then we are not worthy to exist as a country!

  30. Which constituency does your under five have? Winter must weep even more for sucking babies chances.

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