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Kalulushi Police holding woman for raiding churches

General News Kalulushi Police holding woman for raiding churches


Police in Kalulushi are holding a woman that has been going round churches to steal hand bags.

Police sources in Kitwe who confirmed the development today, said Bertha Chuulu 27 years of Mindolo Natwange (MN) had been targeting churches in Kitwe and Kalulushi stealing hand bags and money.

Sources said police managed to trace Chuulu after she sold a stolen phone to someone that reported her to the police station.

Sources said that Chuulu was found home with her two kids and a nine year old niece whom she had been sending to get people’s hand bag.

Sources said police found chuulu’s bedroom with a lot of different types of hand bags which she admitted, saying that she sold some of them in order to earn a living.

Sources disclosed that there were 47 Cell phones in the stolen hand bags and 35 hand bags have been discovered.

Chuulu is in police custody and will appear in Court tomorrow.


  1. Oh My God!! I feel for the niece..LT is it Mindolo Natwange or Mindolo Miseshi or Mukuba Natwange? I really want to know coz I live in one of these townships lest she steals my wife`s handbag too….

  2. “Kalulushi Police holding woman for raiding churches”
    LT, this is a very misleading heading!

  3. From one of the 35 handbags, look for the biggest one, zip her inside then throw her in Mindolo dam. Thieving little bastard.

  4. This lady stole at a UCZ church in Chingola 2wks ago using the same niece but was forgiven and even put on a bus to Kitwe cos she pretended to be stranded.Thank God she has been arrested.Christians be wise when dealing with thieves such practices have to be puished and not let loose.

    • She is no lady!!!

      The word lady is a civil term of respect for a woman, specifically the female equivalent to gentleman or lord, and in many contexts a term for any adult woman. Once confined to usage when specifically addressing women of high social class or status; over the last 300 years, the term can now be used to refer to any respectable adult woman.

  5. @ Kalin’gongo its not misleading that’s the truth she even stole from the church I congregate at in Kalulushi in May, one hand bag was found in a KT KLSH minibus without its contents.

  6. Chulu is a lamba indegenous copperbelt dwellers but have been stampled upon by other triges and are the poorest in the cb despite sitting on copper very less educated. Anyway lambas are also lazy unless in the bush and stealing maize etc

  7. Our check clerk lost K400.00 church money @ Fairview SDA church in Mufulira. Holy GHOST FIRE! Thank you God for the revelation. We all need to forgive her

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