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Shamenda advises unions to wait for arbitration

General News Shamenda advises unions to wait for arbitration

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has advised the Labour Movement to wait for the outcome of the arbitration process over the wage freeze government has imposed on public service.

Mr. Shamenda said he does not want to comment further on the issues being raised by the ZCTU in order not be seen as influencing the outcome of the arbitration.

He said that all the issues being raised by the unions with regards the wage freeze may have a negative impact on the outcome of the arbitration if not handled well.

Mr. Shamenda said government is doing everything possible to ensure that issues affecting workers are dealt with in a harmonious and respectful manner.

Mr. Shamenda has since advised the affected unions to remain calm and wait for the next course of action after the outcome of the arbitration.

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has accused Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda of trying to create divisions in the labour movement in order to weaken the resolve to fight the two year wage freeze imposed by government.


  1. ba fack shave bfore you utter rubish you cheap chap,what you were supporting and fighting for a few years ago has become your own enemy,own up oldman ubikepo na personal hygiene

  2. All employees currently with bank loans will only feel the heat this July month end! The new interest rate is 28%, from 21%. More money out of the pocket and frozen wage!
    Everything is going up while bwana Salary remains stunted!
    Fluffy is just buying time taking advantage of the now docile ZCTU!
    He knows he will soon be smiling his way to the bank for his cool half a million mid-term gratuity!
    Talk of Animal farm arrangement where some animals have more equal legs than others!

  3. Iwe chi Shamenda, thats why we ran from that country. You’re the chaps who caused us to run from our beatifull country. Anyway, soon we’ll be coming back after you’ve been voted out of office. In conclusion, I can only say, you’re a pig.

  4. Ba Shamenda why don’t you shave ifimyemfu? atase!! Stop uttering rubbish.People are suffering because of your policies.

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