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Hundreds welcome Mulenga Sata back home


Mulenga Sata's arrival at  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata Addressing PF cadres

Hundreds of unruly PF cadres thronged the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Saturday afternoon to welcome Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata back home from his weeklong trip to South Korea.

Some of the cadres were however made to believe that were going to welcome President Michael Sata from his working holiday in Israel.

The cadres who mostly appeared drunk were loaded in several buses and pick up vehicles and were at the airport by 12 Hours chanting pro PF slogans.

Some of them interviewed revealed that they were asked to join their colleagues to the airport on the pretext that they would be welcoming President Sata and that they did not know anything about Councilor Sata’s arrival.

Councilor Sata who was overjoyed with the massive turn out thanked the cadres and asked them to be disciplined.

The cadres started chanting Mulenga Sata for 2016 slogans as he left the international arrivals terminal causing chaos at the airport.

Councilor Sata addressed them mostly in Bemba and urged them to remain united.

“I was worried when I was in South Korea that maybe our party in the district has disintegrated. It is good to see that we are still united, let us remain this way,” he said.

He said the PF is a party for all Zambians and everyone should feel proud to belong to this party.

Councilor was also heard instructing the youth leaders to buy the cadres opaque beer known as Shake Shake as a token of appreciation.

“Lelo naikkosa, mwaisa abengi, mwalapitafye muli Shake Shake (today is difficult, you have come too many. You will only have Shake Shake,” Councilor Sata could be heard as he sped off.

The cadres later caused serious traffic chaos on the road leading from the airport right through to the Great East road, honking and singing pro Mulenga Sata 2016 songs.

Mulenga Sata's arrival at  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata’s arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata's arrival at  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata’s arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata's arrival at  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata’s arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata's arrival at  Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata’s arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mulenga Sata's supporters at the airport
Mulenga Sata’s supporters at the airport


    • Oh dear , oh dear, I have never seen such confusion in ONE political party with so many centres of power. Why are they saying 2016 Mulenga Sata? Do they know what we don’t know? I feel sorry for PF actually. This to me sounds like the scene played out in the bible between David and his third son Absalom. I hope Mulenga Sata is not hatching an Absalom consipracy.

      There is definetely something deeply wromng and twisted with PF. This show needs to play itself fast, the anxiety and suspense is killing some of us.

    • This is disappointing.I read somewhere that King Cobra will land in 2 hours time.So it is junior Cobra in disguise? Talk of mistaken identity.

    • @Nostradamus
      where are you?,,,, you didnt warn me that your cousin has taken over, he is now the official president,,,,,, just look at the party at KK international airport,,, people drunk everywhere,,,, the last time there was a scene like this,,, Zambia had won the african cup!,,,, sitting president Kabimba had to run away to kaoma because the official president Sata mulenga is in,,,,,, Guy Scot must be shaking out of his skin!

    • “Lelo naikkosa, mwaisa abengi, mwalapitafye muli Shake Shake (today is difficult, you have come too many. You will only have Shake Shake,” Councilor Sata could be heard as he sped off.

    • Maxwell from Big brother is now a full time shake shake cadre? But abantu balapwa, that’s why with education is the key to success.

    • Doctors in Israel said there is nothing they could do to save Sata so its better he enjoys his last days in state house. This explains why Kabimba is still acting president. If Sata was healthy as they would like us believe, they would have shown us his photos.

      Some how a have a feeling its not him who came, but his decoy. Where ever Sata is, the doctors gave him a few days to live. If he reaches August he will be very lucky.

    • Reading what Musamba has revealed concerning the operation and the anti-bemba agenda of the Zambian watchdog has left me questioning the sanity of the people that takes whatever the watchdog writes as gospel truth.Hakainde must be ashamed to be sponsoring such a publication.Those people might think they are just campaigning for HH but their hatred and anti-bamba agenda is indirectly sewing bad seeds in the country.There is a Bemba vs Tonga`s feud that has started developing in this nation as a result of what those people are doing.It is about time they realized that Zambia is not about bemba`s or about Tonga`s ruling.High time reasonable thinking Zambians spoke out against what these people are doing.Time we rose about looking at each other in terms of tribes.It is such a shame.

    • @Ndobo, my friend I was so damn busy watching World Cup….
      What a country, are those the “Zambians’ who went to welcome Maiko Sata, and to disappointment they find a Councillor…. What a lot of work for Major Sata to clean the roads full of Shake-shake packets.
      Kekekekeke people like Saulosi should just hang-themselves, what are we doing in Zambia???? Are those CADRES or thieves from the streets?

    • Information filtering through from state house suggests that Katongo (Sata)did not arrive as reported, but instead it his son who arrived back from seeing his father via South Korea. But who knows whether he really was in South Korea as there is no photo or footage to verify this fact.

      When a plane flies off our KK airport, its difficult to know the true destination of the particular passenger as there are no direct flights between Zambia and many destinations around the world. So it is possible that Mulenga did a “donch Kubeba” to avoid questions about his father health if he told the truth that he was on his way to Israel. I am 100% convinced that Mulenga had gone to Israel via Dubai.

      I don’t believe anything said by PF because they are liars through and through.

    • Its really a shame that a councillor ‘s arrival is announced and yet the president ‘s is hidden. Questions must be asked; Did Sata really arrive as reported or its another Donchi Kubeba strategy to curb speculations on his health? If Sata arrived why is Kabimba still the acting president?

      Unless these questions are answered I wont believe what the PF minions are saying that is back.

    • This dose send shivers in HH & MMD camp whether they like it not. Don’t be cheated that people didn’t know who they were welcoming, look at the faces in the pictures do they look like people who didn’t know. The young man has the Charisma, he has likeable personality. Before the young Sata says anything he has already started pulling crowds. This is all in appreciation fro what the father has done for Zambia especially for the poor. Yes MCS may not be well and capable of leading PF beyond 2016 but he has sown a good seed of hard work and action oriented man that will see his legacy live on. What I like about Mulenga is his voice of uniting Zambians, keep it this way Mulenga and only God knows how far you will go. WATCH THIS SPACE

    • Put pressure on Kabimba to disclose who is paying for transporting PF cadres to go and welcome a mere Councilor from Bauleni.
      Kabimba must be accountable for this mess, using PF money to welcome a son of a president, while the “acting-president” is having sleepless nights?
      This is sign that PF is in tatters, no coordination at all. Worsted money once again!!.

    • Golden….

      The current PF govt has not fought against tribalism as UNIP did. Their actions and rhetoric has only encouraged tribalism.

    • Iwe on what basis are you saying such?? Even if HH may not be the ideal surely not this chap who has also just emerged from nowhere. Ata lacking alternatives not this choice of yours. Too raw ,cant even dress up properly/ fyonse nibu kaponya. No mwana youd better choose me instead!!!

  1. He is a crowd puller including a familar face in a red suit.Someone is misleading this youngman he should take Guy Scott’s advice free of charge because Lubinda at least has done by accepting that if one’s parents are foriegns one can’t aspire for presidency.

  2. This Mulenga Sata is definetely not leadership material and lets us not even go to presidential. This is nonsense and the sooner it eneds the better. I don’t think Zambians are going to put in power another school failure like his father. As a nation we have leant our lessons. If Low lifes likes the one in the picture think they will win 2016 , they are in for a rude shock. As a nation we needed to make this mistake to learn and we have learnt. Mulenga sata could be President for his Dogs he used to sell , not people please

    • If KK’s sons didnt rule who r even Doctors- THEN WHO IS MULENGA SATA ??

      Zambia is not a Kingdom…..!!! I can physically come to shed blood home if such no sense is reapet.

      We ve well Educated people to lead us…..!!!!

      More over PF r cought up with lies. Mulenga was with the FATHER tho the FATHER hates him @ his Mother.

      He cant b a President NEVER NEVER he has charisma like his dad.

    • Strange, didnt the Dogs report that he rushed to “his father’s bedside in Isreal”? Why is he back from South Korea and not Isreal? Someone educate us. We need Geograph lessons. Dogs will remain dogs. Musamba 1 ZWD 0.

  3. some 1diots on this site are already hallucinating. what has mulenga said that makes him a better candidate for president than HH or chipimo? what is there to look back at and attribute it to his success? ofcourse other than selling dogs? think with your heads people not tribe


    • it seems you are the top dog – the dog of all dogs and you are in love with dog-watching or should I say you are a watchdog.

    • @Matipa, What has Mulenga said that makes him a better candidate for President? My dear haven’t you read that he gave his speech in Bemba? In PF you have to speak Bemba to be regarded as a qualified Presidential candidate. This is the new litmus for one to get a job in government, parastatals , public bodies or foreign service.

  4. The behaviour that was exhibited by PF cadres on Mtendere road this morning was just bull sheet. How can cadres block roads and insulting other road users as if they are the owners of the road! That was total bull sheet at its highest level.

    • Simwanza Kanyakula….

      Yes, they can block roads and do anything they feel like. What do you expect from thugs and kaponyas when senior govt officials appreciate their behaviour. You should also question the credibility of the leaders who sponsor them to do these things. Imagine if an opposition party leader was to attract even a small size crowd of disciplined loyalists to go and welcome them from the airport? Madam Stella and Dr Jere, would send trucks of heavily armed police to go and tear gas, beat up and arrest them to “restore order”.
      The PF is not only making itself unpopular to normal thinking Zambians but is threatening to peace and stability by encouraging this behaviour.

  5. LT Editor you should be ashamed of yourself for reducing your website to such levels, is there no news today…posting gallery of photos of a mob for hire bribed with shaky shaky opaque beer.
    Political Party cadres we never learn here we are at it worshipping this silly Daddy’s boy…what leadership qualities has this boy got he has bully and bribed his way to top.

    • Iwe naiwe kamudala.You always think you have an authority here.Who do you think you are ?Even yesterday when somebody wanted to talk about the Musamba vs ZWD issue you started passing your crap.You think you are very knowledgeable and intelligent when you are not.If you are not happy with this site then leave.This is news to us.Basop iwe.

    • @Philip
      In all honesty how is that issue going to help our people? Zambians do not know how powerful social media is, yet you use it for the wrong reasons…adults undressing each other in the public domain like primary school pupils is good facebooking…save your talk time for worthy causes.
      Wake up…and I don’t post for approval points or to seek penpals!!

    • You are on point Philip.This chap used to spend his days player hating on Kalusha Bwalya and his FAZ executive and we used to tolerate his nonsense.Today he wants to walk on a false moral high ground.How i hate chaps who think they are more intelligent than others.

    • Yes, let’s not talk ill of the Great King Kalu, he won us the Africa Cup in 2012, he is a great legend…let’s turn a blind eye to the utter stinking corruption at Football House, the secret TV sponsorship deals, even if he gets an $80,000 loan and never credits it in FAZ treasury…lets continue funding FAZ with taxpayer’s money even if there is no transparency or accountability.
      You will NOT TOLERATE bloggers to talk ill of this Daddy’s boy yet you will tolerate him going to Korea at the invitation of a Private Construction Company a councilor/ mayor….that is corruption in itself. When the next overpriced GRZ tender is handed to a Korean you will remember this trip.

      Wake up!!

    • I cringe when ever i see this hater Hamasaka aka JAY JAY’s posts,he wants to control Lusaka Times,go back and rebuild your dog house ,Musamba demolished it.Utterly disgusted.

    • @Robin
      Now you are clutching at straws, this is what gossiping does to you….very retrogressive indeed…you start pointing at shadows that even include your own.
      Grow up and enrich your brain with the right knowledge that will make you a better person….you currently using only 2% of brain every time you read that rubbish.
      Wake up!!

    • #Jay Jay
      You are just a hater mambala.You should stop your self-worship.Things don`t revolve around you.I don`t want to see you talking nonsense again you hear ?

    • Jay Jay….

      It is news. These things happened and Zambians need to know and interpret for themselves.

    • The “Saint” I tell you if this was the opposition, they would be clobbered with shambokozi and their faces ruthlessly bruised and battered beyond recognition. Now because they are the PF thugs they have been allowed and since when did we see a mayor being welcomed by such huge crowds?

  6. Where are the photos of the president returning home? Instead we have photos of his son. This is a really twisted government indeed. There’s something wrong here

    • Spot on…this is The Republic of Zambia, you pay old man Sata every time you get paid via PAYE on your payslip and they have no clue where the old man is. When are we going to wake up and be tuned in like our Kenyan colleagues. They wouldn’t take this lying down they would have camped at National Assembly.

  7. “Lelo naikkosa, mwaisa abengi, mwalapitafye muli Shake Shake” ha ha ha.I like that part. Kanshi lelo balakolwa sana ba guy.

  8. This is concept of ‘Donchi Kubeba’. PF gonga’d that Michael Chilufya Sata has recovered in Israel and needed to be welcomed at KK international air port. Drunkard unruly PF cadres turned up only to be greeted and promised more shake shake opaque beer by Mulenga Sata. That is government of kabovas by kabovas for kabovas – Donchi Kubeba, Never, never, never again Zambia once bitten, twice shy.

    • This is total madness.Zambia is turning into a kingdom.A village were pipo can chose a president just because he comes from their clan. Were is democracy? were are the Educated pipo to educate these retarded monkeys from futher injuring our Economy?Twachula twapapata .I cant believe my eyes and ears. Zambians olo mufikopo we should think with our brains not our bellies we have future generations who will be affected with what we do now.

  9. How are mayors welcomed? By unruly party cadres? Is a mayor too shallow a position to be deligated to such cheap welcome?

    From the pictures, the story is very clear. Is chaos theory applicable here in some political party?

    And how come Korea pictures were never flashed? Korea my foot!!!

    How bout the story of sneaking in of elder statesman? Does it coincide with this flashy welcome by cadres??

    Chaos theory indeed. We can add confucious??

    • there is no chaos. Chaos is undefined order. Just because you do not know the mathematical fuctions that govern the behaviour of what you perceive to be chaos does not in itself mean that the behaviour is chaotic. This is undeniably the same audacity that man has had since he came onto this planet to assign rules,laws that govern phenomenon which he till now least understands but thinks he does. ifya ba mulenga sata and others fitwaleni uko and dont use it synonymously with words such as chaos. its actually an insult to the word and nature in general.

  10. People seriously think Mulenga Sata should be the next president of Zambia, I fear for Zambia.

    • And the only discernable thing he could talk about was “entitlement to shakers” OR is “right to shake shake”!!!

    • @London Eye, I am with you in fearing for our once beloved Zambia. I am now thinking maybe I should blame MMD for failing to educate the masses, because honestly how did we get to this position?????? How????? The education that I am think of is actually basic, just having a proper thought process.

  11. Mulenga Jelita Sata for president. which planet? somebody had to hire these people using Michael Charles katongo Jay sata s name as the person coming. this chap is trying to build his name through this method. LT next time give us news and not this crap.

  12. Wtf is going on in zambia. Wtf is Mulenga Sata? Wtf is the President? This sh8 got to stop..wat 12 days with out a president..who is not even fit to rule a Country..& wtf is this Kabimba.. Come on Zambia wake up before these morans run the Country to the ground.. Can’t take this sh8 no more..damn!!

    • The silly boy Junior thinks he will easy his way to the top…forgetting they are hungry blood thirsty hyenas in shadows and vultures above waiting for the right opportunity. Where was this boy yesterday?

  13. went to Israel to tell the father about the political situation in Zambia. am sure the father is coming back tomorrow so that it appears as though they were in different places.

  14. PF ideology at ‘work’ within PF. “Don’t kubeba” it is. Its deceit, lies, abuse, of power, resulting in distrust, confusion, lack of respect for others, leading to breakdown in law and order which causes deceit, lies etc.. and the whole cycle begins again, thanks to one Michael C.K. Sata.

  15. @ 5.1 I meant to say “MULENGA SATA doesnt ve charisma like the Father.

    Sata its only tht he became a president at an Old age otherwise he wud ve changed Zambia.

    Ths Mulenga Sata councilor is a short. UN EDUCATED FELLOW. NOTHING can come out frm the bastard…..!!!!

  16. There is something wrong somewhere…HE returns home last night and all media houses are mute about his home coming and strangely Kamimbya is still acting! Didnt some clever lawyer somewhere tell us you cannot have two presidents in the country at the same time. The guards on state house gates are back on duty…please tell us the truth!
    And now we see this welcoming reception of Joe Mulenga Sata …ala bane what is happening kanshi?

  17. Elyo ninshi, ba wintr has never ever pulled such a crowed. That’s mudala has just chosen to run away to some ‘official’ program somewhere.its very bad….

  18. I just like second pict from top. Hve posted it on my face book. Will even produce a calender. Hey! Wow! Even father Bwalya was there.

  19. Lanky, charismatic and brainy, to boot. He could cause a whirlwind at the presidential stakes. Any way we tired of dwarfism in heads of state!

  20. So there is a class of people who are exploited and brainwashed by politicians and their worth is a mere tin of opaque beer. Have a look at them in their thousands paying homage to a president’s son at the airport.

  21. Just in TREE HOURS your story has attracted;
    ZeMule kwena uli na heat infact @this rate,you’r bcoming more POPULAR than ba mundala.They have felt it nangu bakutuke.
    Nelo! Nelo!… Nelo! Nelo!

    • As usual confused as your chosen name….you’re gauging an individual popularity by number of views, comments and as is the case in social media number of friends requests and followers. Just because people read your articles it doesn’t necessarily mean the like you.

  22. There is a high chance that Mulenga Sata will become the next PF president and the the president of Zambia, I for one would give him a “hundred Votes”. Winter Kabimba needs Sata to transfer popularity to him for him to be able to win an election, Winter can not win on his own… Now if I was the the president and my son wishes to stand… it is only logical that I give power to my son. All this is possible because Micheal Sata is the only popular person in the PF countrywide. SATA IS PF AND PF IS SATA, The next PF president will need and endorsement from Sata. The most likely way Winter would win an election would be to do it the RB way on Mwanawasa’s body… so Sata should be careful.

    • At one time Zambians were made to believe that UNIP and KK were the only entities that would ensure peace and prosperity for Zambia. ….and there were no alternate political parties. In 1990 Zambians came together and in the twinkling of an eye UNIP and KK were begging for mercy.

  23. From 1973 until his death, Brezhnev’s central nervous system underwent chronic deterioration and he had several minor strokes and insomnia and narcolepsy combined. In 1975 he suffered his first heart attack.[101] When receiving the Order of Lenin, Brezhnev walked shakily and fumbled his words. According to one American intelligence expert, United States officials knew for several years that Brezhnev had suffered from severe arteriosclerosis and believed he had suffered from other unspecified ailments as well. In 1977 American intelligence officials publicly suggested that Brezhnev had also been suffering from gout, leukemia and emphysema.

  24. Brezhnev rarely appeared in public during the spring, summer and the autumn of 1982. The Soviet government claimed that Brezhnev was not seriously ill, but he was surrounded by doctors. He suffered a severe stroke in May 1982, but refused to relinquish office. During mid-autumn on 7 November 1982, despite his failing health, Brezhnev was present standing on Lenin’s Mausoleum during the annual military parade and demonstration of workers commemorating the anniversary of the October Revolution. The event would also mark Brezhnev’s final public appearance before his dying three days later after suffering a heart attack.[109]

  25. Abena Charlie Cool Kays Mwango seem to be copying Brezhnev. Yesterday’s airport pictures might be his last public outing because I hear a major heart attack is coming next week.

  26. The presidency of Zambia is not a royal job where inheritance is the norm.Mulenga Sata needs to be told so.

  27. What a comedy. Another “populist political non-com” make claim on the highest office of the land supported by thousands of drunken thugs.
    As the Chinese say “wish you to live interesting times”

  28. @ Saulosi

    Apart to be “disappointed” can you comment from your usual “high-ground” on politics driven by bunch of drunken criminals?
    Do not be afraid, you are out of the jurisdiction of hungry stray dogs.

  29. Our country is really a mess much as I love Zambia such things make me want to stay overseas and never come back!

  30. So Mulenga is asking for unity in the party using Bemba, are all PF members Bemba? If so, what more proof do you need that this party is the principal tribal party than what the big wigs would like us to believe?

  31. Michael Sata for next president?

    Interesting to see how in many countries without hereditary kings/queens, i.e. in so-called ‘democracies’, people create ‘dynasties’. Look at some of them, recent past or present, and get worried: North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Central America, South America, Middle East etc.

    Such dynasties are possible only if the incumbent is a dictator, creates a lot of wealth for his family, rewards his supporters and then imposes his offspring on the people to the detriment of all. – And so we get hereditary dictatorships.

    Just check once the internet – “family dictatorship” – absolutely frightening!

  32. Feel sorry for these poor people not only were they duped, now they are made to promote some chap who only became famous because daddy is President. PF stop
    abusing our youths for your own gain while ignoring their plight to empower themselves
    You don’t want them rich because if they are better they will have no time for you, shame on you PF. Right now we are taking a taste of our own medicine we should not make the same mistake have another unaccomplished, uneducated fool into state house, if we do , we will be throwing our country to the dogs.

  33. Mulenga sata is daydreaming and allowing himself to be duped that he is Presidential material. Far from it! The day he will be made Presidential candidate is the day PF will disintegrate remaining with only drunken youths who dont vote but only know best how to chase for the next packet of shake shake.

  34. what education ar pipo talkn about? uku kwine ukwa pa paper but practicaly u cant even ready properly n u ar here yaping caling your friend uneducated,if at o u ar educated as u claim show us wat av done for Zambian to prove to us otherwise u cant even make it to be a councilor as mulenga sata but u jst spend most of your time criticising and insulting those who av been democraticaly elected at the expense of develpmt.some of you,u ar political failures and u think even others wil fail de same JAY JAY wat av u done for Zambia? u havent even belt a toilet for Mother zambian but busy critising who ar contributing to de develpmnt of our country.come out and stand also so dat we see de level of yo education.rather than wanting to run LT like KANTEMBA or your home oposing every opinion…

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