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HH urges people of Southern Province to accept Vice President Guy Scott’s apology


Vice President Guy Scott with Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony patron Hakainde Hichilema during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
Vice President Guy Scott with Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony patron Hakainde Hichilema during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has urged the people of Southern Province to accept Vice President Guy Scott’s apology over his recent remarks that a minority group from the province was talking
about President Michael Sata’s health.

Speaking in Monze today during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony of the Tonga speaking people also attended by
Dr Scott and several chiefs, Mr Hichilema who is Lwiindi traditional ceremony patron, said unity and peace should be promoted by all Zambians and that traditional ceremonies were important in reflecting the country’s cultural values and norms.

Mr Hichilema urged Government to ensure the maize floor price was increased from K70 per 50 kilogramme. Mr Hichilema also called for the equipping of farmers with adequate drugs for livestock protection against diseases.

And delivering his speech at the ceremony, the vice president said that Government is scaling up infrastructure development in Southern Province with the upgrading of Monze-Niko road commencing in September this year.

Dr Scott said that Government had accelerated the delivery of various infrastructure projects across the province in order to improve the living standards of the locals.

He said the construction of Monze-Niko road would start on September 28 and that it would open up more job opportunities for the locals.

“As Government, we are scaling up the social cash transfer programme and this Monze-Niko road project will take off on September 28, 2014 and we are delivering many developmental projects,” he said.

He said the Government was aware that the Kafue-Mazabuka road was in a deplorable state and that rehabilitation works were underway to resurface it.

Dr Scott said the upgrading of palaces for traditional leaders citing Chieftainess Mwenda, Chona and Chongo were also underway.

He said Government recognized traditional ceremonies as key events in developing culture and fostering peace and unity hence it would always engage chiefs in the development process.

He said Government was aware of concerns raised by farmers on the maize floor price pegged at K70 per 50 kilogramme bag and it was holding talks with key stakeholders on the matter.

And Chief Monze urged political leaders to desist turning the ceremony into a political arena saying he would not condone those fueling confusion by ferrying political cadres to cause confusion.

“Please don’t politicise this traditional ceremony it’s not a political arena but we need to celebrate it as one,” he said.

And Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe said inciting people to cause confusion was not proper leadership among politicians and what was important was to have unite among the masses.

VICE President Guy Scott greets senior Chief Monze as Chieftainess Choongo (middle) and Chief Chikanta look on shortly after arrival for Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
VICE President Guy Scott greets senior Chief Monze as Chieftainess Choongo (middle) and Chief Chikanta look on shortly after arrival for Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
Traditional dancers with spears entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
Traditional dancers with spears entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
UNIDENTIFIED drunk man takes a nab during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
UNIDENTIFIED drunk man takes a nab during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
MAKIRI-KIRI dancers from Botswana entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
MAKIRI-KIRI dancers from Botswana entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
Traditional dancers with spears entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
Traditional dancers with spears entertain the audience during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze


    • Useless HH- instead of putting pressure on PF to show where Sata is and why Kabimba is still Acting President when the PF Post Newspaper is saying is still in Zambia- HH is talking trash- making him look under five- How I miss Sata when he was in the opposition, Mwanawasa and Banda had no peace- not this under five clinic.

    • Well done HH.

      All these people lying about Sata health should be caged for lying under oath.

      I think this is a celebration of Sata’s birthday posthumously. What kind of a birth day is this where the birthday boy is no where to be seen.

      There remain a lot of questions to be answered concerning Sata ‘s health and his where about.

      For me to stop speculating that Sata is either dead or almost dead, I need to see him address the nation on ZNBC very soon, I mean tomorrow. If he does not then the man is embalmed in state house.

      Zambia as at now might ruled by a corpse embalmed and tucked away in state house ladies and gentlemen. The family did their morning in the past two weeks and now are used to the idea the man is gone. So what is important now is to preserve their status.

    • ba OLA, yet you were going to be the first ones again saying ati under 5 is bringing politics to traditional ceremonies. tamwaba nachisuma. HH was patron of this ceremony, try to distinguish his roles abit considering the circumstances. He infact made an appeal to the govt on matters which concerned the farmers and people of southern province. i think he did well.

    • @Ola 1.1
      You r surprising me. We ve to ve mature Politics but NOT EVERY TIME dragging and nugging. HH did well in the way je came out. Even Scott did well to.

      We need CIVILISED WAY of doing Politics.

      Lets get United as Zambians and lets be LOGICAL in all we do.

      @Gazaze…..I just wanted to let u kno tht I LOVE GUY SCOTT IRRESPECTIVE of his Skin color. He is just a Brilliant Fellow.

    • @Ola, what pressure do you want from HH. Sata is your president too, therefore you are entitled to a one man demonstration at govt complex or parliament for that matter. do something yourself. A one man or woman demonstration does not require a permit and therefore, Public Order Act will not apply

    • Dear HH

      I have, because of your plea, forgiven Guy scott for his racist remarks. Guy Scott, I have forgiven you. I also want to forgive the ‘Bantustan’ insulting memembe. Will he apologise for his racist remark and his contriving the ‘Tonga under oath’ diabolical scheme to usher in ‘Zero Option’ tyranny over the South?

      I urge my compatriots in the West, North West, Central and with help of East to glue as one. We need each other against the donchi kubeba clan.

    • This is the first correct thing that HH has ever done in his political career.

      I hope this is a turning point for him where he will substitute emotions with rationality.

      We need this kind of politics for our country


    • @ Sundan- I agree with you 100% what Guy said was bad and he deserved a taste of his own dosage- First is a minority white man who is a continuation of colonialism in Zambia when there are able Zambian who can do the job. He is a racist who has no regard for the country that has offered him a job instead of being in the care home in UK at his age. He is so arrogant that he can insult the owners of the country- He should be deported as soon as possible because he is a threat to peace and good order. He should be aware that he is stealing our jobs and he should leave.

    • If only you could write in lower case letters, I would read but it indicates how loud you love to shout. Please, use lower case next time.
      Nevertheless, Chieftainess Choongo is in awe of Scott, pity.
      See,Judge and Act is the way to go, HH is a listening and forgiving leader, well done for encouraging the people of Tonga land to accept Dr Scotts apology.

  2. Hahahahah These are the Politjcs we NEED where Opponents can meet. Great Democracy for Zambia.

    Thumbs up. More over Guy Scot is Tonga only the skin makes him Look different BUT he was born in Tongaland.

    • Zadaze and Ola…

      Racism by both white and blacks is negative, undesirable and un-civilised. The world is becoming one village and mixing of races and tribes is the way to go. Look at the French team – almost ALL black African. Your kind of thinking is recipe for conflict and backwardness. The VP blundered quite OK and you are doing exactly the same – except for you, the only reason is ignorance. Please, spare us, you are embarrassing us. Zambia has a good reputation in the region for embracing people from all races and religions and that is civilisation. That is the kind of Zambia we want. Both HH and VP did well to attend the same ceremony = UNITY, FORGIVENESS = CHRISTIANITY = PROGRESS.

    • iwe let me say this, you are still trying hard to see yourselves accepted by white people. What global village are you talking about. The same africans playing for the french national team are spit at when they play in the fields of europe. Ask Thierry Henry and he will tell you. The sooner you accept white supremacy and its control the better for us,as we will then know what and what not to expect from white people. Global village, but you are using their language, names, religion etc. A village is a community in which everyone participates on equal basis. What is equal about the laundering of the natural resources from african countries, unfair trade regulations as are to be imposed by the EU? Dont cheat yourself, umusungu temunobe. wake up and stop licking their behinds!!!

  3. Ba scott after all these years in zambia, you still have not picked up on a few of our cultural and traditional practices. Imfumu tulafukama pakuiposha. Even when greeting the queen of england, you always bow down as you shake her hand. Her subjects in England atleast know this and do this.
    The makiri kiri dancer from botswana on the left, has got one big left thigh. Hmm thats a big leg!!!! You almost cant tell the difference between the shadow nechi kulu as it progresses upwards to the danger zone!!!

  4. How about Monze chivuna mogoye road wen is the govt upgrading this road?even mps in these areas do not talk about this road, why?we also want development.

  5. HH is a leader, & has shown great leardership during his polical career.

    Thumbs Upnd & the people of Zambia.

  6. @ Zagaze……..I ve NO INFERIORITY COMPLEX but I give praise where its due my Guy mayb MORE ZAMBIAN than u.

    He grew up in this Land of Zambia & got his PhD Europe & I dont kno wht your qualifications u v.

    I MADLY LOVE my Scott.

    @Ola 1.1 Stop thinking the way r thinking. We kno this Govt and how can u start PUSHING a Dead Elephant- in State House ‘”tht give us a Constitution”. . There should a Solution out of this Dilema the Country is in………!!!? Kabimba has to STEP DOWN BUT how ? thts the question……!!!

    Lets sit down as Zambians and think of how we can do it for a STABLE ZAMBIA.

    • @Anderson chisala – what has my education or his education got to do with what i wrote about earlier? Does it mean that a PhD from europe is a qualification for being zambian or do you want to imply that a PhD is a marker for greatness, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, what? whats the connection with the PhD, i just dont get it?

  7. @Zagaze……I am not saying u r WRONG but the issue is tht we ve to understand the “cause of circumstance” for one to b where they r. I believe u r CURRENTLY BASED in Canada if not mistaken. You can decide to b an MP and compete EFFECTIVELY WITHOUT one citizen ‘poking into your nose’ about your skin color.

    Guy Scott is a most elite Individual in the WHOLE OF PF CABINET. He dresses well, Defends and represents the Country well though he issued a PURPOTED to b a BAD statement against SA whn he was in UK. He LOVES HIS COUNTRY ZAMBIA. He is PATRIOTIC even more than alot of people in diaspora.

    If it was not for tht ‘clause in the CONSTITUTION’ me I wud ve come to cast a vote for him to b a PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA.

    He is qualified to lead Zed….!!!

  8. Thumbs up to both Scott and HH for some good examples here. I rarely praise politicians because they are all corrupt.

    • Welcome back George Chellah! How was lying on the beach in Israel?

      Too bad your boss came back looking like your picture. Now we will have to change all the portraits in all the offices in the country!

  9. looks like the VP had no one to advise and prepare him for the ceremony. This can be seen by lack of protocol while greeting the Chief. There is no way u can greet the chief in that manner especially when the chief is seated. One need to go down on his/her knees, or squat or at least bend the knees to an extent that the level of your eyes are lower than the Chief’s.
    I’m sure Scott is fully aware of that…..but because WE are nonentities, he wouldn’t do it. On several occasions, his boss has demonstrated it before…..e.g when he made a courtesy call at chief Nkomeshya’s palace….

  10. I want to commend both HH and the VP for exhibiting a higher level of maturity during the ceremony. we have everything to gain if we cage our emotions and dont allow HATE to rule our times. Remember that we have posterity to take care of through the actions of today.

  11. First, I am human, then Bemba or Tonga. So a tribe does not count. We are all human beings created in the image of God. We all belong to a very big tribe, and that tribe is called ZAMBIA.

  12. The Chief in the middle has a PhD? Why she is wearing a PhD gown? and SCOT also should kneel down when greeting Chiefs he can get a leaf from the former president Michael Chilufya SATA??

  13. HH thats they way to go show people that you can lead and guide. If you show us that you are tailored from a different material then you are capable of leading not insults always. Keep it up.

  14. hey mr scrutinizer, much as it is true that the VP disregarded some protocol by not bowing down completely before the chiefs, that is overriden by the fact that he attended the ceremony which showed even more respect. If he never attended at all, the talk would hav been something else. Thumbs-up to HH and the VP

  15. Guy Scot must apologize to all Zambians and not only people 0f Southern Province. Infact he should learn to tame his sour mouth. If not next time he will say Luvales , Salas , Inamwangas or Lambas are small tribes. May I advise Charllotte to take care of that monument of a person called Guy Scot. If he does not listen to her Isuggest she applies sanctions. Dont open your legs for him for a week . He will sit up and that will help Zambia. I am not a Tonga neither am I a parliamentarian. My apology please.

  16. At least he has apologised, what more do you want from? At least you should forgive and forget.

    • Forgive and forget? Guys we should not overuse this phrase. On our planet only one race has been forced to forgive and forget: The black race. The jews have hunted down everyone who was involved in the holocaust while we Africans were told to forgive and forget those who killed and took our people as slaves thousands of kilometres away. We have forgiven the colonialists who came into our own land invaded us and killed millions of us. If you look around all war m,ongers like Germany and Japan have been made to repay for the destruction they caused. we Africans have received no such compensation. Lets use forgive and forget sparingly. Let us use “forgive and forget” sparingly for its a racist way of turning us into lambs

  17. For those questioning whether Guy followed protocal when Greeting Chiefs.Its not always necessary to genuflect or kneel in the Presence of most Southern Chiefs,especially so among Ila Chiefs unless they are seated at Court or on the throne.This is mainly because these chiefs are free with people and occupy themselves in other ways other than being Chiefs.

    • @Zed.. friend , try to discuss the protocol subject with your grandfather or any elderly man….you may learn one or two new things….

  18. But HH is just one of the subjects it is the paramaunt chief who should , say such words not just any one who feels like when did he become the spokes person for southern province

  19. Beautiful handshake.
    Scott must explain to the Tonga people what a Rhodes Scholar is.
    In addition, Hachilema has to explain also to the Tonga People what happened to Harry Nkumbula’s emerald mine.
    The reason I am saying this is there are days in Bemba Land (Monkey Land) when we used to move with two party Cards in our pocket; ANC; UNIP.

  20. Guy Scott knows that he , Kabimba , Inonge Wina and Lubinda will know what it means to real minorities in a post Sata PF era. Although they are the first two are core of PF. Sata used Bemba,s as a base to make it popular. PF will not survive a post Sata era and will disintegrate. Watch this space on what Kabimba will say when he is flushed out by PF. It’s PF turn to declare but cleverly that only a Bemba can be the leader. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

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