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GBM calls for peace, reconciliation

General News GBM calls for peace, reconciliation

KASAMA Central Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba second (left) with his wife Chama Mwamba
KASAMA Central Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba second (left) with his wife Chama Mwamba

Former Defense Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has called on Zambians more especially leaders to bury their political and tribal differences and endeavor to unite as Zambians.
Mr. Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, has since urged the people of Zambia to foster peace and unity as the country celebrates Heroes’ and Unity days.

The Kasama Central lawmaker has also urged the people of Zambia to recognize and appreciate the role Heroes played in the country’s liberation.

Mr. Mwamba, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central Member of Parliament, says this is the time that Zambians should unite and not to look back on the differences they have had in the past.

He says people should realize that they need each other for development and thus the need for them to remain united in a bid to promote peace and stability in the country.


    • When is heroes day?
      God please give us Ba Sata back, we used to have a Hero, but now we feel like we have Zero.

    • wanzelu if someone talks sence,you need to second him,you should not Always come out like a unpd cadra everytime.Zambia needs unity at a t6ime like this were a satanic cartel wants to take over the nation


  1. GBM should set the ball rolling by paying a courtesy call on the acting president Winter Kabimba and reconcile with him over their long standing hostilities. Talking in general terms achieves nothing.

    • GBM for Republican President. GBM, kindly consider making Given Lubinda as Vice President of this Republic please. That way you will achieve what HEMCS would have wished to had he been in good health.

      Now that’s my winning team by any bet, UNBEATEABLE.

  2. Thumbs GBM I believe the Birthdau VJ called u for u were ‘tutored’ on to stay with people. PEACE,HONESTY & INTERGRITY. Whch u ve shown in your Political career so.

    @Wanzelu 1.0. Give credit where it is due. GBM has NEVER been used by anyone but may u can phrase to say ‘after u usefully participated in the corruption’. On this ALL error we r human BUT INTERGRITY is cardinal.

    viva UPND.

  3. Is GBM urologising for dead leader in the PF? Such statements are precursor issued after some leader has died. Is pf president dead for him to call for unity now?

  4. What is he up to ? This is cease fire with the wynter kabimba group. He has come back to his senses no need to fight one another.

  5. Charity begins at home Mr Mwamba. Why don’t you set the ball rolling by reconciling with all those Senior Officers whose retirement you facilitated from the Army and AIrforce in order to further your business interests?

  6. Mr. GBM is conerned about recocilliation now because he has started seeing the reality of life especially that he has been sidelined by his former allies. He never spoke like this before.
    Could this be a gymic to start cheating Zambians that he is peace lover or promoter inview of the pending bye election for the post of president mcs who is reported to be in vegitative state?. Nevertheless he is not a presidentisl material. Zambia does not need people like him with such body for he can develop heart attack any time. We lost Levy , now mcs is cabbage,
    (if at all still alive) and we are about to have a statr funeral, gbm would bring us another funersl anytime!!
    God bless Zambia eith a young and energetic president.
    HH the only Valid alternative for our beloved country regardless !!

  7. I only hope the calls are genuine. Lets try to demonstrate love to one another for Zambia is a Christian nation.

  8. Yaba now that 2016 is near they are all coming out even Given Lubinda. So what strategy is this? It won’t make any difference because it’s the same people using recycled material.

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