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ECZ to proceed with today’s nominations despite reports of PF going to court


Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris Akufuna
Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris Akufuna has said that the ECZ had not received any Court document regarding Mangango Constituency and that the Commission would go ahead and receive the nomination papers from those ready to participate in the by-election.

“I am not in receipt of any Court documents from any political party concerning tomorrows (today’s) nominations in the Mangango by-elections, not to my knowledge and we are ready with the election,” Mr Akufuna said.

Mr Akufuna said his office had already held meetings with traditional leaders, youths and the electorates on the need not to engage in electoral malpractices.

He said the campaign period would commence today after the nominations and end on Monday August 18, 2014 at 18:00 hours.

However, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary General Bridget Atanga said in an interview, when asked about taking part in the by-election, that she was not in a position to comment on the adoption process because her party had taken the matter to court.

Meanwhile, political parties taking part in the Mangango parliamentary by-election in Kaoma District are today expected to present their adopted candidates to file in nomination papers for the election slated for August 19, this year.

United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy spokesperson, Edwin Lifwekelo said his party had adopted Godwin Putu, a local businessman after a thorough scrutiny by senior party officials.

Mr Lifwekelo said his party was confident that Mr Putu was a serious contender in the race and was confident that the opposition political party would scoop the seat.

“We had more than five candidates who showed interest to be adopted but they all had to be subjected to the process, so it is from this process that the party settled for Mr Putu, we are confident that him being a well known local businessman will win the election without difficulties,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

MMD has also settled for a local businessman, Charles Mwezela whom the party said grew up in Managango and would not face any difficulties in campaigning.

The by- election was necessitated after the nullification of the election of MMD’s Robert Taundi Chiseke by the Supreme Court on May 19, 2014 on grounds that his election was fraught with electoral malpractices.

PF losing candidate Richard Simbula had petitioned the election of Mr Chiseke alleging illegal and corrupt practices.


  1. PF is really in a state of shock and confusion like Brazillian defence after conceding 5 goals in the first half. Looks like Sata’s physical deterioration in such a short space of time is PF’s Brazillian moment,

    Kwaliba, what is there to take to court about Mangango by-election? This Party can’t sit as a central committee to adopt a candidate for the by-election and now they want to rush to court to cause delays. We know the truth, your central committee can’t seat because there is no Sata and the confusion is all plain for everyone to see.

    After corruptly petitioning the nullification for a seat, and now you can’t even take part. How do you people sleap at night, I mean the judge who nullified this seat and PF? Thanks for wasting our money

    • My friend from Zimbabwe made me laugh!! He said Fred your country is luck I envy you,and am so jealous I wish what is happening in your country was happening to our President Mugabe, Zambia is so blessed.

    • spot on my bro. I ve no commenton Plasmodium Falcipiram ( PF) Mosquito. Sucking vblood andn spittingn malaria in all Zambians. PF mosquito causes the deadly type of malaria in africa, this is the PF party in power sucking us.

    • @Magobo, Plasmodium falciparum is not a mosquito. P. falciparum is the parasite the causes malaria. The mosquito that carries is of the genus Anopheles. There are many species of mosquitoes that carry the Pf parasite. e.g Anopheles gambiae etc

    • ….as long as Mushota and Saulosi remain silent, we will deem them to have accepted being called Mosquito, Plasmodium, panga, etc..

  2. I would to see more upnd mps in the house and hh at state house. But i have no ixea what this team will achieve. They are silent on:
    1. Inactmentof of the new constitution (time frame)
    2. Agric farm input surport program
    2.Freedom of information bill
    3.Health policy
    4. Education policy (will it be free)
    5.Public order act
    6.Local govt act on street vending
    all those saying viva hh must en lighten us the swing voters.

    • WE also want a clear UPND position on Borotse Aggreement 1964. are you going to honour it once we vote for you.

    • Never again should we allow ourselves to be duped and corrupted (Donchi Kubeba) the way PF did.

      First we accepted to go to bed with the devil. He told us, lie and eat bwezani’s things and pretend all the way till ballot time. We accepted to be agents of the chief liar and we fell into the hole of corruption and lies.

      We need to repent and redeem ourselves, lest the whole nation and families therein disintegrate from the donchi kubeba evil (lies, lies, lies). The wife will dochi kubeba the husband,and sleep with garden boy. The manager will donchi kubeba the board, and loot the company. The cop will donchi kubeba the bosses, and set up roadblocks to tax motorists. The daughter will donchi kubeba the parents, and go for prostitution instead of school. Donchi kubeba…….

    • @ZP. That’s because they have no policies regarding most issues facing Zambians! All they are interested in is being in Plot 1

  3. Pleople of Mangango I greet you. I am on my knees asking you to vote for UPND candidte Mr Puta. Let us remake Zambia which PF has destroyed. Remember Mitete and Solwezi did. You can surely do it, Re make Zambia.

  4. Don’t worry Chris, we will serve you with the papers today. we just had a hiccup. you will have them before you start your nominations.

  5. Thank you pangas for wasting our money.
    Just concede defeat on this on cos you don’t even have a candidate or are going to nullify it as well for lack of a beter candidate.
    Why is sata wasting our time instead of delegating his useless ministers to lead us. He should just call for early elections we get this nonsense over with.

  6. Iam happy I did not vote for Sata. I was visionary enough to see that Sata just wanted to stay at plot 1 and had no vision for this our land. I was sleeping in my hostel even if my colleagues jumped up and down celebrating Sata’s victory. I thank God for making me this wise.

  7. MHSRIP the old man will be greatly missed by his family. ….please ECZ carry on never mind the lies from that empty tin Kabimba one wonders how many people he bribed to get his law degree.

  8. pf is a party that is nt scared of any election. We always have a way of convincing the people to vote fo us even if they dont like us. U all knw who u voted fo in 2011. Evn in mangongo we shall whip hh’s dash wellulu. Watch this space u supoters of people with hands that show the way fo others

  9. Chris Akufuna need to cross check with PF government spokes person, nominations for the pending by-elections in Mangango might coincide with a state funeral. Better check precisely with state house before the hu-haa of ‘donchi kubeba’.


    • @Chisenga. Unfortunately most opposition supporters fail to reason the way you do. They do not realise that PF numbers as well as net opposition numbers will still be the same.

  11. But how can PF tek the matter to court as
    if CHISEKE is contesting? luck of a candidate, hahahahahaha!!
    Kuti waseka as if its GERMANY &BRAZIL. Anyway
    guys, it happens that’s what you get for surrendering
    power to a person of Kabimba’s calliber. Sata is lyk Neymar in the PF Squad,
    can’t wait to see Pf loosing 7-1 to UPND come2016 .

  12. When mankind try to fight nature ,nature start unfolding told us sata was fit and sound mind,but it’s campaign time and Zambians expects him to drum up support in mangango.African leadership mentality should change,nature unfolding itself.

  13. Where will pf be? How will they handle issues? I feel for them because it is too late. Zambia shall be saved. Will never go together, and think so low as pf, but God will see us through.

  14. The PF government is slowly collapsing and a situation where civil servants will refuse to take orders is imminent simply because the president and government have become non-functional and dead. There is nobody in charge, forget about the so-called acting president and the clueless VP.

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