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HH contempt case fails to take off in Kitwe

General News HH contempt case fails to take off in Kitwe


The case in which United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema, has been sued for alleged contempt of court was yesterday set for August 18.

The case, which was scheduled before Kitwe High Court Judge, Catherine Makungu, was adjourned after lawyers representing Ms Lombe Chibesakunda informed the court that they were unable to serve Mr Hichilema with the summons because he was not found at the given address.

This is in the case in which acting Chief Justice, Lombe Chibesakunda, applied for contempt proceedings against Mr Hichilema for allegedly commenting on an issue that was active in court.

Ms Justice Chibesakunda said the UPND leader was quoted in the Daily Nation Newspaper of June 12 this year under the headline “PF Ministers courting UPND’ in which he allegedly made direct reference to her position and tenure of office as acting Chief Justice.

She said the words spoken and published amount to a personal scurrilous abuse of her as the acting Chief Justice in the judicial system.

Mr Hichilema has been added as an alleged contemnor in the case in which the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has sued the Attorney General and Ms Justice Chibesakunda over her re-appointment as Supreme Court Judge.

Ms Justice Chibesakunda said the words spoken constitute contempt of court on proceedings on a matter that awaits determination by the court.


  1. Now the cartel trying to find a criminal record for HH so that he doesn’t stand for president. Even Lombe chibesakunda knows that her Job is on the line pending the inevitable on coming by-election

    • Please lock him up for all we care

      HH is a danger to peace in Zambia.

      He is a nuisance and hope the court of laws can do us all a favour and toy him away from obscurity


  2. Don t worry Zambians about these charges you here about everyday. The President in Malawi had a treason charge before he became a president. All African governments do unbelievable things when they realize the road is coming to an end. This government known for all evils are going . Don t relent Zambians. ”Let us re make Zambia”. Sata has divided us just like Chiluba did. let us redeem ourselves from the shame of looking at tribe and region as a qualification to participate in national affairs. God of Justice is on our side. Sata tufiakwa (abomination.)

    • This case just shows how deeply Sata has undermined and corrupted every arm of Government of Zambia!

      The Executive, Judicary and Legislature have all absorbed the EVIL of this man.

      Chibesakunda, you would have been better off saying nothing, instead you have shown the Nation you are not impartial and NOT FIT to sit on the bench!

      Resign your ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL position NOW. Otherwise we will bring charges of subverting the course of Justice when your nephew has kicked the bucket.

  3. Fear has gripped the cartel again as we prepare for the Mangango seat, trying to exhume dead cases so that HH’s attention is removed from the Mangango by-election campaigns. Phew…come on guys it’s just Mangango constituency! These id!ots really have run out of ideas. What more if it was a general election? They were going to first send him to jail before arresting him, taking him to court, finding him with a case to answer and then send him to jail, in that order.

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