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Chitimukulu Palace Police operation cost Government K499,000

Headlines Chitimukulu Palace Police operation cost Government K499,000

Home Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Government spent close to K500,000 on Police operations during the time 219 Police officers were deployed at Chief Chitimukulu’s Police post and surrounding areas of Mungwi District between October 2013 and January 2014.

The deployment of the said police officers followed the announced intentions by the Bemba traditional council to publicly unveil Paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala on November 16, 2013.

Home Affairs Deputy Minister Steven Kampyongo told Parliament today that of the K499, 207.81 spent on the operations, about 235, 852 was spent on allowances for Police officers, while K155, 769.26 was spent on fuel, with K28, 058.76 going towards motor vehicle repairs.

The Deputy Minister was responding to a question posed by Lubansenshi Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka who wanted to know how many Police officers were deployed at Paramount Chitimukulu’s Palace between October 2013 and January 2014 and how much government spent on the operation.

Meanwhile Home Affairs Minister Ngosa Simbyakula has told the House that the decision to deploy 219 Police officers at Chief Chitimukulu’s Police post was made after the Police found it necessary to enhance security in view of the uncertainty that was perceived to occur in the area.

Dr. Simbyakula was responding to follow up questions from Mr Mucheleka Lubansenshi and Chembe MMD Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima who wanted to know what exact threat necessitated government to deploy such a number of Police officers in the area.


  1. Nothing wrong with that is it?

    This government cares and they have done the right thing by looking at chief Chitimukulu

    They are a caring government and as I am typing this, President Sata is working and building a better Zambian in the interest of both you and I?

    Can someone say Amen?


    • My chief Mununga also wants some of this failure to which we will send you akalumba or ukumilowa ifibashi

    • It is so saddening that a country which survives on kaloba after kaloba, loan after loan can still have misplaced priorities- If one really lives on a limited budget, I cannot see any sense on wasting hard earned loan on a useless issue like that of Chitimukulu just because one misguided leader thinks is a boss- Sata should remain where ever he is and never come back- we are now in peace without him, even Lubinda and Scott can talk about constitution freely- and Fr Bwalya is now acquited- life without Sata is supper. The Minister is not even ashamed to give figures.

    • These are peanuts compared to what they had to protect.The Chitimukulu and the barotse situation had potential to start spreading from a small seed in the chiefdom into a big calamity.Well done PF.

    • yes those numbers are too much,,,, just wondering if the cost of lightening damages and those invisible missiles which continue to hamper the police in the night was factored in

    • @Ndobo, the money includes cost of paraffin to light tutolitoli in Police tents, fear of being visited by ndoshi. And paying for pastors who pray to shield the officers from utulumba (lightening). Instead of spending all that money to treat Ba Sata, they use it on Chitimukulu. PF are idyots.

    • Mushota,
      You must be evacuated and be evaluated by ALAGIZI before its too late. Seriously, its never to late.
      Until they play the drums and percussion instruments for you maybe. By the way, your enliven tribalists was sentenced to 3 years plus jail in a £2 million pounds syndicate in England.
      After PF is kicked off, no stone unturned will be left alone.

    • Are you real girl? Even you writing skills in the Queen’s language are phoney.., and yet you’re in the UK? If you’re an embodiment of the Zambian youths, girls, women or whatever you are, I am afraid for the country.

    • Silly cow, this was not meant to look after Chiti, it was meant to suppress him you i.d.i.o.t. As fate will have it, ChitiMukulu will move into his palace next week when Chiwa aka Abena Charlie Mwango “Teine Wamwipele” kicks the bucket.

    • @Mushota, always interesting to read your comments. Again, not too sure if you’re being sarcastic or you truly believe what you write. You play with that border very well.


    • @ 1 Mushota: My dear bro,even if you are a die hard supporter of PF, no sensible institution can spend such colosal sum of funds just because you want your relative to take the throne. we all know current Benalubemba was not the choice of the powers that be. That was intimidation which never worked. you must be sick in your head

  2. Let the government also send police officers to the following ‘palaces’: Chief Mapanza, Chief Moonze, Chief Mumena, Chieftainess Nawaitwika, Chieftainess Shimukunami etc. Rubbish.

    • Please, the lady is not called Nawaitwika but WAITWIKA. Waitwika epela, and it has a meaning that you should know. Ask.

    • “K499, 207.81 spent on the operations” to keep the ailing Dictator Sata happy.

    • Soulosi

      Do you know how much that can do to UTH where females and males are sharing beds..

      Ati am an academician

      Thats money spent on pleasing a dead man

    • @Saulosi,
      Hello, Since when did the unveiling of a chief chosen by the people in accordance with tradition become a threat to peace and order or is it because an undemocratic and selfish president wanted to impose one on the people?
      I think the president himself is the problem and should be censored.

    • Ki ki ki i can see that my academic background has made a lot of you people insecure.Now it has become a habit for bloggers here to talk about it whenever they dont agree with my views.Get over it, i will never walk your life or walk your talk.As they say opinions are like butt holes everyone has one.I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and neither should anyone expect me to agree with them.

    • @Saulosi, that money could have gone to pay Ba Sata’s another 2 weeks visitation to hospital, this time in Mongolia.

    • @Saulosi K
      Nut-head here lies the problem; Your narrowness sends shocks in the academic fraternity. When your opinion is *****ic, one shudders how you are in your current position. You are totally a one-track minded faggot, given a choice between Sata and God, you would choose the former. It is this that makes you a danger to your profession. You are the kind that would rather have people who oppose PF and Sata perish in a field of disease. Try at least to show some balance and not what has quickly become your identity–a PF senseless blockhead. Wake up nephew!

    • Sir Owl Loss,
      Again with your antagonism. I’m perturbed. What “peace and order”? You claim to be rational and authenticated with morals, why don’t you for “once” respect the dignity as well as the human personality of Sosala, so is the Bemba Tradition Councils’ decision?
      The right hand side doesn’t know what the heck your left arm is up to, unfortunate injustice of Sosala to unjustly please are Sir Owl Loss and meaningless Mushota Bantu.
      And Sunday muliche naku front seat pretending to do unto others like we would love them in response, but alas. You’re so good at yapping antagonistically just to please the Invisible Man whom can’t be seen. Posterity will get better of you soonest.
      Unlimited to 206.
      The Skeleton Key.

    • And they gang up on Saulosi again ? Ndipo this guy makes you people insecure.The fact that you insult and call him names just for expressing his opinions shows that he is always the winner in all these arguments.I don’t always agree with him but the last thing i can do is go personal on him just because he has alternative views to yours.Grow up Zambians and accept diversity.Why do you always get intimidated by this guy ? I fail to understand.

    • @Saulosi Kasolo
      You reject your chief for your uncle. You being a Bemba why not remain silent on the matter. You eat and live Sata. What a great shame! You are the reason wars are ignited around the world. In a world of peace there is always a mad man. Now that we know you, we will not let go until we educate you on the importance of reasoning. People like you a danger to any research. Your conclusion can never be balanced. Grow up, young man! Nephew!

    • i personally dont mind Saulosi or even hate him, i just have a different opinion to his. there no winners on this blog, we still have a country thats being raped by people that Saulosi glorifies.

    • @Saulosi

      What a waste of money! That money could have been used to pay ZAWA workers who have gone for three months without pay.

      Saulosi I am beginning to think some virus (donchi kubeba strain) has infected your brain.

      What threat did Chitimukulu Kanyanta Sosala pose to the Zambian nation?

      Actually the biggest threat to peace we currently have in Zambia is Sata and his PF minions wielding pangas every where. Thank God Sata is Dead and Zambia will go back to normal.

    • Chainama escapees I reckon. Synchronized in their myopic Donchi Kubeba, Hide and Seek has now taken its own slithering Cobra.
      Chidununey, is what the whole pathetic flabbergasted (PF) is doing to people for merely and justly seeking to see the current Father of the Nation. Inchi Dunu with the Chief whilst the PF uniformed services with their POA Nishi bangwanda for nothing.
      I agree with the Engineer Australia that, the money should have been channeled to UTH, where and apparently, patients are sharing a single bed, whilst others are havening on the dirty and cold floor. Shocking PF!
      The money also could be used in conjunction with what Dr Kasolo said yesterday regarding Zambias immunity for Ebola Virus.
      Pranksters Family are a menace to democracy.

  3. better off than allowing Rupiah Banda’s sons running away with the money to south africa. it was used to pay the police

  4. unbelievable how 1diots can waste very little public resources to fight personal battles. of what benefit to the common man did the operation bring? if I had the authority, I would certainly deduct this money from the salary of the 1diot who sanctioned this stupid operation

    • Tired and bored with PF pathetic politics seriously. They lack maturity. Kaya che Zambia, kaya!
      The unfortunate “Anizibi”.

  5. Flash back•• November,2013 on this site…Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has defended the deployment of Police officers around Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s palace as an operational instruction from the higher authority.Mr Lungu says has since appealed to the Bemba Traditional Council not to feel intimidated with the presence of Police officers in the area.He has told Q-News that the deployment of Police officers to the area which has raised suspicions means no harm.Mr. Lungu said that the presence ofthe Police should assure the residents in the area of total security as it an operational instruction. Who do you think you are fooling? YOU NOW SAY POLICE FOUND IT NECESSARY? Is you president THE POLICE?

  6. PF never fails to astound. Of the bloggers here, Nubian princess astounds too with her shallowness; always, consistent and everywhere be it on UKZambians or anywhere.

  7. TheEngineer(Australia), it’s true you are in Australia. Come to zambia and see yourself. The roads , schools, hospitals, clinics, airports, agric, livingstone cleaner, construction of a modern filter clinic at UTH with underground car park . It’s only blind UPND cadres behind the keyboard yapping. If Zambia was under PF 20yrs ago we can be assured a better country. UPND will cry like a baby so what may 2016. From constitution no desired outcome.Now it’s Sata Is dead. Shown pictures no they are not real . The president has ministers and they are auppose to be running the affairs of the govt. not the president doing what his Lts are suppose to do. 2011 UPND through ZWD Sata has collapsed lie. Is in coma lie. Here we are till alive. What strategy has UPND has to unseat PF none-…

    • Underground car park in UTH? You call that development, because it is underground. Why underground? I am lost! Why? Underground is posh?

    • Ba Kimbaguist naimwe it’s not that the underground car park is posh but that it will help with the problem of parking which had hit UTH for a long time. It is a step in the right direction. Acknowledge where a good is done. Why do you want to see everything that the government does as negative?

  8. Matipa it shows you r covered and can not see as your name. This is not Sata’ s battle but the battle that the current claimed mwene Lubemba started. Possibly you know more if you ask people in kasama about this issue. Mwene Lubemba was infact referred to PF cadre by the MMD/UPND in 2011. Even when GBM beat up the wife encouraged him to stay in PF. If MMD won it was a known fact that Rupiah would have done more than what is happening. The land issue around the airport in kasama is one of them

    • ‘Sembe MMD inawina’ I believe that is mere speculation dear blogger. Even if we say that RB was a thief, he was more humane than the i…ts in power at the moment. Sata’s government is locking up people left, right and centre.
      Besides the money spent would have assisted even buy blackboards for schools in rural areas instead of fighting personal vendettas. I know Steven personally and I am sure he doesn’t even believe what is coming out of his mouth. But he has to say something to satisfy blind followers like yourself. What a sad world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This brings us to an interesting question:
    Zambia’s polity as a stasis; at least at the level of State House as of today.
    This is why you can have a whole President of the Republic abandoning his post for 26 Good Days.
    No Mwine Lubemba has ever been un-noticed for a single second in the entire history of our Land

  10. When you bring the Barotse question in this discussion, you are opening-up the following:
    Are the powerful Paramount Chiefs standing in the way of Land Grabbing from the Center in Lusaka?
    Do we have some mineral rights questions in the traditional areas domain?
    In any case come 2064 (fifty years hence at our Centenary Celebration, baring a comic event of 2030, what is the role and relevance of our Traditional Chiefs?

  11. Sad indeed, when in that very clinic at Chitimukulu you cannot even get panadol. Primary schools in the area have no benches for pupils. Let alone toilets. We can we say any more on the nature of African leaders?

  12. What exactly was at chief Chitimukulu’s palace that necessitated the deployment of such urge number of police officers and spend all that money? What priorities are there in Chief Chitimukulu area, is it guarding the palace is working on the road from Malole to the palace? Misplaced priorities in this regard.

  13. this ka mushota thing is very annoying..who tells you they are looking after our Chitimukulu..?they want him out and dead..that money is too much to waste..

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