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Government gets a $50 million World Bank loan for the water resource development

Economy Government gets a $50 million World Bank loan for...

The World Bank has given government $50 million for the water resource development project in the country.

The project which aims to provide support to water resources infrastructure in rural communities will see the rehabilitation of 22 dams and the construction of 300 boreholes across the country.

ZANIS reports that Ministry of Mines and water development procurement specialist Anthony Mwila confirmed the development in Solwezi District today.

Mr. Mwila said this during a meeting with North western province permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga at his office today.

He said that the project will also address the small scale water resources infrastructure deficit in rural parts of the country.

Mr Mwila said the tender process for the construction of dams has already started and the building of first two dams this year will start in Manyinga district in north western province and Zimba district in Southern province.

He said the project will implemented over the period of 5 years.

And Mr Malupenga said the project will enhance the quality of life of the people in the province as the majority has no access to clean water.

He said the project will also promote the agriculture sector in the region.


  1. It is unfortunate to see what is termed as development on the interest of poor Zambians. Northwest water and sewerage is the most worst company in Zambia because if people did not know that Northwestern Province is the most overcharged where water is concerned and no one has ever bothered to ask as to why the water bills/ tariff is so exorbitant in the province when other provinces including the capital city where the president is cheaper.

    The other issue is please can the government give us projects done by the borrowed funds and also the collections of Zambian tax funds. People are being everyday blinded calling projects from the borrowed money as though it is from the revenue collections. Mr Chikwanda said that huge sum of money is released but no tangible projects are seen.

  2. Please create the jobs you cheated about so that revenue for these projects can be generated locally through payment of taxes and other levies. You’re busy drowning us the young ones into huge debt knowing that you’re in the departure lounge of your lives. Trying to create an impression that Zambia now looks like a huge construction site using other countries’ tax-payers’ money is a very stup!d way of telling lies!

    • It is a LOAN, not a donation!

      Wake up and get your facts right. World Bank does not give money away, they lend AND CHARGE INTEREST!

      More debt for our children to pay back. This is called selling our children into slavery. They will be DEBT SLAVES for their whole lives!

  3. more money in their pockets to be repaid by us the tax payers we are yet to see one project finished with all the money Zambia has from outside

    • @Anthony Mwila–Procurement Specialist at Ministry of Mines–US$50MILLION iNJECTION. God forbid, MoH 2009 SCANDAL who were involved

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