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Police arrest a 19 year old prisoner for sodomising a fellow inmate

General News Police arrest a 19 year old prisoner for sodomising a fellow inmate

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga (right) displays the remains of an ammunition found among stolen copper blisters and copper cathodes in Livingstone
Northern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga

POLICE in Kasama have arrested a 19-year-old prisoner of Milima State Prison (MSP) for allegedly sodomising a fellow inmate.

Northern Province Commissioner of police Charity Katanga said on Monday that the incident happened around 20:00 hours on Friday in the juvenile cell when there was a power outage.
“The victim aged 17 years, a capital remandee for murder was sodomised by Chris Sinkamba, aged 19 who was charged for burglary and theft.

At the time of his arrest he was 17 years and was to be sent to Katombora Reformatory School,” she said.

Ms Katanga said the victim complained of pain in the anus and that a medical report was issued.


  1. I thought since he’s in prison then technically he’s already arrested, how do you arrest someone that’s already arested??

  2. Double-dishing! That is supposed to be a deterrent to would be offenders! You’ll get hitched in prison by the chi boss in there. The choice of words used is funny – sodomised – lol – whatever that means. I’ll try and coin a phrase too – you will be Gomorrahrised in prison and your anus will be in pain if you commit crime.

  3. Kikikikikikikikikiki…..Bamulasa mumu sula,awe kwena!!Introduce conjugal rights if at all we don’t have them.Ba chita improvise in place of impunani,kikikikikikikiki…….

  4. I wonder why he was arrested. As far as I know these things are a daily occurrence in all our prisons. Daily occurrence may not be true: Hourly occurrence actually

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