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MPs Salary Increament demands outrageous and tantamount to highway robbery-FDD

Economy MPs Salary Increament demands outrageous and tantamount to highway robbery-FDD


The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has charged that demands by Members of Parliament to have their salaries increased are outrageous and tantamount to highway robbery.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says MPs should take time to understand their role as public servants and not turn politics into fund-raising ventures for enriching themselves at the expense of poor voters.

Mr. Mwanza explained that their demands are unwarranted as MPs do not only enjoy hefty allowances but that most of their services and goods are subsidized by tax payers.

“The call by some Members of Parliament to have their salaries increased yet again is outrageous and tantamount to highway robbery.

“From the reasons advanced, it is very clear that these MPs do not fully understand their role as public servants and they view politics as a
fund-raising venture and not as a selfless service to the people.

“To begin with members of Parliament enjoy hefty allowances and subsidized services and goods. The cars they drive are tax- free; the National Assembly Motel they sleep in is tax- free even the beer and the buffets they enjoy are tax – free,” Mr. Mwanza explained.

Mr. Mwanza wondered what job the MPs are doing to deserve such huge amounts when they are already getting K250, 000 for just sitting around for two and half years when no civil servant in the country earns so much money in such a short time.
“Secondly these MPs are entitled to
hefty gratuities. Imagine they will each get K250, 000 for sitting and yelling ‘Hear! Hear!’ for two and a half years. Which public service employee can get K250, 000 for working for two and half years?

Thirdly, what job are they doing to deserve all these luxuries that they are waxing themselves in at the expense of their voters? Can they first prove their worthiness to their voters before they ask to eat?” Mr. Mwanza noted.

Mr. Mwanza challenged the MPs to remember that politics is a noble calling to serve and not to eat and that they should not turn the sacred vocation of serving people into a money- making venture.

He further challenged the MPs who are not satisfied to quit politics and venture into entrepreneurship.

And the opposition party has proposed that a body be established to deal with the emoluments and entitlements for constitution office bearers so as to curtail the greed that has crept into constitutional institution.

“1. That an Independent Service Commission should be established to be the body tasked to deal with the issues of emoluments and entitlements of MPs and all Constitution Office Bearers to bring an end to this greed and self -aggrandizement

“2. That legislation should be passed to compel each MP to have periodical visits and community meetings in his/her constituency to converse important issues with the electorates and that such undertakings should be financed by the state to crack down on ‘absentee’ MPs.

“3. That National Assembly Constituency Offices should be properly funded and equipped in order to serve as avenues that electorates can use as resource centers to keep themselves abreast with the happenings in the House.”

This is contained in a statement released to the media by party spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.


  1. See how docile we Zambians are? Nobody has even bothered to comment on such an important issue. If it were football or other stupid article concerning sex scandal we had more comments. wake up people…..let your voices be heard. Politics is not lucurative business, but that of service. Hence our MPs do not deserve the increaments. our civil servants are expriencing a wage freeze.

    • Are you joking? There are too preoccupied with more ‘important issues’ to worry about their MPs taking them for a ride! Imagine Jack Mwiimbu has been an MP for 12 years and yet cannot point to any tangible development in his area, but still wants an increment. Pathetic!

  2. It is a scandal that our MP’s have the nerve to ask for another increment when in under three years they have had already two increments. My feeling is that these people only compare the conditions of fellow legislative members from African countries. They would be shocked that in developed countries, yes there may be some dishonesty in claims, but by and large MP’s tend to serve their constituencies. Come weekend, they will drive back to their constituencies and have clinics in the constituencies, attending to the electorate. How many of our MP’s bother to be in their constitiencies after election? One wonders what all those tax-free cars were meant for if not to transport them to their constitiencies. I concur with the idea of having an independent body to determine MP’s salaries.

  3. Well said Mwanza.I`m also appalled by their demands. They are indirectly telling us that they are just in there to make big bucks at the expense of the poor tax payers.

    • Saulosi, trying to catch-up with daily reality in Zambia?
      This is just a tip of the iceberg, wait for more “democratic” demands.

  4. Now I understand why, a few days ago, Shamenda was inviting the Unions to negotiate for salary increments; so it was to justify increasing his own salary! These bastardz

  5. When I read Catherine Namugala’s comments in the today’s post newspaper I became worried for mother zambia. How can an MP ask, ” where do you expect us to go after 5 years?” An MP who has no ideas of sustaining ones self cannot bring development in the constituency.

    One wonders what these *****ts were doing before they become MPs.

  6. WAIT A MINUTE. Is this history repeated. I remember MPs demanding salary increments when RB was acting PRESIDENT waiting for the return of LPM from FRANCE.

  7. No ways. What job do they do thatdeserves increament. MPs shouls remember that they are our servants not our masters. How can a servant earn motre than his master. They must keep it in mind that we are not impressed with their work output. Let us all organise a mass demostraton against this. We shouls not let it happen

  8. To my Honorable Mps that demanding for a pay rise. Please, let it be known that we have individuals like myself that truly believe in servant leadership and would be willing to accept half of your current earning and yet serve with humility, dignity and pride. Guess what, some of us would even be willing to serve and enter into contract with terms that would include:
    I promise to vacate the office of MP and agree to forefiet any gratuity or entitlements during my first year in office:

    I. should I fail to represent the wishes nor fail to honor my campaign promises within the stipulated period as indicated on the contract.

    Honorable Namugala and Mwiimbu, please be reminded that your people sent you to parliament to represent them and not to enrich you. You are such a disgrace…!

  9. If you (MP) are unhappy, resign!!!
    No problem, there is truck load of other candidates for every single seat.

  10. When we tell the people that these MP are there to enrich themselves, people think we just joke. People of Zambia rise up and be counted , let not these selfish people ba lemilila amasuku pamitwe..no no. This thing is coming from the opposition who say they are there to serve the people and not after money. The UPND boasts of that…how come now they are the first to demand for increase of their salaries , dull allowances, free vehicles, free lodging etc.

    Does it mean HH pockets are empty and cant manage funding the UPND? Has the Money the MMD stole finished as well for the to demand this mad and devilish increase in their current fat salaries and allowances? People of Zambia let us rise up and fight these thieves. Let them resign and go into entrepreneurship if they want to be rich,

  11. The MPs are terrible selfish people. They don’t have a heart for Zambians. No one MP has been forced to be an MP, if they think they cant get rich, let them resign. We have so many caring people who will replace them. Very selfish people who don’t work for the people but want to rob from the poor. Please resign, we do not force you.

    Why cant I see any UPND die hard on this line? Are they the very MPs who are calling for mad increments in their fat salaries? Why are they not speaking against this devilish call? It is really surprising that the talkative UPND is quiet.

    Any way we know that you guys are there only to enrich yourselves. Vey selfish people who can cheat those who are gullible. Repent of you double standards you UPND. Repent before it is too late. Shame on you MPs…

  12. mp ulichipuba,such comments as zambians being docile.FDD good observation these mps are criminals what are they talking about,poor wages for miners at mopani and kcm waste still Chinese owned mines,they are quite about it.

  13. Firstly ba FDD tabakwata ama MPs. Let the MPs get paid well. otherwise tabakulaposako amano kuncito as they will be moonlighting. that is what is happening mu government nama quasi government institutions. pantu the jobs can not guarantee them a leaving abengi tabalebomba. they are doing other things studying inclusive. because of these other things they are doing the quality of their decision making pancito leaves much to be desired making the institutions not to tick. Bonse bakabila ukuba ba MP including imwe bene. why should you shoot yourselves in the leg?

    • This is rubbish man. You are one of these selfish MPs who want to rappe our money. Please spare us man, what job do these dullo people do for Zambians? Always talking non sense in parliament instead of how to develop their constituencies and you call that working for the people? No one is forced to be an MP, if they are not happy with the already fat salaries and allowances let them resign. We know that the opposition has found it difficulty to fund their parties and now they want to use tax payers money…..no no , this will not happen.

      Already these selfish people they get a lot of money…but they are not satisfied. What kind of people are they.

  14. Am just wondering what they have achieved both for the nation as a whole and their respective constituences. I wonder if the they can even count the number of projects they have initiated in their consitituences and if they can even account for the CDF if we can audit them individually. They do’nt even have the proper reasons for their claim because they have not acchieved anything during their tenure.

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