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President Sata visits his son Kazimu in South Africa


President Sata left Lusaka this morning for Johannesburg South Africa where he went to visit his son Kazimu who is admitted at Milpark hospital.

Kazimu Sata was on Tuesday involved in a road traffic accident on the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway.
The accident happened around 17:30 hours near Kitwe’s Moba Hotel when the vehicle in which he was travelling overturned.

Kazimu was evacuated to Johannesburg, South Africa, for specialist treatment for injuries suffered in the road traffic accident

Below is a Press statement

LUSAKA, Saturday, July 19, 2014 – His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, this morning left for Johannesburg, South Africa to visit his son Kazimu who is admitted at Milpark Hospital.

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Mayeba Chikonde and other diplomatic staff received the Head of State, who was accompanied by First Lady, Dr Christine Kaseba at Lanseria Airport.

Kazimu, Steven Kawandami – the son of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister Hon. Susan Kawandami and Musambachime Muyofu sustained injuries after the vehicle they were traveling in, overturned opposite Moba Hotel in Kitwe last Tuesday.

Find attached pictures.

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President Sata decends from the presidental chopper
President Sata descends from the presidental chopper
President Sata decends from the presidental chopper
President Sata decends from the presidental chopper
President Sata being seen of by Vice president Guy Scott and defence chiefs
President Sata arrives at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport from State house  and welcomed by  Vice president Guy Scott and defence chiefs
President Sata with First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba  flanked by Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde on arrival at Lanseria International Airport en route to Netcare Milpark Hospital in South Africa where they visited Kazimu Sata on July 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata with First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba flanked by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde on arrival at Lanseria International Airport en route to Netcare Milpark Hospital in South Africa where they visited Kazimu Sata on July 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg
President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg
President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg
President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg


    • It is very said for the Sata’s family and I hope the young man gets well soon. It is also nice to see our President looking fine even though he seems to have lost a lot of weight.



    • Cobra !!!! The man is alive and kicking.Zambia must be blessed to have a leader like this. Long live King Cobra and a quick recovery bother Kazimu

    • @Peter, are you telling me that anyone who does not agree with your opinion is not a person? Typical dull PF cadre mentality.

    • I have just run those two hospital photos through a software that identifies edited/manipulated photos and they pretty much came out positive. The software used for editing was Photoshop 3.0.But the question is were they edited to improve their quality ( make them look nicer) or were they all just chopped in together? hmm… Its extremely hard to tell!

      #The fist for president

    • Sata cannot walk on his own. The helicopter pictures are old. Kazimu accident came at a convenient time to sneak Sata out for treatment. Sata is demented and cannot remember current issues or the immediate past. He is only remembering stuff from the 60’s 70s and 80s. It’s over for Sata.

    • Fun enough from zambia to South Africa sata changed clothes in 1:30 hr from red tie to blue tie to a red skipper shuu

    • These pictures of SataN are fake and have been heavily edited. The pitcure of Kaseba is genuine but that of SataN is impossed.
      Kaseba starts with a long T dark blue dress and a blue top AND SataN in a blue suit with a red tie.
      After a mere 3 hours flight, Kaseba ends with the same dress but just took off the top. However, SataN’s impossed picture shows him in a red Bomber Jacket lumped and feebly holding on the rails of a hospital bed!! That picture was imposed on Kaseba’s genuine picture – courtesy of Eddie MwanaaSATAN from the POST telling another concocted BIG LIE!

    • @ Chilyata, if you look closely, Sata is wearing the so called red bomber underneath his jacket in the second picture. Both he and Dr. Kaseba just took off their jackets at the hospital. No photoshop, its all genuine, as hard as that is to believe.

    • Ooops, sorry, meant to say that he is wearing the red ‘bomber jacket’ in the fourth picture. It is showing under his jacket.

    • I feel sorry for ba Sata.nEverything that he made fun of in other people is happening to him. On the other hand, everytime he has been very ill himself, he recovers, but a close relative suffers. Is this a sacrifice?

    • BRAINDEAD! You can see it on his face. He is clueless about what is going on.

      He probably does not even understand it is his own son!


    • Not to wish the Satas bad, but why take him to South Africa, There are alot young Zambians who die in these terrible roads. If the Father delivered his promises, the roads would be better. What a shame that after 50years of Independence there are not basics like well-equipped Hospitals. So what jubilee will we celebrate? Full of Nonsense.

    • Peter u r the one condemning u r friend 4 saying people then u go on to talk on behalf of your family.who told u that every member of your family thinks like u

    • When did he change suits from dark grey to red? I mean he arrived in SA wearing a grey suit and as he visits his sick son, he is wearing something else. Am I missing something?

    • How come he changed clothes so many times in a period of less than two hours? Grey suit red tie when setting off to red sweater and blue tie?

    • Interesting to note that the outfit Sata is wearing on arrival at Lanseria Airport is identical to the one released for the cabinet meeting. The proportion of his head to his body does not look quite right, so sorry for me I still don’t believe we are getting the real information. We hope SABC will tell us the truth because they are also looking for him.

    • These pictures are STAGED!!

      1] Airport Pictures: probably taken a while back, just like cabinet pictures. As to question of similiar clothing, they learnt a thing or two about matching them with the presumed hospital pictures!
      2] Hospital Pictures: are a dead(sorry about the pun!) give away! The presumed patient(pt) a.k.a. actor has: a} face wrapped up – if the guy is as sick as reported with Head Injuries, one would expect him to be Intubated & connected to the ventilator(Secured airway), NOT wrapped up such that he can’t readily open his mouth to vomit, making him prone to aspirate on his vomitus!
      b} seem to have ECG lead on Right shoulder BUT no wire apparent leading from it, no other evidence of ECG monitoring!
      c} Head injured pts usually monitored with invasive BP’s NOT…

    • …..BP cuffs.
      d} the drip set – the impale point at the bag, not seemingly in enough, hence drip chamber apparently not looking fluid filled

      Honestly, the type of management displayed is what I would expect from a basic setting to what we see in Zed, just compare with what care was given to the girl with the spinal injury in Kitwe – proper spinal traction as expected!
      Unless someone is yet to correct me & say , yes indeed, Milpark Intensive Care have become so lax in their standards!!

    • We know you. All you want are pictures showing a dead SATA , sorry the man will finish his term and win the next elections with ease.

  1. Hope your son gets well soon Mr President. And I hope the children of those Zambians who do not have access to tax payers monies to freely evacuate their sick children,also feel better soon.

    • Would feel ashamed to as a President of a Country evacuate my son from the Country for which I am President to another because I have failed to provide adequate medical facilities.

      Why can’t he have similar or even better facilities back home at UTH or any other Government Hospital.

    • Ba Sata be strong, you are being tested by God just like Job in bible. God took away everything from, his children, his former wife, all his friends (PF) left him alone at State house.

    • @RED SQUARE,
      Unfortunately your point represents a true but sad state of affairs. It’s like Zambia is now a province of the RSA in real terms and it makes a mockery of the 50 years of independence, independent from what?

    • Red Square walasa! Actually I dont see the Botswana ministers in RSA hospitals. I only see Zedians and Malawians and Zimbabweans

    • And greedy MPs are debating about increasing their gratuity when our people are dying in hospitals because of lack of specialist facilities.

  2. Good he LOOKS a little bit Ok. Mr Preaident RESIGN BY GOD’s Mercicies. We Love We Love Zambia.

    As Zambians we wanted to Change Govt & God allowed it…here we r….WE r HAPPY INDEED as Sata at TIMES HE SAID he wantet to Rule Zambia for “ONE-TERM ONLY” & his wish has been Granted by God ALMIGHTY.

    Since a loquacious Sata is out of lime light NO PARTY CAN DEFEAT UPND. Just some LITTLE patch up here & there by UPND thn the deal to form Govt will b sealed.

    • It is such senseless insensitivity and almost DEVILISH lust to get into state house that is UPND’s undoing. The was once an indisciplined maestro hehehe on the LT blogsite but you new UPND zealots are even worse! Yes Sata was crude to LPM &RB in opposition but he did it with tact and he knew/measured his limits! Wina azalila!!!

    • Lets all just wish the Sata family for best and a quick a quick recovery of their loved one.I don’t see why any reasonable sane person should bring in none issues of UPND forming government soon.That won’t ever happen,patali!Wishful thinking,continue dreaming!!!Ninsosa!!!!

    • UPND can only form government in southern province. Zambian’s have rejected this party to a point where it only enjoys popularity of 18%.HH(Haleisa Haleya) has realised this and so he has become a very bitter man after realising he will not recover the millions of kwacha he poured in the party.

    • I can rest assure you that Sata is worse than he looks on those hospital photo- shopped pictures. So doubt if Sata will appear on TV soon.

    • Don’t be fooled by a vague statement sent by the immature silly PA Chellah with an attached photo filled with Sata’s appointees and State House Police intelligence personnel.

  3. Please stop playing with our mind with those pictures!Check the last one and the third from last why is the tie different?

    • What a Ding Bat!!! or perhaps your computer screen is crap, come to think of its all down to you deductive skills. Haven’t you noticed Dr Kaseba is wearing the same blouse in all the pics? Like i have said before malice and envy clouds ones judgement. A Z(one) of W(orldly) D(evils) trait.

  4. Again ZWD told us this before. He has just gone for his own medical care. If it’s for his son, surly he should have visited him immediately after accident in Kitwe. Why did he wait to visit him only in SA? These are childish open tricks by PF govt. But no one is interested anymore in these tricks.

  5. Thank you for these pictures. Now please publish the Israeli ones when our beloved leader went there to meet Shimon Peres and woo investors, PLEASE i can pay just to see them. I wish you quick and complete recovery, Kazimu, though.

  6. I told you he will wake up from his slumber. Hopefully he will now pay attention to fixing the death traps known as Zambian roads. Good to see you Mr Sata and sad it had to take your irresponsible and crooked son near death experience to make you crawl out of State House.

  7. I look forward to the day when some film maker will compile this massive library of photos to produce a comedy SHOW FILM depicting the life and function of a failed President. The world will be entertained to a 2nd episode after that disastrous era of IDI AMIN of Uganda.

    On a serious note, both Father and Son really need the best health services offered in South Africa as Zambians pray for the day when our hospitals will be equipped to standards prevailing in South Korea, Israel, South Africa and India. The nation is watching in breathless suspense. This is a live “comedy ” show.

  8. Irrespective of our opinions concerning the President’s whereabouts, this is a very difficult period for him as a father to see his child lying helplessly in a hospital bed. I honestly wish Kazimu and all those involved in the accident, a quick and full recovery because parents should never have to bury their children and that age old adage also applies to our President. All the best to them.

    • Olympia Extension Chick! one of our original members on Lusakatimes. You and I are probably the only two originals I know.

    • @Mwanawakwitu it has been ages indeed. It is difficult to keep up with Lusakatimes contributors of these days, there is too much hatred on the blog. I comment once in a while but not a regular contributor. I still enjoy reading MMD Chief Bootlicker’s comments, he remains one of the more balanced minds. Hope all is well on your end!

    • This happened soon after the 2011 elections when some bitter people migrated from ZW Galu in the vain belief that if the turn LT in another Galu their political fortunes might change! But alas LT has less than 15 000 followers some of who don’t even vote and/or are disinterested in politics. Too much insults and dim wit hatred!!!

  9. At last we have been shown true images of the president but did it have to be after a tragedy to do it? One clear fact is Mr Sata is very poorly and unfit for office. These flights will make his condition worse and the best for him is to remain in that South
    African hospital for treatment and rest.

  10. Now that he got his colostomy and urostomy tubes in place, it’s safe to give him a couple of weeks to get back to working and trash talking. Y’all better hide, king cobra is back!

  11. The good news is that HE President Sata benefited greatly, as I can observe, from the working holiday in Israel.
    He needs to regularize immediately the constitutional issues in vogue: Automatic acting President as per constitution; substantive Chief Justice and other Key constitutional posts holders.
    Notwithstanding my fears of being photogenic, I rather like the blue suit!
    Best wishes for a quick recovery of your son, Mr. President!
    At least you are a loving father to take this trouble. Come back and resolve the Constitutional issues bothering all your other 13 million children of Zambia, despite your strong position on some aspects of it.

  12. I feel like am going to be struck by lightening but this is the only time I will say well done George Chella. The bedside picture is great PR stunt and will garner sympathy even from the heartless and sworn enemies of MR Sata.

  13. Those wishing thr president evil and want to rush to State House, this is a big blow.

    Let’s do what Nevers has said, “pray for the President, the First family and our beloved Zambia.”

    • We have a picture of a frail old man. That is evidence he is still alive.

      Now we need to hear him SPEAK. Otherwise we have to come to the conclusion his BRAIN is non-functional. A King Cabbage.

      Swearing in next? Or is that now unimportant?

  14. I join all those who are praying for the leaders in our Christian nation of Zambia. May God Almighty protect them from every plan of the enemy with the aim of destroying the peace which has reigned in our peaceful nation. I pray that the president’s health will be renewed as of a young man and that he will rule with the wisdom which only comes from above. God bless Zambia. Amen

  15. The wife being a doctor still is able to manage a smile because with her death is just another day at the office.

  16. Long live President Sata,
    I am happy to see that Sata is well. I know that you the presidents needed time to heal as we also get ill. So all PF MPs, Ministers and cadres must stop the putting pressure on the presidents. The 1st lady must take charge. I am touched when the president is stressed. To those of you who are or are next to Zambia Watchdog journalists, I want you to learn to report in a mature and professional manner. We rely on you for breaking news but the quality of your reporting is so terrible. Please report positively to unite Zambia. I am sure ZWD has qualified journalists from Evelyn Hone College who can report well. Thank you.

    • @janza kumbele:

      Friendly advice; do NOT stress yourself too much about ZWD. These guys have an agenda and ain’t about “NEWS”! Just find out who owns and funds ZWD, you will understand why theirs is all about POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, ‘NEWS’ MANUFACTURING, and FALSEHOODS than reporting news—they have sold their souls to the devil.

      ZWD ain’t the ZWD of yester years. It has become a propaganda tool for the disgruntled. Some of us have stopped patronizing the site because it has become so predictable in content, character, thrust, and commentary. If they can’t appreciate a diverse point of view on their site, I surely not gonna give them my time of day for them to generate advertising dollars/kwachas off of my pair of eyeballs—they are not the only gain in town. Move on @Janza!

  17. I`m so happy ukumona ati ba Sata balifye ama fit.I don`t want another state funeral bane. Filepitilafye ukutali

    • @Mwanawakwitu
      Hello bro ! Long time.I just read and avoid commenting here. Lusaka times has now become diluted with bad elements.I miss those days when we used to blog with the likes of Maetro,Nine Chale,Jamako,Infected meat,Mark world,Ba Maureen and you.Hope you are good bro.

  18. Honestly, I do not care if they both kick the bucket! How many zambians are dying because of their stealing and mismanagement? One less dependent on the Zambian Public coffers!

  19. I have just run those two hospital photos through a software that identifies edited/manipulated photos and they pretty much came out positive. The software used for editing was Photoshop 3.0.But the question is were they edited to improve their quality ( make them look nicer) or were they all just chopped in together? hmm… Its extremely hard to tell!

    #The fist for president

    • @ The Fist- Is this how you are exposing your ignorance online. Photoshop 3.0? Is it Adobe Photoshop 3.0? which is now outdated and out of fashion in Graphic Designing. At least if you said Adobe Photoshop CS6, I would have taken you seriously. Go back to school son.

    • iwe @ola! when was the last time you were in Zambia kanshi?? Zambia is at least 2 decades behind when come to technology.well, when it comes to everything really! i am pretty aware the that version of Photoshop is outdated, but this Zambia we are talking about here! They still use that because of it’s user friendliness (suitable for my poor Zambian amateurs) and doesn’t cost a penny! i was in zed just a few months ago and i was surprised at the level of backwardness! Tech we consider ancient here in the west is new there!
      So its you who needs to go back to school, mambala! or at least broaden your perspective!

      PS i’ve just installed that version of Photoshop to test if works, and yes! it works my friend! so it’s possible they used that!

      #The fist for president!

    • Ba Fist! My work is software intensive and I work with professionals and I work with teams on Technical Advisory Missions and I disagree with you. Software companies make money from Africa. Some of the funding we receive actually goes back through payment of latest equipment and software which the consider an unnecessary cost. One guy from a US agency told me that he is always excited to work here for a few months because he has a chance to use latest software. The most latest version of his software on his machine was 3 versions behind. Another thing, is that his team had lots of their own developed applications and extensions of FOSS. Do you learn something? As usual Africa is reaped by providing a great market for these tech advancements which adopt unnecessarily. Makes me wonder your

  20. Long live Sata, quick recovery Kazimu. Zambia is blessed. The evil UPND, even these pictures are doubtful for you? HH and his *****ic MPs wanted to be taken to State House to prove their contrived idea. Sata left State house for Israel on a working visit. He came back and proceeded to execute his executive duties. The whole lot of evil minded fools got worked up thinking Sata was too sick or dead, hence, the uncalled for uproar from them. The Vice President, cabinet ministers, Deputy Ministers, government functionaries, PF party officials and general membership, defense and security wings, Zambians and other nationals of goodwill, you are highly commended for your steadfastness to hold the country together.

  21. The man looks unfit for duties of president. He should do himself and all of us a favour and step down. I don’t see a robust and rejuvenated person ready for strenuous official duties. I see a sickly person that could collapse any minute. For his own sake and that of a nation in need of true leadership he should quit. He has failed to provide leadership and he is sick, what reason has he to hang on to power?

  22. Who uses photoshop 3.0 in this day? In any case no professional picture should be posted without some form of editing. So even simple cropping to remove irrelevant things in the shot with be picked by an editing software.

  23. You mean Sata is ready to sacrifice his son so that he can come out of State House himself to go to South Africa? You can see from the pictures that our old man is not well. Compare some old pictures where he is standing side by side with Kaseba. Now Kaseba is looking like a giant while Sata has shrunk. He is tiny and small. He has lost so much weight. Please bring out in public and Zambian people will see for themselves. No, we have a very sick leader. It is time, his handlers encouraged him to abdicate, resign. He won’t be the first or last. Look the last pope set the trend. He chose health to power. Surely, Mr. Kabimba, Guy Scott, Matibini, Mmembe, Chikwanda and Chibesakunda, have heart for this man. What do you want him to become to know he is past his peak?

  24. God bless Zambia, God bless Sata. Long live Sata. Quick recovery Kazimu. The UPND fools have been exposed. The demented blogger Wanzelu has been sent into a feat of convulsions because he can no longer doubt the pictures. Quickly capture this lunatic and take him back to Chainama Mental Hospital where he strayed from. Sata is around. UPND MPs go to State House to see Sata. You will not find him there today. He has left for SA to visit his injured son Kazimu.

  25. This is not time to rejoice or mock Sata and Kazimu. They both require our prayers and best wishes. At least from those who do not want to pay evil with evil. Regardless of Sata’s shortcomings and wickedness, he’s only human and also happens to be our Republican President.

    No need to kick someone who is going through such times.

    • Did you tell that to Sata when he was mocking Levy? And demanding a Medical Board?

      Give Sata what he wanted for others. Justice must be done and SEEN TO BE DONE!

      He can resign at anytime and will be respected for that. But if he hangs on when he cannot do the JOB he is being paid for, he must expect his employers to expose his failings.

      Swearing ins. Press Conference. If he cannot manage that he is really a CABBAGE!

  26. All you minority haters who still can’t believe the genuine photos,ZNBC TV has just shown a video footage clip on 19hrs news of our beloved president at the KK airport leaving for South Africa.The President is well!Continue hating,mukafwa kucikonko!!!

    • @Umwina Zed ichikonko comes when bitterness takes root in ones heart. Haven’t you see how bitter Underfive Hichilema has been crowded with bitterness that he can hardly afford a smile because losing has no become his way of life. I sympathise with you when my leader consistently performs poorly in elections, 25% in 2006, 19% in 2008 and 18% in 2006. It pains especially when one is from your tribe, especially hardcore tribalists, ethnists like you. Ala mucili mule Lusa you will cry more in 2016 because the man you wished dead is well and alive

  27. Good to see our president fit and walking by himself. I was at the airport the time he was leaving and saw him from a distance. We thank God for sustaining our president. The president has a mandate to complete his term. Long live MCS and God bless you so much.

  28. I dont know how HH and Msoni are feeling now! Very dull party presidents with there dull cadres. They are just opportunists, they know that they cant win on levelled ground. Come 2016 you will cry with sata or no sata pf will triumph.

    • I think HH has done nothing wrong on this. This time around he kept quiet. The online media proved its irrelevance though.

  29. …Kaseba seems to b a DEVIL in all these Pictures. WHY HOLDING KAZIMU’S hand whilst she didnt attend his WEDDING. God will punish u Woman !!

    On the other hand NEPOTISM & TRIBALISM has knocked Sata to his knees. Many captivating fracus have been:

    1. Who is Mushindo ( your tribesmam?) instead of naming tht University after Donald Siwale (my Great grandpa) or ANYONE ELSE u ve named it after silly person.

    2. Chitimukulu battles & the LIST is Endless.

    Mwapya God will ‘disgruntle’ all of YOUR FAMILY !!
    You r GOING NOWHERE SATA !! Mark my Words !!

  30. Why cant this man just resign? Even with those photo-shopped hospital pictures the guy looks finished. The interesting question is, for how long will they keep hiding Sata from appearing to the public or on TV?

  31. When is this ruling PF fo.ol chi Sata going to bring our hospitals to S.A standards so we don’t have to evacuate our sick Zambians to Azania?

    Iwe chi Sata think of the poor folks in chibolya who can’t afford to take their family to Millpark instead of hiding at plot one.

  32. Interesting, Sata went to South Africa today in a RED TIE, but the photos in the ICU room show that he is putting on a BLUE tie? There is something fishy about these photos!

    Lies lies lies!

    • please look carefully, what you see as a red tie is actually the inside sweater that you see later in the photos at the hospital. We dont see any tie in the first four photos when he is at the airports. the tie is only seen at the hospital. Look carefully at picture number 4, can a tie be that big that it covers the whole visible parts inside the jacket as red?

  33. In Boxing it is called a K.O (knock out) ba opposion particularly ba upnd mwamonekela.Znbc ‘ve just shown video clip

  34. I wish you Quick Recovery Kazimu and God bless!
    But the pictures of SataN are fake and have been heavily edited. The pitcure of Kaseba is genuine but that of SataN is impossed.
    Kaseba starts with a long T dark blue dress and a blue top AND SataN in a blue suit with a red tie.
    After a mere 3 hours flight, Kaseba ends with the same dress but just took off the top. However, SataN’s impossed picture shows him in a red Bomber Jacket lumped and feebly holding on the rails of a hospital bed!! That picture was imposed on Kaseba’s genuine picture – courtesy of Eddie MwanaaSATAN from the POST telling another concocted BIG LIE!

    • What a Ding Bat!!! or perhaps your computer screen is crap, come to think of its all down to you deductive skills. Haven’t you noticed Dr Kaseba is wearing the same blouse in all the pics? And the red you see on President Sata is the jumper. HE IS WEARING THE SAME TIE IN ALL THE PICS Like i have said before malice and envy clouds ones judgement. A Z(one) of W(orldly) D(evils) trait.

    • @Nigger of Nagasaki:
      Your must be taking drugs or smoking dagga for you NOT to see what Kaseba is wearing! Kaseba is wearing a long M&S T dress without any blouse – how come you are seeing a blouse?
      I agree – your ugly head is full of Clouds and Shi.t and NO brains! Enjoy your Kaseba fantasies in Cloud Cuckooland!

  35. PF lelo, buteko,
    PF mailo, buteko.
    PF uyu mulungu, buteko.
    PF uyu mweshi uleisa, buteko.
    PF uyu mwaka uleisa, (2015), buteko.
    PF mu 2016, buteko.
    PF mu 2020, buteko.
    PF mu 2025, buteko.
    PF mu 2030, buteko.
    The haters are just wasting their energies by positioning their small political groupings for State House in 2016. Forget it, PF is not going anywhere. Long live Your Excellence President Michael Chilufya Sata, Long live PF!!

    • May i take this oportunity to wish president Sata a quick recovery and may the hand of God Jehova be on his son Kazimu.This is a lesson which was applied on one great leader Nebukatnazer of babylon and pharoh of Egypt when he failed to release the children of isreal from bondage ,all the first born sons died.Iam apealing to Sata to consider resigning and save his soul,from the rath of God for the pipo he personaly injured in the quest to become president.He still has a chance to correct things.How can one be president when he can not speak or full comprehend whats going on around him.Zambians if you love Sata advice him to rest.

  36. Fake different clothes when boarding the plane and when visiting the son?????? photo shop at play. .kikikikikik

    • What a Ding Bat!!! or perhaps your computer screen is crap, come to think of its all down to you deductive skills. Haven’t you noticed Dr Kaseba is wearing the same blouse in all the pics? And the red you see on President Sata is the jumper. HE IS WEARING THE SAME TIE IN ALL THE PICS Like i have said before malice and envy clouds ones judgement. A Z(one) of W(orldly) D(evils) trait.
      You guys are so daft

  37. Ba LT, I am not in America. I live in the UK. Why that American Flag? I have nothing to fear so please use the correct flag.

    • Please don’t expose your ignorance. The flag is not fixed by LT. Do you think all the bloggers on LT are in the diaspora?

    • Iwe naiwe boyi..siuziba mwamene visebenzela ivi vintu? Siba LT ai Ni kwamene uchitila blogging.

    • The Network providers you use are not stup*d, in layman’s language at weekend’s the hook you up to cheaper satellites to connect you. This has nothing to do with LT.

    • It’s the blasted system that fails to accurately detect your location. I mean, for instance I’m a NIgger in Nagasaki, but it’s showing I’m in America.

  38. PRAYER FOR THE NATION Father we ask for a blanket of grace and favour over our land at this time. Forgive us our weakness and lack of compassion.

    Hold our leaders in your place of grace and healing. Have Mercy Upon Them. Grant you favour on them if it be Your will.

    Rain Healing and Resolution over this land. Hear the cry of poor and provide for them. We trust in You because you asked it of us. You are Able, exceedingly to bring order to Zambia and it’s people. We ask for Leadership of Your favour, chosen by You and Righteous; to bring fruit to our land.

    Guard us jealously against those that would plunder and leave us in callous poverty. Disperse them of the ‘dark one’ and let them know You are God Almighty Whose Will Must be Sought and Obeyed. Oh how sweet is…

    • Amen!
      And we are more than conquerors because the devil our enemy was defeated more than 2000 years ago! May the Blood of Jesus cover our land as we stand on Psalm 91. May we rejoice and not mourn this time for salvation has come to our Great Nation Zambia.
      Heavenly Father we pray for a special Grace on our Head of State and his family and the Nation. May we have Shalom with nothing missing in their lives and nothing broken. Amen

    • @Phiri
      I am still very sceptical about the authenticity of those pictures. Earlier ,If you check on one of my blogs I stated that Kazimus’ accident will give these PF minions an opportunity to lie that Sata has gone out to see his son in South Africa and yet the man never even came back from Israel.

      I still have questions that need urgent answers.

      1. Sata chaired a cabinet meeting to prove that he was fit. So why has he taken so long to swear in those important office bearers if he is fit and well?
      2. Why was Kabimba still acting after it was rumoured that SATA came back from Israel?
      3. Why does he not hold a press conference to dispel all speculations about his health?
      4. Why didn’t ZNBC cover his latest trip to see his son?
      5. Why does he have to sneak out of Zambia like a…

    • @Phiri

      Can you answer these questions on behalf of Sata and PF please. Its only answers these questions that will convince me otherwise.

      Muntu wabooza ni muzonda kuyipa.

    • *****, it was not him driving. before you start commenting on issues, read the story first and find out other details about it before showing your ignorance here.

  39. Dr.C.Kaseba Sata should appropriately advise The President to humbly step down so that he concentrates on his health being. You don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to perceive that his health isn’t ideal to hold the presidential office which demands active engagement. Out of Love, I truly feel for our President. This is the time a wise wife should play her role. May GOD open Dr.C.Kaseba Sata’s eyes.

  40. Sata’s health condition has become a wastepipe costing Zambian tax payers several millions of dollars.

    Tax payers’ money spent on his health can save thousands of poor Zambian people who have no access to good medical services.

    If the nation is making progress, we would excuse Sata and take solace in the fact that he is performing well as our president. But Zambia is on the downhill slide and we have continued to pay huge bills sustaining a dead man walking.

    On the other hand, that is the tiniest of my worries. Do Zambians understand and consider the security implication of having a President with a terminal disease?

    When the President’s health becomes an impediment to national progress and a possible threat to the stability of the nation and he fails to recognize it,…

    • Spot on…the old man is clearly not fit for office if at all those photos the immature silly PA has attached are real (Only a live Press conference will convince us) we have been wasting a lot of tax payer’s money on the privileged few at the expense of the poor who are paying this tax from their sweat. Where is our pride? Is the old man not embarrassed? Here is a reckless gov’t that wants to buy brand new aircraft for a pointless national airline yet it has not got specialist facilities for its road traffic victims.
      It pains that even after 20 years after one party rule there is still lack of effective leadership.

    • Perks come with the Job. Whats the matter with you chaps? Bupa or some other healthcare plan is footing the bills. Some chaps just write for sake of it and in the process misleading the ignorant.

  41. Old picture Sata descending from the chopper but the hospital picture look new. Sata is indeed sick and lost so much weight. Ifimalwele fikali!




  43. These photos of Sata show a zombie, a dead man walking. His cadres and especially his family, if they really love and care about him, should prevail over him to let go of power. The man is clearly just hanging in there. It’s doing him and the nation more harm by clinging on. Life is more precious than anything.

  44. reading some of the blogs by Halenya Halenya’s puppies one wud think chainama hospital has lose lunatics. How can u describe a person claiming he used a software to prove the fotos are real and he proved they were not. This fellow must used symphony software which is very old. Such pictures make HH ukunya ichisushi pantu ena afwaya fye king cobra dead. We didnt call him king cobra for nothing not utu tu HH utwiba privatisation funds.

  45. I really doubt these pictures. How can our president change a necktie, a zlamba within 55 mins flight to jburg? This must be technology at play

  46. It is not right for people to complain about the medical bills incured by the president becasuse the country must take care of him,but please it is not wrong to ask him for the sake of his health to rest. Is there someone close and kind enought to humbly ask for his rest.

  47. Lets separate politics from life. The truth is that May God almighty Heal Kazimu In Jesus Name.Bretheren, lets all unite and pray for the presidents Family even in this situation. Remember we are a Christian country and one of our values is to love everyone.

    • Stop posting gibberish….this is how this Christianity has confused you hence the expression you are out of your mind….get back in and research about self.

  48. Guys please be serious bemba names are found anywhere,be it australia you will find chanda,russia mutale,england yaah plenty.I say this not on tempral residents but citizens.So what is special about Sata in tanzania? Afterall do you know that there is Banda where the tsunami was? (Philipines).

    • @eyes tell them. To add you find Mutale in Uganda, Chanda in the US Amano in Japan> The list is endless

    • Funny that the n me Sata is common inTanzania but all the handful of Satas in Zambia are relatives of President Sata.

  49. What the devil meant for evil the Lord has turned around for good. May the Lord grant our dear president a long life to see the salvation of our Lord.

  50. Pictures or no pictures, won’t make any diff to the borrowed time Sata has. This is what hates me seeing people travelling to South Africa, Israel etc on medical tourism yet we as a country will be what I can call celebrating our 50 years of failure to even afford a specialist hospital where we can treat our citizens. The entire government has travelled world all over for medical treatment for Sata. Why can’t they pause for a while and ask themselves just one question, “why can’t we invest in our hospitals for our countrymen?” Our roads are death traps, we don’t have A & E, paramedics is more of Chinese language in our country. These are serious issues that we need to ask ourselves as Zambians. You go and renovate a guest house in Kitwe at exorbitant money, misplaced priorities.

    • That is spot on bro. The biggest problem is us the electorates, we have allowed this, not until we start thinking like human beings, will these politicians stop doing this.

  51. Some people now will suffer from high blood presure because Sata is OK. Just accept Sata is ruling. Sata ali pheeee imwe mungoyonda nakukalipili ma pictures ati yoo siwamene.

    Hakaivotela Heka

  52. The pictures are very real. Sata was wearing a blue tie,bluish shirt and a redish sweater on top.But you can see that the President has a very serious terminal issues that he is facing.In medical terms,a person can be referred home to spend his final days with the people he loves.You can see that the president is not even looking at Guy Scott and does not seem to have purpose.In medical terms his face is flat.When walking he does not seem to be engaged in any discussions,seems to be lost.He is terminal people need to pray and show love to this man.If Gods time has come,it will come whether we hate or love him.Love is better than vomiting hatrad.This man wa voted by you zambians.


    • write with proper reference. can you show me anywhere in any newspaper, online news where HH wanted sata to be dead or rather where HH commented on Sata as either being sick or dying?

    • @zagazE

    • no ba chisenga, you attacked HH here and i have asked you to show me where HH personally wished sata dead. If you cant prove it, then dont accuse the man. chaba shani kanshi. be factual. this type of politics you play are so backward. Yes i agree there were some people from upnd who made statements questioning the health of the president and were sceptical about the pictures that were posted earlier but HH never. So when GBM said, ati tempiya shobe…….., olo when munkombwe says we are in govt to eat ninshi it is Sata saying these things? Address these points mdala and dont run away from them. its not fair to label and put tags on people. if anything, HH said i wish the president good health so that i can show him how to run a nation when am president. now this is official from HH.

    • @zagaze


      ”UPND Vice President, Dr. Canicius Banda has wondered why State House did not invite media houses to State House rather than resorting to sending still pictures.
      He argues that in this technological era, it is possible and easy to make such pictures and allegedly deceive the masses that the Head of State is well.
      Speaking at the same event, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says the people of Zambia are living in fear because of the way the PF government is running government affairs.”(LT 15Th July 2014)


    • hmmm UPND vice president futi????? So when guy scot uttered those words about tongas a few weeks ago, it was the position of the PF and president Sata in particular?ine i want you to show me where HH said what you accuse him of.Dont insenuate or connect statements to still havent shown waiting baba until midnight.If you dont, ninshi twaishiba ati you are a gasbag,a political mercenary just interested in making HH look tribalist, evil and cruel before the eyes of the zambian people.When HH is wrong,i do point it out.check my postings on LT if you aint got nothing better to do to prove this.but throwing stones just because someone shouted thief or told you that HH is a tribalist or is evil without you confirming it is foolishness i think.mwamona shani imwe ba chisenga

    • ba chisenga, nimwe balya who while walking mu shanty, wasanga abantu balepunda nokupepeka umuntu ati H.U.L.E!!!!H.U.L.E!!!!H.U.L.E!!!!, naimwe mwajoina, ukwisa sanga, lilya bamwikata,ati umuntu baleita i.h.u.l.e nibanoko!!! dont just perpetuate tags and slogans people have put on other people without knowing or proving things for yourself. be an independent mind. You will end up shooting yourself in the foot. the tags will come back to haunt you and do you bad.

  54. The question is who is paying the hospital bills for that *****ic son of sata? You tax payers in Zambia Shame, why not bring all those equipment to UTH than spend huge amounts in SA?

  55. I don’t always agree with the Z_W_D’s ‘infatuati0n’ with Mr Sata but on this one, they have got it right. Mr Sata needs to resign on health grounds not only for the good of the nation but for his own good too. His minders will only be able to sugar-coat this for a period of time, after which it becomes unsustainable. We can’t have a country, let alone a village on ‘auto-pilot’.

    You got to feel for the man… he looks very tiny, very small like a year 5 school boy. His minders are a bunch of greedy lot who depend on his being alive to continue to l00t the country of its resources. That’s why they wouldn’t allow him to quit. They would snck his bl00d to his gr@ve. With him in this state, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the little resources Zambia has are being diverted…

    • The problem Sata has surrounded himself with retards, who are only interested in using Sata to access government money. How on earth would a normal person argue that Sata is well? Of course except one whose interest is to use Sata to steal government resources. I really pity this man Sata…

  56. @Wanzelu

    The President’s departure to Johannesbug was public.

    Did your ZWD camera caputure a dying president in a wheel chair?

    • Its people like you who have contributed to Sata worsening health. If this man was surrounded by sensible people who would not be as bad as he is.

    • Its people like you who have contributed to Sata worsening health. If this man was surrounded by sensible people who would not be as bad as he is..

    • @Luapula
      I am still very sceptical about the authenticity of those pictures. Earlier ,If you check on one of my blogs I stated that Kazimus’ accident will give these PF minions an opportunity to lie that Sata has gone out to see his son in South Africa and yet the man never even came back from Israel.

      I still have questions that need urgent answers.
      1. Sata chaired a cabinet meeting to prove that he was fit. So why has he taken so long to swear in those important office bearers if he is fit and well?
      2. Why was Kabimba still acting after it was rumoured that SATA came back from Israel?
      3. Why does he not hold a press conference to dispel all speculations about his health?
      4. Why didn’t ZNBC cover his latest trip to see his son?
      5. Why does he have to sneak out of Zambia like a…

    • We saw a man struggling to disembark from the chopper and then struggle to climb the stairs of the plane. Then we saw an old and tired man siting on a chair in the plane draped with a blanket like an old age pensioner. Then there is the photo of a man leaning on the bed rails of his son and clearly unable to sit up on the chair let alone stand without support. Let us be honest that the man does not have the energy to carry out his. Presidential duties. There is also the question of his mental health following his appearance in court.

  57. Sata is fine. Even if the watch dog preaches hate to force Sata to resign, they are just wasting there time. How can they be calling the president all those names? We need to respect one another even if you want to go to state house at all costs. We know ZWD funders are pushing them to insult and do everything to discredit the President.
    Zambians be awake, some of this guys who call themselves as news men and women, are Zambian phase, Luanda Genocide promoters.

    • Its people like you who have contributed to Sata worsening health. If this man was surrounded by sensible people who would not be as bad as he is.

  58. Plaese is there someone with a heart in pf who should prevail over pf to ask our beloved president to rest and keep him away from public scrutiny. We know that many are beneficiaries of his being in charge but for once let us think of his helth please.why should you be pushing him around for the sake of your pockets?????

    • Dr. Kaseba is one cold selfish heartless young woman, Sata’s first wife wouldn’t stand by and watch her ill frail husband be used like this.

    • You pray for everything its no wonder we are wallowing in poverty…why should God answer your prayers when there are poor people dying on beds in hospitals just because the ward can not afford to keep them alive.
      Wake up and look for solutions instead of your useless prayers!!

  59. Talking about things that not even money can buy, Sata is learning them the very hard way! Money will buy you expensive hospital treatments in Israel etc, numerous medical policies, as much operations, pills & tablets as you need or even a haram of full time nurses and doctors but good health? Naah! Health has more to do with your lifestyle, your habits & also your genes. And money cannot do any kind of alterations in that. If you keep neglecting your health issues by being a chain smoker, “ukula tombawila amahule mufwani everyday etc, then one day you might have to end up in a hospital bed with millions in your bank but not a healthy body to spend them. Look at Sata now, speechless and dying, while watching his son breathing his lat, and Kaseba busy smiling!

  60. Even the day Sata lies in his coffin, dead, some die hard Bemba Janjaweeds will still deny the fool has passed on. They will start creating myths like with Elvis Priestley etc claiming Sata is still alive and the dead one was a decoy so we should still keep the Satan as our eternal president. One of the staff at the Zambian mission in Pretoria who was on hand at Lanseria International Airport said Sata was clearly demented as he kept on saying, and quote: ‘Teine wa mwipele nomba finshi alefwaya ukuipaya mwana wandi?”

  61. If you look at the expression on Guy Scott’s face and that of the service chiefs, you can clearly tell the sense of worry for the president! I for would not be surprised to see Sata dying before “Castro” Kazimu! We are sick and tied of all his lies and now even his own children are going out there driving recklessly on our roads putting the lives of innocent Zambians in peril. These wild dogs need caging!

  62. Most PF members and sympathizers miss the context of Zambians point of view of Sata’s leadership style of our nation. Mr Sata is expected to discharge his presidential roles to the nation. So far he has created uncertainty in the nation without holding any public press conferences to reassure the nation and array the negative impact created due to his absence. Sata is not only president to his party cadres or his family members. He is a national persona due to the office he holds. Individuals acting on his behalf are not wholly accepted by his own party members and general public at large. Surely, if he can travel to RSA, he can swear in those appointed and other national duties, hold press conference, address Zambians. All this is absent and if sick let the nation be accurately informed.

    • As an experiened health care professional, these pictures say it all. I have seen many cases such as this. It is quite clear from the blank look in his eyes, the vacant expression on Satas face, and the drooping lower jaw that this man is not in control of himself.

      Visit any mental Hospital and you will see dozens of such examples just the same.

      This man is completely incapable of even looking after himself, let alone running a country.

  63. Are we not ashamed that our great President is still alive? prophets of doom are ashamed, where are you ba watchdog and UPND. the time we finish discussing H.E, the cd 4 count for Hakainde will be very low. lets learn a lesson from this abuse of online media. The President might have been sick, but what we got from partisan online media was sad indeed.

  64. Long live the president, am so happy to see you this health as the *****s are busy speculating. Quick recovery Kazimu and other accident victims.

  65. I hope Kazimu pulls through. Wish him a quick recovery. Although advice offered after the incident has happened maybe too late. It is important to learn from such unfortunate events. I recall how late Home Affairs Minister, Lackson Mapushi in the Mwanawasa govt died in a road accident in Chibombo. His accident was attributed to inexperience to handling newly acquired “toys” (powerful/high performance official govt vehicles) for a man who a few months before was a struggling school teacher. I also do NOT subscribe to the notion/practice of assigning state security to the president’s children who are grown up. I grew up in KK’s days and I remember Cheswa Kaunda attending athletics at Kabwe secondary school in 1976 representing Dominican Convent school as a teenage girl without bodyguards.

  66. And yet we had the Mushala rebellion and liberation wars going on those days. What more for a grown up man like Kazimu? I doubt that the policemen will even have control over a man like Kazimu other than answer to his whims. We all remember how late FTJ’s Castro caused such mayhem under “protection” of state security. The president’s children (especially grown men and women) ought to be encouraged to live their lives as ordinarily as before. If abuse or misuse of state resources and security (ON GROWN UP CHILDREN OF POLITICIANS) was not allowed in the first place perhaps this unfortunate event would not have happened to Kazimu.

    • @Quest.

      Latest, PF have cancelled the construction 650 health clinics. Why go to the hill and announce very ambitious projects without carrying out thorough assessments of how such projects will be funded?

      This happening at a time after they withdrew subsidies under the pretext that those funds saved from subsidies will go to fund those projects. This begs the question; where are they taking the money saved from subsidies? If its not fattening their off shore accounts then what?

      I suspect PF was promised some funds from donors but due their recklessness and poor governance the donors have decided to withdraw the funding.

      This is why I call PF Chimbwis No plan(CNP)

      Only UPND will save this country from total collapse because I will be there to ensure that all is done…

    • I do not visit ZW Galu (unimpressed by hatred) and the last time I read about this was on LT under the heading: Government summons Indian contractors engaged to build the 650 Health Posts at US $56 million. Time Posted: July 10, 2014 6:11 am I have very little confidence in Indian investors in things like mining and/or construction. Govt to govt cooperation Iike IndoZambia Bank or purely as private investors bringing in their own capital e.g Tata have worked well. But the moment there is interaction with state institutions e.g. this clinic construction, Binani, Vendata then trouble/crookedness/corruption kicks in.

    • CONTD:I would rather their private investment comes in form of their (Indian) own solely funded specialised hospitals as their medical/pharmaceutical sectors are relatively advanced and most importantly suited for 3rd world situations like ours. Several African nationals are flocking to India for medical tourism. I am NOT a PF/govt spokesman, suffice to say if the Indian contractors are not performing on their contractual obligations viza viz construction of clinics then it is in every Zambian’s interest that their contract be TERMINATED.

    • @Quest

      PF has not only terminated the contracts, they have abandoned the project all together due to lack of funds.

      If what you would like me to believe is true, they would have immediately floated the tenders to other contractors. There are Zambians who can do that job if the building and construction regulation is strengthened by adopting standards from across the world and enforce them strictly.

      The reason why PF prefers foreigners is because they can demand kick backs from them with minimum risk of information leaking.

      Its not only the 650 clinic that have been abandoned, but some roads and school projects have also been shelved. Just check how many projects Sata went around launching that have not got off the ground.To be exact its 75%.

      PF = CNP.

    • @Quest.

      I do not believe in praising some one for the job that is his responsibility. Just like me as a proud dad I do not expect any praises for making sure that my children are well feed and clothed. Its my responsibility. May be if I do some thing extraordinary, like taking my children to disney land.

      So to me any little developmental projects taking place in Zambia are not worthy for Sata to be praised. I would praise him if he would go out of his way to ensure that any major projects are handled by Zambians as the main contractors and also put in place a system where by 90% of the machinery, technology and materials used are Zambian developed and manufactured. This what the Germans, Americans , Chinese, Russians do in order to boost local manufacturing industry.

  67. Viva long live kateka Viva…. Opposition go and check for the president at state house as you have always wanted…. WAWA!

  68. I love my country and would like to see it develop someday. I’m glad HEMCS is alive yet I wonder, is it better to have a sick old man run the nation or would we be better off with another, younger one?
    Clearly Sata is not an effective leader as we’ve seen in the few years; our credit rathing has dropped, kwacha has lost value and we are back in debt.
    I strongly feel that those calling for HEMCS to continue as president either genually want him to die, or they are benefitting somehow from his being an ineffective leader.
    It is clear and plain to see that PF have done ABSOLUTELY nothing positive for this nation.
    If you know of anything positive that PF has done, please reply and let me know.


    • PF have done a very wonderful thing for Zambia!

      It has taught Zambians not to waste their vote on a village ID!OT that promises them the moon in 90 days!

      What can be more POSITIVE than that?

  69. It is worrying how Zambians can easily be fooled.If the President is ok and he is able to walk, why is it very difficult to show you live pictures of him walking?Why is he hiding from his employers,the zambian people?Its shameful how we are easily fooled and lied to in a typical ‘donchi kubeba’ style and we believe it all.The PF liars are laughing at how easy Zambians can be fooled and yet keep quiet.Now being ruled through old fake still pictures and facebook.What a people we are!Shameful.

  70. I appreciated the comments made by Ba Godfrey Miyanda and Ba Nevers Mumba. They were really inspiring as compared to some *****s who think that they will live forever. Our president is human and bound to fall sick just like you *****s will one day experience sickness and death. Some of you may even die before our president dies. Be careful with your comments. Johova Almight alemimona. Ba Mumba continue encouraging your brother mwilakonkelela na minority.

  71. just wondering, those with comments; how can he change clothings in 2-3 you know the fixtures which are this presendential chopper? just for your info: there is, or i should i say, its an ensuite and office copper.

  72. The photos posted innocently by the dim Deputy Minister of Commerce Miles Sampa of the old man in the GRZ family jet tell a grim and depressing story and reinforcing my earlier statement that he should resign on medical grounds.

  73. @19 Zebige,
    Sorry I beg to differ, there is nothing heroic about Kaseba’s smile. Do you honestly think she could have shown off those plastic smiles meant for the cameras if she were Kazimu’s biological mother? What parent smiles when their son lies critically ill with life threatening injuries? Kaseba is known for smiling even at a fly buzzing by and she can only f.ool some not all of us.

  74. The pictures looks ok and the President looks ok at his age.But it depends on which glasses you are using when looking at these pictures.If the glasses have a negative aspect in them, all you will see is negative.We are all trapped people, in negativity and positivity . Depending at what you feed your mind ,it will influence your thinking.So i respect all opinions in this matter but when the trueth comes out t will defend the trueth.But in all fairness what are our wishes for the sick where we come from? Ladies and Gentlemen i wish you all the best for the rest of this year.

  75. Why do we look for DISABILITY in persons than ABILITY in persons?This is the greatest test in ones self to know if you are WITCH or not.Surely i should look for ABILITY for sick to HEAL, the hungery to EAT .

  76. Quick recovery Kazimu
    Wishing any one to die; no way!
    The reality is that we all die; it is a question of when.
    When a responsible person knows, that he/she, is about to die; must put the house in order.
    The universe will die. Therefore, if you live long enough to the time of the Big Rip when the Hubble Constant will start to accelerate; you will sure die! Because you will disintegrate into fundamental particles!
    No big deal about dying but for those we leave behind a future must be sorted out for them: Hence the New Constitution as promised in 2011!

  77. it would have been if sata’s son was dead. then he could concentrate on the nation. i can assist to kill him peacefully

  78. Thank God we found him. He looks much ok. Thanks to the drones, he will soon be handed over to the international community for scrutiny. Good job Msoni for your hunt crusade.

  79. I don’t begrudge anyone doing what they can for their own relatives.

    However, it is unacceptable that the same surgeries and care cannot be provided within Zambia itself.

    And this is a direct consequence of the non-collection of taxes from the mines.

    Bad social services, bad roads, no economic diversification, all come down to the fact that Anil Agarwas and his fellow billionairs can take half a billion dollars out of the economy every year. Apparently 80% of Zambia’s GDP doesn’t even show up, because of transfer pricing to Switzerland.

    So if the PF want to even claim that they represent the Zambian people, there is no excuse anymore – COLLECT THE TAXES FROM THE MINES.

  80. Wanzelu, know your boundaries. Confine your lunacy to your Watchdog. People with balanced frame of mind no longer visit your diabolical online publication. Lusaka Times is a fair site except that infidels like you have invaded it with their repugnant comments. You thought all bloggers on this site would be moved by your uncouth devilish comments. Just continue wallowing in your UPND fools paradise.

  81. Am glad people are standing up to this Lloyd Himmaambo aka Wanzelu.No one should rejoice in someone’s death.
    Even when Sata did that most of us hated him and he changed.These demons are paid by HH, Hakadabwa ,he wont go to plot one if he will not stop his devilish acts.

    • @Robin

      Sata taunted Mwanawasa, Kunda , and Mazoka to their graves. Now they have called him to join them. The appointment with death has been made and thats it.

      Remember Sata skipped Kazimu’s wedding but made it a point to attend Mugabe’s daughter ‘s wedding. Kazimu’s accident raises a lot of questions. He was not driving and his driver escaped unscathed. I hope they did not cause Kazimu’s accident .

      I hope Kazimu makes a quick recovery to avoid his organs being harvested. Organ harvesting from accident victims is standard practice in developed countries due to lack of organ donors.

      Only idoits see change in Sata’s behaviour. Even after being evacuated to South Africa by Mwanawasa he did not change at all.

  82. The man is going through a hard time he is not too well and now his son is also down. I think opposition or not everyone should be wishing their head of state well. This is our leader and if is not well, we are all not gona be well. some may not particularly want him in power but we still must respect him and wish him well as he is currently father of the nation. lets rally behind him so he can lead us well, then we can vote him out when the time comes.

    • Please do not call this CLOWN ‘father of the Nation’. You will make the international community laugh at us!

      How can a viilage ID!0T be a ‘father’??

      He is just an a55hole!

    • 100.1, Bvrain or what you are, your comment shows the levels of “good manners” where you come. Your parents would be ashamed of you if they knew what an imbecile they raised.Thanks.

  83. Thanks for picture but it have not cleared my mind 1. why changing clothes in same hours journey 2. who took the picture state house clue? 3. why no voice added?

  84. Zambia still needs characters like Sata, forceful Leaders who development minded , then later we can afford to have economic managers like HH. Give Sata 10 yrs to build all important roads, renovate UTH & other major projects before you can think of putting an accountant with a calculator in his hands to manage the Country. It will be too risky to change Government in 2016.Those who have traversed Zambia will agree that for it to develop, you need action Men than talkers , roads like Mbala-Nakonde , Mansa – Luwingu , Mongu- Kalabo, Kaoma- Luampa Mulobezi, Shang’ombo – Sioma, Kaoma-Lukulu Mumbeji, Manyinga – Mwinilunga, Chipata- Chadiza , Lundazi-Chama, Mpika-Mfuwe, Kawambwa-Mpolokoso roads needs less talk than action. Pray for Sata to open up your country, the next President who will…

  85. Look at Kaseba’s pot-belly, you bet it is hosting the products of that ka fertile and quick-silver “sambamulopa” of hers at UTH planted while the Satan was busy loitering aimlessly. And by the way, our most beloved president suffered a mild stroke shortly before he was evacuated to Israel that left him limping and virtually speechless! You check for yourself, his mouth is shut in virtually all his recent doctored pictures and for one who loved to hear the sound of their voice like abena Charlie Kays Mwango, this is torturous agony sure.

  86. I am left wondering if Zambia is still a Christain nation?? ala mula ponta nokutukana bane eeishh.. is this the democracy we ve been crying for???? I thought when umuntu is grieving or unwell for some reason then it naturally follows, that we are empathetic and show some respect.. koma bane yayaya..anyway, I am non-partisan and i just want to wish bakateka no mwana all the best. I still dont believe that bakateka is unwell becoz there has never been any confirmation from some medical practitioner so all these speculations about MCS being unwell is a bit confusing and ofcourse, very concerning. Pa zambia umuntu ngaluza weight nishi nalwala.. too prejudiced.. lets be careful bane… and God bless us all..

  87. The elite and their familites get evacuated to south africa (with tax payers money of course) while poor people have to Die at the rubbish local health facilities, nothing new under the sun.

  88. To you all doubting Thomases. ZNBC showed the video when he was coming out of the chopper and started greeting security staff and when he was getting into the plane to go to south Africa. The problem is that most you depend on social media for the information. He is just fine. Zonda uzalema. He is politically ahead of these under five politicians who have embarrassed themselves no wonder they are quiet now.

  89. Bane, bushe uyu munonko mushota ali kwisa lelo? wamona mune mushota ifwe twatemwa ukumona ba president. tatubacita defend insanely awe! Ico tulila fye kubamona. pantu ngatabalemoneka tumona kwati imimbulu nashipoke calo. alternatively nga cakuti ubuteko bwatile fye awe ba kateka naba lwala bakamoneka inshitei nei naco kuti caba fye bwino kuli ifwe cikulu tulebomfwako inshita ne nshita balekola nangu ukusakanyako. ukulwala kwena naba lwala namuma picture nacimoneka lelo uyu kuli ifwe tacili mulandu ba upnd, mmd na bonse ba opposition. nakubakwine baliko efilya ukucila ilyo twabamwene last time. ifi nangu baluba nakabili twalaishi ati nico balefwaya bapolelele. Lesa apaale mukwai!

  90. I find most comments from some zealots of a named tribal party childish to say the least.How can educated people doubt the authenticity of those photos of our president as if the only photos that will be accepted are those that will show our president at the verge of dying as portrayed by those demons and beasts at Zambian watchdog.Lets mature up if the young generation is to take up leadership tomorrow.Mind you,we only have one Zambia and this peace we enjoy should not be taken for granted most especially in the face of what is happening around the world with Gaza being the latest example.

  91. The Second photo was surely photoshopped look at the two greeting each other each looking the other way, Scott eyes are on Kaseba while Sata is looking down, dementia for both. The photos may be real but the man is very sick and seems lost.

  92. Remember the Giver of life is GOD ,and no matter how much you wish someone dead if GOD has not said yes it will never happen.
    long live MR PRESIDENT

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