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President Sata should take medical leave-Chipimo

Headlines President Sata should take medical leave-Chipimo

President Sata with First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba  flanked by Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde on arrival at Lanseria International Airport en route to Netcare Milpark Hospital in South Africa where they visited Kazimu Sata on July 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata with First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba flanked by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde on arrival at Lanseria International Airport en route to Netcare Milpark Hospital in South Africa where they visited Kazimu Sata on July 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President of the National Restoration Party Elias Chipimo has appealed to President Michael Sata to consider going on medical leave to help him recuperate.

Mr Chipimo said President Sata needs some time away from the pressures of State House to allow him get back his normal health.

He said latest pictures from State House confirm that President Sata is not enjoying the best of his health hence the need to take some time off to rest and heal.

Mr Chipimo was speaking Sunday morning when he featured on a live Tikambilane radio programme on Joy FM.

“As NAREP, we are saying this without any malice. We would like to see the President back to his best healthwise and this is why we are suggesting that he takes some time off to fully rest and recover,” Mr Chipimo said.

He added that the constitution provides for the Head of State to momentarily vacate office and appint someone else to act in his absence.

“Mr Sata could use these same provisions in the constitution and apply for leave. Let him appoint someone from his cabinet to start discharging the full functions of the Office of the President until such a time when he is fully fit to work. The stress of that office is also not helping his health,” he said.

He said, “The Acting President could be given some hand over notes of the priority areas or issues that he really wants to work on. Even these delays in swearing in officials would be dealt with and Government will continue functioning as the President recuperates.”

Mr Chipimo also lashed out some Government and PF party officials for suggesting that discussing the health of the President could land people in trouble with the law.

“I find that kind of a statement unfortunate and the people making such statements really need to get their heads examined. There is nothing criminal about a citizen demanding to know the whereabouts of a President who has not been seen or heard in public for close to a month,” he said.

He added, “Every household in Zambia discusses the health of the President at least once each week especially if they have not seen or heard him in public. You cannot arrest everyone who talks about the President. Everybody falls ill and there is nothing different about President Sata except the nature of the office he occupies.”


  1. President Sata shouldn’t take medical leave,he should just be forcefully retired like Thabo Mbeki in the best interests of Zambia.

    • Well you can’t compare the two, in SA the party chooses the president and in Zambia it is the party. I think the medical leave option makes sense and is available to the president if he needs.

      I just want to address the issue of Pictures. LAst time I said cabinet pictures were genuine and all under 5 UPND supporters downvoted in a way I have never been downvoted in this site. With more pictures available, what do you UPND under 5 supporters have to say now? That is a the egg on your face I was talking about. I wonder why you easily buy into the vegetative state stories. It just shows how immature the party leadership is.

      UPND really overates themselves, and you think people in CB, NP, LP, Muchinga, EP, Central , NWP, WP can vote for Akainde Ichilema (sorry for lack of H sound )?

    • Sorry meant to say in Zambia it is the people who directly chooses the president and not the party as is the case with ANC, infact it is parliament that elects the president and goes to say that the party with the majority elects their leader

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker.

      This is nothing but a tribal posting? In your view Akainde Ichilema (sic) and UPND should only be voted by his tribesmen of the South. And you did not include the Lenjes and Solis of Central Province.

      And because you blog from a tribal base with ‘lack of H sound’, should the other tribes in CB, EP, Central , NWP, WP vote for a…ah….eh….(I didnt want to say it) Bemba?

      Whilst I expect the Luapula Premier, Saulosi, Gen and their lunatic fringe who are PF coribants to tout for such insane genocide inciting position, I had been to date of the view that you Bootlicker were above racism. How wrong…..I had judged your blogging!

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker for being tribal, i now qualify you to be equal to an A.$$.Ho…. Be focused and be civility oriented in yo debates..

    • Iwe **** bootlicker,you are the misfits who have plunged this country into junk yard prisided over by old men who can not grasp mordern trends of the global economy. cb,luapula,muchinga and northen can not vote for Haleisa Haleisa not because he in incapable but be cause of tribe and morons like you have come to accept that status quo.you can’t help change the mentallity of yiur fellow tribalist so they start viewing the voting partern from a more positive angle based on a person’s caparbilities.
      HH is the man to rule modern zambia and 100% he will be accepted by the donors and investors alike.if your fellow tribalist think otherwise then let them continue living in the donchi kubeba pain they inflicted on themselves.

    • I think MMD Bootlicker has been offered a job or a business contract by PF. He has now transformed himself into PF Bootlicker and all his objective analysis skills have gone into hibernation. He has gone back to his pre PF cadre-ism mentality.

    • this is NOT MMD chief bootlicker,,,,,, thats NOT his language!,,,,,,, the “MMD chief bootlicker above is a copy cat

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker (and Soon-to-become PF Chief Bootlicker), MMD is a party of yesterday and you are living in history. It is gone just like UNIP and will never bounce back even if you gang up with the Bwinjimfumu cartel. Never! Zambians are very alive to the fact MMD=PF. All these rotten PF cadres and leaders who are mis-managing the nation are from MMD. Your attempt at salvaging what has been left of the MMD is effort in futility. By-elections are coming soon all over and please test the MMD there if the so called existing “structures” and national appeal is valid. Cheated for 20 years you think you can continue? Not after the donchi kubeba flop. UPND is the future and the way sane MMD members have been leaving in droves to join the UPND is proof enough and also what is causing your…

    • Wow, for somebody to inteprete my rant as tribal is jaw dropping. You must have your tribal glasses and tribal cap on. The thrust of my point is

      1) UPND is immature, 2) UPND Overattes themeselves

      That is the reason they can’t win votes in the areas they are not strong. All the provinces I mentioned are not UPND strongholds. Call it whatever you want PF, MMD, FDD etc will NEVER win an elections in Southern Province. That is just the way it is. In the US Republicans will never win elections in California and New York, that is just the way it is , in fact republicans don’t even bother campaining in these two states.

      I’m still MMD and will always be. We are the history making party and in 2016 or even before that, w’re making new history by bouncing back into power. Mark my…

    • By the way, I think a lot of you are new to blogging on this site. This is not the first time I have used the word ” Ichelema” or am I the only one. A lot of people have used it as far back as 2008. Just google Lusakatimes for the word and you will see what am talking about. This is just a punt, just like the way people take a punt on our president as a man who abandoned God for politics , when he still infact preaches to this day. So take a joke please and lighten up without thinking in terms of tribal all the time. I love Tongas and I HATE PF and everything they represent and ttandard for. They are still Zambia’s worst mistake politically and I stand passionately by those words. And yes UPND will never form government, too immature and over excited

    • @MMD/PF Chief Bootlicker,

      I think old age is catching up with you. You should consider retiring from blogging for you own good. We love you, but we are concerned about your mental faculty of late. Please take kindly to my friendly advise.

    • Bootlicker, as you call yourself——– you are indeed a retard. At your age you should know that its not a choice to be disabled. You leave in South Africa, and yet you are such bigot and a sub-human mongrel. You sound like somebody who was raised on the streets without values.

    • Bootlicker, as you call yourself——– you are indeed a retard. At your age you should know that its not a choice to be disabled. You live in South Africa, and yet you are such bigot and a sub-human mongrel. You sound like somebody who was raised on the streets without values.

    • Thumbs up to MMD Chief Bootlicker, you always bring quality debates on this blog. and a ‘big thank you’ to Mushota for positive coments and always giving credit where it is due and in this case, to GRZ for a great job well-done for implementing various projects across the country.

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker is the man. I like men who tell it as it is. Stop attacking him for saying the truth.Keep it up chief, because what you have said is the truth.These chaps attacking you lives in denial.It is just a matter of time before their overrated bubble bursts again.Thumbs up

    • Bootlicker, should we start worrying about you too? You can do better and please keep your credibility and cool. Stop this nonsensical attitude mulibakulu boss!

    • Fickle minded opposition cadres. Every time bootlicker says something against PF you always hail him as the best, but today he has decided to be objective and all of a sudden you start insulting him.The problem with you Zambians is that you are too daft ,you prefer believing in lies and ignoring reality.The man got this right.You can insult or call him names but it still won`t change the fact that what he has said is the gospel truth.Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • It is always sad to read tribal sentiments being voiced on any platform in Zambia in 2014. I know for a fact that there is tribalism and people do vote on tribal lines but I find that to be so naive. I am from the Easterner province and I have always being a member of the so called ‘under 5’ party which Party has proved its worth. Chief MMD Bootlicker when the so called ‘under 5’ party took a stand in Parley to prevent the s called senile party PF from derailing the Constitutional making process you applauded them, when they differ with you then you call them immature. Your mature party MMD has snakes in it, as it is so divided that one cannot tell head from tail. They are money hungry zealots who have absolutely nothing to offer the people of Zambia…bamuselela kwa kaba!!!

    • @Saulosi, give us 3 names of potential PF presidents.

      People should focus on change the “parentage” clause in the constitution so that Guy Scott can be “Acting President” to please Chipimo.
      – Guy Scott: President
      – Chikwanda: Vice-President.
      – Lubinda: Foreign Affairs
      – Kalaba is too a common man, not interesting at all, even Wilber Simusa was better. He could have been groomed to be a president.

    • MMD can only bounce back to power under another leadership and not Nevers. Nevers Mumba lives in a glass house. Look at history politically and one will tell that he has no political backbone. What credentials backed by past performance can he present to deserve to rule the nation? Do you ever wonder why the Bwinjimfumu cartel almost replaced him using the Dora Siliya and Kaingu group? They wanted to hijack it again to victory using a sellable candidate. Yes Nevers wears nice suites and can speak eloquently but Zambians are not interested in that now. They are cleverer than that now. It is background in creating wealth and prior success in management of finances they are now interested in. We don’t want someone who is going to be preoccupied with making money for his family first like…

    • I have become to know chipimo as a neutral leader for his unwavering advocacy for neutrality in the country’s affairs.

      He wants a neutral president, a neutral constitution, a neutral govt, a neutral development program, a neutral opposition….. etc

      Your above proposal is not neutral………

      what has changed for you to suddenly shift from your accomplished neutral position?

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker, for the first time you have made sense. As they say, “better is the devil you know than the one you don’t.” I am still in shock that people can attack you the way the have just because you have offered a different opinion now. Good luck brother for we are Zambians first and tribal bull crap second.

  2. ine ndefwaya body guard waba kaseba. amoneka bwino mu picture, i hope nayo te photoshop abalumendo basambilile iyi.

    • @ 1 MMD CHIEF BOOTLICKER: You are so dull. Chopper pics are old and equally the Challenger jet pics are old. The only new Picture is that of the Milpark Clinic where presido is seated. He does not walk and is on wheel chair. you are really a boot licker

    • This is what happens when a government lacks leadership and direction. They (PF party) need to learn a lesson from this not to leave citizens speculating about the president’s health and whereabouts.

      Inasmuch as we have seen the still photos of the president, the thought of him not addressing the nation worries me. He is a president elected by people and he needs to respect the people who put him in office. The problem is our leaders don’t see themselves as civil servants. The mentality will change when they come to understand this.

      Arresting an employer (the people) for asking the whereabouts of their employee (president) is absurd. It is pathetic that we have been taken for granted.

  3. The issue you’re raising isl very critical. The term he is in expires in 2016, he can go on leave and come back when it’s established that he is fine. Madam Kasseba the life of that man is more important than the office of president. Remember madam that all those ministers who mock him by saying he is fit are just free riders on the wings of his popularity. If somehow popularity was lost, they’d run away. Madam Kasseba you’re more than a First Lady you’re a professional lady please don’t lose your professional ethics – save the man who was voted into office by Zambians.

  4. Elias! This is boring, boring,boring talk. Pliz you petty politicians, good for nothing opposition find something more developmental to talk about. The funny thing is that in zambia all the opposition leaders ll not attain age 65 themselves. Look at halenya halenya, how old is he? Still under 5 and he wont reach HEMCS age but look at the noise he makes just coz he is a free masonists who believes in taking over from dead pipo. Even most of his puppies who blog dung wont wont reach 40yrs. Chipimo tell us something new not this old stale news. Na chi nasoni musoni no insoni kulanda same thing everyday. You babies in opposion you are all chimbwiz no strategy.

    • I fail to understand why some devils like you fail to stick to the topic at hand and instead venture into hate speech.

    • who told you its boring?this is a serious matter mwana.this country must not be run on auto pilot.if you are sata’s sympathiser you should know that he is not reigning over family empire it is a nation of tax payers he is presiding over.

  5. I love my President and only want what is best for Zambia and Zambians, I agree with Elias Chipimo it would be better if the President took some time off to fully recuperate, the office of President is very stressfull.

  6. NAREP and Chipimo always talking sense. Not other opposition parties who want to plot 1 at all costs. Well said Chipimo .

  7. Mr Elias Chipimo and his party narep are right again we need the president to be back to full health let him take sick leave and recharge his batteries and come back to running the country. Until 2016 when all Zambians can vote for a new president.

  8. Recently in South Africa Zuma was hospitalised for a few days suffering from exhaustion and already people were head on radio agitating for him to step down if he couldn’t handle the pressures of that office. Our zombie here in Zambia has been out of action for close to a mounth and people are threatened with jail terms for just talking about his health! What sort of nation are we? Sata is a total failure and to cap it up he is terminally ill, isn’t this reason enough to step aside and let a capable leader take over? For goodness sake this is not about one individual, it’s the interests of the nation at stake here. Let’s please stop the hypocrisy, Sata is very sick and that’s the crux of the matter. Force him to step down if he won’t do it himself!

  9. Hon Chipimo’s suggestion is logical but can be challenged by the same constitution which seem to back it. When the person occupying the office of the Presidency is not fit to hold it, we can’t be suggesting he goes on leave. HEMS Katongo Chalesi has a chronic disease which means if he went on leave, it be until 2016. Therefore, calling him to resign on medical grounds is a better call than leave. The man can’t perform and he is even failing to do his favorite job of swearing people. I was even shocked that people were applauding him the president for chairing a cabinet meeting…..that was sad!

  10. We don’t need another President to die in that office especially this year of Jubilee. It will b a bad way to celebrate and will be remembered for wrong reasons. Mr President can you resign!

  11. Sata has actually been on medical leave since May. So what medical leave is Chipimo talking about? The man has not been working for 3 or so months. The best for Sata is for him to resign, so he can concentrate on medication.

    • Spot on…taxpayer’s have been paying for his absenteeism tax free what’s Mr. Chipimo hallucinating about now.

  12. @Wantanshi

    “Zuma’s people were heard on radio agitating for him to step down if he couldn’t handle the pressures of that office?”


    • @Mpundu trust

      The president was sworn in publicly, why then is he hiding if he is fine? He is lucky Zambians are unnaturally calm. Do you find this situation normal, where the president and his officials deny he is sick, but then does not show himself to the people he is supposed to be serving? Lets not defend the indefensible. If he is healthy and fit but just doesn’t want to work he should be impeached for abdicating his basic responsibility.

  13. Bootlicker, as you call yourself——– you are indeed a retard. At your age you should know that its not a choice to be disabled. You leave in South Africa, and yet you are such bigot and a sub-human mongrel. You sound like somebody who was raised on the streets without values.

  14. Bootlicker, as you call yourself——– you are indeed a retard. At your age you should know that its not a choice to be disabled. You live in South Africa, and yet you are such bigot and a sub-human mongrel. You sound like somebody who was raised on the streets without values.

  15. Nywebo Baceta nywebo, how does HH come in here as if He is the one who commented. That’s why ncomupengede epecially chi MMD Chief Bootlicker. You’ll cry when you see HH as the Republican President of Zamiba

  16. The president has no genuine advisors, all those people that surround are just opportunists like confused MMD CHIEF BOOTLICKER.

  17. Chipimo is right on this one and it is high time our politicians learnt that their health is more important than the positions they occupy. Mr Sata has a chance to take a leave now and hopefully get well soon or later. It is really a pity how people want to cling on to power even when their bodies cannot just allow or manage. Timely advise on a silver plate!

  18. H.E Charles Mwango Katongo can now stand and walk…… bravo!!

    But please someone assure us of the integrity of the man’s grey matter. I remember it was rumoured he is demented.

    Yes, he may have chaired a cabinet meeting and yes he travelled to SA (walked the red carpet and embarked a plane unaided during the process -which as some would make us believe, is a very super human feat ). These are both more strenuous endeavors than sitting before live camera to address the nation. HE must just appear on live broadcast and most of us shall be assured his wires are not crossed, and he is of sound mind.

    Just thinking….

  19. @ MMD Chief Bootlicker

    What the hell is going on in your life?

    Your reasoning used to be so sound in the past but these days you have this ZOMBIE type of reasoning.

    • @ Morsi Mohamad – So just because MMD Bootlicker has said negative things about HH and UPND he is Bemba? This is ZWD type of thinking and it is off-putting.

  20. Do not worry about MMD Bootlicker, Chungu decoded him and traced him out, he was offered a good job to blog for the PF and this is what he has turned out to be. He even says nothing about his own party but is now trying by all means to destroy UPND. For me I do not care for these money hungry Zambians who only think about their bellies and more money in their pockets even if they loose their integrity.

  21. Chipimo, you are saying the president can take leave in order to recuperate fully. Yes, you may say there is no malice in this advice, but check yourself do you think you are sincere enough to go on air and talk like that? Which line of advice on the subject do you think president Sata can take, the one propagated through chatter box of the airwaves or one to one encounter occasioned through protocol? I think the later is more likely to be taken. In any case, Chipimo you are among the few rational opposition leaders who can be reserved for presidency in the second half of the 21 century. One of your fellow opposition leaders, whom I can’t mention here lives in utopian world. Everything around him spins on imagination.

  22. The health of the Head of State is not determined by individuals. Rather, it is the domain of the officers and structures that exist for dealing with illness.

  23. I doubt it if Zambians really desire to develop our country,the current youths (-40)are a let down as they seem to be less intellectual and instinctive retarded.hh suggested sata to step down and cabinet to choose a care taker but the pf cadres /ministers cried foul and chipimo suggest the same but majority of the blogging is supporting him.this reflects the general view of the people from northern regions .my eastern power has rejected pf several times but pf cadres deny the reality as they claim easterners would vote for pf,I thought Livingston has a pf mp .for Zambia to develop the current youthful generation should look beyond tribe but issue based politics’.

  24. Dear Mr. Future President; I believe you will make it.
    You are the right kind of caring person for the thirteen (13) million desperate Zambians looking for what should have been in 2011: When we vainly pinned our hopes for change on PF.
    I met your dad when he was Zambian Ambassador to London. KK fired him because he allowed me to host Enoch Powell at the Zambian Embassy Conference Room, then around the BBC Head Quarters, as a Key Note Speaker on Racism in Great Britain at that time. I met Powell at West Minister Lobby and he graciously agreed.
    This was at the occasion of the annual meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Zambian Student in Europe including the Soviet Union (COSUZE)
    Your proposal for a national government is the best solution because none of the Presidents of the 15…

  25. Your proposal for a national government is the best solution because none of the Presidents of the 15 or so political parties are Gentle men/Women enough to give up the entrenched clauses of absolute control of the Centre that the structured Constitution KK built in our current constitution.
    I say this because I have lived long enough to understand what the real issues are.

  26. MMD Chief Bootlicker it’s difficult to educate the un educate able UPND cadres and there leadership. They are so deluded and paranoid such that they create statistics of their popularity from their invisible planet . The truth to them is none existence, they live on lies for self preservation even when all the election results indicate opposite. They use old fashioned political strategies that do not help them in anyway or another propaganda and character assassination of the opponents through ZWD. HH financially funds ZWD to spread and preach hate on their brain washed or radicalised individuals behind keyboards who will never even vote. HH & UPND have no ears and eyes hear or see and change their approach to bring masses to them. Them politics is about confrontational, hate and…

  27. National govt surely chipimo is more deluded than a bush product. Sata is the president of Zambia and it remains like this. It’s wishful thinking that something is likely to happening . Chipimo as much as you are educated on one of the best universities in UK possibly the world. Humble your self your future looks brighter than many at your age. Strategise your self on issues that draw more people rather Sata’ health because many will think you are wishing Sata bad lucky.

  28. It’s simply amazing. Can’t you guys objectively discuss issues without being so over partisan? I have argued with MMD Bootlicker since the inception of Lusaka Times as a Zambian and not a political partisan cadre and I know he’s no PF fan. Now because he has said something neutral he is now an enemy of the UPND? Come on fellas, lets grow up.

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