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K 128 million was paid to MUVI TV to air Chanda Chimba’s Stand up for Zambia, witness tells court


Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed "Stand up Zambia"
Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed “Stand up Zambia”

A witness told the Lusaka Magistrate Court that K128m was paid by Chanda Chimba III for airing of Stand Up for Zambia programmes on Muvi television Station.

MUVI TV, Security Manager, Allan Mulenga, 50,a Livingstone resident said the 16 episodes of stand up for Zambia programmes were aired on the private TV station after they were paid for by the Chanda Chimba III.

He testified that he was on August 15, 2012 he was visited by officers from task force on corruption who wanted to find out how many programmes for stand up Zambia were aired on MUVI TV and how much was paid for airing of the programmes.

Mr. Mulenga said 16 episodes were paid for by Chanda Chimba III and that K8m was paid per programme.

When asked what was the mode of payments that was made for the programmes, the witness said that the payments were paid in cash.

This was in a case in which General Ronnie Shikapwasha a politician, is jointly charged with his former Information Permanent Secretary Dr. Sam Phiri and Freelance Journalist Chanda Chimba III are charged with abuse of authority of office contrary to Section 99 (1) of the Penal Code
Chapter 87 of the Laws the laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on dates unknown but between October 1 and November 31, 2010 Lt Gen Shikapwasha and Dr Phiri, jointly and whilst acting together, arbitrarily and in disregard of defamation laws and ZNBC editorial policy directed ZNBC management to broadcast Chanda Chimba’s documentary namely, Stand Up for Zambia, an act prejudicial to the rights and interests of ZNBC, a public body.

Principle Magistrate Obbister Musukwa has since adjourned the matter to tomorrow, July 22, 2014 for continuation of trial.


  1. This case puts who ever is presiding on it in an awkward position because the evidence of what Chimba III said is here with us, alive and kicking before our very eyes.

    Sata his mouth his biggest enemy.

    • Tulu. ‘Prophet’ Chimba stated facts. The same things he warned this country about are unfolding before our eyes. If the judge is going to stick to the book this case is not going anywhere.

    • Chanda Chimba III probably lives a life in hiding. His life has always been in danger since Sata became President. PF members/supporters have been looking to pounce on him and take his life. And for what, for standing up and using free speech to show the masses what Sata is and how dangerous PF is. The only hope for Chanda is to postpone the judgement until a new administration takes over. Otherwise his life will continue to be in danger from these PF supporters. They are deadly and they can Kill.

  2. Perhaps, the best campaign tool that opposition needs at the moment – the regaling of this titillating episode currently in the courts of law.

  3. The program was worth every Ngwee of the K 128 Million! We are able to see with regret what Chanda Chimba III prophesied.

  4. This case should just be abandoned the PF appear to have no strategy.Better government funds are used on this program than on Kazimu Sata.

  5. Paid in cash???!!! No paper or electron trail. Just a hand-shake and money excahnges hands. Way to go Chimba and co.. instead of being cashless society, it is paperless society.

  6. That case has been overtaken by events. The only thing needed to keep the case rolling is hatred, which abounds in PF. If the truth was the goal, the sheer shame PF must be feeling should have been enough to make the stop the persecution. Chanda Chimba has turned out to be a better prophet than many self-declared prophets: what he said about the former King Cobra (He is no longer one) has come true like an Old Testament prophecy. In fact, Sata has done worse.

  7. This id_iot Chanda must be locked up and the keys given to a lunatic at Chainama. I just do not understand how he is not yet behind bars, surely Sata has respect for the law. If it were up to me, the reverend would be busy oreaching to inmates at Mukobeko.

  8. no wonder Sata is sick.How can any normal person withstand what is before him?He called him Chanda Chimbwi we now call him the Prophet.

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