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Vice President Guy Scott woes Scottish investors

Economy Vice President Guy Scott woes Scottish investors

Vice-President Dr Guy Scott with Hon. Humza Yousaf Scotland Minister for External Affairs and International Development (right), press secretary Amos Chanda, Zambia High Commission (left), Robert Kamalata, senior private secretary to the Vice-President (second left)
Vice-President Dr Guy Scott with Hon. Humza Yousaf Scotland Minister for External Affairs and International Development (right), press secretary Amos Chanda, Zambia High Commission (left), Robert Kamalata, senior private secretary to the Vice-President (second left)

Republican Vice President Guy Scott has urged the Scottish government to enhance its interests to invest in Zambia especially that the two countries share an economic relationship dating back to over 100 years .

Dr. Scott, whose father was Scottish and was educated at Glasgow University in Scotland over 100 years ago, said the trade partnership between Zambia and Scotland should be enhanced.

He said Zambia had a conducive investment climate which Scotland could exploit to the maximum in many areas of the country’s economy.

Dr. Scott was speaking in an interview with ZANIS today in Glasgow where he attended a Commonwealth Games Business Conference on the eve of the official kick-off of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

“I am an example of someone whose father invested in Africa 100 years ago. He was from this town (Glasgow) actually and this is his university where he got his medical degree more one hundred years ago,” he said.

He said there were about 2,000 Zambians living in Glasgow alone, a situation indicating that the two countries were enjoying warm bilateral relations.

Earlier in the conference, Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, said Scotland was assisting many developing countries in various sectors of the economy adding that Zambia was among these nations.

In 2011, Scotland established the Climate Justice Fund from which Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Malawi will benefit between 400,000 and 500,000 Pounds each over a period of two years in activities aimed at mitigating effects of climate change.

A total of about Six million Pounds has been set aside for four African countries currently partnered under the Scottish International Development Fund.

Mr. Salmond, who officially opened the conference today, said the Climate Justice Fund will help communities affected by climate change through among other benefits, access to clean and safe drinking water, education and poverty alleviation.

He noted that the fund was a powerful commitment from a nation that was determined to help the Commonwealth family in issues of democracy, human rights, gender equality and sustainable development.

Dr. Scott was accompanied to the conference by his Senior Private Secretary, Robert Kamalata, First Secretary for Press at the Zambian Mission in the United Kingdom, Amos Chanda and other senior government officials.

The Vice President is in Scotland to witness the official opening of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow tomorrow.

Yesterday, Dr. Scott encouraged Zambian athletes to ‘die a little’ for their country during the competitions which run from tomorrow, July 23rd to August 3rd, 2014.

Zambia has 43 athletes competing in eight different sports disciplines includng badminton, bowling, boxing, judo, running, table tennis, squash and swimming.

The runners are Titus Kafunda, Emmanuel Mwewa, Cephas Nyimbili, Prince Mumba, Saviour Kombe, Kabange Mupopo, Rhoda Njobvu and Ivonne Nashuwa while badminton players are Ngosa Chongo, Chongo Mulenga.
In bowling, Zambian representatives are Bryson Mweetwa, Harry Musonda, Bright Mwanza, George Chibwe, Matimba Like, Sophie Matipa, Evelyn Namutowe, Eda Mpenzeni, Foster Banda and Christie Kapata while boxers are Bwalya Lumbwe, Christopher Katanga, Charles Lumbwe, Mbachi Kaonga and, Ben Muziyo.

Abigail Chindele, William Kalunga, Mathews Punza and Boas Munyonga are judokas, Kelvin Ndhlovu, Manda Chilambwe, Namweene Muchaile, Mwinga Lengwe and Sharon Chinfwembe are the squash players.
The rest are swimmers Alexandros Axiotis, Mathew Shone, Milimo Mweetwa, Tilka Paljk, Ralph Wesley Assafro, Jade Howard and table tennis players Friday Ng’andu, Noel Kasanda and Simasiku Kalaluka.


  1. if these PF jokers woe investors from overseas each time they sneak out of Zambia,,,,,,,, Zambia must be overflowing with investors by now

    • Lol my friend I saw this article and thought what sort of rubbish is this. I hope guy is coming straight home, we don’t want him to stop over at an airport wooing investors there also or airplane manufacturers for that matter. Talk about selling sand in a desert, this is it.

    • Guy Scott is telling the Scottish that SATA is no more and apparently he is the President of Zambia in the absence of SATA.

    • @Ndobo, another problem those PooFs has is to woe wrong investors. The other gentleman sneak out to Israel and come back running from those Hamas.
      This Scottish is wowing male investors who wear checked-skirts, bring them bakabachita bakashininkisha… mu Zambia nabashupa.

  2. This is the first time in the history of Zambia that a president chairing a Cabinet meeting makes news headlines. Didn’t KK, Chiluba, Levy and RB chair Cabinet meetings? We usually praise children for the small strides they make towards learning to do things and I must say our current President is being praised just like we praise a child speaking for the first time.

  3. At least they have shown us the pictures of him woeing infesters. When are we going to see pictures of Sata woeing Isreali infesters. Iam still waiting

  4. The President is AWOL and his vice away to his native village leaving the country in Auto Pilot which might lead to crashing like the MH 370.
    This mad VP is expected to give a road map on the constitution and he goes to visit his father’s grave? The attendance was the job for Kambwili since the country has no working President.
    We shouldn’t allow this madness to go unchallenged.

  5. This is worrying. There is mumbo jumbo mean’t to sound like it is helpful to Zambia. It is clear from what is reported; that Aid and investment are interconnected in their talks. We have said to Justine Greening, Zambia wants trade not Aid. The amounts for aid proposed is risible. 400,00 – 500, 000 for climate change for the whole of Africa? Even 6 million is ridiculous, it is too small an amount to provide comprehensive help to the continent. Put away your begging bowls and ask not for aid but for business. China and Japan is the way to go for Zambia, therefore Scott’s offer of ‘exploiting to the maximum all areas of Zambia’s economy,’ opens us for abuse. Europeans will never respect Africans. We are not in a weak position, we have potential, while their economies are…

  6. We are not in a weak position, we have potential, while their economies are…struggling. They want to make zambians debt slaves with Vedanta-like contracts where they don’t pay tax and under-sell our copper. Zambia under the current gov’t is ‘muggingsville’ for every impoverished white crooke with a few bobs to call investment. Asian, Far Eastern continents Is the next developing block. We don’t want impoverished countries coming to make a fast buck, by cupping us like Vedantar, headquartered in UK, where our tax money lolls and they do not help us to get our money back.

  7. Let’s be serious what investors would possibly come from Scotland when Scotland itself needs investors and employment….you want forex from that part of Britain you should have taken a team from the Zambia Tourism Board to woo travel & holiday firms.
    This notion of wooing investors has been abused some are going abroad as medical tourists to India and last month Israel under the guise of attracting investors when they can not even lift a finger due to illness.

  8. He said there were about 2,000 Zambians living in Glasgow alone

    Really? That seems a lot. What are they all doing in Glasgow. Are they asylum seekers, fleeing persecution in Zambia?

  9. Wanzelu brainless man your wanting to know where is becoming boring.sata is not zambia,just like zambia is not sata.am sure your dream to see united people for noise and destruction govern zambia wil come true in 2022.

  10. Shame that VP cannot tell his friend Chikwanda to treat current Scottish investors in Zambia in accordance with the Zambian laws and international treaties.

  11. Amazing, am I the only one who seems to notice the difference between “woes” and “woos”? Some of you “kunda mwilas” just want to go in and talk shop without understanding the subject matter. Ba LT mwachilamo kusebenzesa tubana twa skulu kuti tukazilemba ma article aya. DOES ANYONE PROOF READ THIS?
    Ndimwe che Ndula pa Last.

  12. is this word ‘WOE’ used in its correct context? I should believe it is supposed to read “woo” or I am wrong please assist me understand what you really mean. Lusaka Times.

    • Your correct!

      Woe means great sorrow or distress. Woo means to try and attract someone often in a romantic way. The idea of the the Veep “woeing” investors therefore is actually quite funny. Maybe prophetic, but pretty much the exact opposite of what I think he had in mind.

      As the phrase goes, you “pitch the woo”, not the woe …….unless I suppose you don’t want to get very far with the ladies (or maybe the investors?) that night. Come here, baby and I’ll cause you great sorrow and distress! Maybe true, but how far is that going to get you? Woe is me for sure.

  13. Stop using woes invesitors. where are the investors Sata woewed from India, Japan and elsewhere. Where are they. Even Mulenga sata we are told that he woewed investors from South Korea. Where are they?

  14. Well we hope are true investors not our friend PhD holder Mushota and her famous boy friend N… Going back home in the name of investor. Glasgow has become sour.

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