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UPND will not waste time pursuing the leaders from the PF once in power-HH

Headlines UPND will not waste time pursuing the leaders from the PF once...

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has condemned the culture of vengeance, vindictiveness and retribution allegedly being perpetrated by the Patriotic Front (PF).

And Mr Hichilema says the enactment of the new Constitution would be the priority of the UPND if the opposition political party formed government after the 2016 general elections.

Mr Hichilema has since pledged to heal the country by stopping political witch hunt that has seen leaders of the previous government being persecuted should Zambians give him the privilege to govern the country.

He said he was a man who loathed vindictiveness and retribution because such evils were only dividing the country and created hatred amongst citizens.

Featuring at Millennium Radio yesterday, Mr Hichilema said a lot of resources were being wasted in pursuing and victimizing perceived political opponents.

He said his government would endevour to unite the country and concentrate on rebuilding the country’s economy that was currently bleeding.

The UPND leader said he had been a victim of vindictiveness and retribution under the PF government and did not want the leaders in the ruling party to suffer the same way he had but would rather they remained free and marvel at how best the country would be managed.

He said he had been beaten, arrested and locked up in filthy police cells on tramped up political charges adding it was a blessing that the PF had made him test the evils of political persecution and victimization.

Mr Hichilema said he was praying for President Michael Sata to live much longer so that he could be defeated him in the next general elections and have an opportunity to see how best and efficiently to run the affairs of the country as well as learn that it was not necessary to brutalize citizens.

Mr Hichilema recounted the number of times when he had fallen victim to the outdated and draconian Public Order Act (POA) the PF was implementing against the opposition political party leaders as well as the civil society organisations.

Why should the poor Zambians build a house for a retired president? The Principle is that we do not seek public office to get higher salaries.

“I do not believe in vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance because these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians.

It does not please me to see people being persecuted for no discernible reason other than pure vengeance. We have wasted a lot of public money witch-hunting. The UPND will not waste time pursuing the leaders from the PF but will give them chance to enjoy their freedom and marvel at how best we are going to manage the affairs of the country. I have been arrested and thrown in the worst police cells and I thank God that he allowed Zambians to test the poor leadership of the PF,” Mr Hichilema said.

Meanwhile Mr Hichilema said the UPND in government would abolish the law of former presidents being built a retirement house after leaving the office of president.

Mr Hichilema said any person aspiring to lead the country must have his own house and should not punish the poor citizens by demanding for a retirement house.

The UPND leader also condemned the Members of Parliament (MPs) demanding an increase in their salaries stating that it was morally incorrect for Parliamentarians to demand more money than the nurses who were serving lives.

He said the National Assembly and State House were not a means of making oneself rich but the institutions were meant to serve Zambians.

“I will not need Zambians to build me a retirement house after serving the country as president. Any leader aspiring to govern the country must have his own house.

Why should the poor Zambians build a house for a retired president? The Principle is that we do not seek public office to get higher salaries.

The MPs should not demand higher salaries than the nurses. State House and Parliament are not for making money but to serve the people,” Mr Hichilema said.


    • Mushota state whict=h statement is useless from your analysis.Your hatred for the man is not health and will expose you and the like to be considered tribal.If saying that he will not be vindictive when HH becomes president is useless then bee it.If saying I will not build a house for former president on the expense of the poor is useless then be it.But most open minded Zambians are listening and they will decide.

    • i am always taken aback when certain minions criticizes for the sake of..HH the pipo’s choice come 2016 has spoken with KPIs clearly explained. Anyways for pipo who agree and think like Mushota should question themselves coz this chap even surprises the Serpent?

    • Who will agree with you it is time we started to see a big picture for our country than just see political parties. Mushota grow up and see sense.

    • H H is right, why do You have to build a house for a president?
      If it is right for him, what about you who came up with Such an idea?
      Spending the tax Payers money on the birthday of a former useless president. W T F
      2016 H H

    • Mushota,this your statement is uttermost stupidity,When are u going 2 stop hating HH?It seems every comment that HH makes even before reading it, you start vomiting.HH in this statement means well and definitely he is a solution to many suffering of the masses.Mushota your idiocy to grasp important statements from HH shows how strongly you are attached with PF and I have no doubt that you are one of the PF thugs .Let me remind you where ever u are that your uncivilized comments together with that boy from Bwinjifwumu will not change the political mood towards the UPND.The UPND is on the receiving end and come what May 2016 ,PF will be history so will you.

    • You have eyes and yet you do not see ,you have ears and yet again you do not listen, shame on you. HH means well to all my friend.

    • @Mushota with due respect to your views, how many politicians who have been accused of abuse of office have been convicted, if you consider the amount of financial resources that have been paid to the the TASK FORCE a parallel investigative wings to investigate the plunder of government resources. We had one during the late his HE Levis Mwanawasa, members were paid a lot of money and in dollars for that matter. How much money has been recovered ? You cant spend $14 million to pursue an individual over $500,000 and then the state loses the case.
      This money could have been better used to upgrade hospitals and get drugs for the same hospitals around the country.
      What is needed is to strengthen the investigative wings free from political interference.
      The Point HH is putting across is…

    • @mushoto
      you are the biggest 1diot’s comment you have made today. to you building a house for a president after giving him huge salary and huge 2/3 monthly salary of president for the rest of his life makes sense to you. you must be an imbec1le. sometimes it is not just opposing but seeing sense in what others are saying. dont vent your anger on innocent people, direct it back to your adversary ‘nick’ who has dumped you

    • This is the man Zambians have been waiting for ,But ba HH please punish Kabimba and Sata that trafiguira oil saga was real

    • So, HH is telling us that if PF plunder resources if he came to power he’ii just let them go and take the nation’s wealth, all in the name of wanting to show that he is a good boy not wanting to go after people. THIS IS THE KIND OF UNDER 5 THINKING WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. This man is not ready to be president period. By the way, what has the international community said about the where about of the President? UPND can’t believe the man is well and kicking, has their campaign still continued or was it cut short?

    • Mushota

      A F.O.O.L takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

      Proverbs 18:2

    • “vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance, these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians” Wiser than oldman Daniyele Munkombwe.
      VIVA HH!!

    • I have always advocated for the immediate abolishment of construction of retirement houses for former presidents. its a huge drain on our meager resources.

      Thanks Akainde Ichilema for stealing and advancing my idea and making it look like its you own plan.

      As for prosecution, if there are PF govt officials that have broken the law, they must be held accountable.
      The fact that PF govt has brought former MMD leaders to court does not mean they are being persecuted.

      We know why you dont want to do that…its because you have a history of long fingers and if by mistake you (God forbid) were to become president, you are likely to loot the treasury and expect your successor not to prosecute you having deviously changed the law like RB did.

      Sorry, we say NO to crazy ideas

    • Desperation has really kicked in.HH you will never be President ,remove the tribal tag.I hate the way you mistreated that young lad Greyford Monde with your ZWD.

    • @Mushota: you are really a tribalist. hope zambia will not be like Rwanda because of people like you. Nothing good comes out from you dirt mouth

    • Brilliant message from HH, the futuristic president who is in politics to serve the people in honesty. HH is not like others who are busy hiding from the citizens in shame for lying to be elected and then fail to deliver.

      UPND is the only party to deliver Zambia from the doldrums Sata has put our lovely country in. Under UPND and HH all freedoms will be restored, constitution adopted swiftly, rule of law restored, Fair justice and real terms sustainable development implemented in a transparent manner.

      UNIP is dead and buried, MMD is dead awaiting burial, PF is ailing, and has a guaranteed few months to live.

      HH is ready to create a political environment in Zambia where real high tech manufacturing will begin to grow and thrive without fear or favour unlike under PF
      Viva UPND.


      The PF minions swiftly go into some frenzy against HH, each time issues a statement all because they know that should he come to power , jobs given to them by the mad man in hiding or dead will vanish in thin air.

      We know you are here on line being paid to issue disparaging remarks against HH a leader whose popularity is growing at the rate unimaginable.

      No matter how much you hate him, the people on the ground are beginning to love him and will vote for him en mass .

      HH is assured and guaranteed millions of votes from Eastern, Southern, Western, Central, North western, Lusaka, 90% CB, 30% Luapula, 60% Northern, and 40% Muchinga provinces.

      Those in doubt chizakubabani, when UPND takes all the up coming by election. And when this happens PF and MMD will be…

    • Folks
      Kapena ni chizungu chavuta apa be PF minions, let me try and explain the meaning and the context in which HH has used the words Vengeance and vindictiveness.

      Vengeance means punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.Vindictiveness means,revenge.These two words have been appropriately used by HH to mean he will not punish all those leaders who are doing wrong to him personally, by insulting him, and instigating his arrest on flimsy trumped up charges. In short he is saying he will not punish those leaders who are behind his persecution in his personal capacity. He will forgive them and let go to concentrate on national building.

      How ever he DID NOT say that those found wanting for abusing government resources will be spared the wrath of the law…

    • iam now convinced that you ka asss you are PF mole and ican even conclude that you are a shameless man and not a womam *****

    • @Gen

      You should be ashamed of your self. How can you lie that HH’s idea of abolishing the construction of houses for retired president is yours. HH and UPND protested vigorously, when the PF approved the construction of Sata ‘s house before he even retires. Most us well meaning Zambians voiced out our concerns on this issue.
      Unlike us most of you PF minions were screaming on top the hills supporting the crazy idea about building Sata a house. Maybe you did that out of euphoria for having won an election with out thinking it through. You know.

      However I am humbled to hear that there is a part of you that can take what HH says seriously with minimum usual verbal diarrhoea.

      If you try and analyse HH ‘s messages from the objective view, you will realise how much he means well for…

    • I fully agree with Mr. Hichilema concerning the unfairness and economic burden of building mansions for former Presidents. This must be stopped, and the earlier the better! However, I do not agree with HH concerning the prosecution of former leaders: if a leader willfully abuses the people’s trust by stealing or mismanaging public funds and resources or by oppressing the people, by all means let that leader be prosecuted and jailed if found guilty.

    • @Mungoma.

      HH has DID NOT say he will not let ACC prosecute those who will be found wanting for embezzling public funds.

      What he meant is, he is not going to revenge for the wrong that PF politicians are doing to him as a person. He will forgive those insulting him and prosecuting him on fake charges, including those blocking him to hold meeting with his supporters freely. His statement was mean’t for his personal adversaries.

      You can only revenge to people who have attacked your personality not people who have misused and stolen public funds. Vengeance and retribution does not apply to corrupt politicians.

      Corrupt PF politicians will be investigated thoroughly on corruption charges by the bodies responsible.

      I hope this helps you understand what HH meant in his…

  1. HH when will be that because indicators don’t point that directions day dreaming as usual, HH must be very stupid. There will be change of Government in 2016 Period

    • “vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance, these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians” Wiser than oldman Daniyele Munkombwe.
      VIVA HH!!

    • “vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance, these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians” Wiser than oldman Daniyele Munkombwe.
      VIVA HH!!

    • We shall!!!!! I hope he is campaigning kwasu kumawa but then again PF is ferocious towards the opposition by unleashing their unruly cadres and unprofessional police force on them. One can’t just win.
      I totally agree with HH on not wasting resources on pursuing people of course there shall be deserving cases but have you seen what has become of RB’s cases. Btw what has become of the same RB’s cases Mr. Dpp?

    • This is a Great Plan. Some questions for HH. Will he be signing the Social Contract with Zambians to ensure that he and his party fulfill the Campaign promises. What should Zambians do if he and his part fail to perform based upon the campaign promises. How is the performance of his MP’s now in their constituencies. He who is faithful in small things will be faithful in big things. This applies to all MP’s in other parties. What is his strategy to win the Northern vote. He needs all the votes to win . Has he considered with his party creating a VP position and give it to one influential politician from the North such as Father Bwalya, Nawakwi, Chipimo etc.

    • Has he considered a strong alliance with MMD based upon a strong UPND and a strong MMD with Dr Mumba as either the President or vice.


    • Peter its you and your house hold who are daydreaming.We from Northwestern ,western,Central,Ndola rural,Parts of Lusaka ,Parts of eastern,Kasama central and Southern Provinces of Zambia shall prove you wrong.Just as we have already demonstrated in Kafulafuta ,Chililabombwe and now in Mangango.Go HH alaisa alaisa umwine chaalo bonse abantu bakale mumutende ne chi bote.Lesa wakumulu a lola 2016 Zambians will be liberated.Bachitimukulu ba ka imfumu ya chindikwa.It will be truly one Zambia one nation.

    • “vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance, these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians” Wiser than oldman Daniyele Munkombwe.
      VIVA HH!!

  3. He does not believe in vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance because these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians. This young man is a solution to our economic challenges.

    • “vindictiveness, retribution and vengeance, these evils have only managed to breed hatred among Zambians” Wiser than oldman Daniyele Munkombwe.
      VIVA HH!!

  4. @dead,mushota you are myopic even when 1 says sense you smell mafi,you are the most corupt pipo who dont want the new constitution,regadless of your tribal sentiments we want a young zambian to run the country be it hh chipimo,keep on washing toilets in abroad where you are and staying illegally,you cant even come to zambia to vote bcoz u will be arested for overstaying

  5. this is what i expect from a forward thinking leader. When you know the art of growing wealth you don’t need a conduicive environment. The idea of saying unip killed the economy, mmd this pf that is not what we should be concerned. They say a poor carpenter blames his tools and that is what the current govt has been quiet vindictive. If this is HH is thinking then i support him. The law enforcing agencies should be left to do their job whilst the politicians should seek to improve the welbeing of the citizens

  6. @ MUSHOTA
    remember even the day people were voting for SATA in 2011, there was another CHUMBU MuSHOLOLWA whose name sound like yours. He cursed sata that he will never be a president of Zambia in front of ZNBC propaganda camera.
    We the poor and our families feel the pain and we will vote for HH in 2016 or sooner.

  7. its your birth right to dream but i doubt if constitutionally you have the right to form goverment because you can only form government with majority vote. in any case dont give up because at least you are telling us what you are going to do for the country unlike the under 5 politics where you even oppose the road construction ‘tukalalya imisebo’.keep it up though you are late,try 2021

  8. Some pipo are still scared even when HH clearly says he will not victimize any out of office politicians come 2016- its a waste of monney…

  9. HH has every right to aspire to high office just like anybody else. However, I find his statement discriminatory on two grounds: 1) He says to be a president of Zambia you have to be rich enough to own a house. While he is rich enough to own a house fit for any president, the majority of Zambians aren’t. I for one I only rent and I want to believe that I am also eligible on that basis. 2) By saying he would refuse to embrace anyone from other parties just lacks unifying characteristics we require in the next president. Does he also declare that he would not hunt down corrupt characters in PF because that will be called witch hunt? If he thinks the Rupiah Banda family are being witch hunted he might as well promote corruption.

    • after working for five years, a president is exempt from paying PAYE, pays no rent food is free, garden boys and all staff paid by state. with these facilities you can not manage to build your own house? be objective. as a civil servant am building my own house despite getting very little and paying tax through my nose

    • Matipa – you are missing my point. In this article, HH states that any candidate aspiring to be president should own a house before hand. That is one of the things I find disturbing

    • Why should you build a house for someone who gets a salary without paying any tax, when the person is sick they are evacuated on tax payers money etc? It is not fair. I think even the young Kenyatta is doing very well unlike our veteran president along Independence ave. We need people who are successful in other fields of life rather than lifelong politicians with nothing to show for. When you become a President you have to serve the people that elected you not to recoup the money that you spent in the wilderness as an opposition.

  10. HH should not dream about winning the 2016 elections.UPND has no coverage in other provinces other than southern province.To win the presidency you need support from all the ten provinces and as things are now HH’s dreams will remain dreams beyond 2016.Supporters like Ndobo,Wanzelu and other people who cannot see beyond their noses will be very shocked in 2016.Really ba HH you are a dreamer and your drems will just make you more bitter because come 2016 you will lose again.Your tribal tags follows you now and will follow yo even in 2016!! Mark my words!!!!

  11. Let us give credit where it is due. HH has spoken sense here. If you are a normal Zambian, you will want the things that the man has said to happen. There are those of course who will object for the sake of it. The moment they see the letters HH, their minds register ‘objection’. Already, Mushota is canvasing for support in rejecting what the UPND leader has said, again just for kicks. You will see when the others come tumbling in, people like Gen, Saulosi, ftj, while the side kick Peter has already spoken.

  12. I wonder why you people waste your energies responding to what this man Mushota rights. Forget about him, he is an attention seeker. When you respond to any of his rants, that gives him the motivation to publish more and more trash. Let’s concentrate on positive debates where we agree to disagree.

  13. HH, ulabeja, you are just scared that people will start digging the privatisation saga deeper. And you lot that do not appreciate contrary views, learn to embrace what others comment. Not all of us think HH is the answer and don’t say zambians need HH. It is some zambians and not all zambians. If you insult me, you are also rotten.

    • If you listened to the actual interview, you will know that he answered questions on privatisation and put the issue to rest.

      So Bwana, that is a non-issue.

    • @ Sukisa bango, If HH stole do you think that fat dpp in NPA would have just been watching him? Please go and give him some evidence against HH I am sure that fat dpp and vindictive Mmembe would kiss your ass. They can worship the ground you walk on; convince Sata to make you VP, please run to Independence ave or Bwinjimfu road to give your information don’t sit on your rights or lottery!!!! If I had that information that would toss HH into prison I would have been the VP of Zambia thanks to Mmembe and fat useless dpp.

  14. This Under 5 is really taking naivety to a whole new level. honestly he has began to sound desperate. I won’t pronounce his name lest I’m called tribal since I come from Luapula where we eat flesi fisi straight from the river despite not having an H in our vocabularly.

    Anyway here is why I say that this under 5 is naive

    1) What if you discover that PF officials corruptly awarded themselves 20 years contract to maintain state house. Wont you act on that?

    2) What if you find that Membe and his partner indeed defrauded DBZ, wont you act on that?

    3) What if you find that All Maize transportation contracts have been given to GBM and his the next 100 years , wont you act on that?

    You are being naive sir, the best you can say is you wont interfere with cases. That will be more…

    • I agree with you.
      Again I repeat the cut above the rest, like some of us can see through HH the entourage following his deeds do not necessarily follow him, they are a part of a clique that do not like PF and unless you are a cut above the rest you are unlikely to see through him


    • There is a difference in prosecution and in being merely vindictive. Nchito has been vindictive against Chiluba and RB. Read the Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors. What Nchito has been doing has fallen far short of those guidelines and it is a pity that the so-called veteran politicians have sanctioned such nonsense, I think we need the ‘under 5’ because he is the future.
      What is happening to RB’s cases and how much has been spent to persecuting him? People have been flying left right and centre to make a case out of nothing and you want that to continue? The best is let the law enforcement agencies so their work without any interference. Interference coming from the curtail and one of those is in charge of prosecutions. How sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I stand to be corrected, but issues to do with prosecuting offenders in Zambia is and should not be championed by politicians or the party in govt. There are institutions like ACC, DEC, Police etc who are mandated by law to take breakers of law to court regardless on one’s standing in society, whether in ruling party or opposition and these institutions need to conduct their own independent inquiries, and not to be directed by govt as is the case now. If Nchito, M’membe or indeed GBM are involved in corruption, these competent bodies need to investigate them NOW. From what you have written Mr MMD Bootlicker, it means your MMD govt and PF govt interferes in operation of these independent bodies. On this score, HH is right boss, we need a govt that does interfere in operations of ACC/DEC.

    • What happened to the real MMD Chief Bootlicker? Is he in a vegetative state? Some selfish PF cadre is masquerading as the Chief Bootlicker. Let’s pray for the quick recovery of our beloved Bootlicker.

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker I usually i follow your comments but on this one to me you have missed it. i think if there is need of law some abuse or does what is against it law has to be respected and not what HH against it. but if victim of vindictiveness and retribution as to weaken the oppositions nobody should be support we have seen to Chiluba and KK, we have seen it Levy and Chiluba and now sata and Banda cases are brought up without enough evidence resulting in waste money and bring hatred in the country.


    • Chief Bootlicker, you are simply a bigot who suffer from inferiority. You say you come from Luapula, and yet you are ashamed of speaking any language from that province. You call your self bemba.

  15. No no no HH, I disagree with you. Corrupt leaders and plunderes of our little resourses must be vigorously pursed and put behind bars. All these thieving PF *****s must be prosecuted and not persecuted. What you need to do once in office is to strengthen the Law enforcement agencies so that they can pursue these thieves while you concentrate on running the country and repairing the economic damage being caused by the PF. I would advise that the prosecution of all economic criminals be left in the hands of capable law enforcement agencies and not being pursued by State House as the case is to day. If you want to win the elections in 2016, this is the message you should be telling Zambians.

    • @Saulosi , Gen, Luapula Premier et al. Tribalists who spoil the name, that starts with B and hailing from provinces that are fully fledged racist ie. Luapula, Muchinga and Northern.

  16. The son asked the Father, father whats politics?
    Well son let me explain it this way, take a look at our house. I represent capitalism because i bring the money home, your mother is the government because she manages the money, our maid is the working class because she handles all the hard work, you my son are the people because you enjoy from the benefits of the system, and your baby brother is the future of the country… did you understand son?The son looks lost and says no father i didnt understand at all… son you will understand once you get older..That same night the son wakes up in the middle of the night to hear his baby brother crying, he gets up from bed and goes to his baby brothers crib and sees the problems,, his baby brother Pooped all over himself, total mess.
    The son…

  17. The son runs to his parents room to ask for help, but the father is not there. His mother is fast asleep snoring like a pig belly up, he shakes her but doesnt wake up.he decides to go to the maids room, and there he finds his father having *nal sex with the maid.
    The next day the son with excitement tells his father that he finally understands what politics is.. the father very happy says very good son! Now tell whats politics?He answers.. while capitalism f***s the working class in the a*s, the government is fast asleep snoring like a pig belly up. No one listen to the people and the future of the country is full of #$%$.

    • Good one my brother tell yhis wana be that we dont want him coz he is just interested to go to state house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. There are people with multiple aliases and spewing lots of harmful things in support of someone who will never become President of Zambia. You sure have time to waste. Can you come and plough my farm and stop wasting your precious time. The man will never become President and thus you will forever remain Indians.

  19. I cant vote for H.H, even in my dreams and in my grave. Lets not pretend, Tonga tribalism is very real. Remeber how Sakwiba sikota was hounded out of UPND after Mazoka died. That was a very sad thing to happen in this great nation. So my dear brother from S/P, this is the truth. Enjoy the manority status in your homestead. 2016, not H.H.

  20. ‘…when in power! In which country, HH? At about to declare Southern province as a country, per chance. You will never be president of the unitary state of Zambia, mark my words, NEVER!!!

  21. HH we love you so much. A’m from Luapula province but I’ve only seen you as an Energetic Young Man to improve the living standarnds of people. You really mean it, You can be the president of Zambia with the full heart to help the Country. A’m giving you my Vote in 2016 even before.

    • In Luapula, People don’t embrace a thief, who plans to shield thieves when becomes President in 2045.

      HH, don’t be cheated by this fellow that he from Luapula. He actually frm Kalomo. Many people in Luapula have not even heard about you. Remember the Mansa Central results not too long ago when even FDD perfomed better than your tribal party?

  22. come 2016 I and my family we are voting for HH. pipo who say HH is tribalist what will be different from sata who has given all key positions to tribal mate and relative because is on your side you donot see this

    • HH(Haleisa Haleya) of UPND has no slightest chance of making it to plot one and he knows this fact very well. UPND will of course remain a force to reckon with in southern province where they command a huge support of 71%.It is also a fact that HH (Haleisa Haleya) can not even reach late Anderson Mazoka’s popularity of 27% as he is stuck at 18% (latest results-2011).How is UPND going to outwit other parties when in a cosmopolitan province like central province they only managed to get 20% share of total votes?

  23. HH is the kind of RB who even removed the law of abuse of office , he did that to protect himself from his thefts, now comes another of the same calibre what do you expect from a thief, is only to let thieving be the game . to let any one know who ever aspires to be the leader of Zambians , he should protect Zambians from thieving powerful people in the nation ; any one who cant follow up plunders in my eyes he doesn’t qualify to be president of our nation




  25. No nation can develop where only a few individuals take the wealth of the nation, and the poor continue to wallow in poverty , here is the character who will allow plunder to be the norm of his govt , Zambians will not allow such that is why they removed RB , if I had chance I could vote for Magande; he appears to be more reasonable than this boy

    • I totally agree –

      Desperation has led Ichilema to even tell the nation that he is a plunderer (of Luanshya Mine) and that he will shield his fellow pluneders in 2045 when he becomes President

  26. I have one question for these overzealous ICHILEMA followers,
    How do they plan to console themselves in 2016 because their tribal leader will lose the same way his friend Raila Odinga lost in Kenya and Morgan has been losing in Zimabwe.

    Everyone can clearly see Politics and HH are like cooking oil and water. Politics is not just for ICHILEMA. Yes – Business is for him. There is no way he can have them all.

    Come 2016 the man is destined for an even bigger loss.

  27. Hichilema, am tired of hearing PF this and PF that, i want to hear what it is that you’ll actually do for me as a citizen to uplift my life from pain that this stupid Patriotic Failures have inflicted on me. Give us clear policies that you will put in place and stop this mediocre politics of always pointing fingers. PF have messed everyone up and am trying to avoid falling into the same trap 2016, PLEASE GIVE US CLEAR DIRECTIONS ON WHERE YOU WANT ZAMBIA TO BE IN THE FIVE YEARS THAT YOU WILL BE IN OFFICE, SELL IT TO US THEN MAYBE YOU WILL BE WORTHY MY EXPENSIVE VOTE. Its funny how Zambians never have debates to actually sit down with these politician and ask them questions about the future of the country, we just listen to them lie to us at rallys, next thing we off to offer them our VOTE.

    • @Ka Gelo

      “Its funny how Zambians never have debates to actually sit down with these politician and ask them questions about the future of the country, we just listen to them lie to us at rallys, next thing we off to offer them our VOTE.”

      The above summarises why we eventually ended up with a dead man governing us. Voters were only interested and excited to hear Sata proclaim he would deliver utopia in 90 days! How the hell he would accomplish that was immaterial to the voters.

  28. UPND has the same people voting for it and so they have failed to improve on their numbers since 2006 when HH took over it’s leadership. During the reign of late Anderson Mazoka, UPND amassed 48% in western province but this has dropped to 28% due to the Lozi revolt,it similarly amassed 48% in northwestern province but this has dropped to 35%, it got 30% in Lusaka province but this figure now stands at 11%.HH may be a good economist but as can be seen from the above statistics he is a very poor politician.

    • Its cos the northern and Luapula people have been reducing their support for non tribesmate to almost zero. Last election they gave HH less than 7 000 votes from approx a million votes!

    • Typical shallow analysis from a dull PF cadre. The reason why HH will win the next election is because he has a royal support base, ie people who will vote for him even when the odds are against him. In the last two elections Sata was considered as the main challenger to MMD and hence most swing voters voted for him. This time HH is regarded as the main challenger to PF and he will capture most of the swing voters to top up to the already assured 18% royal voters.

  29. Imwe bantu twapapata Pulizi pulizi pulizi pulizi pulizi pulizi pulizi! Tuvoteleni! Tatwakababike namu njema ba PF aba mwatemwishefi! Please vote for us!

  30. I agree with HH on the following points:
    Sata should live longer
    MPs should not demand more pay
    Retribution and witch hunting is bad
    I disagree with HH on the following points;
    I will abolish retirement house for former president. This is enshrined in the constitution as an entitlement. Not every one who may become president comes from a stinkingly wealthy background to have a house of his own. HH will never become president. If leaders commit crimes during their term and bury the crimes, it is normal to pursue them once the lid is lifted.
    I’ I I I I I I’ is not a favorite pronoun in a democracy.’ We’ is favourable.
    PF will rule beyond 2016 continuously.

  31. This issue had been clearly explained by HH himself in an earlier article where he made a distinction between prosecution and persecution. This has also been explained by @Clueless here above. But the pack of PF zealots keep on deliberately misquoting just because they have seen something to bash their disgruntled heads against. They are even talking about stale topics like HH ransacking Luanshya mine. There was FTJ, who only sued HH for libel, Mwanawasa and his Task Force and the only problem he had with HH was that this guy spurned a veep job under him, RB tried and 2011 the dreaded cobra came on the scene. You think there is anything more to dig?

  32. This man is being populist. Sayin things we want to hear. Nothing against him….but been there….heard that. Not making sense.

  33. As expected PF retards like Bootlicker have misunderstood HH.

    HH is against targeting people with no proper legal basis for prosecution. For instance, in RB`s case. People like Kapoko will need to have a retrial.

  34. reading blogs from HH’s puppies you just wonder in awe that zambia has so many chibwantu drinkers good for nothing. Anyway you HH puppies its your birth right to give your bitter envious under 5 leader a feel good factor in his life. Where do u get confidence this scumbag HH can be president? This defies logic and the rule of natural wisdom, but i enjoy your tenacity to put a fake smile on your faces by imagining halenya halenya wud be president.

  35. tony blair…

    Only cowards insult while hiding behind pseudo names. It is just unfair to insult another human being like that especially when he cannot see you.

    tony blair….that is not politics. It is thuggery, cowardice and hate. Your tribalism will get you in trouble. There are 73 tribes in Zambia, by the way. We just have to live together unless of course you are encouraging the voices in Western province – Barotseland. But even there, there are about 34 tribes, half of Zambia’s total.

  36. As long as tribal voting pattern continues, HH will not see Plot1. He missed a clear chance when he broke up with Sata from the Majority. He may explore other avenues of entering the majority, but I doubt..

    • @ chileya:

      There is no majority tribe in Zambia. Zambia is not Rwanda were you have a Tutsi minority and Hutu majority. In Zambia you need to get votes from all tribes to win. That is why areas like Western and N/W provinces have been king makers.

    • UPND’s tribal voting stance will never change. Fortunately majority of Zambian’s including younger voter’s have said no to tribalism and they have demonstrated this by denying UPND of their votes. Surely how does UPND expect to win an election with one stronghold (southern province-71% popularity) when their popularity in the remaining 9 provinces is less than 35%?
      UPND lacks proper political analysis and this they demonstrated prior to 2011 elections when they won bye-elections in chilanga(Lusaka Province),mufumbwe and solwezi central(North western Province) and bragged that their popularirty had increased only to lose all the 3 constituencies in the latest election(2011).You cannot put all your hopes on the basis of performance results from bye-elections.

    • @Daka,

      It’s no longer a secret that PF is the most tribal party both in voting patterns and in deeds as evidenced in Sata’s appointments. So, for your own good drop that trash of accusing UPND of the very things that PF is doing openly. Zambians are not foolish, you can not cheat us any more. HH has proved beyond any doubt that he embraces all tribes.

    • MMD has it’s stronghold on Eastern province due to RB. PF has it’s stronghold on Northern & Luapula province because of Sata. Why should it be an issue for UPND to have its base in Southern province?

  37. H.H is statement comes across as very mature and he is beginning to sound more like a statesman,i just pray that if he is given the opportunity to govern,he wont renege on his statements as the Zambian populace will hold him and his team to account the days of being fooled with are over and some of our elected leaders are only in their current positions because we cant vote for 5 odd years

  38. It is useless for people to hurl insults at one another. These politicians are all the same. They always want to use you to get to high offices and then turn around and do different things. I for one will never be fooled by any so called politician. They are all just lazy individuals that want to eat easy people’s money.

  39. To be frank, I do not see UPND winning 2016 elections by any means. In 2011 these guys claimed that the political land scape had changed towards them, in reality the opposite was happening, they further reduce their votes to 18 %.

  40. Ba HH that idea is totally WRONG Politicians Stealing from the Zambian TAX PAYER must stop at some point this is not good for the Nation when pipo demand for change next time it will mean change of such ideas unless you say you will be the same

  41. UPND are still in denial that other parties whom they trail like MMD and PF have more than one strongholds. Latest results are very clear and show that MMD has 4 strongholds(Eastern, Central,North-Western and Western provinces) while PF have 5 strongholds(Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga and Northen provinces) leaving UPND with only 1 stronghold(Southern Province).The truth hurts and we simpathise with HH (Haleisa Haleya) who has lost millions of his money he poured in the party believing that he would recoup it once he comes to power. When UPND’s popularity declined from 19% to 18% HH realized that he had made a serious mistake in investing in a non bankable project(UPND project) and this has made him to be a very bitter man.

    • UPND leader HH is indeed a political lightweight. How does he dream of making it to plot 1 in 2016 after issuing disparaging remarks against MMD supporter’s when on the other hand he needs them? HH should sober up and realize that there will be a cost to UPND for his unnecessary outbursts just like the cost his party suffered when Western Province withdrew their support for the party from 48% during Mazoka’s reign to 28% now under HH’s leadership. With the coming on board of Charles Milupi’s ADD UPND’s 28% popularity in Western Province will further decline.

  42. “Wanzelu” I salute you.
    It seems most bloggers do not understand HH context. I like your understanding, HH did not imply those who have plundered tax payers funds, the Law will not take its place ! The people who will be spared are those who are inflicting his life as an individual. If you stole public funds, laws are there to pursue you, from the attorney General chambers. It will not be HH pursuing you in his individual capacity.

    I like the idea, that NO building presidential mansion at the expense of poor Zambian, we have seen politicians go abroad to seek medical attention at the expense of developing our hospitals. You fire NURSES and Doctors, then you go abroad to enrich other

  43. UPND can not win in 2016 because they simply don’t have the numbers. Their leader HH has no national appeal and their strong support base is only in one area( southern province ).This is a party which claims to be the main opposition when the truth is that MMD party by far is more popular. How can UPND claim to be the main opposition party with 1 stronghold (southern province) against MMD which has significant support in 4 provinces (Eastern,Central,North-Westrn & Western)?

  44. @chabwera, during FTJ’s time, MMD was reigning supreme in Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt. Is it not true that since FTJ left the top job to Levy, the support for this party has been on a decline in those areas and is now in control of Sata, a Bemba? The first thing this man did- contrary to the one zambia one nation motto that has been the glue which has kept all tribes together since 1964- was to promote Bemba hegemony by giving all senior jobs, including the diplomatic service, to his tribesmen. Strangely, the PF zealots on this blog think this is normal and will go to any lengths against simple logic to defend the indefensible and will want to perpetuate the status quo. Fortunately, there are Zambians out there who are fighting this cancer in order to end it and bring sanity to this…

    • First of all it is not true that during FTJ’s reign MMD was only supreme in Luapula,Nothern and Copperbelt provinces. MMD was just as supreme in Central, Lusaka,Western and North- WesternProvince with the exception of Southern and Eastern provinces.

      Further the reason MMD’s fortunes declined particularly in Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces was the huge job losses people suffered under the privatization programme and not because Late President Levy P.Mwanawasa was not Bemba. Lusaka and copperbelt provinces are key for any party which plans to do well in elections because these 2 provinces have the highest number of electrorates. The reason late Anderson Mazoka reached 27% popularity was because he amassed 30% share of votes in Lusaka but this has now dropped to 11% under HH.

  45. …land. It is a recipe for strife to pretend all is well when other provinces have been reduced to spectators in the way the country is being managed. Zambians will eventually prevail and normalcy will be brought to bear on this beautiful country once more.

  46. For the first time I have agree with MUSHOTA, HH want to steal and get away with the crimes. Sorry. Lost my vote. I do not like thieves.

  47. @General Tzu-Sun. its NOT not Tzu Sun. Its Tsu Zun. Gen correct yoself if at all u r a follower of the same.

Comments are closed.

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