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Zambians mean well to show concern for President Sata’s wellbeing-Nevers Mumba

Headlines Zambians mean well to show concern for President Sata's wellbeing-Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba
MMD president Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has said that the people of Zambia mean well when they show concern about President Michael Sata’s wellbeing.

Dr Mumba also advised Zambians to desist from talking ill about President Sata even as they demand to be told the truth about his wellbeing.

Dr Mumba said that much as government has tried hard to put an end to the speculations over the President’s wellbeing, the people of Zambia still want to be addressed formally by the President.

Dr Mumba noted that speculation can at times be blown out of proportion, hence the need to clear the speculation surrounding the President’s wellbeing once and for all.

But Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda said that President Michael Sata’s health should not be a subject of debate.

Mr. Lubinda has told Qfm News in an interview that it is unnecessary for anyone to try and gain popularity by debating the health of the President.

He said that he saw no no logic in making President Sata’s health a topical issue.

Meanwhile, Political activist Dante Saunders has said that President Michael Sata still has an opportunity to put things right before the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Saunders cited some of the things he thinks can be rectified by the government as the poor performance of the economy, the high cost of living due to increased electricity and fuel prices and alleged intolerance in the political arena.

Mr. Saunders said that failure by the PF government to address these issues will see them go down in history as the worst political party to have ever ruled the country.

Mr. Saunders added that he was also of the view that President Sata should have also addressed the issue of his wellbeing much earlier in order to spare the nation the speculations and rumor mongering that has engulfed the country.


  1. Not only do we mean well, the president is a civil servant and it is his duty to ensure that taxpayers are kept posted about his health and whereabouts. Refraining from addressing and assuring the nation is not only disrespectful, but tantamount to dictatorship where a voice of the common people is not heard.

    Mr Lubinda, you cannot blame politicians for gaining mileage out of this. Any slip ups by the ruling party is an invitation for the opposition to pounce on. The chief government spokesman or indeed the so called state house Press Aide should have known about the imminent speculations because of a leader sitting idle in statehouse and refusing to address the people put that put him in office.

    • @Reality

      You have hit the nail on the head. These people in PF they feel that whenever someone raises the issue of the well-being of the president; it is out of malice or political expedience! Far from it.

      Our beloved country with its citizens chose President Sata on the twentieth September 2011 as their leader. Which meant that the private life he was leading prior to becoming president ceased and consequently assumed the status of public figure number 1. So anything that is to do with his well being has to be communicated to the employer – the citizens.

      Moreover if he had told the citizens the truth about his health status, am sure a lot of voters would have thought twice…

    • @ Kachif, agree with you. Damage limitation can only be enforced by not giving room for speculation. As you have rightly said, there would have been sympathisers and foreign investors would respect this as they would see a leader who cares about the wellbeing of a nation.

      It is only yesterday we heard in the news that a racehorse owned by Queen Elizabeth has tested positive for prohibited substance morphine. They would have tried to hide this information because it is the Queen but better come out in the open now and avoid room for speculation and scandal. Perhaps we need to learn that transparency is a virtue?

    • Folks
      Lets not buy this f00lish idea that those commenting and voicing their concern on SATA ‘s hide and seek game are gaining political mileage. Whether political mileage or not, thats besides the point. Zambians ,Sata’s employers want to know the truth about Sata’s disappearance from public view.

      The fact that Sata is not in public view suggests that he is AWOL. Every public figure is supposed to be seen talking to his people and assuring them all is OK, not this silence from SATA.

      Truth be told, in politics, the trend is “hit your opponent hard when he is in his weakest state”. As such I will not be cowed by those lobbying for sympathetic rhetoric regarding Sata ‘s AWOL. At least if the government can tell us the truth,that Sata is unwell then I can tone down a bit…

    • The fact that Sata’s government is adamant and arrogant that Sata is fit and well, is fuelling this unsympathetic rhetoric from some of us who choose to call a spade a spade.

      Sata himself is the master of gaining political mileage out of the opponent’s misfortune. He perfected this art so well that it got him into power eventually. He taunted Mwanawasa, Kunda and Mazoka relentlessly. He is lucky no politician out there has the guts to taunt him the way he taunted others in his position.

      Nevers is right to comment on sata ‘ disappearance from public view .But I feel he is sympathising with PF instead of condemning their attitude regarding Sata’s issue in the strongest terms.

      As for Lubinda, its a case of ” when the cat is dead the mice suffers from verbal diarrhoea.” He…

    • I strongly feel two scenarios will rule the day regarding sata not long from now.

      1. Sata is dead and PF are worried they might loose a presidential election if they break the news to the public.

      2. Sata is in a vegetative state after having been in a coma as a result of multiple organ failures and is currently hooked to a machine to keep him alive a little longer until his successor is found.

      Its just a matter of time, the truth shall be known.

      The truth is the hardest thing to suppress. Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria tried to hide the truth about the demise of their leaders but some how it escaped to reach the citizens.

      As things stand SATA IS NO MORE. You can hate me for speaking what the current situation dictates but it wont change nothing at all.

      Ubufi bulabwela.

    • It is really surprising how some people can wish someone dead. Wait until you lose someone dear to you then you will realise this is no playing matter. Some of you wanting Sata dead might lose your beloved one before Sata goes. It’s un Zambian and not in our culture to wish someone ill. Long live Sata, we are praying for you and your family.

  2. I wonder what Lubinda would be saying if Sata was not a president. It’s typical of us Zambians to say something that pleases the master if when it does not make sense or we have no inner conviction of what we are saying. Well articulated Dante, please keep it up. It’s only people like you, Fr Bwalya who would be bold enough to say the truth even when initially you may have supported someone if S/He diverts from what was initially said. Let’s continue to push this country will one day have correct leaders and will be on the right track.

    • Nevermind bo Lubinda he is a coward and not trustworthy. ..the old man should step down as is incapable of carrying out day to day chores like standing still for 10 minutes at a swearing-in ceremony.
      Why is that we are incapable of telling it as it is…imagine if it was Banda who was sick and AWOL for two months. This is why I liked Sata as an opposition leader.

  3. lubinda you are proving to be irrelevant with your directionless utterances. when you used to keep quiet, you looked wise but now that your mouth is opening anyhow, you have exposed your real dull self. sata is a president of all the zambians and they pay him a hefty salary and allowances. it is their interest to know and discuss his health. who would want a CEO who just consumes and produces nothing because he spends all the time sick in bed?

  4. all this crap talk was generated by HH and his surrogate nason musoni uwabula insoni. The president is a human being, he fall sick from time to time just like Halenya halenya does many times despite his youthful age.


    • It is not about the opposition but all well meaning Zambians. Whenever I am fall sick, I always tell my employer that I am sick than sneaking away from duties. Why do I need to do that, its because I am answerable to my employer lest I loose my job. Our President is paid on our tax and he is answerable to us all.

      If he is not well we need to know and give him time for healing period.

    • @Wimu

      No wonder the country is as it it. You are so easily distracted and have no attention span or follow-through. It’s an issue. It’s not sorted, How can such an important thing be “boring”?

  6. “Dr Mumba also advised Zambians to desist from talking ill about President Sata even as they demand to be told the truth about his wellbeing.”-Good advice.If only people like Wanzelu,Nostradamus,Jay Jay and Engineer(Australia) were wise enough to follow your advice.These chaps are playing and preaching for Sata`s death.

    • Not interested in some old illiterate villager who is dying …

      Soon Zambia share be free when the F.O.O.L dies

      Prepare for a by-election in Novemebr

  7. Lubinda is offside on this one. He is trying too hard to impress Sata that he is now appearing foolish.

  8. ‘Dr Mumba also advised Zambians to desist from talking ill about President Sata even as they demand to be told the truth about his wellbeing.
    Dr Mumba said that much as government has tried hard to put an end to the speculations over the President’s wellbeing, the people of Zambia still want to be addressed formally by the President’.
    Nevers Mumba wants to sound as if he has nothing across the throat (akantu ku mukoshi) against Sata, yet his final tone betrays him and exposes him. Why should you demand for Sata to address the Zambian people formally. Is there any major happening in Zambia that warrants the president to address them? There is nothing like that People are going about their normal business. There is no threat of war, terrorism, natural disaster, famine or insurrection

    • Umbemba inkonko tell as who has Neves Mumnba betrayed your fellow bembas who want to hide the president state of health.The presidents health is and will never be secreat or a preserve of few .Zambians deserve to know the truth.Those are hiding the presidents health status are just interested in looting the country and don’t care about his well being.

  9. Just keep quiete . You wanted to prove he was alive and there hes is. Am a sure some blogers on acertain website think this not sata but just a ghost lol… Sata has so many many tricks yet to be unveiled yaabbbbaaa!!

    • whether dead or alive, this chap adds no value to the governance of this country. Chi deco fye mwabika mu state house.

    • @zp
      And his “having so many tricks” is to you, desirable in a president? Learn to have some self-worth and demand what is rightfully yours. You’re worth it.

    • ZP, the presidency and the running of a country is not a fcuking magic show. Let sata go to a circus if he wants to continue with his dissapearing acts.

    • @ Dudelove

      Nice to see you’re still on here. I know you’re smart enough to know who this is -wink, wink!

    • @ HSBM
      I must be having either an extended blonde moment or I may be experiencing a ‘PF Cadre Mental Moment (PF-CMM = Bare Minimal Brain Activity (BMBA)) Am lost but am digging your points of view. They drip of intelligence!!

    • @dudelove

      Think about a mode of transport traveling at a considerable rate. The operator of said vehicle bears a substantial amount of melanin and is of the gentler sex. There, now you should have a nice day!

    • Lol! Daammnn girl! Now i see the flippin light! DO NOT GO DISAPPEARING ON ME AGAIN! Bloody lonely out here without you!

    • Yeah, we did ruffle a few feathers in here as I recall.I proudly bear the badge of having been banned, sometimes having expressed myself in colorful language.
      Love your writing style and happen to agree with you 99.9% of the time. So hey, nice to see you on the ” interwebs”

    • @Dudelove

      We did ruffle some feathers up in here! Too much truth-telling in colourful language on my part. I proudly wear the badge of having been banned. Now let’s see if this is published.
      p/s love your writing style and happen to agree with you 99.9% of the time

    • @ Dudelove

      The mods don’t like my truth-telling. You probably won’t get this! But just in case you do, you have a fan out yonder!

  10. They have now run out of lies to tell the nation. They have been insisting Sata is healthy and fit, but they can’t explain why he is failing to do even simple jobs like swearing -in officials. Furthermore they demand we keep quite or else jail. Who do these people think we are? One month now and he has been sighted once or twice like a UFO that’s seen only by the luckiest people. Where is he and why is hiding if he is okay and his ‘holiday’ is over?

    • In my opinion, I think Sata may not be of sound mind and they cannot risk him speaking. He may be able to walk, yes, but right now no media outlet has reported any spoken speech from him, not even on the issue of Kazimu. That’s just bloody strange.

    • And they are clearly not smart enough to simply pen a statement and attribute it to him. ( better shut up, don’t want to give them ideas)

  11. the fact is that SATA is sick and PF are playing hide and sick politicks, all the photos they have so far shown can never convince any normal thinking Zambians that SATA is enjoying good health, the photos just prove to us that the man was very sick and he is just recovering, but PF minions don’t want to accept this fact. for Example two photos in SA at the airport SATA looked lipping on the light leg, at the hospital SATA was sited maybe it was in the wheel chair we dot know while the wife was standing, so can u convince me that this man is enjoying good health?

  12. Show a little more, show a little less, welcome to burlesque. everything you dream of, I have already plundered. Everyone is donating and put your money where your mouth is then put it in my pants. I am not guilty of hammering money during my term as high-comm issioner but I am ready to confess it felt soo good stealing the money. my Dominican lady assistant can always give you a great personal service. Free ladies on me for everyone when I am president.

    • You post this quite a lot. It may have raised a smile the first time, possibly even a titter the second time. Now it’s just ~wait for it~ “boring”.

  13. We all know that this guy is telling lies. You were hoping your fabricated stories about the President somehow come true, but now you are disappointed just like many other politicians. You believe your own lies. Try something else sir!

  14. It does NOT make any sense.

    1. Sata has always maximised his presidency by conducting swearing in government officers.

    2. Its the only moment Sata has tended to review himself by;
    (a) Taking the opportunity before the camera;
    (b) Fire back on his critics,
    (c) Embarrass his stooges
    (d) Make unrealistic promises to the nation.

    So the question is !

    Why is Sata failing to travel from Nkwanzi House by car, which is about 300 metres away from State House (his office) to swear in 3 Key Government Officers, who have already been ratified?

    The Nation is on stand-still because very important governments contracts have not be signed by the Attorney General (who is the custodian)

    PF via its proxy leader ( Fred False Prophet Mmembe ) must come clean.

  15. This talk about Sata has become so boring and stale. Anyway, with or without Sata, PF will still win the next election because there is no opposition political party with a sensible agenda apart from petty issues that cannot bring food on the table of poor families.

    • The only reason this topic is becoming boring to most is because sata really is not relevant to the country. It is like he is a caretaker ku state house until a real president comes in mu 2016. I would be really interested to know your potential candidates mu 2016 in your PF party coz some PF friends I have have failed lamentably to tell me. The only one they touch on is Given Lubinda but his recent utterances show that he is a typical shallow PF chap. PF is hated and that is why PF members are always declaring that they are popular because hearing this convinces them that they are, when really they are not. Your options are laughable for potential presidents and i can tell you who I think can win in PF. NO ONE!

    • @jean

      No, you have the attention span of a gnat, or a child that goes chasing a butterfly instead of completing an assigned task.

      You can always go and read about Kofi Olomide. Ati Boring – it’s your damn country!

    • I’m beginning to think people don’t know the meaning of “boring” or are too damn naive, gullible and are so used to mediocrity.They basically cannot grasp the importance nor the finer issues in this matter.

      That’s the only way you can find this boring, or bring in the opposition, or claim that it’s evil to demand performance, or say let’s pray for him, or that he’s fit and healthy at work – and numerous other irrelevant utterances I’ve seen here.

      I weep to see how many unsophisticated levels of thinking there are – and they don’t even know it.

  16. No, I don’t know him personally so I don’t ‘mean well”. What I want is a capable person holding that office.


  18. We don’t mean well, we actually do not care whether his around or not, i just don’t want to see my children, grandchildren and my neighbours go hungry, or see them paying off some huge debt that Sata borrowed without thinking on how he was going to ay it off. and his busy dishing out dodgy deals to fatten his relatives and friends, Am GATVOL with this Banana Republic!

  19. How long can a man be punched before correct people step in to stop it? This is not good for the President and he really needs to give a decisive thought to whether he should go on. If he is not able those who love him dearly must make that decision for him; by speaking out for him with humility so the nation can step away from the abuse. His wife, a medical doctor, can step forward in this role and mount a campaign that will humanise his public image. Can I just point out that in the UK, Buckingham Press released health comments on Her Majesty the queen, that she is getting old and needs help from the young royals to cover her many engagements. All citizens care for her and that honesty makes even more loved by all of us.

  20. @ftj, so its HH you are up against? I note that same topic, you are hard as a rock and when its Nevers, you go soft as putty.

  21. Ba Tony B-liar, answer this question. ‘Ubulwele bwa mfumu litensha chalo’…who said these words, when, where and of whom? If even half a cell of your memory is functional, you shouldn’t have too much trouble answering this simple question. How about this one; ‘Can George Kunda tell us why his lips are red?’ Who uttered these most hurtful, insensitive and hateful of words? Need some more?

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