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Council of Churches warns the public to be wary of dubious ‘men of God’

General News Council of Churches warns the public to be wary of dubious 'men...


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has learnt with disbelief the conduct of a named church bishop who sexually abuse underage children in the name of conducting exorcism.

The church has observed that there has been an increase in the number of people claiming to be men of God using the name of God and authority they are entrusted with by members of their congregations to conduct outrageous activities such as taking advantage of innocent children and destroying their future.

The arrest of the so called bishop should be an eye opener to society to understand that we have “wolves in sheep clothing” and must make informed decisions of which houses of worship they should join.
We urge police to continue with the good work of arresting, without delay, all perpetrators of all forms of sexual violence and other vices against humanity.

The church members should also ensure that they investigate the backgrounds of their pastors before they can trust them to preach the word of God. It is the duty of parents to ensure that their children attend church services or meetings under strict supervision.

It is the duty of every citizen to ensure that we do not allow evil to take root in church and society. The church should be protected from bad elements and be allowed to remain a respected safe haven which offers solace and comfort to society which it has always done and this should remain so.


  1. But how sre tyey going to know true men og God. Its like every pastor now is suspect. Thats why now women are always pretending going to church and yet they go their to be bonked. God help us to know true worshippers. So for men when your woman is always on suspected church missions everyday be carefull and watch out

    • Zambians are brainwashed into believing in witchcraft and satanism and worshiping their pastors. The Bible is misinterpreted by many, be careful. Worship God not your pastor.

      Give tithe to your family!

  2. The Council of Churches must not waste ime fighting the so called dudious “men of god”.The real fight must be against the rapid spread of Islam in Zambia.This religion which is like a sugar coated bitter pill.Here are a few facts;

    1}The moslem men are marrying christian girls and converting them to Islam.If a christian man tries to marry a moslem girl,all hell will break loose eg the recent persecution of a Christian woman in Sudan.
    2} Mosques are being belt all over Zambia in prime land and these disturb
    transmit noise every morning.

    Please council of Churches it’s high time you opened your eyes to this threat.They will not stop until they place a moslem in State house and turn Zambia into an Islamic nationas.

  3. Ba LT. Who issued this statement? I for one would like to know the id!0t who thinks it’s the publics duty to scrutinise pastors/preachers, ensure that evil people do not become party of the clergy and be constantly on the lookout for peadophiles when we are in Church.

  4. Bishop Matongo also sexually abused 2 girls below the age of 15 in the name of sisterhood. 2 of his wives were at the forefront making sure baba Matongo had intercourse with the girls. His father had 55 wives and the youngest was 14 yrs. In 1993 Dr Ludwig Sondashi, Legal Affairs Minister then under Chiluba’s Govt sued him and before the case could be concluded he died. Ifyo apuswike mambala.

  5. Hypocrisy is often a two-way street. These things have been happening in and out of member churches for as long as they have existed. Streuth!

  6. Churches must form a professional body same line as ZICA, LAZ etc. Pastors, Bishops etc must qualify to be members of this body for them to be allowed to practice. You can not have every donkey claiming to be ‘man of god’ practicing as Pastor or Bishop! Government must move in and cause Parliament to pass Law to regulate these criminals!!

  7. Sad. It is not only under age girls. These fake Pastors target beautiful young women as well. They will accuse them of Satanism with the hope of gaining sexual advantage when the women go to them for exorcism. Zambians should move away from s****pid superstitions in the name of Christianity.

  8. ifya sunday school out.pastor cant be trusted.its sad to learn things in a had way.warning to parent don’t send your children to sunday school alone be with them at church know what they are doing.

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