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Kambwili visits Kazimu Sata and Tiberth Musambachime at Milpark Hospital


YOUTH and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili on Tuesday evening visited President Sata’s son, Kazimu, who is admitted to Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr. Kambwili, who was accompanied by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde, also visited Tiberth Musambachime who is admitted to the same hospital. The two were evacuated to South Africa, for specialist treatment for injuries suffered in a road traffic accident in Kitwe a week ago.

Meanwhile, medical personnel at Milpark Hospital have praised their counterparts at Wusakile Hospital in Kitwe for the medical procedures that they conducted on Kazimu and Tiberth during the time the two were admitted to the Zambian hospital.

Mr. Kambwili said doctors at Milpark Hospital pointed out to him that it was going to be difficult for them had medical personnel at Wusakile not performed the medical procedures that they did on the two.

“So it’s like the people at Wusakile Hospital did a good job. Wusakile knew what they were doing hence it was easy for the medical personnel at Milpark to pick it up,” Mr. Kambwili said.

The Minister said he was glad that he found that Kazimu had made tremendous progress after going to Theatre on Monday evening.

“The young man is picking up. He was in a jovial mood and we joked and laughed. The doctors told me that there is tremendous improvement.”

Mr. Kambwili said Tiberth had also shown good signs of recovery after under-going an operation yesterday. He was happy that the two were likely to be discharged soon.

Mr. Kambwili said as Minister in charge of the youth, he felt duty bound to visit the two patients whom he said fell within the age-group of citizens that he represented.

“Besides all that, we are a family as Zambians and it is within our culture to be there for each other in times of distress.

Mr. Kambwili was received by Kazimu’s and Tiberth’s mothers, respectively.

On Saturday, President Sata, accompanied by First Lady, Christine Kaseba-Sata, visited Kazimu. The President also took time to see Tiberth.

Zambia’s Fourth President, Mr. Rupiah Banda, has also visited Kazimu.

Minister Kambwili with Kazimu 2
Minister Kambwili with Kazimu

Minister Kambwili with Kazimu
Minister Kambwili with Kazimu
Minister Kambwili with Tiberth
Minister Kambwili with Tiberth


    • How many youths are in hospitals whom he represents and he has not visited them?This is another case of of keeping up appearances and medical tourism.

    • This is all a very big joke on the Zambian electorate.

      Anyway, I hope they’ve learnt not to vote using their bums and Dandy Crazy’s music.

      ….at least Saulosi has a job and Mushota has relatives in the embassies. As for the rest of us….

      …..a horror show.


    • All animala are equal but some animals are more equal than others Read animal farm and you will understand what is happening in our land Zambia now Zamunda under PF

    • And what pretext was he travelling?? national duties?? Tax payers funds just to get the baby-hippo score some media appearance??

  1. Politics aside, Chishimba Kambwili has just demonstrated an aspect of civilisation expected of all human beings which he extended on the two young accident victims. Zambia is a nation of humans – not animals. There are lessons to be learnt by people who rejoice on other people’s sickness. May God help the young souls to full recovery.

    • How many youths (accident victims) admitted in Zambian Hospitals has he visted before? He is just boot licking his boss. Even Tiberth wouldn’t have been evacuated for medical treatment had the president’s son not been a victim as well.

  2. Kazimu doesn’t look like someone in a jovial mood, laughing or joking. These liars, even in serious sickness!! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Do you mean this fool went to SA to see these people in Hospital. This country has a lot of issues to be managed but this is what we spend the little money we have? The Zambian goverment has a high commissioner in SA, so what is this minister doing just fooling around in Jozzy!
    The dogs have come to this country ….

  4. Really, how many youths are in UTH and other health centres around the country suffering and has he found time to visit them? And if the visit was genuine why all those pictures? Tuchawa chabe mambala!!!!!

    • In fact, 20 children are being delivered on floor at UTH daily and Kambwili all he does is bootlegging his undemocratic PF boss. Their time to dance jonjolo will soon be here.

  5. I hope this ka minister used his own pocket money for the visit, because as far as I am concerned this was a private visit. There thousands of youth patients in hospitals in Zambia, how many has he visited and made sure that it is reported on. Shame!

    • And he Kambwili should go straight to UTH from SA and see the sick who are suffering due to lack of support to our hospitals in the country.
      Time is a healer and PF will certainly account for their mess they have caused on Zambia.

  6. So if we had well stocked and staffed hospitals we wouldn’t be having to spend money on the president and even ministers traveling to see a guy in hospital. All this money could be channeled into local health institutions

  7. does Kazimu know Kambwili? picture number one Kambwili even smiling as if the patient he visited is in good condition, this is not good mr kambwili.

  8. This Kambwili is annoying,no direction.Who voted for these thugs?Ubupuba,atase,you talk as if you were drunk.These people were using a government vehicle ,at the taxpayer’s expense.Hope Sata is paying their medical bills.

  9. The successful project PF government has achieved is Medical Tourism championed by president Sata. Mr Sata deserve recognition as the only president who went abroad on working medical holiday, wooing investors while on hospital beds and replicating it now to his family, cronies and PF cadres – legacy to remember PF govt.

  10. This BUFFOON doesn’t know when to be mute then why did they decide to move him to a foreign high priced hospital at taxpayer’s expense. ..are these empty tins not contradicting themselves.
    I hope taxpayers are not again paying for these trips.

  11. So the High Commissioner has nothing better to do than being a chola boy to that fat baby hippo Chimbwili? Whilst that buffoon is there let him get his head examined for the congenital stup.dity he displays.

  12. Imagine you are in pain in a hospital bed and when you wake up from sleep you have buffoon Chishimba’s ugly face looking at you – wouldn’t you think that you had died and gone to hell? These pf guys are so inconsiderate!

  13. So it remains so hard for our govt to bring the Milpark like facilities into Zambian hospitals? even private hospitals like Lusaka trust cannot match the Milpark standards?.When KK got ill he was admitted at Lusaka trust and thats where Sata visited Super Ken. And soon will be 50yrs of…..celebrations.What are we proud of part from being under colonial rule welenskiey? anyway when death strikes it does not choose were one is admitted.

  14. This KAZIMU is really following in Castro Chiluba’s footsteps. Assaulting citizens, fighting people using his bodyguards & even having an accident on the spot where Castro had his with Baldwin Nkumbula, then being evacuated to RSA.

    I just hope he doesn’t end up zucking for shakers when his father is no longer in power.

  15. I have no problems with kambwili visiting mr satas son, my concern why are the tax payers once again been made to pay for these trips. If he used his own money that’s fine, we cannot and should not continue to be saddled with these financial burden. They should upgrade our local hospitals so that no one goes abroad for medical.

  16. He means to see he only visits VIP youths. Very iresponsible People orwhatever he may what to term them. They should be investaged, probe them so we get to know what transpired. Joyful what…….common man would have had a case to answer awaiting.

  17. He is just another fool to me, going all the way to SA with a big stomach just to go and visit a one person in hospital, and am pretty sure he went with 3 to 5 people, he is just making SA economy better. had we had these modern hospitals there wouldnt be need of doing all this sheet wasting luanshya his constituency there is totally nothing he does…good for nothing fools

  18. Kambwili tekanya mune. You are a youth minister yet look at the conditions of the pool in Luanshya. Look at Roan hospital where you are from and the Luanshya hospital. You have failed to facilitate these places yet you are going for a photo op elsewhere. How much did it cost in travel and accommodation and who’s money are you using? You are a ridiculous chap who seriously needs to lose weight.

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