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People wishing Sata ill have been put to shame – PF

General News People wishing Sata ill have been put to shame - PF

President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg
President Sata and the first lady visiting the Presidents son Kazimu at Milpark hospital Johannesburg

The ruling Patriotic Front in Mandevu Constituency says those who were wishing President Michael Sata ill have been put to shame following his public appearance last week.
PF Mandevu Constituency Chairman, Moses Makasa has told QFM News in an interview that a good leader is known for his compassion for the people he aspires to lead and not one who wishes his friends ill.

Mr. Makasa says the recent attacks and unwarranted statements on the Head of State’s health show clearly that most political leaders in the country wish him dead.

He says there is need for political leaders to embrace each other for the sole purpose of developing and uniting the nation instead of wishing each other ill health.

Mr Makasa has since encouraged political party leaders to frequently meet and discuss how the Zambian people can be best governed instead of talking ill about each other.

Mr. Makasa says political leaders should not be preoccupied with assuming the highest office in the land.


    • can you show me in which paper or online media where HH was quoted as wanting sata dead? why do you propagate lies and tags without verifying things for yourselves. If you show me, i will take my words back. am waiting sir.

    • Can you cadres leave HH out this, is he the one who made Sata sick? Just because the president is feeling better does not mean that he is fine, look at the picture, is that the Sata we know, the man in that picture is a patient.

    • Nonsense. What is the presidency if you cannot deliver. Look at Chiluba, he died not a happy person yet was president.

    • No one saw Sata except those photoshoped file pictures.


      Sata is a man who always believes in making his presence felt. If he was alive and kicking, he would have come out already to rebuff the speculations that he is dead.

      Remember, a few weeks before he was sneaked out in a coma to Israel, there were speculations that he was sick and unable to walk. To prove himself, he came out though in a frail state to attend a court case. And went ahead to carry out his favourite presidential function of swearing in his family forest.

      Now this deafening silence about his where about, is worrisome. With all such talk and defiance from the likes of Lubinda who have started talking about the constitution when Sata banned it, proves that Sata is dead.

      SATA DIED…

    • No is wishing Sata to die, but he is just fulfilling the natural course of life. The moment one is born, automatically an appointment with death is made . Looking at the way the government is handling the whole issue, it seems Sata’s appointment with death was fulfilled in June.

    • @Wanzelu

      You forgot to mention also that Sata personally phoned the Post to tell them he was well and fit. That’s the man we know, he takes everything very personal. Why has he suddenly decided to keep silent, not even lifting his little finger to perform his favourite chores of swearing-in his sycophants. Now when some body does something out of character like Sata has done are we wrong to assume the worst has happened? I for one believe Sata is lying somewhere either in vegetable state or dead.

    • HH is not going to die the one who is dying is sata,its just a matter of time.one day we shall wake up and hear that sata is no more,mark my words,by the way why has the whole attention shifted to HH and not sata?Is it because he is our next president?and sata is dying ?what a nice transfer of power from sata to HH……..

    • I am one of the few that is wishing Sata ill, but I have not been put to shame yet. Sata is in pain, and that satisfies me. I also know that it is just a matter of time before he finally kicks the bucket. The thing that I hate the most about Sata is his tribalism. RB was a bad leader like Sata, but at least he was not a tribalist.

    • True True. Ka hh alias sonny chitombwa never rule this country because of his bitterness and tribalism with racism put together. Worse still he is a FREE MASON a branch of Satanism.

  1. But we need to see him on znbc sworring in the AG, SG as long as we dont see actual videos and live videos we wont believe. Wecare not stupid and by the way PF you demoralising some of us who were your supporters becoz of the way you are treating the president issue. Our hearts are not fully cooled as long as we dont see with our own eyes not being told.

  2. makasa where were you when sata used to wish others dead? you are now admitting that what he used to torment his friends with has finally caught up with him. appearing in public does not remove the truth that sata is sick. keep on deceiving yourself but reality will not be erased out by self denial. every sane person can see for him/herself the truth through those pictures.

    • I really feel sorry for PF.You cant have a party full of dull chaps like this.This Makasa says “a leader must show compassion”
      Has Sata in his ruling shown compassion?He has unleashed pangas on the streets,arrests his opponent for no justifiable reason,treats Chiefs with contempt and disrespect.Then an ***** from his party says a leader must show compassion.
      Ati “leaders should meet”Meet with who?Sata is in hiding.Or does he mean in his view leaders means the opposition?The indescpline in PF is what is killing it.Every Jim and Jack can just stand up and fart to the media.When Mwanawasa was president he stopped cadres from issuing statements to the media.But with PF with their lack of leadership every one can just wake up and fart.

  3. Don’t be too quick to conclude. Life is full of nasty surprises…… Don’t laugh too loud in your enemies face. Let us live life to the fullest.

    “Life is a classroom. We are both student and teacher. Each day is a test. And each day we receive a passing or failing grade in one particular subject…..”

  4. PF be honest for the first time. Is The President ok? I don’t see or hear him talk these days. Mr Sata loves to talk!

  5. Why do you PF cadres have such short memories, have you forgotten how Sata made fun of Mazoka, Mwanawasa and George kunda when they were sick? Sata was happy when they were sick and never wished then to get well.

    And HH has never wished Sata ill, it is just in your mind because you know that he can out-sit PF.

  6. This is the first time in the history of Zambia that a president chairing a Cabinet meeting or visiting a patient makes news headlines. Didn’t KK, Chiluba, Levy and RB chair Cabinet meetings? We usually praise children for the small strides they make towards learning to do things and I must say our current President is being praised just like we praise a child speaking for the first time.

  7. Ali nyenga maningi mudala in his hey day! prostate cancer is tear and wear. Do not celebrate too quickly. But I want the man to live upto 2016 so that he can see how unpopular he has become anso to see how we will change Zambia with PF out! Good health to you

    • You forgot one thing.Let him leave long so that he sees how responsible leaders rule.Not this circus he has shown us.

  8. That is the curse Sata is going through because people are wishing him dead due to the suffering he is causing on them. He is a dictator all round, a tribalist Zambia has never seen in their lives. Taking people to court over trivial matters, stopping opposition from holding meetings, rooting the resources of this country by keeping the purse of the government at state house etc etc. What do you expect you f00ls! Why wasnt Mwanawasa wished dead by the same people? except of course by sata and his gang of thieves!

  9. Spot on ! Shame on all the naysayers,pessimists and prophets of doom. Now they have started a feeble campaign aimed at discrediting the authenticity of the pictures.

    • @Saulosi

      You should surely be worried that Sata is now failing to make his presence felt and stamp his authority to stop the likes of Given Lubinda talking about the constitution when he banned that talk when he was ok.

      Come on Saulosi, if you are old enough, then you should know Sata’s antics very well. This deafening silence from him means one thing.


      Sata died in June when all his relatives were travelling out of the country to fake destinations and yet some of us knew that they were going to Sata ‘s private.
      funeral. His body was embalmed and stored some where in Nkwazi house awaiting for a proper burial after PF have decided on who take over.

      Something is terribly amiss here.

    • @Saulosi,
      I like the way you speak with such confidence and authority, it makes me believe that you see Sata everyday and you know what is happening with him but you are not telling us if he is confined to a wheelchair or not and if he has lost his speech or not.
      From the bedside pictures when he went to see his son it looked like he was in a wheelchair and looked disoriented. Can you clear the air to prove that there is nothing dubious about the pictures?

    • The public relations campaign by State House has been lost. No one believes Sata is well. Even you Saulosi are fearing after the last few times Sata has been seen. Even his ministers are worried like Saulosi.

  10. If the president is ok let him show up for his usual business, how can a minister tell the nation that the President has gone for a state visit in Isreal when the man is sick. How do you lie to the nation as a government minister ? shame


  12. Zambia the real Africa, where the sick are made to feel worthless and awkward and those who perceive themselves to be well are on the hunt for the seemingly unwell ready to mock them.We can do better folks.

  13. Put to shame in what way naimwe!! We want to see that fcuker working and going around the country. Who the fcuk is interested in seeing a chi mute demented president decoration apart from PF cadre dunderheads?? Let him talk if he can and maybe, just maybe some of us objective level-headed people might be a little impressed. Niba chibulu nomba? Is that what you PF a$$holes are celebrating you shallow-minded fcuks?

    • Which God can accept Sata who loudly mocked his sick friends?Sata who swore to rule according the 10 commandments but brought pangas on the streets?Sata who has donch kubeba even to his health?We dont wish him ill.We dont wish him anything since in his dochi kubeba style he claims he is ok.

  14. It is unZambian to wish someone ill-health. It is, however, true also to say that ill-health can not be hidden. It needs to be told out so that those who can assist by way of prayers, etc can do so. If our President is unwell, we deserve to know as we are the employers. He has consistutional right to go on leave. But as things stand, everything including the President himself is being hidden from the public/employers. We are therefore left with no option but to speculate. To say the least, this is poor management of national affairs and no wonder Africa is this poor though endowed with abundant natural resources. Poor leaders equals poor country equals poor people.

  15. i never knew that some zambians are foolish to the core. saulosi your brain is a mixture of poison and water

  16. I am not a fan of the PF and their Sata. and I know that Sata mocked other sick people before! But I think as Zambians, we should show him that his quest for power made him evil when he wished others dead by us being good to him in his troubled times. But then the problem is that his officials and himself are not coming out clean on his condition which make it difficult to show him sympathy!!! Since they want to hide the truth thinking people will mock him the same way he mocked others, they are making it very hard for well meaning Zambians to show him how society needs to treat Citizens that are not in the best of their conditions!!!!!

  17. Leadership at that level entails being in good frame of mind and health (body, mind and soul) attributes which are lacking with President Sata. Therefore expressing concern should not be perceived as bitterness or hate. He should instead heed advice consider handing over to someone in better health.

    The problem also is that PF unlike MMD is a party centred on one Michael Sata, so called PF Ministers and leaders are merely toothless Bulldogs, Sata sends shivers up their spines even when he just coughs. They are probably the ones who are even wishing him the worst to be saved from being constantly scolded and lambasted in public like kids.

  18. People wishing Sata ill have been put to shame – PF. Sata intents to borrow his sons life like he did last time he was save by late Mwanawasa. His son was mysteriously found dead in his room and the following day sata was fit and vocal.

  19. @ Hahaha
    Are you Mr. Kabimba. You seem to know all the Tricks your master uses to keek himself alive.
    No wander you are too quite nowerdays.

  20. Anyone who believes the doctored photos despite them showing a ‘shrinking’ Charlie Katongo needs to have their head taken to Chainama to be tested for masalamusi!

  21. Iwe chi wanzelu zaupuba,it seems to me you re man of no remorse.sata will only die when his creator says so not iwe.

  22. If his illness is because people are wishing him to be unwell, then they are doing a good job because he looks half dead already.

  23. This is just the usual nonsense of skirting around issues that has become the hallmark this PF government. No one is wishing Sata ill but why should citizens in a democratic set up be mute when their president embarks on games of hide and seek with the electorate.Can any PF cadre here really make a plausible case in a sensible debate explaining why Sata,if he truly has nothing wrong with him, customarily disappears from public view for weeks on end, if not months.And why is he,as an elected official,steadfastly refusing to hold press conferences so that he can be taken to task on matters of policy and direction.At the very least, this conduct entails total lack of respect for the people.It means Sata has placed himself above reproach and scrutiny.Is this what we really want for our Zambia

  24. This is exactly what has caused Sata`s condition to worsen. He has surrounded himself with retards like Bootlicker, Mushota and the author of this article.

  25. the shame is on you PF; where did president Sata show himself? you guys must be on LSD that s why you are always hallucinating; maybe you saw him, we didn t. it is not that people are wishing Sata ill; he is the Head of this country and owes us the people and we the tax payer pay his salary, nothing malicious in asking to see and hear the president/

  26. Mr sata also wanted Levy Mwanawasa to die so that he could succeed him,who is sata today?If he did it to Levy,why should others not do what he did to Levy?what has changed today?what is so special about sata?We are also waiting for him to die so that we can succeed him.

  27. Where did he appear in public? Being at his son’s bedside is the public? Sata is the one perpetrating all this talk about his health. If he is not sick, why can’t he show up and clear people’s speculations. If he is sick, what is wrong with that? Everyone gets sick and Sata is not immortal. He Nicodimously went to SA. Who new he was going to SA? They were quick at releasing the SA photo because they new that the international media can easily do that and that would cause an embarrassment to the nation. The whole issue surrounding the presidency now is a threat to the national economy. It scares investors because they do not know what happens tomorrow. They hold on to their dollars hence contributing to the weakening of the kwacha.

  28. The way Sata has been managing the country shows that he has no respect for Zambians. The question is should Zambians respect him?

  29. I think people are reacting to the way Sata was with other people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Sata hurt a lot of people and ridiculed the sick and the innocent. For most this is pay back time and a means of revenge. The PF government needs to realize that Sata is not stable physically and mentally. His age is a factor as he’s too old and brings emotional baggage. This is costing the nation as investors will not invest where there is uncertainty and it’s causing a lot of confusion. His international medical expenses are costing tax payers now even the son is costing the nation. He should retire and let young fresh new blood run the show.

  30. @ Wanzelu. If they say President is fit, then he can now go for the long awaited cross-examination for the Daily Nation case. By the way it was adjourned to when?

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