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Kalima confident of returning her seat

General News Kalima confident of returning her seat

MMD’s Victoria Kalima
MMD’s Victoria Kalima

Former Kasenegwa Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima has expressed confidence of being adopted by her party (MMD) and return her seat in the September 11th Kasenegwa Parliamentary by-election.

Speaking in an interview the former Parliamentarian whose seat was nullified by the Supreme Court said she did not finish the mandate which the people gave her in 2011 hence did not see any reason why people would vote for any one different as she needs to complete the projects that she started.

“I’m confident I will return my seat because as you know I got the highest number of votes in the country in 2011 with 87 percent of the total vote so I think my chances are high as long as my party adopts me and I’m confident the it will because they know that I need to complete my term.

” The voters have trust in me and I’m in good standing with traditional leaders in the constituency so I think I have high chance of returning my seat,” said Ms Kalima.

Kasenegwa is one of the 5 parliamentary seats that will go for elections after the Supreme Court ruled that 5 former Parliamentarians who were barred to stand by the High Court were eligible to stand.


  1. OMG! It’s ‘retaining’ her seat. Come on now LT, you’re going to invite a lot of schoolboy comments for this.

  2. Are you the only suitable candidate? Why cant you think of something else in life and move on. Zed politics is inspired by poverty phobia explains why we cannot get results out of it.

  3. Whether you retain or return a seat does not matter but truth is that these politicians are there to suck. Upnd.mmd.pf. They are a bunch of *****.

  4. Only in Zambia you can vote for such a bad character like her who has no morals to show and don’t motivate anyone in the way she kept her life and house.
    Only bottom power worked in her life and what development can she drive in Zambia?
    Zambia will remain poor with such scrap of leaders who later on start demanding higher pay for me a poor tax payer to sustain his or her reckless life style.
    Shame on us!

  5. kalima, you are a time waster in kasenengwe. If PF is going to pick a candidate from there Circle then they will carry the Day but if they make a misteck picking somebody from the MMD basket then she will. I here there is A guy who has been in the constituency from 2001 to date, l believe he can win with wide imagine on PF Ticket. We only know him by the name of Mr Banda. C

  6. The long arm of poverty has stricken her and she misses parliament motel. Do not dare Jonas shakafuswa and you know what he is capable of doing to such women of no moral standing in society apart from using their bottom power.

  7. What happens at Parliament Motel, So is that place full of SEXUAL activities, no wander most women Parliamentarians look SICK they are not spared by the likes of Shaka.

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