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No Pay Rise, Hichilema Directs UPND MPs

General News No Pay Rise, Hichilema Directs UPND MPs

HH at a media briefing at the party's secretariat in Lusaka
HH at a media briefing at the party’s secretariat in Lusaka

Opposition United Party for National Development says it will not allow its Members of Parliament to demand a pay rise in parliament.

Addressing a media briefing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said that the move by MPs to demand a salary increment was not only ill timed but also irresponsible.

Hichilema said his party had deliberated on the matter and resolved not to back calls by other MPs for a pay rise.

The UPND leader said members of parliament needed to know that political leadership was not about amassing wealth but service.

“I want to indicate that categorically we in the UPND do not agree with the Members of Parliament. For right or wrong, the interpretation by members of the public is that MPs are asking for better and more money,” he said.

“I think that is how is has been put, we do not want to get into a debate of what exactly each member said but disagree we disagree with members of parliament asking for more money.”

He said MPs should know that political leadership was about service and should be aware that the majority of Zambians were wallowing in poverty.

“Members of Parliament as well as anyone aspiring for public office should know that it is about service and that if they want more money they can go back in the private sector that is where the money is,” he said.


  1. HH has never been a Councillor or indeed an MP.He surely does not understand what is involved in delivering quality service in a vast rural constituency.My take is that what MPs are demanding is that there should be equilibrium in what goes out and what comes in by way of resources in the delivery of this service.HH as an Accountant should understand this.The mere fact that Zambia’s economy has been mismanaged should not result in unfair treatment of those engaged in service delivery in public institutions.

    • Jackson, sometimes its good not to show your ingorance on national issues, the MPS for heaven sake are not asking for increase in the amount of constituence development fund , but they are asking for their own monetary gains. the money the MPS get is used for thei own leisure.

  2. Did Jack Mwiimbu of UPND participate on the issue of MP’s salary increments during the parties deliberations?

  3. MP’s are already getting enough money in line with their work and the economy of this country. Surely after approving a wage freeze for civil servants, they now want to be given a salary hike! What kind of leadership is this we are seeing nowadays? True leadership entails that your people should have enough to eat before you can ask for an additional helping. If there isn’t enough in the kitty, you also don’t get. Unfortunately these days, we see leaders giving themselves fat emoluments at the expense of the laboring majority. What a mess!

  4. If they think that what they are currently getting is as little as they think then let them leave and go look for greeener pasture

  5. HH you cant direct them where money is concerned. Try something else. When you became an MP you are signing up for devil deeds. Money is devil.

  6. Can you trust characters like these UPND MP’s with power? Even before they start ruling they want more money in their pockets. What more if by any chance voted into office they will plunder .

    • Pajanza you are a clayhead. Its not UPND MPs who are demanding a pay rise. What HH is saying is that his MPs will not be allowed to support the motion for a pay rise. Its the like of you that are OK and trust Sata with power even if he can rise his salary thrice in 2 years but its not ok if its UPND. Learn to be objective. Chopet!

    • Pajanza did you understand the article? read again and then comment we forgive you VIVA UPND

  7. HH just sees every oppotunity to gain political mileage. He knows that this is what the poor Zambians want to hear but his going to continue with the same spirit once elected? We know he got reach during privatization of public companies and hence cannot be trusted either.

    • Thats what being a politician is about you little moron, you think he is running an NGO?? Politics is about identifying every opportunity to gain mileage. Think. PF dullness is no longer funny but extremely irritating.

  8. Was KK a Councillor or an area MP before he became the President. No he was just a Teacher. What is long for HH to stand as President even whe he has never been a Councillor or an area member of parliament. Nice Statement ba HH. Jackson, which school did you attend?

    • The cikoy you have commented well. Leadership in this era is dot com you just need insight of leadership and wisdom. I dont need to be a councillor in Bauleni to be president.

  9. Then HH should subsidies your MP’s as they feel the have a justified reason to ask for a pay rise. I know the man is already doing something “donchi Kubeba ” arrangement or he risks being unpopular among his MP e. g Garry Nkhombo

  10. HH is pretending,most of his mps re actually backing the move to increase their perks.there was strong resistence from the mps that they heed to his directive over the increament.most of them want an increament,fake pronoucements meant woo the gullible and valnurable out there.2016 will surely be interesting,not every mp in the united people for noise and destruction is with HH’ s ideas.

  11. I 100% agree with Mwaume. HH is pretending. He wants to take this opportunity to accelerate his political mileage. The is for him to shut up and wait for 2016. UPND cannot win the Elections

  12. All MPs who are demanding for a salary increment should resign and venture in private businesses where they will make billions of dollars and give chance to us who are ready to serve the people under the same conditions which they are rejecting.How come that all the PF MPs have not condemned Namugala for proposing salary increments and hefty allowances?Its because they are working together indirectly to push for increments because their term is coming to an end in 2 yrs time.Just try to question the health of their sick president and see how the PF is going to react,how come on this one they all are mute?Its politics of the belly at play not service to the poor people.Am applying in advance to stand on the UPND ticket in Bwana Mkubwa Constituency here in Ndola,the incumbent MP is Emmanuel

  13. You have to believe this! Unfortunately they will get their increase. No matter how many words per minute you type or say , the increment sadly will be effected. On one breath they say they want to leave charitable money in their constituencies(munamvelako) when they go visiting as if they do and on the other they say they don’t want to be destitutes when they retire- Mbuzi of the worst order.

  14. You can cheat the gullible not brave Zambians. You HH you know very well that its your MP and MMDs MP who moved the motion to increase their already fat salaries. You never said any thing coz that’s what you told them to do. Now , after seeing that Zambians are against the stuupiid idea of your selfish MPs, you turn around so you can dupe the Zambians. No HH, we have come to know you together with your MPs that if given chance to rule you will plunder the country. You are too selfish a party (UPND). You just care fore your selves.
    Shame on you all UPND….shame shame.

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