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I’m a conveyor belt of President Sata’s development agenda-Wynter Kabimba

General News I'm a conveyor belt of President Sata’s development agenda-Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General (SG) Wynter Kabimba says he is a conveyor belt of President Sata’s development agenda.

M Kabimba said the country cannot record development without the inclusion of traditional leaders.
He said this in Mumbwa yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Shakumbila at his palace.

“Chiefs play an integral part in development. President Sata views traditional leaders as partners in development,” he said.

Mr Kabimba who is also Minister of Justice said traditional leaders have a key role to play in development.

Chief Shakumbila was flanked by three other chiefs, namely Chief Chikanta of Kalomo, Chief Kahare of Nkeyema and Chief Shimukunami of Lufwanyama.

Mr Kabimba said contrary to public opinion, Mr Sata has a heart for Zambia.

“His Excellency President Michael Sata wants to ensure that this country develops. Mr Sata loves Zambians and he wants everyone to live good lives.”

Mr Kabimba later attended a traditional ceremony in Shakumbila chiefdom.


    • I thought this squint eyed minion told Mwata Kazembe, he will officiate at this years Mutomboko. We sent Hon Yaluma instead..

      Not only that, you 3 weeks ago, go and tell MwineLubemba you will recognise him if he supported you to take over from HEMCS, you almost got fired if not for the tribal tag.

      Confine yourself to Mumbwa, get voted for in your own village first before talking about HEMCS’s conveyorbelt, coz you’re not.


    • Kabimba’s hypocrisy at best.
      Last time Mr Kabimba claimed that PF “government does not need permission from chiefs for development and the land is vested in the president”. What has changed? Even Mr Edgar Lungu lambently failed to pay a courtesy call on the Litunga, King of Barotseland yesterday, and this in itself shows that PF has no respect for traditional authority.
      Mr Conveyor of president Sata, the PF have arrested 3 Barotse citizens and ‘ve been in prison without trial for over 6 months is nothing but crimes against humanity. Last week in parliament the “Conveyor belt” pretended not to know anyone arrested over the Barotseland Agreement 1964 issue. Well Nayoto, Wasilota and Muziba are illegally in prison.
      What an injustice minister Kabimba is! Hypocrite!

  1. That’s why we don’t like you because you try to use other people to push your own agenda. Sata was voted by the people not you!

    • Tufywakwa, Nigerian’s will say. His a waste of our precious time, not worth taking time listening to.

  2. Thanks for letting us know that public opinion is against Sata…..thought you didn’t know. And for sure Sata loves these Chiefs and has a special way of showing how it is done by his treatment of the Chitimukulu. You surely are a conveyor belt. But is it that the President is sick and can’t tell that the conveyor belt needs changing? Or that you are sick and can’t notice that your mandate from an absentee boss is over?

  3. ‘I’ is what caused Satan 2 b cast out of heaven. Winter thinks he is more PF than others. I know you are campaigning for Mumbwa MP cause sold the seat but you won’t have it. Conveyorbelt iyaputu no deliveries. If you are a conveyorbelt deliver the constitution. Conveyorbelts deliver products

  4. Delusion , I know we all need to have faith in our selves but not realizing that yr aspirations exceed your competence is the worst form of delusion. Winter u can never be president in mumbwa , so forget about the country . Anyway not even PF will adopt u

  5. Mr winter i support yo candidature as president of the republic of Zambia.Suffice to say that yo party PF has not lived up to pipoz expectations.Come 2016 u have a mountain to boss.

  6. Is this lunatic alive? Action speaks louder than words Kabimba. Your President has no time for our traditional rulers so why all these lies? You guys have issues to sort out and burying your heads in the sand will not help.

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