I’m not a thief, tribal tag does not bother me- Hakainde Hichilema

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has rubbished assertions that he personally looted state resources during the privatization programmes by undervaluing some state assets.

Mr Hichilema maintained that he offered a professional service to the Zambian Government during the privatization exercise through his firm Coopers & Lybrand which later changed its name to Grant Thornton.

He said he has never worked in Government and does not understand how a professional firm could hoodwink an entire Government system to sale its assets cheaply adding that he was never involved in the sale of any ZCCM asset.

Mr Hichilema was speaking last evening when he featured on the Assignment programme on Muvi TV.

“You cannot say I influenced Government to sale cheaply, I performed valuation services and it was up to the Zambian Government which included some people that are in big leadership roles today to sale or not to sale,” Mr Hichilema explained.

He said the MMD cabinet that decided on the privatization exercise included President Sata who was then Minister without portfolio and current Vice President who was then Agriculture Minister.

“These were key men. You need to ask them to account for their actions including the current Minister of Finance Chikwanda, he was at State House as Chief of Staff. Don’t blame HH for privatization, you know who was in Government then.”

Mr Hichilema added, “I’m not a thief, I have no thread or iota of thieving in my blood. I challenged the President when he accused me of having stolen Cattle that he has a thieving culture I don’t have, if I have stolen something, I challenged him that if I stole Cattle let him arrest me because Cattle is not like rats.”

The UPND leader said he is just a simple villager who started from the floor to acquire what he has.

“I’m a guy who comes from the floor, every Zambia should be proud of their heritage, I come from the floor, went to a village school then later went to a secondary school in the area God chose I should be born, no one chooses where to be born and which language to speak, by the way there is no minority tribe in this country, all of them are equal.”

Mr Hichilema continued, “I was born in grass thatched house, not in a maternity wing of a hospital or clinic, walked to school bare foot, drew water from shallow wells that is why am so passionate about free education so that no other children whether orphans or not should have to go through what we went through.”

I then went to the University of Zambia. Did many things, I bought my first plot in Kalingalinga using my second salary, I could not afford a brick layer with a team of helpers. So I pushed the wheelbarrow myself. I couldn’t complete it and I sold it for a profit, bought another plot, sold it at a profit. I can say I got my business training by rearing Cattle. Entrepreneurship comes from our heritage, cattle rearing. When I was building, my fellow classmates from were laughing at me that I was building a house in the Komboni but I knew I was better because they were renting and I was building a house.”

On the issue of tribalism, Mr Hichilema said the tribal tag does not bother him.

“It’s a non-issue, it’s a matter am completely relaxed about, it does not bother me. UPND is the most represented party in terms of regions. I come from the South, two Veeps from North Western and Eastern Province, Kaputa Northern Province and National Secretary is from Central Province. The structure of the NMC has every part of Zambia represented,” he said.

He said the UPND has Councilors and MPs from all the provinces of Zambia adding that the party has pushed its doors to accommodate anyone even from regions such as Luapula and Northern Province.

Mr Hichilema said the issue of tribe is not serious because PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba is on record as having said the PF is the tribal and indiscipline political organisation in the history of Zambia.

Mr Hichilema also denied reports that the UPND is courting Kasama PF MP Geoffrey Mwamba for the position of Vice President.

“We are courting everyone. The UPND has bedrooms for the 13 million Zambians. We are not courting GBM for the Vice President position but we are courting every Zambia,” Mr Hichilema said.


  1. I just cant stand the man

    he is very disingenuous, when he speaks

    How on earth have people fallen for his lies?

    HH comes out as desperate, at times, and i am not sure he has true followers the people supporting him are only doing so because they dislike Mr Sata



    • This man has certainly stolen from the GRZ because that time technology was not available and the ministries were full of dull people and also a thief like Chiluba. It was easy for him to foll those who were in power. In fact he worked hand in hand with the ministers to undersale properties and assets and then buy them. He is nothing but a thief

    • The man is a thief only F.O.O.Ls support this guy, he became rich after privatisation,and the cows he has ,we all know how he dubiously got them.He stole big time because most things were not computerised and no audit trail would trace his thieving ways.

    • Well give me an example of a person that became a president without going through political channels and ascending step by step. Obama, Cameron, Sata, Zuma, Mugabe all were political pawns before they became Queens (I this case kings) Look at their political CV’s they operated on a lower level politically and ascended slowly, ANYWHERE that is a prerequisite people. You don’t become a director of a company top rated FTSE company before occupying a managerial position. What has Mr Hakainde done politically before wearing the UPND gown he is wearing now?

      Let him become a councillor, town clerk, MP so we see if he can be elected/is ready for such a high position.

      He either puts up, or he gets muzzled for me, like all of you I am tired of him


    • Therez no law that says one must be a Northern Rhodesian Policeman, Porter or Mp before one becomes president…but therez one that says one must be 35 years or older, a zambian with parents born in zambia and able to raise at least 200 supporters. Get that into your head….Next issue

    • @Opionated

      Not talking about qualifications, I am talking about experience.

      DO you want to try again?


    • HH and UPND are not tribal. It is the people who said only a Tonga should take over that are tribal! And should be condemned. UPND and HH should disassociate themselves from those people who should apologize for their tribal remark to the Zambian people.

    • Well perhaps the only pipo with experience in that position is RB and KK currently….The incumbent, going by the blunders we have been subjected to the last 3 years, would not be a good case for what you call experience my dear Mushota despite his deep involvement in politics. Perhaps a bit of dullness is the only reason you would fail to see the clear incompetence. Having said that you would cut a man who has a bit of education and proven corporate success a bit of slack wouldnt you?

    • The only problem with you is that you have taken it so much personal. Every time you make a comment you use hatred speech. When are you going to grow. Remember Kaunda ruled us 27 yrs and his slogan was Kumulu ni Lesa panshi Kaunda, were is he today? The bad language you are using on this man HH one day you will regret, so please tone down and be a useful *****.

    • What? KK RB?
      No!Mr Kabimba, Nevers Mumba, , Miyanda are best positioned and have a richer CV politically
      HH, Like Cosmo Mumba and Chipimo’s are flavours of the month representing a limited number of persons, unsuited to lead Zambia.
      It is like having a graduate from University with 2 PhD with little or no experience and or have someone with Diploma coupled with a solid amount of experience, who would you employ, if you were looking to manage your company( albeit it unlikely for you , judging by what is coming out of you)
      I am saying he doesn’t have the experience POLITICALLY, just like most if not all presidents have to have prior to being a President. Give me an example of a DEMOCRATICALLY elected President that had no Political experience that became a President?


    • PF cadres epitomise what is wrong with our society and why we can’t develop as a nation. PHD(pull him down) syndrome is engraved in their DNA. How can a normal person be filled with soo much hatred and jealous for someone who should be tossed as a role model for any normal society. HH represents a success story that we must all aspire for. He had a humble beginning, no father and yet against all odds made it to be one of the richest and intelligent men in Zambia. Yet, here you are PF cadres, all you see in him is tribal hate simply because he is not your tribe….cry the beloved country.

    • Mushota how much do you get from PF? Are you aware of pigs being slaugthred? and ony guy was fired.

    • I watched the live interview. HH was excellent. his knowledge of economics astounding. Costa asked the hard questions and HH responded with reason. That is presidential material. Haters, hate all you can but HH is miles ahead Sata and most of the people offering themselves for leadership.

    • @zedpatriotic I am not sure being rich s mean that the person is intelligent and
      is destined to rule. GBM is rich, so is he intelligent? Again, HH is squandering an opportunity to show how a leader should react to critisism. He should not say that being labelled a tonga party does not bother him, rather he should agree that it bothers him but demostrate that he is not a tribal person. Remember, Zambians do not take kindly to boasting, keep your riches away from politics.

    • Just as we cant stand you ‘Mushota. Only difference is that we do go on and on about you and your shortfalls. However, the problem here is that you, Mushota, lacks an open mind to assess and judge HH by his qualities. All you see is that he is Tonga, your world is black and white. What is interesting is that you see nothing wrong in your dear leader.

    • i listened to that interview on MUVI TV on Sunday and I do not think that it would be fair to call him a thief but what I was not happy with was his stance that it was not his responsibility to tell the government how to negotiate but to provide a report on Asset Value. He further said that those in government were not smart enough to know how to negotiate because they used the same reports that he and group provided to the government, which to HH was wrong! The issue of patriotism comes in here because as a Patriotic Zambian HH should have taken a different role as a Zambian to advise the Zambian Government on the need to use a different way of negotiating. Here we are now! HH wants to become a President to come and solve the mess that he should have helped stop in the first place! Well!!

    • you are a shameless blood sucker.

      Because of your history of long fingers Zambians cant entrust you to look after the treasury


    • Mushota, you seem not have anything good to do on earth. You are just one person who hates the man and your vote does not count. What you should know in life is that not all people you hate are hated by others. Not all those you see beautiful are seen the same by others. So take your mentality somewhere and learn to co-exist. Bottom line though is, hate him or like him, he is better that all your family members’ wealth put together. So, shut up and go to sleep.

    • You are a shameless blood sucker, a non-repentant economic saboteur.

      Zambians will never ever entrust you again with their wealth because of you repugnant history of long fingers.

      your denial stinks!!

    • @ Kalumba, I think you missed the part where HH said the govt then ( which is a lot of people in govt now) did not listen to advice. Moreover, the report by HH was technical advice which GRZ disregarded. HH gave another example of how the GRZ will not take advice, SI 55 and SI 32….I think we all remember HH loudly advising GRZ but that old man Chikwanda went ahead….the results are there for all to see. i think HH very adequately laid bare the intellectual bankruptcy of the PF .

    • @Mushota.

      You cant stand HH because:

      1. You are a thief like those you represent and HH is a rich man who worked hard for his wealth. We his peers know how he got his wealth.
      2. You are ashamed that he was not part of the decision makers at ZPA led by V Chitalu and R Penza at Finance and Chiluba and Chikwanda at State House when privatisation took place. Get the list of firms that did the highest numbers of privatisations and names like Sokota, Mtine etc will pop up.
      3. He is not your tribesmate and he seems to be gathering momentum contrary to your sitting President whose whereabouts remain unknown.

  2. You are a thief that we know.Yo were just too clever that you covered all your tracks.Even the house you live in your fraudulently allocated it to yourself by using your position. And about triba-list it is not long ago when you were urging people in Katuba to vote for your candidate because he comes from that area and not the ruling party one who was not Bantu Botatwe and hence a foreigner.

    • Jealous down. HH rocks and inspiring. Most of you are busy commenting here instead of using computers to find products to sell.

    • Any comments on slaughtered pigs at a farm belonging to one Guy now Vice president and instantly he was fired.

    • Mushota,Saulosi are the worst tribalists on this blog I ever seen.Their comments are full of rubbish,hog wash,hatred and jealous.There is no one who is perfect on this planet.
      HH can not be blamed for the woes Zambia is going through.It is because certain region have determined that only theirs will rule this nation however mediocre the candidate is,proof?pf!

    • Saulosi and Mushota are the worst Zambian tribalists. They are worse than ISIS in Iraq. By the way just check how much yr comments are disliked on the page and how those positive to HH are liked. So in the game of calling each other fools , we the HH supporters are more than you . Interpretation u are more foolish than the people u hate

    • Great interview. HH’s explanation can only be understood by educated minds. He needs to simply his points to ensure that everyone understands him with clear examples. The evaluation his company did proposed the sale of Luanshya mine based upon the market value however the Government gave it away at a very cheap price hoping to recover the loss through taxes. In terms of guiding the Government on negotiations that was going to be conflict of interest because his company was not hired for those services but simply to valuate the Luanshya mine.


    • @Saulosi and others. You are the thieves, starting with the chief looter FTJ assisted by Chungu and like Bemba robbers/ooters. ZPA was headed by Bemba thief Chitalu, ZCCM was privatised through D&T by thieves Kaunda with help of Sokota and Mbazima. Monkey thieves.

    • iwe nokoh polish ku chinyoh,you parrot membe’s rhetoric.you are one of his ass lickers sponsored to stay on this site just to fight HH and anti pf sentiments.wanya chikkalah sata alekonka berina ku chimusebo chakumanda elo teti muchitulaule.

  3. Zambia needs a total change in leadership.Sata is just taking us back into debts that we will not be able to pay back.HH is the answer for Zambia.

  4. This is like someone wanting a divorce. What they are doing is wanting to rid of their partner and for no reason at all, want any substitute (Mr HH). We have got to be careful, this man has never won ANYTHING politically, Your assumptions of him being ready are wholeheartedly unfounded and baseless. I would prefer he became a Minister let alone an MP.
    You don’t ascend to the summit of zion walking on red carpets. You don’t make an individual CEO of a company when they haven’t occupied a good enough position to judge their acumen. My Point is he is not ready, contrary to what Wanzelu and other hornswoggles who repugnant the PF and have constantly birmiched the government. Open your eyes

    We are fine as we are.


    • @Mushota

      Its seems, you just have a personal hatred for HH, some said he raised real issues with alternatives. Lets not be quick to judge people, you might not like him, but truth be told he said valid issues.

    • D
      Mr D He was a Town Clerk a politically charged position, and has had a solid amount of experience now in his ministerial post

      HH has not worked for Government, not saying it is a pre requisite but unless like you have worked for both NGO and non NGO, you wouldn’t understand the difference.
      For me he says the right things does HH, is easy to like but like a man one would go out with, and you wouldn’t want them to marry you, or in your case that girlfriend you dated but at the back of your mind you never wanted to marry her, is the same thing about HH.
      He is a great guy, but you are playing with an experiment in the lab that may detonate and disfigure yourself, if you know what I mean when you are endorsing the man to be a president.
      The MMD seem a better alternative for…

    • Mushota is a big foolish TRIBALIST who HATES TONGAS at all costs. With her a TONGAS must never exist on planet. Unfortunately to you, you will die with it and TONGAS will remain for ever till Jesus comes.

    • @Mushota
      Please educate some of us … which constituencies were represented by Kenneth Kaunda and Titus Jacob Chiluba before they became Republican Presidents?? I might have missed it somewhere in my history books.

    • Why do you think you are the most qualified person to advise Zambians on who they must vote?You claim to be educated with so many degrees,yet your reasoning leaves much to be desired.So the saying is true that when a fool gets educated ,he become an educated fool.

    • Why do you think you are the most qualified person to advise Zambians on who they must vote?You claim to be educated with so many degrees,yet your reasoning leaves much to be desired.So the saying is true that when a F.O.O.L gets educated ,he become an educated F.O.O.L

    • You always get your big knickers in a twist Mushota! I dislike the fact that you are first to open your gob before intelligent people on this forum have finished work and switched on their computers to read the LT. I for one know that you are an unemployed lazy and fat black woman who is on the dole and living in a council rat hole. I am using disparaging remarks in the hope that I will one day reach your pea sized brain and make a mark. I hope it will soon dawn on you that your fibs have now gotten the best of you my dear. You need a shrink just like Africa needs rain Mushota. Refrain from commenting so that we can hear from some of best brains in the country first. Is that too much to ask for Mushota? Please Mushota do us that favour as I am down on my knees begging you – please!

  5. @ Mushota

    The story gets posted at 12:26 pm and you comment at 12:29 pm. Three minutes you manage to read the comments and write your comment. I wonder if you read articles about HH because sometimes I think you have already written your comments and just copy and paste them.

    • What a silly comment to make @point

      Just because it takes you 5 minutes to read the article and 4 seconds to look for a letter on keyboard do not judge me by your flawed standards

      Either way, say something about the article not a deficiency in your aptitude. Seriously how old are you?

      For the record I read and typed thereafter.

      I dont often comment on obsequious people, that try to goad me all the time.


    • @Point
      Mate you just have poor reading and typing skills.Us academics don`t take long to decipher articles and came up with an opinion or point to hit home. Mushota is above you because of the nature of her exposure and education background.

    • @Mushota

      You still not going to run away from the fact that you are one of the people who run LT and you post articles and comment immediately to the story you have posted. Why always on top? Why always on LT all the time? And you can question my aptitude on reading and typing but not my reasoning!

    • @ Point
      Of course I won’t question your reasoning, how can I question a person who doesn’t think that 3 minutes is enough to read and type about 20 words.

      I am not going to undermine you, if I appeared to have been I am sorry. It is your prerogative to say what appeals to you
      Not sure you had to tell the world though. How about keeping it to yourself?
      There is decorum in most chat rooms and you don’t seem to want to play by their rules.
      My point is Point, your Point is Pointless. Talk about the article or respond to my comment/s?


    • @ point dont waste your time,aba baanyinaboo ifinyohhh abena mushota saulosi ne mbwa shimbi are hired gunss they are on kabimba’s pay roll their boss ni ka nathan mfula.very desperate actions indeed

  6. Bwana HH, the government relied on your professional valuation. So don’t blame the government officials. The truth is that you got back handers from undervaluing assets. That is why a poverty stricken chap has ended up the richest man – there is no smoke without fire.

    • It would appear even this comment is coming from a poverty stricken individual who is not able to reason very well

    • It seems like you believe that the only way to become rich is through stealing. Get it in your thick head that it is possible to become rich through hard work as HH has demonstrated.

    • @ 6.3 Zed Patriot, where did I say the only way to become rich is through stealing? Anyway, I will leave it at that as they say ‘never argue with a f.ool otherwise people will not notice the difference’!

    • Ask former ZANACO bosses and some big fish at Ernest and young they know how HH got that contract and paid himself heft management fees and bought many assets. The man should keep quite one day the truth shall surface.

    • So bwana …. you also blame the people that told you the prices of clothes you have bought inn your life and you the buyer who chose to buy after advice from the salesman. Your argument, blaming HH is lame as a duck in the desert.

      Can I ask why are you guys not asking Sata, he was the second powerful man in Zambia during the privatisation, and think of it, if HH errored PF could have locked him up long time. They have a chief justice in their corner and lacky for a police commissioner …. sometimes common sense is not common I guess.

  7. He was buying and selling plots at a profit! So when an opportunity came he under valued properties and was a beneficiary of the same properties. I am sure he knows of the term colluding! The question is how much did you pay for it? No buts, just a straight answer.

    • He doesn’t have to answer that question because the Presido already released documents to that effect which showed that in fact the man has always owned cattle which he must have sold to earn enuff cash to buy what he now owns today. In my mind therez no rocket science here but of course i appreciate the levels of iliteracy and the general lack of common sense among PF cadres

    • @ 7.1 Opinionated your lack of common sense is equally exposed. Just because someone has questioned HH’s wealth does not make them PF cadres or even illiterate. Also. the cattle economics you are trying to kid us with will not wash.

  8. HH its either u sound desperate or bitter at every point in time.. Why ??? Is it bcoz ur political fortunes are headed downwards..?PF 2016!!! UPND 3099..!!!

    • cadres ngayongayo. what will happen should HH win 2016 elections which is likly…mmm bembas at their best

    • stop doubting the living bukkala bwa wiso,worry about those who are in hibernation because you dont know if you will see them again.in short worry about sata, HH temunobe.2016 ni walk over

  9. There is no tribalism tag on HH and that is why he himself has not seen it. The truth is HH has tribalism in his blood. This is the person who masterminded the hounding out of bo sakwiba sikota simply because he was not Tonga. UPND has paid a price for this because the Lozi people have significantly withdrawn their support as could be seen from the 28% support they gave the party in the latest election (2011) which was a significant drop from 48% they enjoyed in Western Province during the reign of A. Mazoka.

    • Indeed the tribalism tag is not there because if it was there then there was going to be need to get worried. My advise to him is that find yourself more and on regular basis in PF Strong-holds of Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and CB. Let them shout at you now but eventually they will be listening to you. Stop this talk of tribal because no one goes in the streets to tell people speak the language they want to communicate with other people.

    • PF cadres
      You PF cadres belong to an unusual Genus and species grouping All you see in HH is tribalism; ooooohh please let’s have real issues here than the stinker. I personally have heard with my own ears (and I am not young) Bembas saying that this country ill never be ruled by any other tribe other than Bemba or per chance someone from Eastern Province. If you have any iota of honesty you should be ashamed at the composition of your cabinet and representation in government posts and diplomatic missions. If you DO NOT see anything wrong with these things in the current Government, then you have no business discussing tribalism.
      Next issue please!

    • @WARLORD:


  10. Elect or continue being ruled by some poor man at your own peril Zambia. All they will do is make money for their family forest. Elect a self made rich man who has all the money he needs and he will guard all national resources for the benefit of all.

    • @Nox, HH may be rich, but there are a lot of wolves like you who want to enrich yourselves at any cos. It does not matter for a poor man to be my president as long as he has been voted by people through the ballot and not the ones like HH who bulldoze their way to the throne because their DNA is tribal-infested.

  11. Its good that Muvi gave the audience in the diaspora an opportunity to hear HH for ourselves. My objective assessment is the UPND has an uphill battle to convince Zambians who witnessed the MMD prosperous economy, bumber harvests and a very positive economic rating by global economic rating agents such as Fitch, S & P, World Bank and IMF to convince Zambians to venture into an unknown experiment being offered by the UPND. All the key points on which HH attacked the current PF administration, Zambians have fresh memories of runaway success stories by MMD where the only reason Zambians wanted change in 2011, was ‘we want change’. My honest feeling is that things are so desperate in Zambia, most Zambians may not want to risk an inexperienced new government to to take over and use…

    • that is your opinion bwana dont say zambians. I for one will put my trust in HH because I have seen hope in his understanding of issues concerning growth of country’s economy not some id.iots who can not tell the difference between income and expenditure

  12. It is called humble background and quite inspiring. Bought and sold at a profit. Mr President, tell us how you will govern the nation to make profit.

  13. Of course Hungry Hyena-HH is a thief. If he isn’t one, why did he change his name from Sonny Chintombwa to Hakainde Hichilema? Why does he use his maternal grandfather’s name instead of his father’s? And please don’t start with the cattle story again, we all know how it was acquired, through theft. For those who don’t know, HH’s biological father, Sonny Chintombwa snr, was a notorius cattle rustler back in 70’s & 80’s. He used to terrorize the Namwala – Monze area. Am told he never used to sell all his stolen cattle, he used to take some of it to his in laws kraal in Moonze’s bweenga area where he had left his wife and only Sonny jnr (now Hakainde Hichilema). After Sonny snr was shot dead by the police, his looted wealth was passed on to his son – HH.

    • This so fantastic..why dont you become a movie script writer mate? Hollywood’s run out of good script writers of late…

    • Oooh, thank you @Wankson Ponyoponyo, so this chap HH, it is not only is tribal in his DNA, it is even thieving? When it is genetically in-born, it is difficult to route out. I for one would NEVER use my vote on such a one. Sorry, cadres, you can insult me as you wish, I will never destroy my vote like that.

  14. ok villager. go and continue keeping your cattle. they say you can remove a villager from the village but you cant remove the village in him/her. not my vote sir with that village mentality I can foresee people allowed keeping cattle in yards. nzwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You guys are just jealous of HH. For as long as no one takes HH to police for alleged theft,the man is clean.Just use your brains, you will be like him.

  16. Yes you don’t get bothered because you are guilty.You pushed Sakwiba Sikota out of UPND because he wasn’t tonga.Is that not being tribal ? Be serious

  17. What an inspiring leader. This man will take Zambia places. All these ba kabova are scared of “WE TOLD YOU SO”. This guy will do us proud. HH forget about all these haters of a TRIBE! May the good LORD BLESS YOU!

  18. All these people against HH are just part of the thieving cartel or beneficiaries and fear HH will shut down the loopholes. You know a Tonga man.

  19. I am the one who is causing all this nonsense. Once UPND is weak, it gives me the upper hand in the next elections dumb Zambians. vote for me chickens

  20. My advise to HH’s campaign team which must have briefd him on what to say, needed to have crafted original, groundbreaking campaign points because the key ones he used made him seem like he was campaigning for MMD. This is because MMD did very all on the points e.g. mealie prices, stable growing economy and agriculture.

    He needs to find original sellable points which will not make people immediately argue in their hearts on how well MMD performed. If I was to rate that disucssion I would give it a 4 out of 10.

  21. Nice Personal Story my friend under 5 , I like it. Write a book about it. Your story is a typical Zambian rags to riches story and very inspirational and I identify with a lot of things you went through and am sure you will inspire a lot more kids if you pen your life in a book. Keep it up

    • Yes sir the under five is a billionaire through hard work and we all can trace the source his riches unlike many of the rich thieves around who got their riches through looting govt. coffers.

  22. UPND needs modern people like Garry Nkombo and not that HH. The chap tells how he struggled in the village to get where he is today. Unfortunately no amount of money or accademic quallification will take the village concept from him. These are morden times. Sata and HH are just the same. Sata used to tells us that his father was a cook.

  23. Call him a villager or what. You will just end up hating him till he achieves his goal and will even be ashamed to praise and clap. He might not be President, but he speaks sense that some of our politicians!

  24. It’s good that HH has been smoked out of his mystery hole. He says he is from a village and walked bare foot to school. So what? There are countless successful people whose background evokes memories of sleeping in thatched houses on reed mats, walking to school barefoot and many unpleasant experiences. He says there is no iota of thieving in his blood. This can not be substantiated. The fact that Luanshya mine became lean when he handled its assets is a clear testimony that thieving was practised. He is not genuinely bothered by the tribal tag because it flows in his blood and no one can take it from him. UPND became associated with tribalism when Mazoka died and HH took over.

    • Well…we have all heard it before… and it is currently irellevant to where we will end up as a country….Tell us something new. Like where we are going to end up with this PF and the decisions they are making now because this is what is relevant to the future of this country

  25. Baba you should start preparing yourself for another defeat in 2016. No matter how much you overate yourself, your true VALUE to the Zambian people still remains at 18.17% or 506,763 votes out of 2 million plus votes. What will determine how many votes you will get in 2016 is not the amount of noise you make on Muvi Tv or Radio Phoenix but whether the TRIBAL TAG which is even embedded in the TINTS of you land cruiser still remains there or not.

  26. “Whoever has not committed sin before, let that person be the first to throw a stone at this woman”. In short, whoever has not stollen….

  27. @Mushota-After watching HH on MUVI TV Assignment Program,I concluded that:HH does not make a National Father- Figure Leadership that Zambia needs.HH can make a good Operative-Figure Leadership-He can help to formulate and implement Policies.He lacks Wisdom.A National Father-Figure Leadership,shows Love and Compassion,able to unite the nation,humble and not the Know-It-All-Alone attitude.Maybe,he can be a good Finance Minister or Trade and Commerce.To UPND supporters,good luck to you with your hero HH.Time will tell.Surely UPND had MP like Monde,the traitor-can sure such leadership bring any tangible development?

    • From your comment, you are either dull or lazy, or both. People with these attributes tend to hate hardworking and smart people. You also sound like Mushota, who seem to be having a very hard time coping with 6 jobs.

  28. The problem with zambians is poor education , I blame KK for not realise the importance of education. Now people look at Germany and wonder why they do good but have tribal mentality in their minds. R u zambians got hold back your country of fresh talents coz of tribal or colour heritage?

  29. Those who are against HH are worried because they will not survive under a descent Government. They thrive by crookedness. Sorry they must brace themselves for the hard time. No more stealing you have been doing under Sata, sorry. Save your selves from HEART ATTACK because HH is really coming. Accept the reality

    • Yes UPND with 2 vice presidents from other provinces is tribal just like pf with over 90 % from Northern province and 99.9% of diplomats related to the president.YOU LIKE IT OR NOT WE ZAMBIANS ARE TIRED OF THESE DOUBLE STANDARDS.COME 2016 OBLIVION OF PF

  30. IF some people conned KK on “diesel from grass” /”Heaven on Earth”, HH allegedly conned Chiluba on the sale of government assets, while that Vendetta chap conned Mwanawasa on the value of that mine, then it raises serious questions about the competency of people charged with managing public assets, not so?.

  31. HH, of course tribal tag is not an issue to you because it is in your DNA. As for being a thief, that is why you are called thief because thieves do not admit to it and if you check the word thief in the dictionary, it will explain better.

  32. Yes but tribal tag bothers the electorate, if you think people are dull you must be joking no Zambian would like a leader with such a tag, not even yourself you don’t , people like you HH shouldn’t even think of being politicians no you are not fit , or is it maturity that you lack , politicks is about numbers behind you

  33. we are surviving on borrowed money.an indication that there is more serious looting now than before.. viva hh

  34. Afther the interview I conclud HH is not
    ready to lead mother Zambia and I question his lack
    of detailed policies.

  35. Mushota U’re Mad. HH isn’t a thief. All what he is having is from his hands. You lazy people, indeed you big eyed children of Chibolya compound. You begger

    • HH is a frustrated fellow whose political analysis is centered on tribalism. He has a wrong view that since Nevers Mumba does not hail from eastern, central, western and northwestern provinces MMD will not perform well in these regions and has declared that his party,UPND,to be the main opposition party in Zambia. This is the kind of analysis HH and UPND has embraced but come 2016 they will be in for another shocking defeat.

  36. He just lacks the humble character necessary to become a president .He fails to go neutral on most of the things he mentioned , is always trying to neutralise competition even when it was not appropriate. Was in phase to start comparing tribes and languages when literally no such question was directed at him?There is still tribal and hatred tone in his speech ,and it will only be catastrophic to entrust this guy with power

  37. opinionated, you have asked a good question about the future of this country. Zambia is one of the fastest growing economy in Africa and indeed in the world according to the world Bank and Africa development Bank ratings.The on going road net work construction in all parts of the country especialy in rural areas will srategicaly prepare the country to an economic boom in griculture which will make Zambia a bread basket in the region. So far the country has recorded a bumper harvest, and farm in puts for next agricuture season are already distributed. We are enjoying a single digit inflation .
    The much talked about economic disaster is what we want to hear pin pointed by our much leaned economists if it is not all about politics. This world is dynamic where Zambia is not exceptional.

  38. @Mushota Is it that HH has given you guyz sleepless nites or what is the problem with you coz HH explened that sata, guy ngwele scott and chikwanda where there so go and find out stop blanding him those name of stilling what you dont even know sata was challenged when .can you prove it that he got back cash or what ever you say he beneftedfrom the same privatization

    • The people he has mentioned who where there in government, were not the ones ruling but Chiluba. So the example is petty.

  39. truly hh is on the ground and now able to woo so many zambians. the majority are feeling his presence mushota inclusive

    • Let us be sincere the only people HH is wooing are his tribesmen. This is the reason UPND only has 1 stronghold(southern province) with total popularity standing at 18%.HH must accept that as things stand right now UPND is an inferior party behind both MMD and PF in terms of popularity. Zambians are very clever people and have seen the tribalistic tendencies in UPND. Come 2016 UPND is headed for a perpetual humiliating defeat.

    • comfort yourself with that stupiid notion and you will have a very rude awakening.i only sympathise with you because i know you are not speaking out out conviction.your opinion is poverty driven.you are paid to hang out on this site and spew ship trying to fight the likes of HH and chant pro pf slogans. like it or not HH is the man of the momment nga uchili uletalika stanyookoh,wait for mangango and other bye elections coming soon

  40. @mushota, here I didnt see HH on that TV program. But I really like the way you bring out you augments and writing skills. all Bloggers here are just wonderful, Wanzelu Keep it up man, MMD Chief Bootlicker, you are just wonderful my man and well done.
    I wish we can create a common stage where all of us on this space, try to contribute 1 thing back home or try to come up with a model that can transform our country for good. We can keep on just blogging and laugh when we can contribute some how. Please keep it up men and women, girls and boys! I salute you all.

  41. Hey I says to you. YOU. ARE. THIEF. This is the record that we know you and your secret history.

    • That argument was used effectively by Chiluba and his co-horts.Now PF have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are more tribal than any party.Everyone is now feeling the HH heat (HHH) and that is why they have resorted to the old and tried tactics of labeling him as tribal.pf’S stronghold is in Luapula and Northern provinces,UPND in Southern Province,MMD was in Eastern?
      By the way wherever you find bembas the pf is strong why?So does that make them tribal?

    • I wonder how people who are busy stealing from the treasury, people who are practicing tribalism right now, people who are pitting one group against another are left to go scot-free, while labels are being bandied around on innocent people. Is this the way we are going to stay in this country, proud and free, victors in the struggle for our land? We need a serious change of mind set to register some semblance of normalcy as a nation. Are we in self destruct mode?

  42. HH reminds me of a certain Prof Chirwa when he addressed a group of zambians in sheffield at the height of his attempt to become president of zambia. I think Chirwa and HH have similar qualities..too much theory. May i ask HH what he is going to do with those mines sold for a song by Mwanawasa. People are angry that an Indian was boasting about reaping where he did not sow. How about taxes? Land issues? Lusaka is too crowded,yet zambia is a massive country.

  43. Some people are simply programmed to oppose everything they hear from HH. Yet they have no evidence to prove that he is either a thief or tribalist. Rumor mongering and assumptions are what they purvey as the truth. Very shallow I must say. No analysis or proper scrutiny of the issues or arguments raised by HH. No constructive or informed response. Is it a wonder that Zambia continues to accept mediocrity in leadership? It would appear a lot of Zedians are terrified or allergic to people who are intelligent, of substance and who offer more sensible solutions for the country’s woes. Not to mention the ridiculous argument that you need to have been a councillor, ward chairman, town clerk etc. before you can vie for the presidency.

  44. No constructive response or analysis of HH’s arguments or comments from a lot of bloggers. Just rumor mongering and making assumptions while pretending to be purveyors of the truth. A good number of Zedians appear to be either terrified of, or allergic to people who are intelligent, show substance and offer credible solutions to the country’s ills. Not to mention the ridiculous argument that one needs to have been a Councillor, ward chairperson, town clerk etc. to vie for the presidency. What about the so-called lot of ‘experienced’ dinosaurs in the current govt? Are they taking you to dizzy heights?

  45. Lusaka Times, why do you keep deleting my reply to your Mushota who is so opinionated? This Mushota chap is full of wrong theories and just hates HH. Truth is, hate him or like him, the man has made it better than Mushota and will leave his family well even if he became president or not.

  46. Kalumba, you absolutely nailed it. PATRIOTISM. You can’t, and shouldn’t lead a country if you don’t understand the principle of PROTECTING your country. He should have gone the extra mile to not only give best valuation to protect the nations assets, but he ought also to have seen it as his personal duty. He clearly has failed in his response, he ought to admit he was out to get the best deal for himself. As an observation, most ‘opposition parties’ use the strategy of mudslinging current gov’t on corruption charges; some real AND imagined charges. HH has had a taste of false allegations, and perhaps from now on his party will be exemplary on the election trial, by sticking to telling the electorate what their Mandate proposal is. Sata Die Die is getting old and annoying!

    • Bwana, why can’t you get it in your thick head that HH provided a professing service, valued the assets he was assigned to value at a market rate and gave the gov’t the report to act on. Where does patriotism come in? Do you honestly expect HH to undervalue so many assets belonging to the whole Zambian and expect to buy them back? Where would he find money to buy back sop many assets cheaply? How many of those assets did he buy? Please remove those tribal tainted glasses so that you can see the reality.

  47. @ ZED PATRIOT what is your definition of intelligence? Anyway maybe you are right, HH could be intelligent but not wise. Sata is not only intelligent but sharp, otherwise how did he mange to beat an intelligent man at elections, in my view ones intelligence should help that individual attain what they want, period. The man was outwitted with his intelligence, I don’t get it, really. @ Mushota sometimes you are sensible.

  48. Just to add….the only worrying thing about opposition parties is issue of tribalism. If people are splitting along tribal lines then we have a new problem in Zambia since we always have been One Zambia, One conjoined ‘*****s’ before!! In the state we are in now, it’s feasible to have a ‘prophet’ type of leader arising from the masses; since there are far too many new elements to Zambian politics now. Worse of these is Authoritarian violence to people of differing opinion. For that reason HH may very we’ll fit in because he does come across as passionate to lead Zambia. Current leadership seems to Demand the right to rule. We do need something Fresh off the drawing board. IT IS A FACT, FINANCIAL MISS-MANAGEMENT IS A PROBLEM. Loan after Loan…..

  49. Better to have HH a smart,rich,focussed and level headed “tribalist” (quotemarks intended) than a dull,uninspiring,arrogant and temperamentally unsound hypocrite like Sata as a leader.

  50. Better to have HH a smart,focussed,rich and level headed “tribalist” (quotemarks intended) than a dull,arrogant ,directionless and temperamentally unsound Sata as a leader.

  51. I can see that lusakatimes is gaining momentum , because they allow disenting ideas unlike watch dog who only blow one trumpet for HH no body but HH that is why I have stopped reading it

  52. The popularity of a politician is seen by the number of comments he attracts each time a story is written about him. I now believe HH is the man to take Zambia. Have you noticed that even when the story is about Chipimo, Nevers Mumba and the like, comments always about HH?

  53. I’m really amazed why people have taken it so personal over HH’s interview. Let me say this; Most Zambians are tribal in nature even though KK tried to undo this element. There are tribes who still feel they are superior than others. Further, most Zambians come from villages. Most of you guys just migrated to cities for education and later decided to stay there for piece works.
    In rural areas/villages, you find people who are the main drivers of this economy and see no reason why you should continue calling each as coming from the village when you too, come from the same.

  54. I For some of us who have known Mr. Hichilema`s leadership qualities for years I`m glad many Zambians are now appreciating the quality of Mr. Hichilema.

  55. For some of us who have known Mr. Hichilema`s leadership qualities for years I`m glad many Zambians are now appreciating the quality of Mr. Hichilema.

  56. And Mushota, I advised you to drop some of those High school jobs you are doing. They are killing your IQ. You can post controversial comments, but with sense.

  57. Sometimes it helps to come clear by putting the decisions that were made in public domain as to the valuations methods that were done and the real options that were considered that gave the decisions for the investments or disinvestment the type of restructure recommended and why given the duty of care to the parties especially the client to act with facts,documented,retained and reasonableness and sound given the science of valuations the real options that were considered and why.It helps to clear and cement someone especially those in politics bearing in mind the ethics as to the principal agency relations but if more questions than answers are coming from the “principal” One is left with no choice but to clear himself ethically

  58. ”Microsoft had become complacent due to the phenomenal success of its Windows Operating system, other software products and the fact that the products have endured minimal competition from other software companies. The company’s operating system and software technology have reached the mature stage in their product life cycles. The products continue to generate substantial amounts of cash, however the growth rate has declined. As detailed in the article, the company has been slow to invest in high-growth areas which have been aggressively pursed by many of its competitors. It will be interesting to observe the unveiling of Microsoft’s Strategy and whether or not they will follow or lead their competitors in the develop of innovative products and technology”

    The interesting write…

  59. After analysing Mushota’s arguments and comments and comparing them to a woman going by the name Proud Ushi Musamba I can now reasonably conclude that it is one and the same person. Don’t be deceived by the fake picture profile and fake academic credentials, Mushota is Musamba.
    Coming to the argument above I have noticed that some people just hate HH because of his tribe and we know where they hail from. Some of them are trying to trick people by using names like Lungu and Tembo to create an impression that they are Easterners but we all know that our brothers and sisters from the East don’t think like that.

  60. Ask former ZANACO bosses and some big fish at Ernest and young they know how HH got that contract and paid himself heft management fees and bought many assets. The man should keep quite one day the truth shall surface.

  61. so far mushota is the only voice of reason. I like the articulates issues,she is about the best blogger along with saulosi. How one can believe what comes from Halenya Halenya bitter envious bantustan enclave man, defies logic. He was challenged by mmembe to take him to court for saying the house he stays in is stolen,HH promised to do that todate he has failed.

  62. its not a secret that a lot of wasps on this site lik ihulee mushota though he is a man masquerading as a lady, bashimaboloo abena saulosi and other related morons are hired guns.they have no intergrity .their main basic occupation is to fight for pf since they know that the party is in the sewer and it will be shred to pieces on this platfoam.but whatever energies they are trying to put in to fight reality it wont help,wasted efforts bafffikala.we have made up our minds HH is neither a thief nor a tribalist.those are mmembe’s slogans we wont buy into them. come 2016 ni HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • HH will never make it to plot 1 in 2016 and beyond because he simply lacks national appeal. People who vote for UPND are the same ones who have been voting for the party as it has failed to attract the many new young voters who have been coming on board. How is UPND going to win in 2016 when they only have 3% popularity in eastern province and 20% in central province? UPND must understand that PF easily won the 2011 elections because even in the previous one (2008) they came top in 4 provinces which had a huge number of electorates i.e Lusaka, Copperbelt ,Luapula and Northern. Does it not make sense to assert that if there will be an opposition party to win in 2016 then that party is MMD which is dorminant in 4 provinces(central,eastern,western &north western)?

  63. A book detailing the Privatising and Decisions can help as a lasting solution for references of those critical decisions and lessons learnt to serve also as documented lessons and cases for the future reference of the development of the Zambian economy and Financial sector Development

    Its like the John Mwanakatwe book???

  64. jealousness doesnt take you no where. the man is clever educated, hard worker. He worked very hard for all that he has. he comes into politics with money….NOt these rats coming into politics to steal more.
    Zambia is now heavily in debt due to thieves

  65. @mushota,u still have not answered Muko’s concern in 4.7 above as u claim to have answers to every question.u brag about someone should have political experience to be republic president.how did kaunda and the thief Chiluba ascend to the presidence?un need your brains to be washed in a centrifugal machine with salt water.if could allow u to b part of my body,honestly,u would have been my hole.

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