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Sinkamba continues campaign for legalization of Marijuana

General News Sinkamba continues campaign for legalization of Marijuana


The Green Party says it has identified medicinal marijuana as one most viable high value crop which zambia should consider growing at commercial level.

Party leader Peter Sinkamba says his party considers this as a priority high value crop, as there is a ready market for it.

He says when the green party forms government, it plans to review the narcotics laws so that marijuana is legalized the production and export of medicinal marijuana.

He says harnessing this potential can go a long way in terms of contribution to Gross Domestic Product GDP and reduction of souring external debt as well as salvage the value of kwacha.

Mr Sinkamba who was speaking at a press briefing at the Green Party secretariate in kitwe this morning adds that the Green Party believes that marijuana needs to be repositioned in its rightful place as a medicine, as well as effective contributor to the social and economic development.

Meanwhile Mr Sinkamba says when in government all the construction activities will be given to the army.

He says the army in zambia have the capacity to do the construction services in the country.

Mr Sinkamba argues that this is the only way that the money will remain in the country and benefit the local people.

He notes that all the money which government is borrowing towards the infrastructure development is not benefiting the people because the funds go to the foreign companies engaged to do the works.


  1. The Day when the “use” of Daga = marijuana will be legalised, the streets of Zambia will become ungovernable. Leaders of the Green Party need to know the ideology that governs Green Parties in other parts of the World.

    Daga known as Cannabis sativa, contains compounds that have mind-altering properties whose effects are irreversible. Statistics reveal that who ever smoked this plant exhibits an element of permanent disorganised behaviour.

    Legalisation of daga production and trade will increase the number of mentally-sick persons to more thousands roaming the streets of Lusaka and Copperbelt towns.

    The Green Party must review its political and economic ideology. Meanwhile the DEC should keep a close watch on members of this directionless and misleading Party.

    • ” The Day when the “use” of Daga = marijuana will be legalised, the streets of Zambia will become ungovernable. ”

      You mean that when people switch from alcohol to weed, the streets of Zambia will become ungovernable?

      Also, weed has not always been illegal. For instance, during the 1920s and before, there were no laws banning cannabis/hemp. Were the streets ungovernable then?

      In fact in the 18th century in the US, people were allowed to pay their taxes in hemp, because hemp was the oil of it’s day. No navy could raise sails or have sails to raise, without hemp.

      There is even a (kind of racist) WWII era advertisement called “Hemp For Victory” (youtube), imploring farmers to grow more hemp.

  2. Can someone post the picture of this so called Sinkamba, honestly whatever, he smokes is more than the medicinal marijuana he is proposing. If he wants to smoke ganja which am sure he does from his purported discovery, he should just continue than making unfounded proclamation like when Green Party forms govt…blur blur because no right thinking Zambian, even from Chibolya would want such a thing to happen.

    This is a good try at comedy but I can comfortably declare it is a bad joke!

  3. Sinkamba said for medicinal and export purposes not smoking,meaning it be used on prescription.where is the problem???

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